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VJ thread, let's go.

Really wanna get into VJ'ing, but kinda no idea where to start.

How into VJ'ing?

>good tutorials
>tips & tricks
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I've done a bit. Mostly premade things that I've animated before and kinda just play live with transitions.

Programs, use arena by resolume.

Tutorials, its kinda tough! there's not many. It's just practice. Also its all in the set up. The more set up before the live gig the better.

What I havent done and want to learn more of is having the audio in. So for example you can isolate a frequency or whatever like the high hat, and attach that to an effect or even something basic like scale then it would bop to the beat.

The VJ reddit has helped me out a few times.

Il try find a little video or something that I've done.

Amazing buddy, would love to see some examples!

Whats the difference between arena and avenue btw?
Arena is just avenue + a few more featurues

I do less like "VJing" but more like live visuals with brief etc.



first ever post to 4chan, logo created for project just for fun. The concept has the devils tail in the A, The letters D and A and it takes the form of a lightening bolt which represents the nature of the company!
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the logo itself does not look like you described it. Looks more like a mistake, or a damaged printer. Dunno m8.
Also, post a higher quality pic
File: logos strip.jpg (4MB, 3663x7642px)Image search: [Google]
logos strip.jpg
4MB, 3663x7642px
What's the relevance of it "taking the form of a lightning bolt"? (which I can't tell at all by looking at it) you're trying to shove too much into what should be a simpler design. Also included a half assed doodle I did on my phone

File: Self Branding-15.jpg (688KB, 459x370px)Image search: [Google]
Self Branding-15.jpg
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Working on a logo for my freelance business. What initials do these look like?
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OG, DG, 96

basically shitty logo
shitty because it has multiple possibilities?

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How can I make a passable logo when I have very little to no graphic design skill? How do the professionals do it? Is there a font + emblem (like something that can be done as a Photoshop Shape) that will express "modern and cool"? And what font do I need to download to do this
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Its it possible to fix a car with no mechanical skill? How to mechanics do it? Is there a tool + parts (like something like a wrench) that will fix my car? And what tool do I need for this.
You either pay someone to do it for you or you buy some bullshit stock logo from a site somewhere
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think of it like if you were to get a tattoo. you could make some drawings that had some meaning to you and then after you re-draw them a few times and make variations (or pay someone to do it) some of them might begin to grown on you. for more tips try the book logo.design.love by david airey or you could also search on google for "logo design pdf" there's some free ebooks there that could help further.
tut for converting a drawing to vector

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Who does it the best?
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I prefer the illustration style of the Mozilla ones, but I have never owned a device that used Firefox OS. They seem weirdly unexpressive though.

Objectively, I would say that Twitter does it best. Nice and simple, gets the point across quickly. The yellow is saturated without burning my retinas.

FB and mozilla have their built-in dropshadows. totally awesome.
I think google has the most expressive faces. They're able to convey emotions very well without the use of eyebrows like the rest do. Really simple but really good.

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what is your favorite /gd/?
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File: 298px-Kommunistiska_Partiet.jpg (35KB, 298x298px)Image search: [Google]
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File: art1.jpg (356KB, 1275x1651px)Image search: [Google]
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File: Naamloos-1-Hersteld.png (1MB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1000x1000px
what would you add?
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the fill in of the numbers.

something different for numbers' texture rather than a google street view screenshot
I assume that 9721 is the location of the photo?

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Hello I am currently working on putting together a image sequence of 60 PNG files no larger then 8 megabytes.
I need to do this in Flash CS4 as some templates compatible with CasparCG I need to use for a client only work in this version and older.
Only problem is I keep getting this Error "There is not enough memory to complete the operation. To increase virtual memory to allow more memory for Flash."
I've has the same problem with Flash CC in the past and solved the problem by navigating to ~\Adobe\Adobe Flash CC\Common\First Run\ActionScript 3.0\jvm.ini and editing the jvm.ini file to use 512 megabytes instead of its very low number.
This file is not present in CS4 how ever and its very hard to find any information while googling for it.
I am using a windows 10 pc built for 3D work, it has 64g ram and has 10g allocated to windows virtual memory so I know the problem isn't there.
I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with my problem.
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I'd try using CS3. It's supposedly a way more stable build of flash. Otherwise try Cs5 and save for cs4/legacy versions. If THAT doesn't work try importing 20 images at a time and not all at once. CS4 is the worst build of em all imo CS3 is the closest you'll get to macromedia.
Switching flash version sadly is not an alternative for me, I have to use a plugin that generates a template :(

I am pretty sure my problem would be solved if I could figure out how to allow Flash to use more Virtual Memory
Is compressing images out of the question? jpg could shave off at least 4 times that.

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don't post stuff like this
like what?
0/1 bait thread reported

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ff-din (1).png
20KB, 465x233px
Do any of you guys have this typography? It's FF Din.

I don't want to monetize my work with it (in fact, it's for a homework).

But yeah, a free download link would be cool.
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shameful self bump
if u wanna talk about the font cool but dont think anyone is gonna google that shit for u lazy fuck

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Graphic design teachers dont understand art.

As someone with a background in visual art who is now studying graphic design I find that many graphic design teachers do not understand art and ,ainly understand things such as corporate design, things that you would typically see on a billboard, or dvd cover.

If you design things inspired by the fineart world and movements such as cubism, or abstract art they will give you a low grade simply because they don't know what they are looking at.

However I believe for the right circumstances or clients design can be inspired by people like picaso.
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Yeah that's the thing that a company should trive for. An abstract brand identity.
What about a book cover, T shirt design or even a skate board deck?
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One of my favourite fine art looking logos.

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Old threads

#44 >>280210
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File: 67474.png (10KB, 720x360px)Image search: [Google]
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Desperately looking for Avernus URW Medium.
Link in archive no longer works.....
Will answer requests in exchange.
File: font.png (34KB, 170x99px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi guys, anyone know what font this is?
Posting this because I had a hell of a time finding it
Collection of about 130 fonts from Fontworks

File: TMPDOODLE1476248764916.jpg (215KB, 377x564px)Image search: [Google]
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Greets, GD
I got the theme "Morphosis"
I have to do some art with Photoshop which is morphosis.
But I have no idea what sould i do, i could not find a specific example.
Could GD help out with like own paintings/digital art, etc.?
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There been a competition in the subject a few years ago in Sweden, giving you the link of the winners there: http://www.screen2016.se/2014.html
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File: Samuel_Burgess_Johnson-03-26.png (440KB, 500x501px)Image search: [Google]
440KB, 500x501px

File: why.png (92KB, 1321x494px)Image search: [Google]
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Why does this do this? It's changing color even though I'm clicking these swatches. And the swatches are the wrong color too.
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Back to /pol/ with you, shill.
You're not giving enough information. Could you explain a bit more clearly? Is that even a stroke or shape?

Possible reasons:
• On the left panel you have the Fill box active, not the Stroke
• Are you using CMYK swatches in an RGB document?
• If it's a stroke, is it a brush stroke or a non-brush stroke?
I think I was trying to use CMYK in an RGB document. Thank you, I was pretty drunk last nig

File: Ogo Schulimkerei Logo Fertig.png (82KB, 671x671px)Image search: [Google]
Ogo Schulimkerei Logo Fertig.png
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Your Opinion? It says OGO (My schools tag) and "Imkerei" (bee-keeping"
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I like it. The school have something with bees?
Yeah we had to choose from a few practical seminars and I chose to work with our 5 bee hives. The good thing is its getting pretty cold arround here so there isnt really anything that we have to do for the next 5 months or so.
File: bumblebee_buff-tailed_600.jpg (58KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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it's a start but it needs some work i didn't like the text bended that way and it's a little too small compared with the bee also it could look more finished with the bee claws and tail

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