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please pimp this ride for me
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here you go

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▲ ▲
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deloran michael jay fox.jpg
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It's his birthday today and a special music dedication
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Hi /gd/,

for a client i got to visualize a special antiseptic coating for surgical instruments on shots from the hospital etc.. I somehow imagine it like a wireframing or a honeycomb-structure (if you know what i mean) lying around the instruments. The realization wont be the problem, but i need some inspiration where coating or something similiar has already been properly visualized and i cant find any. Someone can help me out? im really depserate at this one. Thank you so much!
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AMA From aika Fin
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Postiin something

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Are responsive websites coded to be as they are, or designed?

if you catch my drift...
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Both. Somebody designed all the different layouts and gives the measurements for when it should change, and the dev makes sure it works.

I mean, yes, the actual thing that makes the website responsive is the code, but if you don't have a layout and proper hierarchies that work with that responsiveness to deliver content in a readable way it doesn't matter.
You can only respond to a request for information as far as the internet goes so you can't really plan for someone that has visited the site, instead you are planning for the available technologies. So some of them are coded to cater to the whole of their clientele, as in game designers catering to kids, people with phones and money, people with consoles, people that like cartoons, etc, and that usually implies a certain level of technological savvy. If the guess is far off then the website will be coded as if it were more than that. Sometimes the opposite is true as well, though. Sometimes they are coded to include everyone and then cater to the higher points of it but miss and end up alienating people with shit internet.

The code could never make it slower, btw. The design would make it slower. Doing things like putting boxes back on top of the boxes you are lifting them off of after you take out one of the boxes in your way as you reach the bottom box is no way to hold images. I wouldn't hold text that way either but sometimes you are in a rush and forget to come back to it.

Anyway, I'm going to stop now.

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Not currently on my computer with photoshop or GIMP and I need to make a (Yout) emoji for my discord. Can someone make one for me real quick that is 128x128?
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This the first time im on this board, so be gentle, especially that english is not my native... How to create that thing in PS cs4? I even dont know how to name it for online tutorials... Sheath? Binding? Frame?
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those are 'scooped corners' on a 'border'

very easy to do in illustrator, not sure about how in PS.
as stated on your pic, that's a free vector template from freepik. those are made in illustrator not Ps (but you can import them to Ps and work from there).
just go to freepik and search for "frame" "holder" or the like
Simple homie.

>open photoshop
>create a square with the stroke and fill is transparent
>go to fx (below the layers)
>click on stroke
>in the dropbox, click center
>create a clipping mask
>paint the corners in the clipping mask

Tell me how that goes.

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I'm at an newly started organization who haven't used any form of media so far to communicate. I plan on using print like flyers and digital things like a website to do that.

The only problem is, they already hired and had someone develop a logo I háve to use, and it's not a particularly good looking logo.

The organization revolves around practical research and development of things related to sustainability and (green) energy and stuff like energy conservation in a city. The logo looks more like something for a children's day care centre.

Pic related is the logo. Any tips on what to do with it, and what not? I sort of hope to use lots of white space so I can place the logo somewhere far away from other elements. I fear it's gonna make things ugly just by being positioned next to it.
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I approach this by searching for things like 'orange blue' on Dribble. I encountered this one: https://dribbble.com/shots/3399675-Nike-Product-Card

As a flyer I could copy the design some what. The logo still gets in the way I think. Making it smaller is kind of dickish on the other hand.

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Sup /gd/
I've been considering selling my own car decals online. Iv'e designed a few amateur bumper sticker-like stuff but it isn't anything i'd be willing to sell.
Considering I have no idea how or where to even start, any advice?
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If you don't have an idea.Why would you make something ?
think of it like a t-shirts company you'll have to bought designs elsewhere or design them yourself, build a brand and promote it, and then see what sells and what not.
nowadays if you're smart you can get designers from 3rd world countries to work for you for pennies. you'll just need to find someone decent and cheap and send him references/sketches he'll do all the work and you will probably get your investment within months, just keep it simple and don't more than $100 for illustrations, if you don't know where to find people just look around on deviantart, freelancer.com, 99d, etc.

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ITT: We share some of our favorite aesthetically pleasing banners or icons or whatever.

I'll start with a logo for a random webcomic. Smooth animation makes my dick rock hard.
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Ive got an idea for a website that involves said title and have sent 20 emails out to professionals but havent received a response back. I dont know where to start or who to hire for this website I want to build. Can you guys advise me? Im in the Tampa Florida area.
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post an example
adobe animatie or after effects + lottie
sounds like your website is a shit idea.

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fuk u coming from /s4s/
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What are ways to make black and white text more visible against black and white.
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>>310591 this
also consider a font which clashes more with the background pattern or spot use of something like vermilion

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