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I'm diving into the freelance world and I want to increase my online presence.

is dribbble any good? is it worth getting an invite?

how could I get an invite?
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I've only just recently joined, so this is not a definitive opinion, but my first impression is that it's one big circle jerk, meaning that it's oversaturated with flat, boring, uninspiring, repetitive, derivative, imitative, clichéic, and even 'immature' designs with loads of useless icons, illustrations, and ultimately work that can't be used in real life scenarios, but they're uploaded for vanity. Of course, there are some neat ones too, I'm just exaggerating a bit here. However, the platform's great for old timers who now have tens of thousands of followers—so they can easily get approached by potential clients. But if you're just starting out, they will overshadow you, and in some cases, their work isn't that special. But anyways, if you don't have any friends to invite you in, but you still want to join nevertheless, then sign up for an account and browse through this page: https://dribbble.com/tags/invite Follow the instructions provided by the users and if you're lucky, some stranger will eventually let you in. Don't stress over it, though. It's not that important. You can do just fine with Bēhance for now if you're a beginner or if you don't have anything to show off for. I don't have any invitations; they don't give it to unpopular users. Good luck.
it's certainly a circle jerk but your criticism of the work is hilariously inaccurate. some of the world's best designers and studios are on there. maybe stop following shitty designers.

if you want an invite, just search invite/invitation and sort by date then contact them with your portfolio.
It's not inaccurate at all. If you're a novice in the field of digital/web/mobile design, or if your work is generic or even sub par, you're going to find the content uploaded to Dribbble to be of high quality. But if you were to search right now for designers based on popularity, you'll find out that the work is exactly as I've described it above, i.e. flat, boring, uninspiring, repetitive, derivative, imitative, etc. Just because some well known agencies have an account there, doesn't tell me anything. Those are actually in a separate category from individuals and are labeled as 'teams'. Naturally, their work should be better, considering that it gets filtered through multiple people, but even then, it's not always outstanding. A few examples:
1. This guy (56k followers) has been doing the same thing for over two years, and sometimes I ask myself how can you make money out of something so superficial: https://dribbble.com/RYPEARTS Like him, there are countless other people doing exactly the same oh-so-quirky illustrations every single day.
2. This team (33k followers) creates bland work, similar to other Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Zimbabwean, Filipino teams out there, yet people praise them as if it's the most disruptive approach in design: https://dribbble.com/focuslab
3. Another one, from SF of course (48k followers), uploads UI work that came straight out of Bootstrap's stock design. In fact, I've downloaded a couple of free UI kits that had better designs than that: https://dribbble.com/kerem
4. This guy (26k followers) just loves those meme logo circles: https://dribbble.com/cresk
Certainly, there's also good work out there, but in comparison, it's very little. Or maybe my standards and expectations are too high, or I'm growing tired of the same old 'Daily UI challenges' and whatnot.

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Hi guys, I agreed to make a website and have designed the mockup in Photoshop, they're happy with the design but does anyone have any idea exactly how I would go about building this? Picture attached.

Thanks in advance
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I am also interested in this thread. I've made several attempts using the slice tool but then I realized it fucking sucks.

Is the best way to make simple layouts by cropping the images then using a notepad + html/css?
I'm not sure to be honest I've tried so many times and I can't get the layout right!
Looks pretty simple. You just need to apply the sizes of the picture elements to the div blocks.
Making a base of the whole grid with solid colours on the divs would probably be a good start.

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what the hell is the 4chan logo?
ive always assumed it was a four leaf clover
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File: yotsuba1wre_8667.jpg (13KB, 188x188px)Image search: [Google]
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Moot is a huge weeboo. It's actually yotsuba koiwais hair.
It's both.

File: Tired Eyes.png (2MB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
Tired Eyes.png
2MB, 2000x2000px
How do you call this kind of style?
Made this today, was bored
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outdated and unharmonic
Stupid and meaningless
aesthetic as fuck

File: CthyNzrW8AAj8dt.jpg (96KB, 986x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone know the name of this effect? I sometimes see it in Motion Graphics. When you use the shape of an object to transition into another?
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what effect?
The one on the image.
The only effect on the image is Duotone in the upper half of the image.

how is this effect called (in the blue clouds) and how do i do it? thanks!!
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noise? dither?
no the effect
its noise

create a gray layer on top, add noise, soft light.

File: tate_2016_logo.png (65KB, 1000x421px)Image search: [Google]
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what do you think of the new logo?

does anyone have Tate font?
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visual identity?
more like type experiment tbqh

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Is this a good logo?
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i dont know what im lookin at so no.

shit should be subtle but not subtle enough that people have to think to get it. but also not so obvious that youre beating them over the head with it. its a balancing act
I'm not sure why OP didn't say it, but this is actually the official logo of deviantart.

Also no OP. It's not.
No, it's bad. But it suits the website content well.

/gd/ does anyone know how this font is called? thx
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Fuck you! PUTO
use whatthefont or the font thread next time
and eat some meat for god's sake
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I have a logo for a game "RATS" but I'm not 100% on it and I need to make a square icon out of it any ideas and criticisms are welcome
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unfiltered logo
File: 15ffff.png (3MB, 1429x1080px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 1429x1080px
unfiltered logo in context
my icon idea

File: color-wheel-decorating_0.jpg (99KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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How do you use colors to lead the viewer's eyes when looking at your design? Do they start from light to dark colors or dark to light colors?
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what I would suggest is do a version in black and white, that way you can see where the eye gets drawn to without having the colors distract. Then you use color to place over the B&W. Your color choices will be easier to decide upon when you have all your value in place. After your comfortable with black and white your color choices will become second nature. I use a website that helps me pick a color pallete around a single main color, that helps alot also.
i see, thanks anon
i'm using kuler for colors
Try putting the colors at each point of a triangle

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Hey anon,

I've made a personal blog and would love some feedback.

What should I add/remove/change?

Do you have any social media tool suggestion?

Blog: http://www.y2k.cl/

Thank you.
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Vaperware vibe?
In the beginning my idea was to do something more like "cyber punk", but now I've changed a bit the colours to pastels. I'm not sure if the pages with black background blend well with the ones with pastel colors.

File: icon_new.png (15KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
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Programmer here, mostly clueless about design.

The program is a tetris wallpaper (it plays in the background) which needs an icon and so far I have this.

I like the setup but overall it seems to be lacking something, any suggestions for improvement?
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Just a thought, Maybe you could try to turn the shapes into a pair of letters or something? Right now it doesn't really show that it's a wallpaper. Other than that it looks nice. I'm liking the white stroke to it.
Thanks, conveying that it's a wallpaper is quite tricky. So I chose to convey tetris first and hope this creates interest.

I'm hesitant to add letters because the icon is mostly displayed in a sized down version so text doesn't work that well.
File: eisrteiarnsetiarnsioet.png (7KB, 411x382px)Image search: [Google]
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You could try something like this.

Maybe have the tetris blocks spell out the first letter of your programs name.

Try not to make it look like a music visualiser like I have

File: IMG_0664.jpg (29KB, 432x288px)Image search: [Google]
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This isn't a shitpost, this is serious. Comic Sans and Papyrus are the best fonts ever and I won't judge if you have a different opinion.
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I used Papyrus for a substantial assignment. We had to design a restaurant brand complete with menus etc
I never knew it was supposed to be a meme font that no one likes, fuck it, all fonts have their uses
they're both good, they've just been over-used
File: wine2.jpg (27KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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I saw this font recently, this is from Linux's Wine. Anyone know what it's called?

File: Artboard 1.png (114KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Artboard 1.png
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Old thread is no longer bumpable it seems.
New general logo critique thread
What are you working on? Give and receive critique.

I'm not sure about what kind of font I should use here. Previously used Modak, this is Grand Hotel but it still doesn't feel right. The logo itself seems off weightwise too.
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rain shouldn't drip under the halo, maybe the halo could be the rain. that water dripping under looks like a jellyfish or some other fantastical sea creature.
I kinda see it.
Shit man this is my 38473838th iteration.
Time for a name change.
Not having a white background did zero justice to the color scheme.

I'm still in college so we have professors assigning brand projects and such. To get variation in our portfolio we draw AAA companies from a hat.

I got newegg. Threw this together last night. Thoughts?

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