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Most graphic design jobs specify Adobe Indesign as one of the required programs i need to know. but i've never used Indesign because i do literally everything with Photoshop, is Indesign worth learning? if so whats the point? i have designed magazines, flyers and other in Photoshop just fine.
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It's vector based, so it scales infinitely. This means you can resize a logo you made in indesign to put it on a mug or a giant sign without losing quality.
The question would be why bother with ID if one has AI? If you have PS then having ID makes sense.
I have illustrator as well.

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How untraditional and creative should a graphic designers resume look? I hate looking like a pretentious faggot but at the same time I feel like it's expected for a designers resume to look more interesting than most resumes. Generally I try to lean towards a more traditional style with a few small visual elements mixed in but I'm never too sure about it.

The one attached is something I would consider too flashy.
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I'm of the mind that the actual first person to see your resume is most likely to not be a creative person professionally (like an HR or business admin), so bring cute in ones resume is likely to turn off those types of people.

Your portfolio is where the creativity can and must be on display.
Does that mean that your resume is completely plain or do you still have some small graphics in it?
I would avoid being too flashy on your resume. Sure it's pretty, but what is the point of design for a resume? Easy to understand what the person knows in less than 10 second.

Also remember that your resume has to get through HR before it gets to the actual designers, so you are writing it for them as much as the rest of the team.

Every design job I've gotten has been with a 'normal' resume page, with bullet points to highlight aspects of my experience and skill base.

Leave the fancy stuff to the portfolio.

Working on a little something here. Any feedback?
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no need for the logo
Is it supposed to be a play button icon?
File: Apache-Logo.png (8KB, 320x220px)Image search: [Google]
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Not sure what you are trying to get across with those feathers.

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What is this font called?
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The alphabet
To me it seems lika a stretched bank gothic

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Logo 2.jpg
1MB, 3937x3937px
Wondering what you guys think about a logo i made. The name is Boarding House. How can i fix?
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why is it in a circle?
why does it have that weird X thing beside it?
your colours are unappealing, why did you pick them?
the BH looks weird overlapped in that font, honestly
did you make any thumbnails, or was this your first attempt?
why do you want it to look this way?
what does it mean? if you can't explain your logo, it isn't good
I can't tell what you do at a first glance.
We are not yet a paperless society, it will look awful(ler) on paper.
Likewise, the grey transparent x is both negative, authoritative and poorly executed. Again, will look awful on paper.
That B looks haughty.
File: eeeeeee.png (180KB, 1822x1221px)Image search: [Google]
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I like the concept of the B and H but maybe use another font? And does it have to be in a circle? Also get rid of the different colors in the B. Also this, get rid of the whole thing (pic related)

can anybody who is knowledgable in inDesign help me understand something?

what is the point of adjusting margin values when you can just build a layout based on guides and rows? also, what is the purpose of a slug?

thank you
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or should I just use the guide to set the grid first then adjust the margin accordingly after so I'm not locked to one type of grid structure from the start? to me that makes sense in designing but I just wasn't sure if I was wrong or how I was wrong
margins are useful when you're doing multiple pages that need to follow the same/a similar layout, like a book or a magazine, etc.

slug is not necessary unless you're sharing your document between multiple designers and you need to add comments to the pages that won't be printed.
>margins are useful when you're doing multiple pages that need to follow the same/a similar layout, like a book or a magazine, etc.

This. Margins are essential because different printed materials will have different "printable areas", meaning the safe distance from the edge of the page, where the page is cut.

If your graphic is too close to that edge it might get "cut off", meaning it won't print, assuming your project has no bleed.

Bleed is another reason for margins. "Bleed" is when graphics go "outside" the page. This is done by ensuring graphics go outside the page a specific amount, specified by the printer.

tldr; margins are pretty fucking important when doing print shit.

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try again?
just messing around with indesign, and liked this.
File: 16.jpg (382KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Doesnt look too bad i guess, have seen worse

File: Corrupt File Errors.png (36KB, 701x756px)Image search: [Google]
Corrupt File Errors.png
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I have no idea why this is, but the file I was working on at the time that my computer lost power is now corrupted, despite having saved up to a full minute before the power outage. The thumbnail for the image seems to show it just fine, but when attempting to open the file (either regularly or in flattened form) I get the following errors. Importing/placing in other CS programs seems to be just as ineffective.

Luckily (or unluckily), the image was just about finalized so the loss of layers isn't the worst thing in the world to me- just extracting the flattened image would make me happy. However, I have yet to find a solution that really works, between plugins and online services and whatever else. Trying to use the commonly-touted layer extractor plugin doesn't even seem to do much, even for my normal files (no dialogue box, just opens like a normal .psd).

Am I fucked, or is there a reasonable solution here?
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Unless you really know what you're doing, as in you're one of those /g/ autists who can program their own nuclear launch device with a potato and a text editor, there's really nothing you can do that wouldn't risk completely destroying the file.

Contact a data recovery center in your area and ask them - it's honestly usually pretty expensive, but for a single file I can't imagine it'd be too bad.
>he file I was working on at the time that my computer lost power is now corrupted, despite having saved up to a full minute before the power outage.
1) ALWAYS use an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to protect your computer against blackouts and brown-outs.

2) Use versioning. Any time you make a major change, do a save as named file_v02, file_v03, etc. That way when that shit happens again (because IT WILL) then you'll avoid or lessen the loss.

3) As >>282320 said, you're almost certainly fucked. You could try using another program that can open Photoshop files such as irfanview, but if that doesn't work either then consider yourself officially fucked.
Pretty much these. After Effects has "Save Incremental" as a default function, even.

OP, if the filesize isn't particularly big, upload the corrupted file somewhere and post the link. I've done some data analysis on PSD, AI and AE files, maybe there's something I can do.

Hey, I was wondering if anyone here who is good at photoshop could help me. Could you please make a verison of the HP symbol for the deathly hallows, pic related, where the elderwand is a silhouette of a lightsaber and the circle is the text of the ring from LotR?
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dafuq did i just read
Why would you want to spoil the deathly hollows image :/
there's a dozen images like that all over the internet

File: torrent.jpg (29KB, 256x256px)Image search: [Google]
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Does anyone knows a torrent tracker that lists good commercial fonts?
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i'd like to know this too
Most people are plebs so you won't find anything good or organized on torrents.
Ask on /g/ in the /ptg/ if you haven't already. I don't think there is a specific one, but I'm sure they are uploaded somewhere out there.

File: Screenshot_1252.png (16KB, 630x300px)Image search: [Google]
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long shadow...

long shadow.
Do you mean the style or what?
Cause yeah it's quite obviously a shadow...

Hello /gd/,
I want to learn how to create a website on my own, but I don't know what program I should use.
What do you recommend to me /gd/?
I already know how to do basic things with Kompozer, but it's not the best.
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>first reply meme
After reading >>>/g/56336286 I got intimidated to start learning it myself.

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loading screen.jpg
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hey /gd/
You are my last hope.
I've been using it sice a year now but after one patch it just crash seconds after running. I have literally tried every solution i could find in the internet and nothing seems to work.
My friend told me he had similar problem with Ps and fixed it by formatting his PC, i don't really wanna do that, so please help cause now im just was]ting my license and can't keep going with project.
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Did you try downgrading to the last version that worked for you? If so, you could try removing all traces of the program with an uninstaller like revo uninstaller. That should get rid of all traces of the program on your computer. Then you can try a fresh install of the adobe programs you use. At that point I would use the ones that worked for you before rather than trying to use the newer ones that gave you problems.
Forgot to mention, sometimes it can be a corrupt registry entry or an old program file that is causing a conflict. That's why you have to try removing all traces of the program with an uninstaller like revo uninstaller. The stock uninstaller will leave registry entries, and files relating to licenses and preferences behind. It does this to make re-installing a program more convenient. You won't have to do things like set up your custom preferences or re-register the program again. Sometimes these files can pose a problem though, so it's best to get rid of all of them before reinstalling the program.
This is why renting software on "the cloud" is a fucking stupid idea, that Adobe and others are trying to force everyone into.

Give me a hardcopy backup disk that I own any day.

File: google-material-design[1].jpg (468KB, 2998x1998px)Image search: [Google]
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Freelance Vs Employed , Thought on that, need some help :/
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+ Choose your clients
+ Flexible
+ You can specialise on what you are specifically good at and offer that as your service

- You need clients to achieve any of these
- You most likely wont get to choose clients unless you build up a really good name/following
-It's easy to get lazy if things arent going your way
- Inconsistent pay

+ Consistent wage
+ Theres a good chance you will be talking to other designers so you can bounce ideas/skills
+ Always work to do and no reliance on self motivation and outgoing behaviour as you would need to acquire jobs freelance
- Your job could be extremely repetitive
- Less room for personal flair

---- - ---- 80% of clients are retarded wherever you choose
>---- - ---- 80% of
im thinking about quiting my job and work with some friends, but i ll have to make clients to make money, im very afraid of not making any money for awhile, dont know what to do.
The reason of quitting its that i dont like the people that i work with. Im the only designer in the company !
have you saved up enough money to afford being jobless for awhile? if not, then don't quit the job.

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He is a bully, he disturbes everybody in the highschool. let your imagination fly with anything you want.It could be Photoshop .Make him feel a stupid
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sure thing friendo,that'll $5 in advance, you can send it to me via paypal.
He looks like a faggot but you're more of one for not reading the sticky.
Dude, what the fuck?! That's me you shithead!

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