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Logo doesn't feel angsty enough.
mix of styles doest work
I like it, OP.

Like modern-day futurism. You need to further develop this style though.

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Are there any good resources for what kinds of typefaces are best in different contexts (headings, body copy, captions, etc.)? I know some big type designers swear on only using Helvetica for headings.
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common sense, typography 101
I mean, I know all of that, but I meant typefaces within the same category. Like, I know Times New Roman was designed specifically for newspapers, but what makes it better-suited to that usage over other serifs? Why would a different sans-serif work better for body copy over Helvetica? Is it just things like the x-height?
Who the fuck prints at 1000dpi unless we're talking massive jobs. Every print shop I've worked with prints at 300dpi.

Anyone know what font this is?
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it could be tactic sans maybe try whatfontis or whatthefont also use /wsr/ next time
It almost looks like eurostile. Not quite it, but similar
Koopa Sans

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Are famous designers/design agencies a scam?
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it should be self evident

just ask yourself
are the top 10 most popular [insert literally anything here, musicians, movies, presidents, books, actors] actually the best quality?
Yes. Considering how much work this DIDN'T take and how much work this person probably DID get paid, yes.
The value of a famous agency is less in the actual design and more in the budget you've committed to allowing meticulous research, extensive focus and a/b testing, and worst-case in "we used XYZ" becoming a positive media event in itself as it's a way of conspicuously signaling that you're a well-established and luxury brand while freeing up your actual design to be fresher and less stodgy.

Honestly, this is a good design within the restrictions of the English language and American political design; when you're reading left-to-right and can only use the colors red and blue+have to use both because muh flags, it's entirely the candidate's fault that it scans as "moving to the right" and "blue on the outside, red on the inside" rather than "moving forward, no seriously we had to make the arrow a different color because the whole thing monochrome looks like a microdick with phimosis".

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Surprised there haven't been any threads about this yet.
Google redesigned all their emojis for Android O.

IMO they're hideous because of the stroke and gradient. I was a fan of the gumdrop shaped smiley too.

Also surprised to see how many people (at least tech bloggers who probably are probably used to iOS emojis) seem to have hated the old emojis.

What do you guys think?

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There are other things more important than some emojis.
So? This is /gd/ related.
the poop emoji looks terrible. why does a pile of shit need a gradient on it

File: yir-2015-spotify-style-design.png (529KB, 1100x618px)Image search: [Google]
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What is this style called and how do you achieve this?
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Stop being a lazy prick and fuck off.
some serverside image editing script that does the same thing as photoshop's gradient map
Looks like the photo in the front was turned into a grayscale Image, but instead of grey it's a shade of purple. There's probably a term for that but I'm very stupid and amateur.

what's missing from your vector drawing tools?
I'm a programmer and I'll make it for you
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bump for interest
post on /ic/ as well OP
Maybe there are plugins for these, but whatever.

- AI doesn't have an easy, direct way of making an isometric grid. The free vector app Gravit Designer has it and you can customize the grid in various ways.

- Transformation tools in AI let you move + copy object in fixed distance from each other, but you can't have an increase of the distance in a non-linear way. Would be nice if it was possible to put in various functions for the increase of the distance.

- Regarding resizing it's almost the opposite - you can have an increase of percentage from the previous object, but you can't use a fixed value. And you can't use a custom function either.

- Would be nice to have a customizable non-linear increase in stroke width using AI Blend Tool.

- AI Width Tool lets you set custom width for various points of the stroke, but only approximately by dragging the width points, you can't enter a specific value of width and a specific distance.

- It would be nice if to be able to control the depth of different same stroke overlaps in AI. It becomes visible once you use "Apply gradient along / across stroke". The only control you have is by the order in which overlaps are drawn.

- Would be nice to have a free tool in AI that lets you manually remove unneeded points without fucking up the shape. I'm currently using one of the Astute Graphics Plugins tools to do this.

- This may be crazy hard, but I've thought about a tool that traces a raster image in a gradient mesh (Illustrator's Mesh Tool). Lots of folks out there spend hours recreating low-res photographs as gradient meshes so they don't look like shit on print.

- Maybe a thing for AI that finds the 'visual center' of the object instead of the geometric one.

- More precise customization for AI Spiral Tool

Get crackin.
Faster way to smooth lines and curves out without bending their whole shape.

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Best sans serif font(s)?

I'm working on some small text, Open Sans is a bit too """open""", I'm kinda stuck between Lato and Segoe. Needs to be between 8 and 10pt (the booklet size isn't confirmed) - any suggestions?

Pic related
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Gill Sans if it's preloaded on your PC, otherwise Segoe > Lato.

If you're willing to pirate, try: Meta, Myriad, Frutiger, Scala Sans, Proxima Nova, DIN, or even.........



I'd have to wait until I'm at work and nick it off the PC there, although I think we just have Neue?

I'll check out those other ones, see if any have the right vibe
I really like Montserrat or Bebas Kai

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Does this logo have 'it'? Its simple and I feel it has recognition even at a glance.
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Not even a vibrant enough green. See me after class.
It's a sideways K, not memorable. Try something not in the alphabet or a combination. I do like the way it looks (green on black cmd)
File: K.png (2KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
2KB, 300x300px

I agree. Revised.

File: logo_distressed_horz.jpg (43KB, 792x267px)Image search: [Google]
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What porn company has the best logo?
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none, porn is known industry for having no taste whatsoever
File: BBC.jpg (11KB, 819x315px)Image search: [Google]
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It's like you're asking for it.
File: logo-landing.png (53KB, 1002x762px)Image search: [Google]
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>implying your logo is better than hers

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Why to designers spend thousands of dollars on Apple laptops and desktops to use the same programs that a $500 Windows pc can use just as effectively?

Human nature and the effects of conformity almost make me want a macbook or imac but then I remember there's literally no fucking difference from my PC in terms of software usability and it would just be a massive waste of money.

Can anyone here sell me an Apple computer?
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No, they'll shill hard for the memebook but the best you'll get is vague shit like "WELL...WELL...ITS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD" whatever the fuck real meaning that has.

You can build a PC for half the price, one that you can upgrade and maintain yourself without having to ship it to some curly mustache knit beanie wearing fuck in Cupertino. Fuck, you could even build a hackintosh if you're the type that jizzes over iOS and still save hundreds because it didn't show up in a plain white box with a fruit on it.
there is no advantage, people do it out of tradition

for a brief period of time, Mac versions of Photoshop and Illustrator were much better than their Windows counterparts but today, whether it's a beefed up PC or a mid-range machine, it will always win even the maxed-out Mac Pro or a entry-level MacBook both in price and performance.
God dammit am I fucking sick of seeing this thread pop up every month.
>Can anyone here sell me an Apple computer?
No. Go fuck yourself. Nobody gives a shit what OS you run except for edgy 15 year olds

What type of a logo would be good for a photographer? The camera-logo is so used that I wouldn't want to use it.

Any ideas?
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something that doesn't contain a symbol of camera lens or aperture
Pay me and I'll tell you.

Thats gay bro.

I dont need any 'work done'- just asked if anyone had any opinions about it.

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i'm trying to create my own brand to publish my work as animator and video maker, what do you think about the name: "Broken Mind" i'm also accepting suggestions, i want something to sound like movement, like a different perspective of something you know, like deconstructing simple ideas into creative visions
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they are both
not aligned
on the left
>I want something to sound like movement, like a different perspective of something you know, like deconstructing simple ideas into creative visions

Well you definitely got the shitty intellectual philosophy down.
I like the name though.
Maybe shatter the logo just a tiny bit to bring out the whole "broken" thing
File: shattered_logo_.jpg (174KB, 1385x648px)Image search: [Google]
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File: moustache-mp-2.jpg (132KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm about to become a freelance graphic designer.
I'm considering marketing myself as a studio to get better paying clients, rather than an individual creative. I have no problem in creative a high standard of work.

What do you think? How many of you market yourself as a studio when you're not?
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>How many of you market yourself as a studio when you're not?
I did that when I started. Landed a couple of crappy freelance jobs that payed crap.
It started working out when I joined with a coupe of friends and actually created a studio of our own.

you're not a studio.
Let people know what you do.
Don't lie to your clients.
Work speaks for itself.
I don't see the problem with hiding behind a moniker as long as it's professional and not some XxDesigner_69xX, especially if you live in a second/third world country as long as the results are worthwhile.

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I'm designing a website for a young lawyer. I'm using images from his country and trying to give it a modern look.

Can I have some criticism on it? Please try to focus on the Spanish version, since the English version is at its 40%.

Also notice that the name of the firm is just temporary. It will change as soon as the lawyer give me a real one.

Thank you.
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The URL: http://dev-legal321.pantheonsite.io/
I forgot to say: it's a technology law firm.
Nothing says "modern technology law firm" like a canyon that formed before the Jurassic age.

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