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Try and justify this. Protip: you can't
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Work of the both, Rand Paul and Saul Bass feel.. Jewish. Not necessarily bad, just Jewish.
They look aesthetic desu.

File: smgl-tux.jpg (16KB, 312x402px)Image search: [Google]
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Posting art of the most wizardly distro. Yes, is an operating system with a magical theme, there is a reason behind this http://sourcemage.org/Magic%20idiom
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File: logo_black_slogan_border.png (16KB, 327x192px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1487191719410.png (33KB, 250x300px)Image search: [Google]
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File: smgl_tux.png (28KB, 158x180px)Image search: [Google]
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File: tenativecase.jpg (27KB, 800x308px)Image search: [Google]
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can anyone rate my experimental PC chassis design? Really into glitchwave, proto-punk, and budget PCs. Wanted to make a PC that would fit into a neo-seoulian world. Any suggestions on what to improve?
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File: 1-o3AhDh6wzZ901muIAIj6hw.jpg (231KB, 2000x1388px)Image search: [Google]
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i would never buy something like this, but i don't like how most modern cars look like either
It's good. Reminds me of early Alienware and halo. Move the front panel I/O to the top, it's very inaccessible where it is currently

Could you please make my friend look happy on this picture?
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Why did you help him, instead of sending him to /r/?
You're just encouraging others to do shit like this.
Shame on you.
File: 1498461249699.jpg (363KB, 960x720px)Image search: [Google]
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File: Vaporwave 1.png (4MB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
Vaporwave 1.png
4MB, 960x960px
My first real attempt at vaporwave (yes i know its dead but i still like the way it looks) how did i do?
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unimaginative as in it has no value as an artwork and since there's no actual idea to communicate with it, i can't say if it's technically bad or not. this isn't even graphic design really.
why must an idea be communicated? Cant some art exists just to be an image, and nothing more?
graphic design is utilitarian, so if it doesn't communicate anything, i can't judge it as graphic design and this is graphic design board. then there's no technical right or wrong, especially if it's an 'abstract' composition.

ok, i'll try, as an artwork - it's a bit of an eyesore. it's very sharp and this thing with very saturated channel shifted neon colors is fairly new for vaporwave art, if it's so clean it doesn't even look retro. the color bleed made using channel shifting used to be subtle, blurred out, washed out, had crt scanlines imposed on it etc. the channel shifting thing is so overdone even in commercial graphic design and photography and video art in recent years, there's no 'wow' effect here. you know, for instance that all-popular watch_dogs game, the flat sharp cgi glitch motion graphic effects you don't really get in reality unless you damage your graphics card or lcd monitor, that. same shit on every youtube gaymer or vfx channel intro.
since the post-modern art it plays with has no rights or wrongs, it's hard to tell if it's good or not even as fine arts artwork. if you decided to read books about typographic grids, you'll read that humans like asymmetric compositions a bit more on the regular and you'd expect symmetric ones for very specific cases, since it's mostly visual dead end (as in where your eyes follow), the final spectacle, so a symetric composition has to be really good.

i've been up for many hours, so i'm a bit cynical.

File: Nico-animation2.gif (1MB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1000x1000px
Are my animation skills lame?
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File: Squirrel_tail_reference.jpg (79KB, 800x660px)Image search: [Google]
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not lame but you could make it better just by taking care of a couple of things.
>exaggerate anticipations more, makes reading movement easier and will feel more natural yet cartoony
>movements that follow through. You got this right on her left ribbon but it is a little off on the other ribbons and hair. (pic related). You can find good excercises for this in this book
File: roudnthumb.gif (438KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
438KB, 500x500px

Hey, thanks

These are just the key frames, I'm doing the inbetweens now, and adjusting accordingly

Also, you gave me something to exercise. I'm very grateful
File: dili.jpg (97KB, 500x349px)Image search: [Google]
97KB, 500x349px
no problem man, I understand your struggle.
after 10 years animating I still don't get follow-throughs right in the fist couple of tries and have to redraw them.
When I was studying with picrelated and had something finished to show him he always said "it's ok, now add 2 pony tails to every character and work on your follow throughs cause you suck at those"

File: Spooky.png (20KB, 589x276px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I achieve something like pic related?
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Draw it
find a picture / texture of a stained wall, paper or whatever, desaturate and crank up the contrast, use select -> color range to select and cut it out and maybe trace in illustrator as a vector for better edges and scaling
File: mayo-three.jpg (34KB, 480x321px)Image search: [Google]
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take a brown paper bag
wrinkle the bag by lightly crushing it
you wan't to develop big wrinkles not small wrinkles
grab hellman's or best food's brand mayonase and smear 1tsp on your dick
wrap the brown paper bag around your dick and give it 2 wanks
slowly remove the paper bag as to not overtly smear the mayonaise
allow the mayonaise to dry overnight on the paper bag
when dried just scan , open illustrator then apply the effect and voila ! easy !

File: Bad influence sticker 1.png (879KB, 2244x650px)Image search: [Google]
Bad influence sticker 1.png
879KB, 2244x650px
I'm having trouble with desiging a sticker that will be printed for promotional purposes promoting a brand that is being made. It's called Bad influence and i would like to have a plain standout design with the test and a nice background but im terrible at graphic design. Pic is a crowded concept with all designs in one basically. If you guys have any suggestions that would be cool
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Have text on background. Simple
File: black.png (135KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
135KB, 500x500px
I feel like a design or interesting background at least is needed.
nice text. its fucking blurry

File: logo_a_vs_b.png (122KB, 1225x781px)Image search: [Google]
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Which do you like the most?
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but id prefer right if i had to pick

File: nobynobyboy_sc0023.jpg (71KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone please tell me what art style this is? I really want to know. It's like a minimal, 3d, japanese style, but there must be a name for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Game is called Noby Noby Boy, by the way.
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I can't even tell when those threads are bait anymore.
There is no name for this fucking style, it's literally just what Takahashi does
Ok, not sure why that makes you toasty. You're probably incorrect, as I remember seeing this style before. Thanks for nothing, faggot.
you have autism

File: font.png (37KB, 238x61px)Image search: [Google]
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is the text on pic related an effect on a font or a just a font? If it's an effect, how do you make it? If it's a font, what's it's name?
font identifying websites didn't help
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File: 71OZE3d8xiL._SL1075_.jpg (217KB, 1072x1075px)Image search: [Google]
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it's from an alice cooper album
File: font pls.jpg (37KB, 519x505px)Image search: [Google]
font pls.jpg
37KB, 519x505px
and it was also used in the japanese version of paranoid
It is a font called 'Shatter', but it's made from an oblique cut of Helvetica, so you can just make it yourself by playing around with Pathfinder

>clients ask to do a logo/announcement for them
>no prob
>think about making a logo or announcement for myself
>pic related

can you share some self marketing panflets for inspiration?
thinking about it makes me anxious as fuck.

do you use your own name? do you have your own logo?
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You don't have a logo or wordmark you use to brand yourself?

You don't know how to google "marketing pamphlets" or "sell sheets?"

Being creative is anxiety-generating for you? You don't collect inspiration or personal experience to draw upon?

You're probably in the wrong field.
Why do you suddenly need to brand yourself, anon?

If this is a source of anxiety for you, then don't do it, keep doing client work and think about it on the back of your head.

There is a saying: If you're anxious, don't do it. If you are gonna do it, don't be anxious.

Bottom line is, you need to know WHY you need to self-brand. If you know the reasons, you shouldn't have any anxieties besides some performance anxiety which is natural and can be overcome with ease if you plan well in advance your steps and then just go for it.
my clients know me by recommendation

I'm offering a new kind of service and I'm looking for more clients because I'm poor as fuck right now. I think I'm anxious also because I need to study and give attention to crazy gf at the same time. I don't have performance anxiety if I'm designing stuff to promote others, but since it's myself I think I need to pop out something better than any job I have done so far. I mean, who would hire a guy who doesn't advertise himself amazingly?

File: download.jpg (14KB, 284x177px)Image search: [Google]
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I want to start making some Vaporwave designs. I get the general aesthetic, colours, typefaces etc but where does a lot of the inspiration come from?

I'm interested in creating more vector based designs as opposed to glitching
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File: O6Vl2KG.gif (248KB, 896x860px)Image search: [Google]
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watch old murrican and japanese commercials

pay attention how product packaging differed from the current ones, such as coke cans

video 3d gfx demos from 80s etc


learn about designs of the old apple computers and UIs from 80s and 90s, commodore, nextstep, winders 95, DOS program UIs etc

apple 80s futuristic prototype product designs

80s/early90s anime

japanese video game console variants

vector screens

pixel dithering effects

try to have some more research groundwork for creating something unique instead of just slapping some borderline cringeworthy le retro sprite cough syrup blue and pink photoshop farts together. don't just imitate the imitation, that's shallow.
i had the same urge to make vaporwave. im watching this video now and his first image looks pretty cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arA2tyUUbCY
i'm pretty glad these things actually make people learn to work in graphics editors and some stuff about composition and colors, but maybe keep in mind this kind of an ironically-sloppy direction has been done to death, so if you later ask for criticism on /gd/ or wherever people may just be bored by it. then it's also hard to give any criticism cuz it's supposedly supposed to be sloppy shit. that said, do what makes you happy and involved with computer graphics, it's not a bad start.

it's kind of silly to see these daily stormer, alt right folks who have suddenly jumped on an 5 year old trend and think it's sooo cool and 'in with the kids now' although part of the original aesthetic is copious drug use / abuse, ironically listening to shitty hiphop and romanticizing mental illness.

here's some stuff:

File: download.png (4KB, 225x225px)Image search: [Google]
4KB, 225x225px
"What do you mean a JPEG files aren't "proper format for commercial print"? I tried printing it on my printer and home and it looked fine!"
"so how long will this take? we really need it done as soon as possible...please hurry....is it done yet...whats taking so long?"
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Some random person replying to this thread: Then don't be a graphic designer, deal with it

Its just venting for fun, I'm not going to kill myself over clients
>"we really need it done as soon as possible"
This shit drives me to the edge every time. When I have more time for works, I have time to work out the compositions, look and edit neat stock photos to the design, go through some different styles to see what works best, but this "ANON HURRY UP DO IT ASAP" shit means always that I need to almost copy-paste some of my earlier client works and just slap a new text on it. Clients love when I copy-paste earlier designs that have satisfied them, but I fuckin hate this shit since it doesn't put my skills to any test, it's assembly-line-tier shit.

When they don't ask me to hurry up, I can actually try to come up with better, more creative designs and clients may begrudgingly accept it at first, but usually later on they learn to like it, especially after few corrections done at my part.
>it doesn't put my skills to any test, it's assembly-line-tier shit.

A lot of other designers don't care that much about being creative.

Good work.

File: font.png (387KB, 1111x133px)Image search: [Google]
387KB, 1111x133px
Could anyone tell me which font was used for this ? I need the exact same font.
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Trying to make yourself a fake diploma anon ? What a loser
It's a very well paid job I got by lying about having been to a top tier school. I'm hired and I'm starting monday. I need to provide my diploma day 1. Help a bro anon :(

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