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For my tech meetup. Post what you got.
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hey yall, what do yall think about this logo? Thanks for critiques
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It's pretty bad. The mtl looks way thin, and the lower inside corner of the g should not be 90 degree angle like that.
op here. dunno if it means anything but I'm not a professional. just a filthy hobbyist pleb
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2016-08-14 19_29_09-Settings.png
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BUMP/ critique on this one aswell

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What do you think of this? This is my first attempt at gd so be honest but go easy.
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>be honest
>go easy

Pick one buddy
Take the shadow off the Pepe's face. Why did you put that there... it just obscures his face.
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Anyone want to remake this logo with different text in it? I'll pay moneys. Add me on skype: hshdw
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did this nigga just post his skype on 4chins
did this nigga just name himself dickfart on 4chins
did this nigga just reply to someone on 4chins

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Hi everyone ! I just made this on PS Cs5 and I'm looking for critics what do you guys think ? Thanks in advance
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>That's not design
>That's art
whats the difference between art and design.

its shit.
Bad composition, ugly, doesn't tell me anything

sorta nice colors

Hi, hope this is the right place.

I'm currently making a video/demonstration but would really like to change the background of my video to something different.

Now I realise as there is no green screen there will be limitations. I was just wondering however, if it is possible to edit out the bricks/windows and change it to something different, just a picture.

Better still, is it possible, as I am the only thing moving in the video, to have some sort of motion tracking which follows me and replaces the WHOLE background but still leaves me visible.

Just looking for a bit of advice, thanks for any suggestions.
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pic related ofc
>if it is possible to edit out the bricks/windows and change it to something different, just a picture
You can kind of do that but it will take a long, long time.
>use photoshop to put whatever you want outside of the windows
>import the psd to aftereffects and put it over your footage (you said the camera isn't moving so there's no need to motion track it)
>create a mask and animate it's path frame by frame so that it doesn't overlap with you
don't worth it in my opinion and I would be more worried about the "live, laugh, love" sign than the bricks.

> is it possible, as I am the only thing moving in the video, to have some sort of motion tracking which follows me and replaces the WHOLE background but still leaves me visible
you could do it by animating a mask path of your whole body but that would be REALLY tedious

Hi /gd/, I'm about fed up with my life. At 25 with an average factory job that pays well. I've been googling around checking wheather self learning graphic design is possible. Well is it? I'm thinking of attending a gd course offered locally. It mostly covers the basics of design and you get certified on using the Adobe Creative suite.

pic related. Bought em, been procrastinating forever to read em.
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Ditch the books for now.
Fist learn how to use the programs, my advice is to use Lynda.
File: mm ahh.jpg (82KB, 540x720px)Image search: [Google]
mm ahh.jpg
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>mfw lynda dot com
>Fist learn how to use the programs

Programs won't replace understanding of design. But you won't get a job otherwise. It's better to learn both concurrently. There's a lot of overlap in typesetting.

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business card thread?

post your business card, your designs, inspiration...

[spoiler]thoughts on mine?[/spoiler]
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It's simple and elegant but Lobster is passé
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me right now.jpg
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It was never ‘present’

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I'm not a graphic design major/professional..
I'm just curious as to what aspects makes a poster appealing?


Not telling you to vote for me, but I really thought I'd come in at least 2nd place...
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bretty good poster (for you);
-try using less "fisheye" effect on your headliners, weekdays & dates.
-the arms are a bit weird too, i understand why you used the gradient but now they look like a ginger in august.
-the floating head could be better
-always test-print for colours and typography (kerning, line-spacing, font-size, stroke width etc)
-the "rising sun" backdrop is a """bit""" cliché, color-palette is all over the place

what makes a poster appealing? dubs
What font did you use for the "breakaway"?
boring layout
no hierarchy
no focal point
painful colours
cliché sun rays

hi /gd/ i'm pretty new to graphic design and web development.

i made this section on a clients site and she freaked out on me telling me that i should "never use white and yellow together like that"

am i wrong for thinking this is an ok design?
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The button could be a bit higher contrast, but not bad overall.
The yellow kind of hurts your eyes, don't you think? It also makes it extremely difficult to read the white text.

If this was for print, it would probably look good. It could even go with a more aggressive yellow in that case. But looking at this on a screen just gives me a headache.

I advise you to change it to a more orange color, like salmon, if you want to keep this look. You could also try to add shadow or some kind of border to the white text to make it actually legible.
Events on the second line should be on the first
Can you move Make to the next line?
Change the box to white and the text inside to green.

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how would you approach creating a grid structure for a label design or business card design or just a design thats small?

I'm so stupid when it comes to understanding grid structures. I can understand them for letterheads and flyers but they don't seem to make sense at small sized design.
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or can I just create any grid that I want for anything as long as there is balance and alignment and proper spacial relationships?

theres so many types in this book I bought and even though they are insightful in some aspects, they are kind of crippling me further design wise because they are making me second guess any single grid structure I attempt to crate on my own. I don't want to have to reference pre made grid structures anytime I want to design something.
You are thinking to much about it.
Whats a grids purpose?
>To help you align stuff on the same sized layout over multiple pages/versions.
A Master file so to speak that just carried the overall structure.

Creating a grid is totally up to you.
Just use your creative common sense, really.

Golden ratio oder other base layout type?
Do my element have enough room to 'breathe'?
How about the back of the card. Do my elements align well when turning the business card around.

Tip: When you design things that are meant to be printed like a buisness card for example. Regularily make a print of it when you are still in layout stage. Simple B/W print is enough.
Hold it, feel it.

You often see things on a printed product that you would just overlook on screen.

I appreciate the input, thank you. so when approaching sketching a grid, it doesn't have to be spot on? could I get away with just doing lines on a page to represent spacial relationships and alignment of elements as opposed to actually drawing out an entire grid? Then just later on creating a grid in indesign and applying the same spacial relationships and alignment of elements onto that newly created grid?

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I have make that artwork.
How do you think /gd/
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bait surely
Like the text and colour feel. and atmosphere created

pity about the drawing of the girl
The drawing is fucking crap. Half of the point of graphic design is to have high quality shit in it.

Also don't make the blade shine, it makes no sense whatsoever. There's no light hitting her in the back or the scene so the blade shouldn't shine. And if it's glowing, make it reflect light on her ass or something.

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Someone knows a good program like Ai for ipad?
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adobe illustrator mobile -- called adobe draw i believe
What do anons use?

iPad pro?
Surface pro 4?
Something else?
Why the hell would you use an iPad for design

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Top down.jpg
722KB, 1057x895px
Can I come here and ask you architecture related questions?
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sure why not. it's not like this board could get worse
how come
This looks like you're building an Ikea

File: Imagen57.jpg (348KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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i'm working on a wallpaper vaporwave type
any suggestion?
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File: Imagen54.jpg (677KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Well you shouldn't use this type of 3D anaglyph too much, it's horrible, use it just for the background, and for the vaporwave touch, use some typo/japanese-nonsense shit without any sense of composition
Looks cool, but completely get rid of that fucking cube shit, looks stupid.

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