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Is a Graphic Design major still worth the title? Or should I major in something else and just get a lrtfolio going with my work
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I can't speak for everyone but I'm majoring in creative advertising. Can easily branch off into graphic design after but I feel more secure with a specific path.

TL;DR if you can specialize somehow, do
In my 6 years of working as a graphic designer, both as an inhouse designer and a freelancer, I have been asked about my diploma zero (0) times.

A designer is only as good as his portfolio.
People will always ask what kind of experience you have and your portfolio, either no one gives a shit about titles or they just assume everyone has one, not sure

How do you go about getting a graphic design job?
More specifically, where should I search?

I recently had a job for 10 months as a Junior Graphic designer / Artworker for a small firm in the middle of England.
I was made redundant since most of our customer work revolved around Oil and when that tanked our work dried up, so I got let go.

I've been out of work for a month now and applied for jobs in all the obvious places, indeed, monster, linkedin, etc. but had no comments back.

How do you guys get jobs ?
>obligatory stock image
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I slave away on freelance platforms. But I live in a third world country, so I'm not as pressured as you are for the monthly income. The short (and only) answer to your question is networking. There's no other solution. Design is hard to measure, which makes it hard to prove your abilities to potential employers, meaning entry and progression can be difficult.
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I got lucky, I was looking for a new job and just networking while I was out with friends on weekends did some people point me to a place that was hiring... This was ~3 years ago, and at that time I was doing a lot of looking online and getting no results.

A lot of people have told me to investigate agencies, who review your portfolio/resume and source you out, but I haven't tried that yet -- thinking about doing that soon when I leave this job.
get a real job you lazy millenial

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yellow sen 02.jpg
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Let's regroup them all in one thread shall we ?
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I'll start : is it worth learning about TeX ?
Depends on what you want to achieve. It's good for creating documents that look academic. Example:
I was thinking about brochures, menus, or catalogues

Does anyone know the fonts that they use in the travel channel show Ghost Adventures? Especially the playback and subtitle fonts
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Don't waste ur time, buddy. That font is shit.

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I'm shit at noise. Lets say I'm trying to recreate this.

How close can you get using the image below?
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okay so made this to try it on. noiseless obviously.
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so my first thought was to make a new layer, add white then add noise and change it to soft light.

ive done this before but it always makes it too light. most of the other blending modes are shit as too.
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actually inverting the white noise so its mostly black makes it much closer

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I live in England and I'm creating artwork for someone in the USA. I was wondering how I should ask them to send payment, as PayPal will take a slice of it and I currently need every penny I can get.

So to any freelances out there that have worked oversea, how do you get paid?

Pic not related.
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>how do you get paid?
spend it within the internet or pay $30 to get it as cash once you have enough on your account
You charge them but also charge them for the paypal fee, and give them an alternate option to do a bank transfer and maybe stripe or something.
Sending money on paypal via a gift skips any fees.
I've had my clients do that for a while.

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Hey, /gd/. Could I get your opionions on the best software for making simple geometric designs, such as the image provided in this post. If ya don't know what I'm talking about, I can provide more sample images.
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Illustrator or any vector program.
Could I get an example?
For stuff made with Illustrator? There's a shitton of examples on pinterest, youtube and google, just search geometric design illustrator

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Red pill me on the title and role "Graphic Designer / Storyteller". Does it help you with what employers want and hire? Is it a bad meme that will hurt you when looking for a job?
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I thought graphic design already included storytelling. I mean semiotics and art direction are all about that and those are taught everywhere
Why would even write them separated by a slash? That's implies you think they are interchangeable. Storyteller isn't even a profession. Stop pretentiously considering who you are and just slap "Graphic Designer" as your profession with "writing" in the interest section.
>Sagmeister talking about what is bullshit and what is not

Well he certainly is an expert in the field.

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Whats up /gd ive been trying to improve my creativity and general design skills

here is a logo for a water bottling company who sell flavoured rain water. my design idea comes from a rain droplet being the hammer head and the the "forged" part being the flavour of choice. hope you like it =) also ignore the background and drop shadow, the logo is just the blue
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op here i should have mentioned the bottling company is named Rain Forged"
here's a tip: never place the name of the company inside the logo. aside from that i don't really like it desu it feels too old. maybe just make an aesthetically pleasing water drop that seems like iron/metal and place the name below all in lowercase possibly with a modern font and good kerning.
Idea is good, execution is bad.

Needs to be simplified, it looks very boring an old. Of course do what >>278690 said and take the type out of the logo and choose a better typeface. Colours need work too.

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There was an iOS game that came out a few years ago with a similar style.

geometric dada? constructivist bauhaus? not sure... but surely there's a name for this.

If any of you guys know what this graphic style is called or if you know other stuff similar to it. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
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Seems to have a bit of a collage style going on. Wouldn't know the exact name but hope it helps.
>Seems to have a bit of a collage style going on
wow thanks sherlock

Not purely Bauhaus, not purely Dada. It's a kinda generic "30's graphic design" style (that's what you should type in Google), mimicking the designers that were considered trendy and popular at that time.
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Gallente Federation.jpg
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Can someone add this logo on this wallpaper? the wallpaper in question is this
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And the logo is this. I tried to do it myself but Paint sucks and even if I had photoshop I doubt I could add it cleanly, that is, just the logo and keep the background around it.
/gd/ is not for requests try /wsr/ or /r/
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my 10 seconds were worth more

Hey /gd/ just getting into graphic design what is a good laptop preferably with a IPS panel display that can perform well in this industry? Open to any suggestions
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>use a laptop
>graphic design
pick one
I primarily use a laptop but also have a 21" external display in my office. Its nice to be able to bring my work with me without having to worry about cloud storage, externals, etc.

That being said, working exclusively on a 13" screen would be hell.
As much as it pains me to say it, you want a Microsoft Surface. Good stylus, runs Photoshop well, works as a tablet for presentations and media consumption.

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Is there any way to increase the quality of an existing work (logo) in photoshop? I have the photoshop file with all the shape that arent converter to pixels yet. Can photoshop somehow recognize the shapes and turn them into a more pixel version?

I quite a beginner and i dont see how i can accurately redraw what i just did, but the pic is just too low in pixels/quality
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Shapes are vectors. If nothing is pixelated it's possible. Perhaps you could export to a higher dpi version, or copy all of your work to a higher dpi file.
>or copy all of your work to a higher dpi file.
If i do that it keeps the same pixels and makes it smaller in the file. Can i just select the shapes and stretch them out.., and will that make them higher quality?

This might seem like an extremely noob question but yes, i am an extreme noob
Illustrator has an auto trace feature that's half decent. You could give that a try.

Why is it that on some colour wheels red is the opposite of blue and then on others green is the opposite of red?
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What fucking color wheels are you looking at? Are you color blind or something?
RGB color wheel as cyan across from red.

While it's not exactly BLUE blue, it's blue.

There's a few different color wheels.
But I'm sure in one of them red and blue are across from each other.
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There is way too much blues in this kind of wheels

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