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File: Screenshot_1408.png (96KB, 819x422px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you think that this was made with?
I'm pretty proficient with Ae and was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to replicate it
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File: Screenshot_1410.png (175KB, 819x605px)Image search: [Google]
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Alright, I was able to figure out a guess by myself if anyone's interested.
I used trapcode form and mapped the Z displacement to the source layer. Then messed with the fractal displacement to jump around in sync with the music
It doesn't look very clear in pic related but I think that's because I'm just throwing it together quickly and guessing
trapcode form
Wow, a decent thread in /gd/, nice. I wish I had more to contribute. How much c4d do you use OP?

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If you handed this in as a graphic design assignment you would probably get failed by the teacher because most graphic design teachers are hacks that don't understand contemporary art or how design can be combined with art.

Yet this is the world of a well known artist and it's official work for the clothing brand mambo.
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lol 70% of this board gets mad if you don't do by the book
in ze old country you do shit like this for 4 years in the 'graphics' programme at the national art academy
It's art, not graphic design.

Your professor would have every right to draw those distinctions, as this illustration has nothing to day-to-day branding, and probably was a one-off.

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Can you guys recommend me some fonts with a "personality"? I guess I just see fonts as having personalities, like Helvetica is this bland thing and Brandon Grotesque is the hip kid or something like that. Rec me some fonts that would look good on an e-ink screen and would be good at small sizes.

The screen size is 1024x758. I've attached direct screencaps. Kindle Paperwhite Gen1

The fonts are at the lowest size.

L to R
Brandon Grotesque
Brandon Text
Segoe UI
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Baskerville seen prwetty good
Yeah, that's a given.
Baskerville, Futura, Helvetica and Palatino are inbuilt, the rest are custom.
bump, I guess.

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be nice.png
4MB, 1500x1929px
I had no one to show, but I recreated an image for a close friends birthday. It was given to me 6 years ago and she has no idea I kept it. Before I show her, could /gd/ be nice enough to point out some things that could be improved? I want this to be perfect.
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it's shit
are you five years old?
Literally have sex, ya seething virgin.
>being this butthurt
not my fault if you can't draw

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Lmao at people on 99designs. What the fuck even is this? Where do these people come from?
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File: attachment_85927001.png (211KB, 1120x1565px)Image search: [Google]
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E-Z money. Believe it or not, there's a small chance that some stupid client will actually select the worst possible solution. I know this because I've used 99dicks in the past.

File: Kink Cover.png (102KB, 1800x2867px)Image search: [Google]
Kink Cover.png
102KB, 1800x2867px
Trying my hand at designing a cover for my erotica book. The name is a pen name. How can I make it better? I want it to look like Amsterdam's flag.

The name is simply KINK, I don't really think it needs a subtitle.
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It kind of looks like a latin communist manifesto at the moment. It's pretty cool though and I like the title type.

Adjust your spacing between N and K, seems a bit close.

If you want to keep this pen name, perhaps have it smaller, in black, aligned bottom right. Try both all caps and without. I would have a go myself but going to bed.

I know most 4channers hate reddit, but their graphic design subs are pretty good for critique. Lot's of industry pros compared to what I see here
File: Kink Cover.png (71KB, 1800x2867px)Image search: [Google]
Kink Cover.png
71KB, 1800x2867px
It indeed looks better! Thanks anon.
I like it

File: 1488727396493.jpg (29KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
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What's trendy right now? Other than fidget spinners
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aparently posting in the wrong board has become very popular as of late
Graphic designers are supposed to know what is trendy, how tf is it the wrong board?

File: 40975-721x1000.jpg (43KB, 721x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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How to make floating head like this?
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pump it with helium
cut the head out
Bait thread/10

File: 1472797135510.jpg (174KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
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Dieter Rams' second rule is that "Good design makes a product useful". Now consider the OP image, it's a Marshmallow sofa designed by George Nelson for Herman Miller. It retails for $5,700. It has an exhibit at MoMA, and an entry in Phaidon Design Classics

The catalog claims it's 'comfortable despite radical design', but after trying it in person I was very disappointed. The foam covered disks are incredibly flat and the entire frame is rigid. It feels like a sofa that wasn't designed with humans in mind.

If a simple product like a sofa fails to be comfortable then what good is it? Why did it win so many awards and so much praise? Why is this sofa 'better design' than a $200 Ikea Knopparp or whatever.
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Because someone can have a good idea like "Good design makes a product useful", and suck so bad at implementing it that they make a couch entirely out of barstool cushions.
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The top of any creative field is literally always rich faggots and jews circlejerking each other off—STOP looking up to them or trying to make sense of the situation if you ever hope to succeed.
Most of today's graphic designers only know how to use adobe and don't really understand what "good design" is.

File: gwi,1touchup.png (138KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
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how does this look? I'm not great at design but I fill this Is simple enough and fits the tone. any opinions?
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If it's what you need, then great! You don't have high expectations for what the thing you're doing calls for, so you can't be let down that it looks kind of ugly.

You can improve it with a higher-resolution photo of the beer glass (without a hand), a gaming controller, and maybe a prettier font.
The arm stretches through both the black and white background... poor choice. Looks amateur. Either:
-expand the circular logo to encapsulate the arm
-shrink the arm/beer to fit within the confines of the logo (really, kind of the same as above)

Choose a different font. Too "Star Trek-ish". Blur the text a bit to show the impairedness. Blur the arm while you're at it.
although title font has that gaymer vibe it's hard to read, probably because it doesn't work well when distorted into a shape of arch

red-black color scheme is too dark and aggressive, gayming shitfaced while calling everyone a dumb nigger is a wholesome activity. try something like blue--white--orange/brownish-yellow.

use paths / select -> modify tools / select -> color range in photoshop to do a better job with cutting out the photograph.

you can mask out / erase lower part of the hand using a large smooth brush.

and apply some color correction and curves/levels layer to make the photograph look better color and brightness vise. apply them as clipping masks to your cut out photograph layer so they don't affect the graphics / text underneath.

File: 1482344914846.png (367KB, 568x454px)Image search: [Google]
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So I applied to this small graphic design firm in Miami and got called for an interview today. This is the first time I go to an interview at a place like this, so I had literally no idea how it was going to go. They asked me pretty much the same questions as any other interview along with some technical shit. Overall the interview went pretty smoothly up until they told me they needed to "test" me. The owner and her secretary started digging through their files in front of me and presented me with 3 big pending projects they were supposed to work on. They told me that I needed to finish all 3 of them by tomorrow, no sketches, just final works. The owner told me to email them the works and then if I'm up to their standards, they'll call me and THEN they'll hire me. I left the building feeling like something was off, especially since their staff only consisted of 2 people including the owner and "outsourced" designers from India or something. Am I getting scammed into giving them free designs or are tests like these are common in the industry?
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I hope you told them to pay you upfront.
I didn't. They were so smooth about it telling me it was just part of their hiring process that I believed them and thought this was an industry standard.
send the designs with watermarks or just use common sense and search for the company's info online.

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File: goldenmt.png (213KB, 1776x1292px)Image search: [Google]
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File: cogito.png (181KB, 1784x646px)Image search: [Google]
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while you shit-posting the images of Daveel these pictures are made
so look at that and think about something more dificult than your imaginative collaborations with sinnery and depression
ghosts smiling why do u lost so long?

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pirated eh?
Adobe products are easy to use and have created lots of fake designers.

Design degrees these days are basically 3 years of adobe lessons and a few papers.

Many people with design degrees can't even draw.

It's making the world an uglier place, lowering the industry standard for what good design should be.

The design schools pumping out hack designers who can only use adobe for everything are profiting though,

File: IMG_0714.jpg (257KB, 1099x1110px)Image search: [Google]
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Photoshop help plz:

I need the H to be a W

will give you $5 through PayPal.
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You think /gd/ is fiver now? Get bent, dipshit.
5$ plus taxes? That's $5.46.
File: 1498075698085ww.jpg (545KB, 1099x1110px)Image search: [Google]
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[email protected]

File: um.jpg (52KB, 540x540px)Image search: [Google]
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real passionate for art, culture, etc
can't draw for shit
creative person
been fucking with paintnet for years
i got graphic design credit freshman year of HS
does this sound like a good career for me at least?
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Don't think of the degree.
What kind of job do you want to do? Find the degree that fits.
Design is all about problem solving. Creativity = problem solving. Knowing the elements of design + aesthetic + POV + experience puts you in a position to be a good designer. Knowing the technical aspects + the foundational information of design needs to be embedded in your subconscious.

So, what you need to be "passionate" for is absorbing the world, how it / people work and how to use this to solve problems and communicate your approach and findings for clients.

Hold on to that passion as long as possible, when you are older with experience, it is discipline and wisdom that will drive you through. Good luck.

If you feel a sway towards this direction, go for it, the world always needs great minds.
>real passionate for art, culture, etc

Graphic design typically does not have much to do with that. It's a meme idea that is encouraged by graphic design schools to get more students.

>creative person
The majority of graphic designers are hacks that would have never been able to get into the industry without adobe making their jobs easier. They like to deny this even though the majority can't even draw.

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