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Basically it first looks like apple but after clicking it becomes pear.
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Oops posted wrong pic.
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goodness hun

So I'm about to redo my logo before I do another run of cards.
My current one is way too basic, even seen it done in a few other places. So everyone post your own design logos and give me some inspiration.
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File: mahnon-01.png (98KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Jut sold this one recently. Actually proud of it. What do you think?
the color doesn't mesh well with the tropical theme.

File: Screenshot_20160907-134308.png (234KB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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>retina optimized
>low resolution image
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Does your browser use a data save mode?
Unless Chrome does it by default and while on WiFi, no.
lmao isn't this that fuckin Infinti thing I keep seeing popup on facebook?

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>Most people are plebs and have no idea what good designs are
>You have to appeal to a large amount of people to be successful

Does that mean I have to stoop to their level to get paid more?
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>to get paid more
Not necessarily. To be successful, however, it can be the case. Flexibility is key; you need to be able to veer from your "perfect" design you love and meet your clients demands.

bend over and take it. you have no other choice.
Don't work for a consumption-oriented agency dumbass, how do you think Experimental Jetset is doing it ?

File: IMG_4253.png (905KB, 719x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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So, I've shown that I can do a few things on photoshop to my boss at work. for some fucking reason, he thinks that i'm some kind of graphic artist god and requested that I make this drawing his daughter drew into a graphic image I guess. his daughter is actually pretty hot too. TL;DR this image as a vector please
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Cool story have fun vectoring it.
I don't know how to vector though...
File: 1443532216994.png (28KB, 186x208px)Image search: [Google]
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Literally google it

File: Bagger Logo 0,4 x 0,4 m.jpg (354KB, 1134x1134px)Image search: [Google]
Bagger Logo 0,4 x 0,4 m.jpg
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Fukin hell, the quality is shit here, dont know why, sorry guys
overall design is really good, though i think the vehicle is a bit awkward and could be placed a bit better

Terrible clusterfuck/10

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What are some of the best ways to increase your portfolio ?
Are there any sites out there where you can do some projects for free? or enter contests ?
I am currerntly unemployed and looking for ways to increase the amout of work in my portfolio (also, im bored)
Any tips /gd/ ?
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Fictional projects.
lol. The man has got it.
make shit up, or get a graphic design internship. If you're young you should using school to build your portfolio.

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I participated in an army photo shoot with a whole bunch of gear and got back the pictures which are amazing. Though the background of the pictures suck because it's just a white screen with some sand bags on the floor.

How much would it cost me to get a professional to edit the background of my picture? Say change it to a desert/urban background?
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Why ate they on a Carrier?
Because they are marines?
I can do it for you, depending on how many pictures you have, however, I can guarantee it's cheaper and same quality as a professional. It's because I'm jobless and broke.

Send me an email with more details and I can make you one free sample.

[email protected]

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what font is this. if someone says it is VCR OSD Mono i might have a stroke. i have literally trying to been finding it for years i saw it back in 2008 on the tv and i've never found it. it is from an EAS test.
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crop one word and google whatthefont
you really think i haven't tried that

i'd even settle for a way to generate text with it or something

this looks like its pretty much it. The A E and N are identical

File: images (82).jpg (30KB, 320x459px)Image search: [Google]
images (82).jpg
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hello people , I work in a cinema and today came an order that said " total destruction of the version of this poster " which caused me great doubt about the reason to do it , maybe you know something or see something on the poster that gives meaning to this order by the distributor ?
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sounds like a power move by hanks
Perspective is shit but i don't think its the reason

It's incredibly bad on so many levels. The characters look comically dumb and shooped on. The wonky perspective disjoints your brain. The composition is simply infernal, the background swallows the actors. Like one third of the poster is just floor. Whoever made this should probably hang himself.

File: Untitled-2.png (242KB, 930x930px)Image search: [Google]
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Let's talk about font sources.
Anyone else use Typekit?
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a bit. I use the font board on here mostly
Only for inspiration and font hunting, since I don't pay a CC subscription I can't use it (apart from a few open source fonts).
printroot all the way.
I like wordmark.it to test fonts

File: Sin título.png (11KB, 987x445px)Image search: [Google]
Sin título.png
11KB, 987x445px
First time Im posting work here, just made this logo for a website that gives online classes on coding/programming, want an opinion.
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As somebody who doesn't know code (i.e. your target audience), I don't get it. That aside, I get what you're doing with the box, but it reads like Kawschoo. And the inconsistent spacing between the horizontal dashmarks and your ascenders is making me twitchy.
except for the dashes it's ok
100% agree with this post

File: CB Logo.jpg (395KB, 3431x3734px)Image search: [Google]
CB Logo.jpg
395KB, 3431x3734px
I was wondering what you guys thought, and any way to improve my personal logo. Here are some things i've been working on. Any help will be appreciated. I need the letter "C" and "B"
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Bottom left is the only thing not 100% shit but it's still pretty shit-enriched.
is right
bottom left has the right idea, but needs work
well thanks for the feedback, i realize its shit. i was seeking some advice not just "its shit"

File: 17121923990_ba6b3b8fe6_b.jpg (229KB, 1024x660px)Image search: [Google]
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About to negotiate my salary, wish me luck
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Sleep tight pizza
Sleep tight pizza
how much are you trying to get?

File: emblem.jpg (201KB, 810x540px)Image search: [Google]
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Tokyo 3/10
Rio 7/10
London 4/10

>What a boring logo, Japan
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I didn't mind it at first but now that I've looked at it for a while the asymmetry is bugging the absolute fuck out of me.

Literally why
The negative space in the middle is fucking retarded, but I actually like the concept. It's a nice tribute to the chrysanthemum and some of the traditional clan mons.
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