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Tumblr thread! Post yours. Rate and follow others in the thread, etc.


>art, fashion, and graphic design
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Neat stuff lad


>Just design, typography focus


>I'll upload the random design work I do here
I make wallpapers and wallpaper accessories, I tell ye hwhat.

I know it might not strictly fall into the realm of graphic design. But I feel more grounded on the design part of the spectrum than the 3d side.
That being said though, I guess it might be hard to judge it from a /gd/ standpoint. Fuck I don't know. Just don't go too hard on me.

I remember seeing your little album thing on the album art thread.
A lot of your photos on both pages seem really big though. It makes it kind of hard to look at them without zooming out a bit.
What's there is pretty good though, I dig the light feel of them.

I draw

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Looking for some help re client's and basically how to express that they're wrong and I'm not their lapdog.

Volunteering to do graphic design for an independent short film. Someone close to me wrote the script but director was planning on going ahead without a designer (stretched scaled images & Papyrus I shit you not, I stepped up to help out the person I care about because I want this to look as good as possible so they get noticed (hopefully anyway).

I've only been on board since last Thursday when the director phoned me and told me she needed an image for the crowd funding page with other social media images so I said no problem. The only images I had to work with were stills I could pull from the minute of footage already shot (at Dawn so very dark and very blue). I did my best and came up with something eye catching and with room to expand the identity further when it came to posters and other materials.

However, she and the producer agreed that it didn't suit their vision for the film (which they didn't explain to me, partly my fault because I didn't ask). That was fair enough, had a meeting, understood the look they wanted and spent a few hours today doing it (again, a small social media image just to set the tone a little).

Once again she's pushing back and wants something weak with a bad colour palette. They've already planned what the poster will look like which I've just been informed of and basically what they want is everything to look like the True Detective title sequence.

I'm going on vacation for a week tonight and need to email back before I leave. I'm concerned with how I'm being treated right now over something small – being told exactly what to do rather than being treated as a professional basically. I'm volunteering my time and I can only imagine what things'll be like later on.

Any tips on how to approach this? (image: director wants flames over everything)

tl;dr Clients being controlling on a project I'm volunteering for, advice?
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So you haven't talked about your role in the team. You can do so now and if they are not happy with you taking a more decision based role then simply finish what you have already started and leave.
Do you have any advice on phrasing or what to actually say that won't come across as defensive or rude?
Set limits. I read this twice and both times thought 'walk away'. Mention you have other commitments and that you can't realistically do what they're asking for within the time you can freely volunteer. Make it about your commitments and that 'I'm afraid you're underestimating how much work this is'.

And then gradually get out by repeating that line. People start as they mean to go on. Tell them you have x hours a week for this (don't say 40!) and spend that much time on it. Honestly, it sounds like it is going to mean sleepless nights. Would you ask someone else to do what you know is required? Good luck.

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Would you guys even consider it as a "logo" ??
Let's be honest: it's shit, right ?
Could anyone guess what this "website" is about, before actually checking it out ? Any tips for improvements ?
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The images on that website are disgusting....

>Let's be honest: it's shit, right?

>Could anyone guess what this "website" is about, before actually checking it out?

>Any tips for improvements?
Start over from scratch. Don't use that font.

Personally I would hire a designer to draw a cute pile of flake soil with a cute bug on top of it.
Are you the international beetle forums guy?

Not my logo (or website for that matter), but thanks for the idea.

It's true that a logo has a (relatively) big influence on the business ?
What "feelings" do you have if you see this shirty logo ? I personally think it looks too uneasy and to complex with all this pieces floating.

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Ok ive been using this pic as my logo for some time (not my OC, guy made it for me) and its time to design my own. What do you think when you hear "SirHodrick" (besides a medieval knight), my channel is centered around blacksmiths, and gaming
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Stuff like this maybe? Google Destiny trophies.
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Asset 1.png
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Tell me you asked some kid to draw that...

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Hi guys. I like the font visible in the left side of the pic. It's called "MS Pゴシック", but if you visit the page from Linux, the font doesn't work. I guess that is only for Windows systems. Do you know a font with the same aspect whitout this problem?
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File: waterfall.php.png (18KB, 650x500px)Image search: [Google]
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It looks like Tahoma in a small pt to me.
>>285190 Yeah, it's something similar. I will try to use it changing to font-weight property.

Thanks, I will be awake for anyones having another suggestion!
Bump. Trying to use Tahoma with a low value in font-weight makes no difference.

Hey I'm starting an instrumental prog band called SYNOPSIE we need a logo, anyone could do that for us please ?
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a) >>>/wsr/
b) >>285041 Why don't you just use that one? It's fine
I dislike the font... Just the way it's connected

rate my mock album?
done for fun
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Its shitty, and use the pen tool to properly remove the backgrounds of the images..
You don't understand
I totally got it OP, I'm with you 100%

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Hey guys I just graduated high school and I noticed most of you are terrible at art and design.

I was wondering, do most of you have jobs under this field? Need an answer for clarification so I know I can easily get into this industry based on the shitty work done here.

A little about myself:
>used photoshop for three years, illustrator for one, know all the hotkeys now
>know less about the other adobe programs like indesign, after effects, bridge, etc.
>have some knowledge about typesetting, worked with a letter press at a summer college program at a design school
>sketching, painting, and illustrating since I was ten under a professional artist
>taking the first year off of college, had 3.8 gpa and 4-5 AP scores, 21 ACT, 2320 SAT (took before the change)

Thank you!
Also, what schools should I be applying to?
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Most 4channers are like you. So you are flooding the industry with shitty design.

Go on and make logos for $5 dollars son
>know all the hotkeys now
>21 ACT

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True Lies.png
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atm mine is true lies.
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have heart.jpg
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i love this font. to bad it's so damn expensive, fuck
I already said in >>284327

Century Gothic is my fontfu.
Even when I'm just scrolling through typefaces looking for something good, I always subconsciously stop on CG without even realizing it.
Love at first sight.
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welding raccoon.png
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if this isn't the right board please let me know so I can move my a$$.

I'm trying to create an image and require help

it'll be a T-Shirt logo for a welding company with a raccoon mascot

I want to incorporate
-raccoon torso
-olympic torch
-raccoon holding two i-beams like some sort of trophy
-the flame of the torch is the consummate body of the raccoon

I'll incorporate words later

what I have is pic related with red being my addition. please help, I'm not good at this.
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OP here

I can probably do all the actual GIMP work myself, but I am at a loss for the actual thought process of what the steps could be.

any help is appreciated
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I don't make profit off pirated software. its a pride thing you wouldn't understand.

can't afford photoshop right now

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Can someone photoshop Wolverine claws in the following pictures
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File: wolverine claws.jpg (1MB, 2000x1334px)Image search: [Google]
wolverine claws.jpg
1MB, 2000x1334px
Here you go, anon

where are the other pictures, anon?

I am eager to help you with the rest

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How do you guys draw anime art? Do you use Photoshop or Illustrator? If not what program? And how would you recommend someone start out designing their own characters
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We don't.

There's programs for drawing but I don't think you're on the right board to ask how we "draw anime art". Go to /a/ or something like that.

Also programs I use for doodling logo's
>Manga studio
>Adobe flash
>Good old pen and paper
I use Krita.
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I like to use good old illustrator for my anime art.

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Post your portfolio!

Just redid mine, would appreciate some feedback:
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That profile picture looks like it's from the 50's
Anyone got any suggestions for portfolio websites other than behance or dribble? Been checking a few out but I can't find one that I like.

Basic plans are too limited for the high price.
Too few templates and complicated interface.
No free trial or monthly subscriptions makes it too risky to even check out.
cargo collective?

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Vaporwave thread because there aren't any right now

>pic related is original
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File: Untitled.png (435KB, 1280x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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try and push the art form forward a bit.

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