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work in progress thread

Whipped this up in like an hour. cant decide which one to go with. Top left or bottom
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bottom one
align the E to the left border
the illustration needs to be simpler
the red background is too dark and makes the text unreadable
if the E is aligned to the left border, will it look weird because the horizontal edge of the L will be left out?

Should I make the text yellow as well?
Make the bottom edge a straight line. The triangle dips are distracting and add nothing to the overall composition.

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It's been a while guys !

Tell us about the place you study at, your current design projects, the incoming midterms, the classmates and teachers you wanna murder, and everything else
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Well, my name is Megan, I'm majoring in Social Design Studies at Del Aire State university of california. My strong points are understanding briefs, choosing colors and I'm great at layouts. I'd like to behead Ms Liepzic my cutlery design teacher cause she always picks on me like I care about what she thinks.
I hope I graduate from this school because my dad has a communication agency and there is a spot for me there if I get my diploma.
Wish me luck!

Not sure why you didn't include graduates / certificate achievers here... uh, you know some of us have already finished right? And still like to visit boards like this. I really liked my courses overall. I especially liked the strict, seemingly asshole guy (name is irrelevant), perhaps because he wasn't an asshole to me since I did good work, on schedule, and did it better than most of the other students. I heard a lot of them talk shit about him because they got low grades, but the truth is that he was one of the great ones. They just didn't like him because he didn't like their shitty, half assed work. He owned the In Design class (digital/desktop publication) and a few others. I heard he's still teaching there. My favorite was the photography, 3D and web teacher because he was very innovative and really stayed up on all the latest breaks in trends and advances in software tools. No surprise, THAT guy became department chair just before I finished my time there. There was one teacher who really just fucking failed and I don't know how he held the job. He didn't teach shit. He would just put a tutorial video on the projector after he arrived late to the classroom and then any questions we had on how to do the assignment, he would just tell us to look up the solution on google or some shit. Total jackass and he doesn't deserve the job. Yet, he also liked my work so I never hated him entirely. Haha, I don't know how many times he would announce to the class that my work (and name a few other students) was "acceptable, and the rest of you need to go back to the drawing board and start over". He was just fucking lazy, I guess.

Got my pretty little papers of proof of study, and I've been in design work for the past 5 years now.
>Social Design Studies

>cutlery design

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does anybody have experience designing mascots? is there a rule of thumb on how many colors you should aim to use? most of the good mascots I see usually only use like 3 colors but I'm struggling in keeping to that rule when it comes to shadows and highlights
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>two colors other than the ones below
>white, grey, and black, can use all three
>minimal detail

so they don't necessarily need a stroke? I was trying to make use of the offset path tool for it but it just kept looking off. maybe it was because I was using too many colors.
If you give it a stroke, it should be one of the colours you've already used.

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>But I'm still applying for $80k a year jobs on Indeed tho...
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a Diploma doesn't make you a graphic designer soo.....
Please blog about it extensively after you get hired. On a side note, I've seen some job offers on AngelList at startups in NYC which are backed by VCs and they also pay for your visa, besides a minimum of $110k/annum. Would it be realistic for someone to apply at such a high stake job with no credentials, no contacts, only with a (strong) portfolio?
Never went to college or design school

Got started in supply-chain management via an internship. Moved to marketing analysis after two years then advertising another two years later. Dabbled with design as a hobby for 8 years and worked with designers the whole time. Now with both marketing experience and design skills, I make $110k base as a marketing director for an energy company.

I can hire a designer for literally nothing, you guys are a dime a dozen. Having experience in general marketing/advertising is what makes you valuable, not a skill anyone learn off youtube.


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couldn't find a what are you working on thread, so I figured id just lost something I just finished
>> junior in high school
>> over the summer took a class on illustrator where I won an award
>> teacher pushed me to go to college for graphic design since he like what I made
>> now I'm trying to get a head start by getting better at graphics, but I literally don't know how to start. i figured I'd throw my latest work here, but other than that, how do you guys improve and get better?
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its okay i guess...

theres no real secret to it. just do it more an you'll get better at it. if you enjoy it, it'll happen naturally. if you don't, then don't even bother.

do you draw? i usually end up drawing things related to the music i listen to as well, on the train or in class or whatever. then when i get home i'll redo it in illustrator.
i usually draw out what I want to do in a notebook, but other than extremely bad sketches i never actually try to draw things
also yea, i figured it was "alright" when I posted it, but is there things i can do to make the sillouhete graphics more interesting?
Looks really nice, but the colors are a little off and makes it a bit hard to look at.

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Post your favorite designers.
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File: desiigner-interview-feat.jpg (77KB, 750x750px)Image search: [Google]
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There's no such thing, snap your mind out of it. Not every industry is Hollywood.
Sato is a designer tho. Maybe, it would've been better to make this a thread about what inspired me to design.Pic related is a designer,game maker and artist

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I would do it in after effects but I need the animation to remain in vectors.
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You create half a circle and have it rotate clockwise in the tween properties. You can then use this animation to make a circle appear through masks.
It requires some keyframing to get the timing right seeing you can only mask half a circle at a time. This is one of the things Animate CC is really bad at and requires some workarounds. I'm confused why you'd need to stick to vectors. Doesn't after effects allow vectors from illustrator??

In the end you're better off frame by framing it. Create a circle and remove the ends working backwards, then reverse the frames (select frames > right click > reverse frames). Good luck.
File: Untitled-1.gif (40KB, 700x711px)Image search: [Google]
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Just to give you a sample of what it would look like in Animate CC check pic related. Theres obviously some scaling issues but its fairly doable. Its a nightmare to make alterations though because you'd have to do all of them individually. Theres a reason why this effect is so popular, because its easy as pie to do it in After Effects.
Not OP, but what's the most efficient program for making motion graphics?

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I'm looking to hire a designer to make a simple logo for my power trio. We have an Early 19th Century Military visual style.

I could PayPal $10 for something that makes all of us happy.

Anyone interested? Might be easy beer money...
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Some more details to whet your already-salivating appetites:

The name of the band is King's German Legion. We're interested in using the above-pictured horse from the period flag of Hannover as a base, as it is the root of our "regimental heritage". This, however, is just an idea.

We also want to incorporate the letters "KGL", as that is more identifying than the full name of the band. Again, just an idea. Maybe the full name could also be included.

The logo should comfortably fit within a 15.5 in by 15.15 in square on a kick drum head, which is black.

So we were thinking white, gold, and red as possible colors to rest on that black background.

I know $10 isn't much, but we don't have a lot of money and I believe nobody should work for free. After all, we dont!
How about 5-10 times the fee? How much do you guys get payed for a gig? How long does the gig last? How many hours do you think illustrating and designing the logo you request would take?
please be bait

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Just dicking around in PS and I feel like this image is missing some key elements. For the background I tried using an upside down american flag, and also a MAGA hat, but neither came out looking right to me. Any suggestions? Also what else should be added?
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File: 1474313239604.jpg (11KB, 448x545px)Image search: [Google]
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>Any suggestions?
please come back in 5 years when you can legally post in this board
I'm 21
File: cunt.jpg (1MB, 986x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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thanks for the help cunts

heres the finished product if anyone cares

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Looking to buy a new laptop for designing stuff. Question is if I were to sign up for a degree course next year, do schools force you to get a macbook or are you fine using windows?
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File: IMG_0625.jpg (49KB, 417x426px)Image search: [Google]
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>do schools force you to get a macbook or are you fine using windows?
are you retarded?
File: maxresdefault (5).jpg (376KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
maxresdefault (5).jpg
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that's why I'm asking whether schools actually force it on you

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For those with two left hands trying to get "gud"?
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Any courses you would recommend?? I'm going into Web dev, I have a Lynda account. I'm lacking on the design portion though and would like some guidance please.
Hack Design?

Can anyone color the whole grey area black, especially to #000000 so it looks cool on my s4's AMOLED screen?
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nah bruh
File: 1475234904704_bl.jpg (71KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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cuck :

File: LF 6.png (459KB, 5433x5433px)Image search: [Google]
LF 6.png
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Give critiques on my logo plz.

Does it look professionally representable?
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it looks like an app icon not a logo but it could look good with a classic style like the royal or emblem designs.
I cannot into logos

I Get what you mean by emblem though..Like a crest. I was thinking of adding the golden branches (what are they called )
File: LF 7.png (470KB, 5433x5433px)Image search: [Google]
LF 7.png
470KB, 5433x5433px
Its more true to flat design like this. But like my compadre above said, it looks more like an app icon.

>Pro tip: You don't have the skills!
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>too lazy to work
>asks 4Chan gd to work for him
>for free
Instantly reminds me of the micro torrent/ uTorrent logo depending on what you want to call it.

Therefore it's a bad logo
Awesome job OP.

File: deliveroo_icon_grid.png (46KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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These always crack me up, post the worst logo construction guidelines bullshit images you can find, let's have a thread about them!
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File: z.png (420KB, 1440x1610px)Image search: [Google]
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The whole article was fucking hilarious, I still haven't laughed that much since. It was a guy who posted here sometimes if I remember correctly, shame he had to take it down.
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