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Seems smart. I know tons of people probably do the same style of work, but at least he's a popular advocate keeping at it.
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>this is what it takes to make in graphic design
My design sensibilities differ from his a bit, but he's so gregarious and passionate that it's hard not to like him, at least as a person. I'd love to have him as a teacher. His Cobra Dogs logo is super cool.

I mean, it's no different from geeking out over anything else. It's just that his passion happens to tie into his work, and Americana design is constantly getting torn down in favor of design schlock. He genuinely cares about preserving this part of American design history; how else could you explain all his projects to digitize and preserve it?

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I currently work as a software engineer at a 2nd rate big company in the bay area. I want to switch my career to a design related one in a few years. The sooner the better.

I've always thought of myself as more design oriented. When I watch movies, I naturally pay a lot of attention to the compositions, the angles of the camera, the colors, etc. When I hear a designer explain his thought process, I understand it immediately and apply it in my dev process.

Has anyone here successfully made the transition? Any advice/thoughts welcome.
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Why on Earth would you do that? Don't do it. How much I wish I had the technical knowledge to do what you're working so I could leave this shit field.
Why not? Every field is shit. Programmers are treated like factory workers nowadays. I feel like I would be better off doing design work. Maybe i should find something in between, idk.
Because a software architect has double the salary. So if you're wasting 8 to 10 hours a day, then at least make it profitable.

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Is it possible to get a photoshop style gradient in illustrator?
I've tried a few different methods but everytime I seem to get that ugly gray transition instead the transition into black which my piece needs.
Does anyone know any solutions to this problem?
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It's completely possible. However, you might be using a colorspace (or swatch) that doesn't work well as well with gradients. IE - CMYK can perform poorly in this regard.
Alright I switched my settings to RGB and it seems to be working better. Thanks
Is there anything I should be wary of going forward though? I'm pretty ignorant of the program.

Glad it helped. :)

As to "is there anything else going forward"... well, maybe 100's of things. Watch some vids and read the manual. Seriously. Read the manual. It really does help.

Once you're much better with Illustrator, you'll be able to more easily determine if the problem is the software, or your methods - which will give you an easier path to finding the solution. :)

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Hello /gd/, made this from the top of my head, using photos I took back in Thailand.
I take advice and critic, please share opinions - good or bad
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another one
I will bump!
You have a lot of conflicting messages (images, image treatment, font, colours all say different things mostly).

It is unsuccessful imho. Looks impressive to casuals because of the layout and contrast, but I know that you know it's not very good 'design'.

To improve: Really think about what everything your doing is doing. Why add soft blobs to an image where the rest of the cover says 'evil, hot, dark, devil'? Why add an image of a forest scene? Is every piece of information equally important around the edge? Or is the name and title more important? What the fuck is there an instagram link for?

My employer makes specialty keyboards. I got some pushback because it's a lot different than our normal stuff , but I thought it would be really cool to do graphic designs, logos, and fan art on keyboards. Thoughts?
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you can probably get some one-offs from people who want their fan art. but i bet you could sell a bunch of those at once to a company if you did their logo
Looks like it would be hard to size an image on such a wide surface because keyboards are huge rectangles
pretty neat

can you show me some other things your company has printed?

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"Oh, you're an designer? You should get a mac! Macs are for designers!"
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good question , now iam using windows but i will start master this winter in media and digital desgin , i should by mac?
the answer is no , because you need Adapt like bitch.
s a g e
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He was referring to Big Macs, you idgit. Because you see, that's where designers end up at. At McD's.

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Hey /gd/,

I purchased this wordpress plugin yesterday and the demo site looks amazing but I cant find any support forums or short tutorial vids anywhere. Does anyone here know where I can find more info on how to use this properly?

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The world needs less Parallax.. so this is a good thing.
This. The scrolling feels very heavy on my gaymer machine and the effects are nauseating with all the delay.

You're supposed to use it very subtly for page / article header and maybe some muted colored backgrounds for visual divider elements at very most.
Just plan on using it for my portfolio page headers, nothing too crazy. I'm not a web dev or anything, just a logo and print designer.

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Hey Guys
I have recently encountered a strange problem while drawing with my Intuos pro, specifically in PS.
as you can see in the pic, I have the jittery line problem. I have looked up some guides and fixed it. but today I noticed it came back. but only when I'm connected with my cable. when working with the wireless adapter, the result comes out smooth.
I don't have another cable to test what's wrong, but if someone knows how to deal with this, please help!
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Try this:

I know this guide, and it did not help.. but thanks anyways
To me this kind of shit tends to happen when PS, especially with art-boards larger than 3000x3000px has has allocated a lot of RAM and has not been used for a while and somehow suddenly has to load up everything from disk cache but never fully due to it's shittiness, so nothing but restart of the application helps.

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How do you build a portfolio when you don't have a job and school is over? I thought about creating personal projects and I recently did a new "unofficial" logo of something existing.

I lack a subject to work on I guess, maybe creating posters for fun without a particular objective?
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so that's what you faggots designers call work
>just for fun
give me a break you pathetic loser
What's up your ass?
your bs, cause you blow everyone smoke up their asses you piece of shit

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I'm aiming to animate this character of mine, to do a walk cycle, run cycle, etc. by using After Effects + DUIK.

Problem is, when I try the knees to bend, they bend outwards instead of both to the right.
Have I done the rigging wrong? Are they meant to act this way?

If I'm asking in the wrong board please lead me where should I ask instead.

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>they bend outwards instead of both to the right.
check/uncheck this checkbox and it should be fixed
Thank you anon!
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Captura 1.png
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One more, if I may.
The legs look kind of weird when crossed and I don't know if it's meant to be like that or if there's something I can do to improve it.

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I'm in the UK, and I sometimes get asked to make wooden flags for wall art.
Anyway, I have to make a copy of this in 'aged' wood. Does anyone know any typefaces which are similar to the 'Dont tread etc' please?
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I have no idea but I'm interested too
ITC Benguiat

just trace it you lazy bastard

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in illustrator?
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if CC / CS6 - Phantasm by Astute Graphics
if CS5 and lower to i think CS - Scriptographer.

else making a script yourself or like most people do, illustrator then trace it.

I found this on the internet the one who guess what page you are a porn drawing
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Give me time until sunday 11-6
give me a clue
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Hi guys, do you know where can I get ZBrush for mac for free? I'm tired of finding it only for widows -.-
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want it too
>being mac user is hard
google this
site:rutracker.org zbrush mac

also use /wsr/
>Hi guys, do you know where can I get ZBrush for mac for free? I'm tired of finding it only for widows -.-
ty mate!

Hi, I want to make some sort of presentation that I'll later voice over into a video.

I don't know really which program to use. Should I do it in powerpoint or should I just use after effects? Any other idea, examples or tutorials would be appreciated.

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The answer depends upon how you wish to present the presentation... a video, and a PP slideshow, are two totally different things and each requires it's own methods.
Oh I see. It will be a video, but since I thought of the video part as a series of slides (text and images) with some effects in between, my mind inmediately went to powerpoint. To mix it with some real video parts and the sound part I was going to use premiere anyways, but the tricky part is the one where I animate text and images to make the "slides", which reminded me of after effects.
I'm open to any kind of suggestion really.

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