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hey guys im trying to open a spreadshirt store, i can create a double sided shirt if i want one for me but i dont know how to do it to post in the store or when i go to create a design in the store i can only use one image
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Which book has the best design?
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>>310481 Unpleasant Design by Savic and Savicic
it is simultaneously atrocious and abrasive but also still nice
definitely well thought
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What is this effect called? are these two blended pictures actually lit this way or is it a duotone effect or something? Seen this a lot lately and kinda dig it
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Looks like 2 images with Gradient Map applied to them overplayed with some non-Normal blending modes.
It's called "double exposure" :)
this mixed with anaglyph

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Taking a college AE course for the easy hours, and we have to chew through a tutorial series from 2010 where this guy will not shut the fuck up about the puppet tool, the peak of creative software engineering.

My question is, are people still impressed by the puppet tool, or will you get laughed out for using it in [current year]?
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Neither. Puppet tools are starting point. They help you understand how movements are done, and as you learn more, you use better tools to make those motions smooth and fluid.

This is where people get impressed.
Yeah, that makes sense. It's just that this guy actually sounds like he's going to have an orgasm while explaining this.
not surprised, a lot of 'creatives' on youtube were pretty excited once it came up (it's actually old but they made it usable back then) for them it means they finally could get rid of adobe's flash and save tons of time, but if you really want to learn animation properly visit >>>/ic/ animation thread they usually have some pastebin with info on where to start.

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share your gems!
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>cause you can't handle Photoshop
you are aware this is /gd/ right?
We all had roots. I have never used MS paint to make something, but i assume many have started there since it is so simple(and shit)

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alternatives to creative cloud? $60/month seems a bit extreme
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ok to be fair

https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/ (Raster)
http://www.pixelmator.com/mac/ (Raster)
https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/ (Vector / Prototyping)
https://www.sketchapp.com (Vector / Prototyping)
https://designer.io (Vector / Prototyping)
https://vectr.com (Vector / Prototyping)
https://inkscape.org/ (Vector)
https://www.blender.org (3D Modeling / 3D Animation / Video Editing)

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Just saw pic related on another board, do you think it requires a lot of skill with photoshop/gimpto to accomplish such thing ?
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not really just some photoshop basics + loads of time
>loads of time
1 1/2 hour tops
You only need basic Photoshop skills to do this. What's really important is to understand how it should look. The light, texture, contrast, perspective.
You need to have a well educzted eye to make good fakes

I checked the wiki. Looking to make a 6-month studying plan.

I want to learn:
- making vectors in AI
- converting other filetypes to layered AI vector files
- logo design
- typography
- layout for pamphlets, covers, product presentations.

I'm trying to figure out a plan. Have a full-time job so time is scarce.

>Do I start by learning the Adobe Illustrator program first?

>What are the best online resources? The wiki lists books my library doesn't have.
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>- making vectors in AI
you dont need to learn a lot about ai, even pro's often say they only know less than 5% just learn the basics and the workflow stuff like the pen tool, selection, gradients, shortcuts, formats, type, etc rarely you'll use something advanced like the blend tool, mesh distort, svg or 3d etc.
>- converting other filetypes to layered AI vector files
what other files? if jpg's youll probably need to remake them from scratch.
>- logo design
read logo.design.love and the books from the gd wiki also learn to draw is extremly helpful
>- typography
there isn't much to it (try to get top-tier typefaces and learn when to use them) but there's a couple of good lectures I know I will try to post them later.
>- layout for pamphlets, covers, product presentations
just get inspiration and use indesign for layouts and also obv watch tutorials for things you don't know
>Do I start by learning the Adobe Illustrator program first?
sure but it depends of what you want to make if printed/text indesign, if vector/web/logos use ai, if photos then ps, i usually end-up using the 3 for most projects, maybe InDesign a little less.
Read some books you subhuman nigger:
Thank you :)

Honest question. How do I get a job as a graphic designer?
I graduated from college 2 years ago and I could never get into any company because of my lack of experience. How did you guys get your first job?
Please help, really need to work.
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developt a killer portfolio, learn hot skills like web dev, app dev, etc, look for open internships everywhere and send your portfolio/cv, learn basic networking skills and finally ask your family's friend for a design job at his company.
I went to community college and got a job a month after graduating. Only stayed for a month before accepting another job. My portfolio was average but I still know enough about design and how to present myself to make a good impression.

I feel like its kind of luck of the draw. Craigslist is extremely underrated for finding jobs. Everybody thinks its going to be nothing but scams on there because its craigslist but if you do your research you'll see majority are legitimate companies just trying to save money on how they advertise positions.

Just keep at it, look everyday. and in the mean time keep working on your portfolio/learning about graphic design. Don't get out of work mode.
Do what I did, make a fake company, build a fake website for it and give yourself a fake work history at it.

Use your friends as fake references and apply to jobs.

This helps get you off your feet.

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Any good free animation software? I've had it up to here with Adobe's faggotry and I want something that doesn't crash all the time. Need some help.

I have a Wacom DTU-710 and I need to start animating again.
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Thanks anon, I've been looking for something else other than Flash to animate. I'll give it a try.

Hello /gd!
What's the easiest way I can turn a design from a photo into a like a vector image, so like tracing around it. Thanks pic related
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By tracing around it. Obviously.
vector magic image trace tool (it's actually better than adobe's)

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rates? threw something together
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minecraft fanart/10
pretty bad, try something like photoshop

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flat object-15.jpg
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-Design student
What's missing from a top notch flat?
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Came to post this
well it is flat so what's missing is depth

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Hello /gd/,
i'm starting a Shadowruncampaign.
I need logos of Fictional Companies. And Yes, the Shadowrun Rulebooks
contain a bunch of Comapnies. But i want some more my players don't know.
So i found something a few years ago, but can't find it anymore. So please help me out. Post everything you have.
Pic related
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I did those for exercise. I hope you can take them for good use.
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That's it… it isn't much, but so far I haven't done any more, since it's creative draining to come up with something unique.
It's Shadowrun, so I'd borrow heavily from >>309176

especially >>309182

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Hi could anyone please Photoshop this so that the dog by itself (black cocker spaniel) joins the group of 3 dogs please? There's a perfect gap for him to go. Thanks
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Thank you

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