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I am not sure if this is the proper board. But I would ask nonetheless.

I play a sport and I am going to be doing videos of my team playing in tournaments. Now I could make them really shitty but I would like to make them decently looking so put bars where the team names and logos are, scores, timers and all of them animated.

Would any of you be able to recommend the best program for that kind of video editing. I haven't been able to find anything interesting in Sony Vegas Pro which I used in the past.
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You may be able to do that kind of stuff in Vegas Pro or Premiere Pro, but that does sound like something you could do in After Effects.
And can I do the full video on After Effects or is it just the animations and then putting them on the video with something like Sony Vegas?
sony vegas, after effects and premiere are the same thing they process video. all of them have good things and bad things but after effects is the best one if you want to add effects to your video and render it to youtube, sony vegas is the lightest (around 200-400 mb the last time i checked compared to 2gb for after effects) and also sony vegas doesn't need that much ram and the interface is more friendly for beginners. premiere pro and final cut are for more advance stuff like full lenght films or for people that have more experience. i recommend after effects cc since the motion tracking is probably what you're looking for.

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Hello /gd/, fidst time poster here.

Looking for a handwritten/signature style of font for a logo Im doing.

I want something picture related. I cant find it with enough kern. Not enough for me at least.

The logo if for an architect. The client wants this style and I cant seem to change her mind.
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>The client wants this style and I cant seem to change her mind.
So what?
why not just handwrite it in the style you want then go over it in illustrator?

Ok, so recently my brother gifted me the adobe cs6 master collection thing, and I've been teaching myself here and there through tutorials and experimenting with the programs, but I've had in no way any sort of training. Now, I want to do something like gif related (without the shitty text, got that off a friends fb), I'm interested in doing a liquid dripping effect like that but I have no idea how to do it, and can't find any sort of tutorial to steer me in the right way, so... any help would be greatly appreciated.
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even if you are able to link me to a tutorial or a video where I can see how to do it and call me a dumbass for not finding it on my own, I'd be very grateful
Honestly, as simple as it seems, thats a pretty complicated effect to get right. I've been working with Photoshop professionally for over a decade, and I would still struggle to make a gif like that.

Nevertheless, I can steer you in the right direction. You will have to do each frame by hand. I would start by downloading a gif of a dripping effect that you like, then pull it apart frame-by-frame.

So lets say you want to make the word "Awesome" drip off the bottom. And maybe you have a gif that says "cool" with a nice dripping effect. So erase the "cool" part of each frame of the downloaded gif, just leaving the drips. Now position the drips onto your 'Awesome' text, duplicate the drips until you span the additional length of the 'Awesome' text, just remember that whatever positioning/duplicating/scaling you do has to be applied for each frame. Over, and over, and over again. The numbers on the top bar of the Photoshop app are your friend. X & Y positioning and W & H sizing will keep your drips aligned and sized perfectly between frames.

When it comes down to it, Photoshop is about stealing other people's graphics and tweaking them for your own purposes. Its more of a 'content manipulation' tool than a 'content creation' tool. I'm sure people will argue me on that, but the majority of PS users are not digital painters.
i don't think any software made by adobe could simulate liquid the only one i could think of is after effects either animating fluid with distortion tools or with a particle system plugin (trapcode's)

maybe try searching on yt for after effects liquid/fluid tutorials (assuming you know the basics)

also for simulating liquid the standard sofware is realflow

Yo I want to start making graphic tees for anime kids and sell them online. Can anyone post good tutorials for turning anime stills into vector art so I can send to the print shop? Or I will pay someone $50 a design if they can do it for me. This is the first one I want to start with.
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This is the style Im going for and obviously this is a raster image, but how did they get a page from punpun to be a big enough file where it didn't get pixelated as fuck when they stretched it out to fit on a tshirt?
use illustrator and learn about vectors va raster
So for that Punpun shirt did they just take a page from the manga and use image trace to turn it into a vector? Or did they like physically scan a page and make it a huge file so it could be a raster large enough to fit on a shirt?

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logo idea-2.png
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So Me And A Guy Are Starting A Small Business. I Make Bikes, He Likes Talking To People; We Have No Logo But My Partner Says That It Is Necessary For People To Take Us Seriously.

Will This Work As A Logo (There Is A Lot Of Symbolism In It)? How Do We Create A Good Brand?
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>Will This Work As A Logo?
This is a joke right?
You're just fucking with me to get me #triggered, right?

I Mean Thats Just Like, Your Opinion Man. I Was Thinking Putting Some Hip Gradients In A Few Of The Panels.
this is a great light novel title and premise

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I did lynda fundamentals for illustrator now doing the intermediate course with deke. (did a few tutorials too)

Should I finish it and move to mastery or should I do fundamentals for photoshop/indesign/after effects/dreamweaver/muse whatever next?
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I mean advanced illustrator course
Depends on what you wanna do. I'd say start learning photoshop, then move to indesign. With that you can create vectors, you can edit and manipulate photos and then put all those things together to make a booklets and stuff like that. You'll be a pretty well rounded designer. But keep doing small things with the other programs while learning the new ones.
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Hello fellows /gd/ers
I stumbled upon this agency's logo and I took it upon myself to correct their logo. To better it.
I think I did a pretty good job. I've send it to them, saying that it was totally free, but so far they didn't answer or change their logo for mine.
What did I do wrong?
It was a random act of kindness after all.
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Firstly, I will agree that your version is an improvement over theirs and that their original is generally pretty awful.

But you sending them a "corrected" version of their own logo implies theirs is no good to begin with (which probably won't go down well with whoever designed it) and that their designer's job can be done better by some random on the internet who works for free.

Also, logo changes aren't always a quick "oh this looks better let's use this now" kind of affair. Any changes to the brand will most likely require deliberation from company owners/shareholders, not to mention the need to change any stationary, signs, business cards, brand guidelines or anything else with their logo currently on it. Which takes time and costs money.

Out of curiosity how did you word your email when you sent it to them?
are you serious?
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>Out of curiosity
Well I didn't present it as a "corrected" version. I said it was a more contemporary take at their identity and that I liked their name and it inspired me to do this and it's free and they can do as they please with it, no questions asked.
Something along those lines.

File: oslo_city_bike_logo_new.png (28KB, 636x416px)Image search: [Google]
28KB, 636x416px
All right you gimp-using faggots
you've had time to see it. What do you think about this identity?
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>missed opportunity to turn the word oslo into a bike

i actually like it

File: dropcap.jpg (915KB, 3000x2400px)Image search: [Google]
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I need help/critics for the dropcaps I made for the letter O and J.
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what do you mean ?
any tips or thing I could do to improved them.

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What types of graphic design currently have the best market, most demand, etc?

Its about time I focus on a niche, Im probably most interested in advertisement, print stuff, logos/branding but am also willing to specialize in other areas if theres enough of a market for it.

I want to focus on 1 or maybe 2 areas but before I do that I want to know which areas have the most demand.

Any advice? Will reply with rare pepes
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Fucking motion graphics and interface design/uxp. Dont expect to live off print and logo jobs alone. Branding is fun, but is mostly farmed out to larger agencies, not freelancers like you and me. I say start learning AE if you dont know it!
I will second this.
File: popcorn pepe.gif (267KB, 440x512px)Image search: [Google]
popcorn pepe.gif
267KB, 440x512px

Thanks! Is the advertisement market a lot like the print and logo job market, in that its hard to live off ?

Im def interested in motion graphics, on the fence about interface design/uxp, need to learn more about that.

Btw Im assuming AE is After Effects

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Making a comic about hipster life etc.
In Norwegian, translatee a bit hasty- some spelling misstakes, also non colored spots.
Otherwise, what do you think?
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File: IMG_0265.jpg (100KB, 988x336px)Image search: [Google]
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File: IMG_0266.jpg (125KB, 1153x403px)Image search: [Google]
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need help deciding which of these is the better option for me. i need a fully functioning pc that has powerful drawing abilities as well.
after much research and a huge number of other products, i've narrowed it down to just these two.
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Are you kidding me? The Cintiq's a joke.
File: 1475053467123.png (728KB, 960x776px)Image search: [Google]
728KB, 960x776px
buy a mac. mac is better for design, i don't know why but they say so.

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2MB, 1944x2592px
Hi is there any way to get Adobe Creative Cloud full software download torrents? Or anything similar to PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign?
I want to create art. Money is problem if i get these software's i can make money selling my art.. I am college dropout and would like to get into this career field.. Money happened to set me back at school too Fuck FASFA but anyways anything similiar ive tried gimp and i dont know any software and would like to work on adobe please help me i just want to create ART!
#AOW Art Over War!
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As you said, there is Gimp for Photoshop. Also, Inkscape for Illustrator e Scribus for Indesign.
'Can you post links to the software and thank you much appreciated!'
have fun op

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So, this is my first go at it. It's the opening / landing page of an application.

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the initial animation is laggy and the last part was awkward as fuck.
I suppose you are using ae for this.
The animation is a little stiff, try softenning the keyframes.
>ctrl+shift+f9 for the first movement keyframe
>shift+f9 for the las one
>f9 for the middle ones.
Or you can tweak it through the graph editor and have more control
Thanks anon.

It could possibly just be that it's a compressed gif, I can post a webbum later.

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I want to also teach myself to animate.
my question is, what was used to achieve this ?


im a beginner with AE animation, and i also tried onion-skinning in photoshop. This doesnt look like vector, but i could be wrong.. any animation experts ?
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This is just some old school hand drawn animation. It was probably colored in photoshop and composited in after effects.
what i was afraid of... looks amazing and it probably took a few months..
Well, that animation is over 5 minutes long. You could make something, you know, a lot shorter. Maybe 10 or even 5 seconds. You could use it as a learning experience that you can apply to something more ambitious.

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