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simplicity meme.png
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What is this cuck shit and how do we stop it
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We can't.
I have come to the conclusion that everything is outside of my control so I learnt to never care about work ever again. Ride the wave until you can, before it crashes and fuck it all.
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simplicity meme.png
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It's not even just designs anymore. Functions are being taken out of programs like skype. I really think this is all happening because of the mobile market.

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Hey /gd/, I'm working on an Icon Pack for Android rn & I'm going for a circular design for every icon, I made this play store icon but it kinda feel incomplete to me. Can anyone tell me what should I add/ remove? Thanks
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remove outlines
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It looks even worse now
fix those circles nigger

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Do you miss it too to make avatars and signature pics for forums and stuff? I mean are there even places left on the internet where you use this? If you use pics of fictional characters on FB or something it's just cringe to the others and besides that you actually need to friend people for anyone to see it.
It's fucking dead.
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I feel u Satan I miss the days too
>the golden age of forums will never return
>you will never be a part of a unique subculture in a distant corner of the internet
>you will never laugh at those countless in-jokes with the many lovable strangers behind avatars and signatures

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Japanese design
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3MB, 400x306px

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So I just started illustrator two hours ago and I can't seem to find How I get these lines inside of a shape to go parallel with the software instead of my eyes. Google only gives me parallel for lines only.

Help would be much appriciated!
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Ai can be weird. I would create a line with the desired angle, duplicate it, and align both actual lines with those lines, like if they were guides.
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2MB, 1300x640px
copy and paste one point and align line segment then combine using the shape builder tool or pathfinder, also for square angles the stroke size and object - expand is faster. webm related
You, my sir, are godsend. Thank you very much!

Hi dear friends,

I need to animate something similar to the following, 39:19 - 39:27:


because the cunts at Getty won't license it to me for less than like $1,000.

I have no experience with AE, illustrator, or photoshop. What do?
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on after effects add the layers and a camera, and add keyframes on all and play around with the position and rotation of each, after that add some motion blur to the space probe.

however if you haven't used Ae before it might take you hours.

if you to use the exact same photo you'll need to separate the background from the space probe (one photoshop make a selection around the shape and save as png transparent then on ae use the blending mode lighten or add)

if you want i can do the animation for you for cheap or maybe give you further advice just leave a secondary email if interested.
totally, let's do this!

have no budget but would love more detailed advice, maybe we can also collaborate in the future.

[email protected], hit me up! thanks anon.
i could do like $50 if u can make it look good? i know that's a shit rate...

the planetary body is Saturn's moon Titan...

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I'm trying yo improve the logo from LEGO. Although the original is a piece of shit, I feel mine is worse. I need helb :DD
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you could just fucking uuuuuuh learn branding. It's pretty easy to tell that you have no experience in it.

>inb4 teach me then faggot
there's plenty of ressources on this board and online
You don't know how to design shit.
You won't learn how through a 4chan thread.
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>improve the logo
Good luck, asshole.

> the original is a piece of shit
No, it isn't. It conveys exactly what their company needs it to: all-ages, gender-nonspecific, friendly. It's worked for longer than you've been alive.

>I feel mine is worse
It sure is, pal. It looks like it says "EGO."

>I need helb
In more ways than one. Learn to spell properly, you dunce.

I think this could be a fun exercise for the board. I propose this:
How would you redo the logo, while maintaining certain key-concepts that LEGO values?
- History
- Children and child-like sense of wonder
- Creativity
- Imagination
- Friendliness

Obviously, LEGO won't be changing their branding anytime soon (and why would they bother listening to some delusional faggot on 4chan?), so this is more just a prompt for specified critique.

Anyone interested?

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The official poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming, what do you think /GD/ ?
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generic and shitty
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I think Mark XLVII gives me wood.

Is 24 gbs of RAM enough for high resolution work in Maya, Photoshop, etc?

I plan to do very high resolution, very detailed work, and I ended up buying a small laptop to go from the work to the office, but I later found out this laptop already has an 8gb onboard RAM, and I can only upgrade it up to 24gb (not 32gb) of RAM.

How well can one work with this? Any thoughts or inputs?
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File: IMG_20170608_201833_224.jpg (31KB, 415x415px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah you probably don't need 24 gigs of RAM. 16 is plenty enough unless you are rendering 3d objects. Even in that case what you really should be worried about is your graphics card. Considering you bought a laptop you may not have a one at all, and if you do, it's like it's a piece of shit. Maybe consider an external graphics processing unit (egpu)

>very high resolution
>a small laptop
RAM won't be an issue, your build's bottleneck will be at the CPU or GPU but your main problem will be even simpler than that, Heat.
I used to have a monster of a laptop
Overheated every time I tried rendering something in Ae.
I stripped the laptop out of the plastic case and set the components in an open rack with a 22 inch industrial fan.
Still overheats.
Heat brakes GPU soldering and PC bricks
Put motherboard in the oven and after cooking t 10 minutes GPU chip is soldered again.
Turn it on, after 2 hours it glitches, GPU is loose again.
Nothing to do about it.

Laptops aren't made for heavy rendering, don't make the same mistake I made, get a desktop for rendering.

>has an 8gb onboard RAM
I had never heard about onboard ram.
If this is truly the case (which I don't think) make sure your other ram has the same frequency.
Unsynchronized RAM is a waste of money and time

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Best Android app for me to mess around with photos that is relatively comparable to Photoshop and GIMP, and not stuff made for selfie and Insta crap?
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use your computer fucking retard
I would, normally, but I just want an actual useful app for making shitposting pictures on the go. Most of what I see is absolutely useless, won't even let me flip an image.
I feel u bro photosbop express is just an over glorified filter app

Why are the seals of the united states and its agencies so ugly? If you could design them how would you do it differently?
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File: Luftwaffe_eagle_(spaced).svg.png (149KB, 1264x902px)Image search: [Google]
149KB, 1264x902px
Compare this with
This for example
This is actually a decent seal.

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Since no one else did it, I will do it.

Share your fonts here, put requests, etc.

I will start: Alter ego collection, please. (https://www.fontspring.com/fonts/blambot/alter-ego)
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I need to get my hands on Museo Rounded

I'm sitting on thousands of fonts, just ask away!
Do you have the one I asked for, Alter ego BB?
Btw, if someone there has an account on the piece of shit website printroot (they make you PAY to register, imagine that!), that font is there, but the links are - of course - invisible to the unregistered.

File: Adobe_CS5.5_Product_Logos.png (94KB, 413x241px)Image search: [Google]
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>Adobe costs too much
>Uses it every day

Adobe products are far superior to anything else on the market. What's wrong with paying for them? It's not that bad. Students should get it free though.
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so if you use your shoes everyday you should pay a montly wage? even if they are the same from 5 years ago?
what most people complaint though is that they can't own any adobe software the only option you have is to pay montly for the rest of your life.
anyway they are all easy to have them for free
A product that is updated not even monthly with barely any new major content should not cost a monthly wage.

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how the fuck do i cancel my adobe subscription without getting this garbage cancellation fee? is this shit going to renew itself on the 16th?
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It's called a contract, dude.

You're fucked, unless perhaps you can call you credit/debit card issuer and insist they prohibit further charges to that account.

Adobe will have ~60 days to dispute the blockage with your bank.
It may be 30 or 90, though. Call and ask them.
>how the fuck do i cancel my adobe subscription without getting this garbage cancellation fee?

Dont sign a year contract for a lower price.

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pepe oooh.jpg
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Holy shit I didnt know the adobe cc bullshit was THIS bad

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Can we have a poster inspiration thread?

Post what you like, or even love
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