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So my familys Broke and im pretty good at drawing only things is i wanna design shirts and other things to make money for us only thing is my free Photoshop ran out so i cant do any of that and i dont know how to pirate can someone please help me find something like it or pirate it?preferably free
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Are you for real?
yea lol i knew it would sound retarded at first but im actually being serious i dont know hot to pirate and i dont know any good free software close to photoshop
ive been using pixlir for a bit its an in browser editing thing pretty bad but gets the job done halfway

Is this good design, /gd/?
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damn, ye that's sick as all fuck.
For like an anime video game yes it fits the subject perfect
P5 has some of the best menu design in recent memory

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A logo I did, but my business parter is not too fond of it. Its for a production company that shoots music videos. What is your opinion, and what design would you have done if you made it?
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Disregarding the fact that there's a giant google chrome logo in the middle, it's extremely inconsistent and the colors are bad, too.
Two unrelated pictorial elements, the doorknob and the aperture(?) thing.
Nothing about the logo suggests 'oddness', the name itself is good and it's completely wasted on this bizarrely generic concept that looks like it belongs on a small town real estate company.

Start from scratch on paper and come up with at least 3 solid concepts before you even touch a computer.
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i like the door/handle on the "H" maybe try making it like there's a light behind the door (use a dark background as most movie production logos use) and also maybe try using a different font (the one in pic is called housegothic coincidentally)

How do i check if the shape i've made in Photoshop is a vector shape or not?
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is it made in Photoshop?
= not a vector
shape paths are vectors noob
Photoshop has vector capabilities yo. Not ideal but it's possible.

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Hey guys I'm a loser and was wondering if someone here could tell me what the FUCK the difference between these layer masks is.

What does that little gray box with arrow mean and how the hell do I get rid of it? What does it represent? Everytime I see it, whatever I'm trying to do looks like shit. When I don't see it, everything goes as smoothly as a baby's butt. Thank you.
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it's literally just a solid colour fill layer.


15 years of photoshop here, makes no diference.

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Is Bebas going to be the new Arial?
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what do you mean?
It doesn't have any lower case characters so it can't really replace Arial, and normies don't know about it so it will never be as ubiquitous
And here I thought I was the only person who knew about this font. Bebas is among my top favorite fonts EVER.
It has been sitting on dafont since 2010, has gained meme status at this point.

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I just landed a graphic design sidejob with barely any graphic design experience.
I'm making infographics for existing data-sets in Illustrator. I'm doing fine since I've used Illustrator before, but I feel like my work could be so much more elegant.

Please share your valuable /gd/-resources, helpful websites, stuff about colors, etc, stuff that helps you in your everyday work.
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The following books are good:
>Data flow 2, visualizing information in graphic design
>information is beautiful
>knowledge is beautiful

Data flow is really good because it has a bunch of interview and examples from a lot of different designers. information and knowledge are beautiful are just one guy i think, so less diversity but still worth flicking through.

Feltrons Annual reports are worth looking at too. He records information about his life over a year and then presents it in a graphic report. Has lots of images available on his site.
All of Edward Tufte's books. In order.
>Landed a design job
> Can't do design
> Needs designers to help


How about just posting your employer's contact info. Someone here can take your job and save everyone some time.

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What do you think?
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File: retrograde-winter.png (1MB, 1000x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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2nd colorway
File: retrograde-purple.png (1MB, 1000x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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And 3rd
Great idea. Awesome balance. Poor hierarchy. Horrific Alignment. Terrible typesetting.

Looks like you tried to run before you could walk. A good idea undersold by little (perhaps no) understanding of basic principles of Typography or Grid structures. Buy or pirate some Lynda courses on either and it should help you hugely.

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>"We'd like a designer who can wear many hats"
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File: amused toad.png (11KB, 420x420px)Image search: [Google]
amused toad.png
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>We’re looking for someone with an eye for design
File: meme_wizard.jpg (21KB, 410x410px)Image search: [Google]
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>We're interested in filling in a six months unpaid intern position for a multidisciplinary hybrid visual designer with full-stack web-dev knowledge at our highly respectable multinational company that could look extremely good on anyone's résumé. Must be proficient in React, Angular, Vue, jQuerry, D3, Bootstrap, Sass, LESS, WordPress, Adobe CC, Sketch, InVision, C4D, Maya, MS Office.
>says here you know how to write shaders in webgl
>sorry we're looking for someone with jquery experience

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I am on the path of starting freelancing (web design, graphic design, videography etc.) and i'm trying to make a logo for my brand.

I want it clean and simple and that's what i came up with. I really need opinions (good, bad, smart and stupid) b/c i don't have anyone to discuss it with.
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Why is every letter in Edgar Kerned together apart from the r?
File: Untitled-1.jpg (14KB, 640x298px)Image search: [Google]
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Look how r loses its' distinctiviness otherwise
Or you know, kern everything the same?

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/fst/ - /gd/ font share thread

Old threads

Specimen generator: https://github.com/nilesr/font-specimen-generator

#47 >>294710 (hit bump limit)
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/r/ing Foundation sans. I've tried searching and I found a link from october but it's been removed.
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Looking for these still.
The rick veitch font that was posted on vk didn't come with the exclamation or question mark for some odd reason.
How do I peruse the archive to search the font names I want?

>come to /gd/ for the first time expecting to come across a new tool or discuss theory
>full of amateurs

I can't tell if everyone is trolling or if most of this board is genuinely incompetent.

Most of the work posted looks like it was done using phone apps or using assets from freepik.

And people are charging 50-300 USD for logos? Without licensing or use agreements, for that cheap?
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You're on 4chan. Not exactly the flagship for high-performers. Best use I've found here is to ask for basics in an area I'm completely unfamiliar with.
im pretty serious about graphic design ive been doing it for a long time ever since i could use paint it works a lot better than youd think it works for graphic design i usually charge like 20 bucks because it pretty easy for me so i get a lot of business people are always really happy usually i do the graphic design for them and its so good they dont need anymore graphic design after that because my graphic design was probably going to be good graphic design for years ill probably get some repeat customers any day now for graphic design because ive been making new work and it only takes like 5 minutes to make a logo it is so easy so i can make a logo in 5 minutes for 20 bucks thats a lot of money in an hour at least 30 bucks an hour thats a lot for anybody i think i make more than my dad just using graphic design he thinks he wants to quite his job to do graphic design too so that we can be more rich my mom doesnt do graphic design either but i think it runs in the family my brother doesnt do it either so maybe it doesnt run in the family but it probably does because im pretty good at it and i make like 20 bucks for a logo that i can do in 5 minutes so if you think about it i can make a lot of money in just an hour probably more than my mom makes and my dad makes put together and im just sitting at home doing graphic design because i like graphic design and im pretty good at it too especially logos do you need a logo i can get it to you in 5 minutes flat just send me your company name or your name and maybe we could also be friends on facebook so you can see my graphic design thanks im glad you like my graphic design and my logos that i can make too have a good day thanks you too
Yeah, most of the stuff posted here is shit.

Part of it is that skilled professionals don't need to ask for critiques on 4chan.

Part of it is the obsession with flat/minimal/"clean" designs that a lot of people seem to get sucked into. People are convinced that things look better if you put less effort and originality into them.

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V i b e s.png
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what ya things?
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More contrast needed between the palm trees and the hemisphere - sun shape. It seems they should be near-silhouette.

There's a little too much crammed into such a small space, mountains + sun + horizontal plane
seen it a million times

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What am I doing wrong here? I rendered this out of Adobe Media Encoder with these settings:

>60 FPS
>Profile: High
>Level: 5.1
>Render at Maximum Depth checked
>Use Maximum Render Quality checked
>Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 pass
>Target 32 Mbps
>Max 40 Mbps

I've also rendered the comp straight out of After Effects directly with almost the same settings (only VBR 1 pass is available) but that produces the same results. I've tried rendering out of After Effects AND Adobe Media Encoder at 10-12 Mbps, 18-20 Mbps and at the aforementioned 32-40 Mbps, and that seems to have absolutely no effect on the overall color saturation and artifact problems I'm seeing. I've read (and watched) tons of guides which all have differing information, but all seem to gravitate towards settings similar to these for H.264 compression.

Anyone know how to produce actually good-looking 1080p 60fps video with H.264?
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I'll add that even using AME's 1080p 29.97 FPS preset yielded the same, crappy results.
>what am I doing wrong here?
>After effects.

AME is somewhat garbo, render to something lossless and then use X264.

Adding a small amount of grain will also help reduce banding.

Anyone have a link to download this ?
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File: Untitled-2.png (18KB, 780x135px)Image search: [Google]
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You can find it on cgpeers
Registration is closed :'( could you upload it for me please ?
>Registration is closed :'(
yep, create an account on monday.
>could you upload it for me please ?
i'm feeling like a good samaritan today, I'm uploading a bunch of renders (work) now, will upload it once those are done. Check back this thread in about 4-5 hours

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