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Remember me? No? I created the "Minimalist Pepe" Design a while back, and it was pretty popular on /gd/. Actually it was so popular that people started stealing it and putting it on shirts, etc. So I ended up doing it myself. ( https://www.redbubble.com/people/tdawgdesigns/works/23851711-pepe-the-frog-flat-design )

I just got the embroidery file for this thing and was wondering, Would it be cool to start some sort of clothing line featuring it? Would there be buyers?

My first idea was to make a "dad hat" and i'm probably going to Lids today to get a test version. Let me know if this is something anyone would be interested in.
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will this not work because of pepe being a hate symbol?
How much did you make from Redbubble?

>will this not work because of pepe being a hate symbol?
well is not necessarily a hate symbol, its just a side character on a comic, i wouldn't say it's super popular but normies seem to like it and even katy perry and niki minaj have posted pepe's on twitter.
maybe if you make a collection with different ones and somehow promote the designs but dunno if they will sell or not tbqh.

Where's the best place to get clients ASAP?
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Guys this isn't very ASAP

How do you get clients?
UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr.
Based on the pic you posted, I'd guess offering to suck cock at the bus station. You can probably have a few clients before noon.

File: helper keyboard.jpg (157KB, 959x777px)Image search: [Google]
helper keyboard.jpg
157KB, 959x777px
>taking second year advanced graphic design course
>girl next to me asks me how to make her photo a higher resolution "so there's less pixels"

i don't normally post here just wanted to share that
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>whatever rez you want, zero pixels.
maybe she meant less pixelation
also show her waifu2x gg
File: 405.png (113KB, 405x411px)Image search: [Google]
113KB, 405x411px
she wants the D

this is the best, until you can use that new google brain thing.

File: Morshu.png (126KB, 327x240px)Image search: [Google]
126KB, 327x240px
Can someone please refine this so it isn't pixely and remove the backround
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File: 149369094466291.png (1KB, 330x240px)Image search: [Google]
1KB, 330x240px

File: received_1330428337050926.png (64KB, 2048x1365px)Image search: [Google]
64KB, 2048x1365px
Hello /gd/, I started doing some minimalist-vector art like two days ago, and want to know what you think?
(Here's my DeviantArt, if interested) http://antidashlol.deviantart.com/
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Doesn't look bad, only impressive to people that have never worked with illustrator tho
Try to sell it as clipart maybe
File: reddit.ai.jpg (88KB, 1329x877px)Image search: [Google]
88KB, 1329x877px
>want to know what you think
I think it's an uninspired, reddit-tier design that has been made a billion times before and it's badly executed.

>I started... like two days ago
Well that explains a lot.
Your main problem here is alignment, makes the whole thing inconsistent
try using illustrator's guides to help you place things properly. You can also put a picture of a real joystick in the background to have as reference of where each thing should be.
Also, don't get lazy, that thing is missing lots of purple.
Good luck OP, we will all say your stuff is shit until you eventually stop making shit.

>Try to sell it
top kek
File: received_1329191217174638.png (18KB, 2048x1365px)Image search: [Google]
18KB, 2048x1365px
And what do you think about this one? It was the first I made.

File: kima ena.png (59KB, 1007x614px)Image search: [Google]
kima ena.png
59KB, 1007x614px
hey /gd/
i need a background color for this logo , also the logo is going to be used on pink/blue clothes
any solutions?
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File: Screenshot-1493561531.png (19KB, 662x303px)Image search: [Google]
19KB, 662x303px
"Kina" has poor readability. Fix it.

Dunno, maybe darker gray.
File: v2.png (110KB, 1033x778px)Image search: [Google]
110KB, 1033x778px
i tried adding an outline around it
i really like this font, any idea how ti fix "kima"
edit : colors in the first picture are RGB , the CMYK colors in the 2nd will be the final ones.

File: scroll banner.jpg (378KB, 1500x1183px)Image search: [Google]
scroll banner.jpg
378KB, 1500x1183px
What are these called?
Do they have any significance/history I should know about BEFORE using them in a design?
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filename dot txt

they're heraldry-derived so they're kinda stodgy and formal, there are a ton of different heraldry rules that are mutually exclusive and autists will pick on you if you mix and match even though almost no other recent example cares, mostly just don't overuse them the classic examples are either family name or 1-4 word motto.

They were originally speech scrolls, like ancient comic speech bubbles, before they were picked up by heraldry.

File: ScrufflelotsLogo1500x1500.png (182KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
182KB, 1500x1500px
Rate my logo
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clip art/10
Not only is it shit, but it doesn't deserve it's own thread. Critique is over there, dickhead: >>306152
The problem with it is, that it looks like it is supposed to be used in a video to illustrate a "Spanish" or "Italian" castle, only seen for a few seconds on screen. Especially the direction of sight in the eyes makes it look too distracting for a logo, as it forces the viewer to look the to upper left, away from it, to see what it is looking at.

File: il_570xN.470663148_a3zm.jpg (157KB, 570x799px)Image search: [Google]
157KB, 570x799px
Photoshop Collage methods. Do you use lots of layers, lots of filters? Interesting mask techniques? Post some work? Will look it up on Lynda but also want to know what /gd/ has to offer.

Bumping with images of collages I found that I consider good work and want to try to get as good as in my own Ps collages.
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File: brendan-2.jpg (148KB, 478x640px)Image search: [Google]
148KB, 478x640px
File: Collage lasyvitch_2.jpg (789KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
Collage lasyvitch_2.jpg
789KB, 640x480px

File: IMG_2193.jpg (160KB, 540x800px)Image search: [Google]
160KB, 540x800px
Tell stories about clients you just fucking hate working with.
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File: clients-from-hell.gif (23KB, 556x227px)Image search: [Google]
23KB, 556x227px
File: clients-from-hell-5-638.jpg (83KB, 638x479px)Image search: [Google]
83KB, 638x479px
I helped a friend with a logo so now he thinks I'm his in-house designer and keeps asking for other stuff. I've made brochures, banners, and also designed his website. All this for free because I'm too much of a cuck to say no.

File: IMG_4885.png (21KB, 750x280px)Image search: [Google]
21KB, 750x280px
Does anyone know where I can get indesign and illustrator free? I'd buy it but I can't afford $240 per year student price I used a method that worked for every piece of CC 2017 except indesign and illustrator.
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go to tpb and search chingliu for all your adobe needs
Can't wait for my Photoshop subscription to run out. Fucking expensive to pay monthly, and then tried to charge me $40 "cancelation fee". Got chingliu's files from tpb waiting to be installed. Eat my ass, Adobe.

File: bird.png (36KB, 644x487px)Image search: [Google]
36KB, 644x487px
Can you see a bird? And which one?

Really rough sketch but I want to try keep it minimalist
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kiwi bird but it kinda looks like a ballsack
yes it's a kiwi bird.
haha i didn't see that, but thanks for your perspective
you're going for a kiwi facing right/a dove facing left, right? the kiwi is really obvious but the dove's beak being hidden behind its breast makes it tough to pick out.

File: atmi.jpg (446KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
446KB, 1920x1080px
Made it with Photoshop vector format...This looks any good ?
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too many elements, pajeet
kill the car and/or the stripes
Yes, maybe drop the car and keep the tire
Drop the car. Sometimes minimist logos are the best

File: maxresdefault.jpg (52KB, 1200x768px)Image search: [Google]
52KB, 1200x768px
Ok so WIndows Photo Viewer really sucks.
Are there any god tier photo viewers like how
VLC is for videos? Open source? professional?
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>similar-to-vlc tier
but anon, you said you disliked windows photo viewer
File: Screenshot-1493433329.png (283KB, 902x578px)Image search: [Google]
283KB, 902x578px
i lik irfan view because it can preview psd files among being able to do automation tasks and image editing without opening photoshop.

i wish pic related plugin was included with photoshop. it's so damn powerful.
Seconded for Irfanview. UI isn't great (just basic shell menu stuff), but it does what it says on the tin, and then some.

File: who.png (8KB, 195x195px)Image search: [Google]
8KB, 195x195px
How do you come up with a design name? If you want to go solo. Use your name or some other branded name?

Who does the audience follow more, the name or the brand?
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File: 1473446026040.jpg (36KB, 417x353px)Image search: [Google]
36KB, 417x353px
>Use your name or some other branded name?

Interestingly, I've thought about this a lot and asked around. I've heard professors scoff and say no to suing your own name, and would rather you come up with a brand, and I've heard freelancers that got picked up professionally say to just use your name, and let your work brand you.

After talking to some friends about this, it makes sense.

An educator would rather you create a new brand for the sake of making you do a class project and applying learned concepts to your brand.

A person practicing design with natural talent and loads of work already under their belt only needs to put their name in a simple fashion to start their "brand".

So essentially, If you have no good work to your name, might as well start with a brand name to "start" your work, and if you already have god-given talent and good work, you only need your name to attach to it.
>use your initials
>make a sans serif wordmark in 5 seconds

>come up with some sexy cool name / brand
>overreaching, can never resolve the logo

I think im going to go for the 2 letters now
using your name is by far the most professional, but the harsh truth is that if you're from a different country, or your name sounds bad, you're fucked.

however, if you're pitching to clients that never heard of yourself, you can come up with a fancy sounding name.

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