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Can someone help me out with a background that will fit behind this masterpice?
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Thank You anon

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So, I'm kind of new to C4D but amd pretty familiar with the basics. The problem I'm having is that no matter what I've tried I can't seem to get a video onto a mat into C4D

I've tried everything, avi video, quicktime video , and even an image sequence. I've followed many tips on how to fix this, but it always just shows up a solid color (though the image sequence did show up in the mat settings window. I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure this out as I have project that needs to be done by tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated
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Wrong board senpai.
Better ask on /3/.
Didn't know that was a thing, it's been a while since I've been here
have you tried litteraly dragging the video into the material section? can you give me the video?

They don't really print the whole book for presentations like this, do they? Are they using a 3D programm to render it? If yes, which one?
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>They don't really print the whole book
lmao what the fuck do you think they design a book for ?
sometimes they make this shit for their online portfolio, not for a client. Do they also print it neat and clean with heavy papers?
Yes, it takes some time but can easily be done for less than a hundred dollars. Is you real question "how can I print a book for my online portfolio ?"

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Sorry this is such an amateur question, but how do I achieve a smoother look, like the ones on the right? Does it just take practice to make the lines smoother? I mean, look at the smooth curves on the fucking octopus.
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Here's what my WIP so far... The lines are jaggedy in some places, and I'd like to know how to get it smoother... Or if there's a technique that would help with this. Thanks so much.
Oooh I just discovered the smooth pen. Is this what graphic designers primarily use to smoothen artwork?

imo it adds too many anchor points. you really should only be doing 1 anchor point for every curve, then use its handles to smooth it out.

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Tips to improve the conceptual mind?

I've been in a serious slump this year and I feel like all my creative energy has been sucked dry, this is stressing me out and in turn affecting my work, my designs are not up to standard.

what motivates you to try harder rather than just cranking out basic designs so that you can get paid and how do you keep your brain working?
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it's really no different, but you get to put your cock to good use.
I have a tumblr.


I want everything I make to be as good as anything I post on there.
Read good literature
Branch out to unfamiliar territory eg. architecture, modern dance, history
Set up a restricting set of rules for yourself and push those boundaries to the max
Piece together the narrative of what design has been over the years and where it's headed

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hey guys, hopefully this isnt annoying and im not being some fucking idiot. but I just started messing around with graphic design and I wanted to know how I can do these three effects, just want to know how so I can recreate them for practice. Thanks.
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op again, this is the second effect
File: ex3.png (36KB, 852x265px)Image search: [Google]
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op again, last example.
The first one is a gradient background with some transparent overlays, also with a slight gradient, slight shadow underneath.

The second one is a black background, the foreground image is probably a brush of some sort, with some gradient in the opacity

Third one is just a pattern of transparant bars on top of eachother in a funky manner

If you want to learn this, i'd suggest digging into gradients and transparancy, in photoshop as well as illustrator. The internet is full of sources that explain it better than I possibly can.

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how can you apply gaussian blur to a vector object in corel draw x8? i know that you can convert to a bitmap and then apply gaussian blur to that, but i want to avoid converting to bitmap
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it's under the drop shadow tool. check the presets in the upper left.
hey, thanks for the quick answer.
i played around a bit with the drop shadow tool and i guess with presets you mean the small to large glow ones right? I was only able to apply gaussian blur to smooth out the edges of the shadows. i am unable to replicate the effect on the right, which is the same square just as a bitmap with gaussian blur applied
I guess breaking the shadow groups apart and only taking the shadow gives similar results. That seems a bit unintuitive and clumsy tho. Is there really no other way to replicate this effect? I know it is super easy to do in affinity designer/illustrator. just apply gaussian blur to the vector object as an effect. nothing as easy in corel draw?

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Hello /gd/, I have been graphics designing for 7+ years and I am an extremely professional designer. I have constructed this amazing and extremely creative logo, and I'd love to hear your opinions on it. I believe that it is minimalistic, simple, and appealing. I'd love to hear your opinions on it though, I'm sure you will like it!
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Here is another masterpiece that I am very proud of. Once again, simplistic, yet so unbelievably creative.
Cunning, bold, daring, truly fit for a designer as great as you. Good job, I wish I came up with this.
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7 years in the field?

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Can someone please explain how are these intro's made? I know how to use after effects but cant seem to find a way to make these. What software is generally used to create such intros?
Link below:-
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Any 3D suite. but why would you make this shit?
This. Also if you're making an intro, don't. Just put an overlay of your logo at the beginning of the actual video and have it fade out after a couple seconds. Intros are obnoxious and don't instantly make you look professional (especially if you use an online service to make one like this kid did).
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i second this

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3 views? please
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do your own homework

And if you're literally so retarded that you can't draw the top, right, and front of that, then you shouldn't be taking a technical drawing class in the first place.
it's ez pz anon

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I am relatively new to Cinema 4D, but I have been looking into it's features and have decided to give it a go.

This is a picture of the supposed finished project I am wating a tutorial for. I have come to a point in the tutorial where I am supposed to add a new mat to a plane with a gradient and it's supposed to be flat (as opposed to uvw maping) But no matter what I try, i can't seem to get the mat to apply.

I click and drag it onto the plane and it changes color slightly, but otherwise appears not to be applied as it looks nothing like the tutorial.

Am I missing something obvious? I have searched google for the past hour and can't seem to find an answer, anyhelp would be great...

Also, I'm running on windows 7 ulitmate 64 bit and am running Cinema 4D R16 if it helps
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File: Untitled.jpg (209KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
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This is what I'm supposed to be seeing
File: Untitled2.jpg (198KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
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This is what I'm getting
hmm, still havent found anything...Shameless self bump

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Is he right, /gd/?
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sounds like useless critique, something only a designer could point out :) no one is going to notice these details in the real world and it doesn't affect functionality in any way, it's not that it's unreadable.

that said, the only thing I don't like is the line break between "Silence" and "Yourself"
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Sufjan Stevens.jpg
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Sufjan shouldn't really be critiquing this album cover when most of his covers look way worse.
The only good one he has is Age of Adz in my opinion.
all of his covers are more iconic than anything savages' design team has put out

Hey how can i do the "welcome to /gd/" this is fine?
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Sin título.png
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>using photoshop for designing
bro, I used to use photoshop for everything like this because i was just used to it. Switching to illustrator was the best thing ive ever done.

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can I survive in this industry without using a waicom tablet?
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Talent, Creativity and be good.
if you have these, u can survive.
You want to know a secert? I use a mouse; even after years of gd I've never gotten into tablets.
Most of the designers I work with don't use a tablet, so no, you don't need one. It really only comes in handy if you're an illustrator or something along those lines.

I prefer to use one over a mouse personally, it's just easier for me because I've become so accustomed to it (and I use it for digital painting, etc), plus I find I don't get any RSI issues using it. You get used to them after using them for a few hours so it's not like they're difficult to figure out.

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how do I make this effect with photoshop?
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Copy and paste the main layer twice, put the two new layers on top of the original image, colorize them to the colors you want, turn the opacity to anywhere from 50%-80% and then move them up and down or left and right in opposite directions.
Change the blending mode to soft light, add the layer effect colour overlay too
File: tard.jpg (91KB, 776x465px)Image search: [Google]
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Duplicate the main layer twice then double click on each layer that you just duplicated to open the layer style panel and disable the RGB checkboxes.. leave the top layer with "R" and the other with "G" (you have move the layer positions to see the effect)

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