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Sup, /gd/.

This post is a plea, not for me but for a friend.

Imagine for a second that you were raised by a psychopathic mother in the ghetto of a city. You were sexually assaulted by someone you'd never met before you were ten. You ran away from home when you turned 15 to live with your dad because you couldn't take the abuse. You suffered through a shitty relationship because you still saw the good in that person, only to eventually come to your senses and end it. You were told by your stepmom that you weren't part of the family and that you would turn out a failure.

Do you think you could still do graphic design and be fantastic at it?

Maybe some of you draw to escape that harsh reality. There's a peace which comes through the creation of art which can quell and soothe pain. Today, I ask you, complete strangers, to help out a good friend achieve what she wants: to give her shitty life a giant middle finger and pursue her dream of a PhD in a design-related field.

I've been a lurker (and occasional poster) for about seven years across this website (and no, I'm not proud of that). I've seen these posts succeed and fail. It's strange being on the other side of the asking-for-help fence, but it's impossible not to jump over when you have a friend so desperate for help.

It would mean the world to her if you could give her anything at all. She's quite an amazing designer and has been told she has a place at a graduate school whenever she chooses to apply. However, since she can't afford to attend, she can't apply yet.

The link below is her GoFundMe page. If you want to make an impact in the life of a graphic designer, this is one incredible way.

Thank you.

https www gofundme com/2gpkn8pd

Picture always related.
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this is quite an awkward post, and initially came off as a troll. but about halfway down, i kinda broke down and thought of my own misfortunes.

the same thoughts continue to haunt me, rip at me, and never will these thoughts truly evaporate.

a lot of people have shitty lives behind their silly/elitist /gd posts, but it never hurts to reach out to people who are kinda "suffering" in a way that is not FWP emo kid or "cutter" culture.

i'll be completely honest, i've been abused in every way possible, totally humiliated, bullied--emotionally/mentally/physically--even by my birth family. point, they can all go fuck themselves, and forever shall their souls be caught in eternal revenge karma.

^ being treated like utter SHIT does leave a permanent scar.

more often than not, traumatic pasts/PTSD conflicts with my work. so what did i do with it? i flipped darkness in on itself, went a different path of the visual world--one that focuses on the audience that fits my age group (people that understand humor from horror, bad adult situations, etc. i make so much fun of it to entertain myself that it hurts.

but focusing on minute details in each "piece" really can lead to visually damaging the villainous subjects, turn them into figurative fodder. it really is a coping mechanism to have illustration on the side, where there is freedom to draw out negative crap and destroy it with your pen/stylus/whatever...and keep that separate from actual paid projects.

gd is not really a coping mechanism, but sideline illustration is. not to be confused. if your friend has issues that are not gd/d-general related, encourage against intermingling the two, or the design life will be a living hell; ya never want the two to co-exist, or no money will be earned from clients that are not demographic-aimed. from personal experience, i went through a hellish depression and it took nothing but courage to face the fears head-on. if that makes sense.
WHOA DAT TL:DR took me to another level of copypaste...


btw, there is no real thing called PhD in graphic design, unless you want to sell your soul to school loans/debts...and all that time wasted while in college can cripple her professional job-life. << also real-life experience. a BFA is more than enough, but that is no longer necessary because ppl that are fresh out of high school can earn more work xp and not get consumed with college garbage filler classes that, in the long run, are meaningless. most shit is freelance, anyway :p

was that in any way helpful, OP? i don't support online funding to someone i don't even know personally or even if the story checks out as design-related at all. someone who is "graced" with fundraised money does not necessarily succeed, but helping out real life problems goes a longer way.

think of that saying about teaching the man to fish than the fish being given and nothing is learned or gained by being given free handouts.
OP here.

Thanks for the great reply. It's awkward, to be sure, but I'm stuck right now. I also don't necessarily agree with asking for money in this manner, but it's not my life, so who am I to say how she gets her legal cash, right? That being said, I really want to help in some way beyond friendship, hence this post.

You make great points, especially regarding mingling personal pain with your profession. It's so difficult to separate pain from what you want your career to be sometimes, especially when you love what you do. Pain can be so controlling sometimes. It can force you to make poor decisions. I know she still hurts every day, and maybe she just wants it to stop for even a little bit.

Though you may not be looking for sympathy from an anonymite, I do offer it. I'm so sorry to hear you were treated so shittily. It's so easy to take a stable, relatively healthy family dynamic for granted.

Regarding the free handouts, I agree that people shouldn't be given everything. However, that does assume the person has been given some in the past. I don't know another person that would be more deserving of some kindness in her life, especially when she seems incredibly depressed and still taken advantage of by her family members (her sister stole her credit card for a $300 spending spree, and her parents refused to help her). The only reason she puts up with them is because they let her live in their house for the time being. She needs the money to begin to try to become independent of them.

I really do thank you for your post. It's given me some perspective to look at her situation with. My goal is to continue to be a good friend, whatever that may entail. I wish you only the best. Pain sucks, and having been scarred from a horrible relationship lasting a bit over a year, I can't begin to imagine what a lifetime of pain can do to a person.

File: umbabumbo.png (6KB, 171x460px)Image search: [Google]
6KB, 171x460px
In this thread we will share our OC ASCII/Text Faces I'll start:

( |: ^ {|} )
I call it Umba Bumbo

picrelated it's fanart if he had more features
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File: umbabumpo.png (5KB, 171x460px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 171x460px
bump with more fanart
Should his nose be ^ or something else? Some alternatives I've been working on:

( |: ^ {|} ) OG
( |: • {|} )
( |: 0 {|} )
( |: * {|} ) makes him look too sad
( |: # {|} ) bruise
( |: b {|} ) boger
( |: =3 {|} ) a big ol nose
>>>/s4s/ >>>/i/ >>>/trash/

File: 1470076694382.jpg (27KB, 360x270px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you think of this, /gd/? Did Sony make the right choice?
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for the time yeah. they wanted portray that it could do 3D.
The text is garbage
most of them are unreadable or completely unrelated to the product
I'd say yeah

File: comp.png (70KB, 1378x764px)Image search: [Google]
70KB, 1378x764px
Me and some friends are organizing a vidya tournament and we needed a logo. The name of the event is "Frenesis! uno" which is a pun between GENESIS (a melee tournament) and frenzy but in spanish (because we're spics)
I came up with these two ideas and I wanna know what gou think and also accept suggestions for improvement
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Top is shit, just use the bottom one.
The top one is great but isn't really frenzy
The secound isn't really beautiful but is frenzy
Much appreciated feedback, I will use the second then. How could I improve it? The font is Airstrike btw

File: Imagen53.jpg (180KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
180KB, 1920x1080px
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I like peanut butter but I guess those aren't the thoughts you're after
File: IPi4HB4.jpg (74KB, 897x600px)Image search: [Google]
74KB, 897x600px
Hey it looks amazing dude!
very cool, goes well with nujabes. although i'd rather see some more variation in the animation.

File: Screenshot (1).png (2MB, 1920x970px)Image search: [Google]
Screenshot (1).png
2MB, 1920x970px
Help Needed,
i designed and built a simple dashboard much like kodi, this web app gives the user 100% free access with no adds or span, to 20 of the most popular adult paysites. the user simply comes to my page and selects a website of their choice and it automatically signs them into that website as a vip member unlocking premium content for a 100% free.

im in need of a cool logo for this site and tho i have web development skills i have no graphic design skills, and since im giving this service away for free and absorbing the cost of the servers, i have no extra money for a neat logo

would anyone be willing to design a logo for my
web app? in return your credits will be diplayed on the front page to advertise your name/ username and website of ur choice :)
thanks so much ...if ur interested just let me know :)

#everything media for free !!!
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/gd/ is one of the slowest boards on 4chan. Don't bump your thread every 10 minutes, its not going anywhere. Lurk more.

Also read the sticky and fuck off >>>/wsr/
Kek thanks for the info , and okay I will, I'll go fuck off right into ur moms cunt ()
File: 1464841614973.jpg (60KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
60KB, 1920x1080px
Here's your logo lad

File: spartan-golf-logo-large[1].jpg (43KB, 800x675px)Image search: [Google]
43KB, 800x675px
Ok cunts you faggots gotta be meming me right now because this shit isnt flat. I can see shadows.
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File: 1465849672761.png (67KB, 616x596px)Image search: [Google]
67KB, 616x596px
who fucking cares
File: dafbdyfgbyd.jpg (102KB, 678x579px)Image search: [Google]
102KB, 678x579px
flat != no shadows
flat = no gradients

File: HELP-04.jpg (531KB, 1562x1562px)Image search: [Google]
531KB, 1562x1562px
So I got this freelance gig that I have to redesign the logo and overall branding stuff for a car insurance company. The owner told me he wanted to keep a similar color scheme and someone of a similar motif with the shield and stuff. When I showed him the first redesign, he told me he didn't like it and preferred something more similar to the original, which his nephew had made for him. So I tweaked the original design some, while putting some of what I wanted.He still didn't like it. Now I'm having to salvage the original design once again.

Could you guys give me some input on what I could do to still be able to use what I have without having to use the original monstrosity much?
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Get rid of the banner

Print it off on a business card and hold it in a natural distance

If it looks bad from that far away at that size, it's bad
Your redesigns are of a different style than the original. You didn't specify exactly what the owner doesn't like about them but if I had to guess, the rounded font, the lighter colors and the gloss effect make your versions look more like a cellphone app kind of thing. The original, while looking like shit, gives off a solid "no nonsense, get shit done" vibe. Try to go for that instead.

More importantly, ask the owner exactly what changes he expects of your work. He wants it to look more like the original (which, btw, is vague as fuck) but he also asked you to redesign it so clearly he isn't that pleased with it. It doesn't matter if you think the end result looks like shit as long as he's pleased with it
The original has a bit of a perspective going on, like you're looking up at the text/shield. Maybe try that out?

File: giphy.gif (865KB, 2000x1181px)Image search: [Google]
865KB, 2000x1181px
Let's have a critique thread, show your behance or website or whatever the fuck you upload your work.

Here's mine, any constructive (or not) words are welcome.

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most of it is acceptable. not too creative and simple photoshopwork not much graphics in all. dont really like this stockphoto aesthetic. scored some good clients tho
scored some good clients.
I'd give it a perfect 5/7
File: cartoonish-isometric-cube.png (5KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 640x480px

File: font share thread 44 image.jpg (131KB, 768x768px)Image search: [Google]
font share thread 44 image.jpg
131KB, 768x768px
Old threads

#43 >>271367

Whoever is usually the OP for this is not me.
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Anyone have a clue what this font is?
Can someone share this?

File: ytho.jpg (296KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
296KB, 500x500px
What's going on GD! First time here! I know that on the sticky it says for requests to go to /wsr/, but I'm not requesting work more so inquiring WHERE I would get this work done.

Picture related, I need to get this face into a logo via something like Adobe Illustrator. Imagine if this face, were to be a 2D logo. Broad strokes I know but does anyone know where I could go to get something like this done? I'm willing to pay as well, because of just how meticulous I understand this task to be.

There are plenty more reference pictures on the web as well, in order to get an accurate representation of what a "head on" face would look like

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!
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First off, this wouldn't really make a good logo.
A logo has to be legible at as small as/smaller than 64x64 and super large sizes.
With something like this, nearly all your details will be lost.

Second, you can go to some site like fiverr or similar. Where you'll have a bunch of Indians try to tackle your design for you, just don't expect quality. Isn't outsourcing great?

That's unfortunate, as was my wording.

I just need this image converted into 2d, black and white. The details are only going to be facial features, eyelashes etc. The bolts and cogs behind the cheek aren't necessary.

Damn though, is there anywhere else to go other than fiverr? Literally willing to pay out the ass for this.
File: cleanscreen.png (2MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1920x1080px

Bumping with a clearer image of what I have in mind to be traced.

Face is on the left.

File: 14706767471731172998606.jpg (3MB, 2624x4672px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2624x4672px
Hi /gd/. First timer here.

I have almost finished writing a strategy guide for a game that doesn't exist yet, that delves into all the usual shit like map layouts and equipment, but goes into great detail on the combat and movement mechanics, which are quite complex. Problem is, I haven't touched any graphics software in over 4 years and have no idea where to begin.
I want to emulate this artstyle but on a much smaller scale and in a more simplistic style, as the images I am creating show how the character should look during each phase of movement and control presses (A bit like a fighting game, Tekken etc.)

Where's my best starting point to learn this style of digital drawing? What brushes to use? Artist suggestions? Resources? Information? Anything like that.
I ask this favour because my PC is broken and I would like to learn what I can while I save for another.

In return I will dump various photos of strategy guide graphics, as well of some of my own character concepts from when I was 17-18yo. Thanks Guys.

>pic related
MGS HD Collection Limited Edition concept art book 1/???
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File: 1470677000821-42936259.jpg (3MB, 2624x4672px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2624x4672px
Also have the PC big box version of Metal Gear Solid if anyone wants a look.
File: 1470677089281-936822055.jpg (2MB, 4672x2624px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4672x2624px
It begins:

>MGS Art 2/??
File: 1470677191532235179769.jpg (3MB, 2624x4672px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2624x4672px

File: download.jpg (5KB, 300x168px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 300x168px
Post the most creative miniamlist art you've ever seen.
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File: 2943545-9356233066-shado.jpg (1MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1920x1080px
Shadow of The Colossus
File: D9c4n.png (26KB, 2560x1600px)Image search: [Google]
26KB, 2560x1600px
Green gameboy.
File: 1333396191735.png (344KB, 1440x900px)Image search: [Google]
344KB, 1440x900px

File: Screenshot_2016-08-03_16-19-15.png (114KB, 1605x900px)Image search: [Google]
114KB, 1605x900px
I'll be the first to say it, I am god awful at graphic design. I mainly do back end, but I want to get better at design too.

The website is made with PHP, CSS, and HTML. It has a SQL server 2012 back end.

My goal for the website is to have a html heavy 4chan feel that is modern. The board is suppose to also have a tech/sifi feel to it.

Be as critical as possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is an imgur album of more images: http://imgur.com/a/ea3fC
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You need to work on the fonts, use something like Open Sans. Also, you should never work on a website design by programming it, you should actually **DESIGN** it first, and work out it's behaviour first on photoshop, and then program said behaviour. The website is looking ok, though, if you ignore the horrible default font. And maybe tone down the purple, or use it to navigate the eyes of the user to important places, instead of splattering it as a section divider.
yeah like the guy above said try making some mockups first on balsamiq or other mockup program
File: Screenshot_2016-08-04_16-49-38.png (90KB, 1366x769px)Image search: [Google]
90KB, 1366x769px
Thanks, I'll start using photoshop to plan out what I will do graphically. I've been using draw.io

Also I changed the colors a little and changed the font. This is what it looks like now.

File: hobbit-3.jpg (46KB, 586x330px)Image search: [Google]
46KB, 586x330px
8 bit vs. 16 bit vs. 32 bit?

Is there really a reason to not be 32 bit? Is more bits always better in terms of visual quality? I just realized I'm working in 8 bit on my photoshop graphics and I hadn't noticed until now. Any words of wisdom you can share with me?
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>How do I google?


>But I don't want to read all of this...

Then you don't want to learn.
were you working in 256 colors ? wtf man
8-bit editing is not the same as Indexed / 256 colors.

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