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Hello /gd/ i'm currently taking a /gd/ course and the instructor told us to make a visual that revolves around "force and direction" similar to pic related. I need more pictures to get the feel of the whole thing, tried googling it but no result
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How do people do this? Is it a bunch of shapes or is drawn out before hand?
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I'm sure they get high as fuck and listen to a bunch of stoner metal and doodle on a piece of notebook paper with a pencil and then they outline it in pen and then scan the drawing and import it into Illustrator.
>stoner metal
I doubt it with black metal artists. Most black metal is inspired by nature,trees,older role-playing games/tabletop.various religions/mythology(Satanism,magik,Buddhism Hinduism)and Space.

Maybe their is a stoner black band that does that

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Need tips for my android app logo (its a anonymous network)
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start over and use a good font instead.
Why not make the icon the bubble instead of a rounded square with a bubble in it?
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Anyone thinks this is the shittiest attempt at a design language?
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What did you expect from Pajeets? Just look at design works from India. It looks absolutely disgusting for us, Westerners. Meanwhile, what you posted looks amazing for their culture. Either way, I can't wait for this meme to end already. Every newbie can call themselves a designer nowadays with a shitty illustration done in one minute. As much as I don't like Apple's shilling strategies, their UI is eons over Google.
Op here, I'm a Pajeet and I agree. There are really good designers in India but are suppressed by faggots like Sundar Pichar.

Also the ones who migrate to California or U.S in general are the insecure types who just "study" for certifications to earn in your currency

I am seriously upset that you guys don't do shit about getting rid of Pichar or that H1B visa
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>expecting people to understand that different people has different tastes and opinions.
>bandwagoning on material hate yet they couldnt do a design language half this good.

what a time to be alive

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How can i make this shit more atmospheric. Gonna cut it apart for my school's bike club website, don't mind the text.
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I don't know much about design, but I can tell you if I visited a site that looked like that, I'd probably be convinced that it was a joke.
>mctc bike collective -> earn -> contact
how about making it look like some sort of a map/route, you know, those traditional ones that bikers use?
how you managed to not think of this baffles me
>>284263 <---
This is a web page? what the fuck?
no no no...
This is not a well designed webpage even as a throwaway site.

Those circles at the top leave a lot of space around which is completely pointless and even by themselve those circles are very... out of place?

The menu is very hard to read, too spred out which makes me uncomfortable looking at it and the color of the bar doesn't help that at all.

btw, really bad choice of font for a website, those long texts look horrible and you probably deformed them (resized?).

also the HCTC BIKE COLLECTIVE font looks out of place, don't mix fonts on a website, hardly ever looks good...

the overall look of the bottom part is not horrible, thought the flying trees around the bottom of the blue bubble really draw my attention, which is bad, drop at least the bottom 2 trees there.

I would probably also make the gradient orange->light slightly stronger, though the resolution is quite small on the image, so I can't really judge that.

as a poster, it would almost work with a few edits, but as a website, no. if you are up for it, maybe you can make a few modifications and post again?

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How would you change the logo of Coca Cola?
>Post results
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I could have sworn there was a general for shitty /gd/ doodles.

Welp, this is what I'm working on. It's part of a poem I found online.

Anyhow, feel free to post whatever you have going on for others to call you a fag
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Ok this looked much better on inDesign.
I kinda like it, tells the story well
It needs something extra. Maybe some geometry or something. I like it tho. Il post inspo

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I'm planning on becoming a graphic/web designer for a living tho i've been told it's more of a side job, is this true?
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Bump for interest.

If something can be a side job why couldn't it be a full time job?? Never understood that
not a graphic designer and not trying to be rude, but did you try thinking for more than five seconds or is the concept of a sustainable, reliable income completely foreign to you?
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My Dad is a draftsman and I've been able to make a living from drafting (AutoCAD) when the building boom has been happening.

During the non-boom times though, CAD work has been a bit harder to find.

I'd say that graphic design work overall is a struggle because it also follows boom and bust cycles but perhaps to a less obvious extent.

Example: ad work. When business is booming, you'll get smaller companies bidding on ads for smaller businesses.
During shitty times, you'll just have the big boys and the big ads (eg. BMW ads done by a big company in NYC or London).

Sorry if this is rambling, but I'm really drunk right now. That's something you can do if you've already hit the technical drawing jackpot.

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new to editing, spent all summer on this effects/ martial arts project
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Please no
just skimmed through the video but those time remaps with repeated frames are painful to watch, use twixtor next time.
Impressive video. Love the content but not the way its presented.

Its a fantastic niche concept.

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guise, check muh minimalishum
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Old logo was better. New one feels weak and sparse
Just like their products?

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post stickers and discuss stickers
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1 or 2 desu
yo i see that acroball, fucking love those pens

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Hi guys,

I've created my own website and I'm curious about your opinion.

Any criticism to it will be welcome.

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Can you slow down the background movement I think that would be easier on the eyes.

be more concistent, every page looks different like you are on a different site, if it wasn't for the header. I also would remove those pixelated social icons.
I've changed the background with something more simple. What do you think? I've also changed the social media icons.

I'm trying to do something with the concistency.

Thank you!
Pls gib moar feedback

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ITT post aesthetic shit youve made

pic related
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I like the png interlacing
Do you guys understand what aesthetic means?
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words can have more than one meaning boyo

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Hello there.

How would you turn a person into stone using Photoshop?

I've been looking online but most tutorials are quite bad.

I get the whole "desaturate, apply texture", but that's just too basic for my tastes. And the hair, eyebrows and eyes look totally off.

Do you have any ideas?

I'm not looking for perfection, just something that gives the idea of a person being turned into stone.

Thanks in advance.

Pic related.
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bump for interest
Is this because you have a weird fetish and you want to create your own porn?



What does /gd/'s desktops looks like
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