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Let's see some of those first cosplays you did.

This is my absolutly terrible AC I did. Luckily I've gottan better since then. No longer use bondo and craft foam.
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pretty hot bod desu
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First time using a sewing machine and first cosplay. Of course I choose to do hakama.
You did a good job! Sewing machines are the death of me.

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What other clothing brands are there like nekomodoki/deorart, listen flavor, omocat (yeah I know) and the like? I can't identify what style they necessarily fall into(they might be different categories that just overlap often), just that they focus heavily on graphics in certain themes.
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h. Naoto (especially Mint Neko, pic related), Algonquins, galaxxxy, Hell Cat Punks, and basically everything listed under "Punk" on Closet Child. many of these brands fall into what is characterized as Punk in Japanese street fashion.

because you posted this in its own thread like a fucking noob, let's make it worthwhile and dump some cool punky graphics jfash
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i am just going on a Mint Neko splurge atm

and someone's gonna whine about these brands and many of their wearers using "punk" as a descriptor but can we please take it for granted that we all know this isn't REAL punk fashion? it is just a term these whacky Japanese brands, and the stores that carry them, use.
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Hello there, this is a DIY thread but I think your skills are more adequate.

I'm trying to make this goggle beanie, but you see the fusing of glass and a chunky wool knit looks difficult to impossible without specially manufactured piece.

If the aesthetic isn't to be done away with, can anyone suggest how this might be done?

I have a wool beanie and some pair of poly-carbonate sunglass lenses.
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do you sit there pressing F5 on this board like a squatter, waiting for threads to voice something soonest to remind yourself of your existing through the precarious thoughts of other lurkers?

I mean I don't want to use duct tape and glue, that and I want to see the skill level of cgl posters; I'd get into cgl just to make costumes desu though I'm not huge on the media.
......... costumes?

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I looked for a thread but I couldn't find one...

Been waiting to go to this con for a few years and I finally got some free time and my BF is down to go!!

Who/what are you gulls gonna be cosplaying?
What are you excited to see?
Any group meetups?

I'm going as Launch/Yuki (wolf children)/Krul Tepes/ and maybe Teacher from FMA if I can make/find a lab coat and get a decent dreadlock wig in time. Although I have no clue which day I should wear what.
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I don't know if I'm going yet, but it f I do I'll probably be in Lolita most of the time. Thinking of being a female Waldo lol.
I'll be Sakura Saber and hopefully oni Rem if I can get her done in time. And one of my backups I assume.
I will find u ;3

Anyone going to this?
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Whoa damn, no one?
I might ghost it, but that's about it.
Me, I am going

Never been to this one before, what's it like?

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I've been noticing a lot of Moitie fans hating on AatP really hard lately. Why is that?
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I'm guessing it's because they're annoyed with AatP's success compared to MMM. It's kind of like when BtSSB fans shat on Angelic Pretty after they overshadowed them in popularity back in the day.
Did this really need a new thread?
Most Moitie fans don't care. Only the ones that feel their opinions matter are the ones who bitch about it.

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Where my fellow Ausbros at? Who's going to Smash this weekend?

What are you dressing up as?
Staying for the Sat night party?
What activities are you most keen for?
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I feel this is more suited for the Australian thread, but I'll bite.

>what are you dressing up as?
Animu and mangoes. I would wear Lolita, but eh, I didn't stay up till 4 am each night sewing my Saturday cosplay for nothing.

>staying up for the Sat night party?
Nah. Going to be staying up fixing wigs and fixing my aching feet however.

>What activities are you most keen for?
The Lolita panel mostly on Sunday. I'm curious to see what they talk about as I feel it'll probably be informative for newbies who want to join the Lolita community and probably guide them away from becoming ita tier.
>What are you dressing up as?
>Staying for the Sat night party?
No i'll be to tired after the con and also I want to grab some vg games before i head home
>What activities are you most keen for?
Three words
Street Fighter Five
>Street Fighter Five
I'll see you there cunt

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I know there's a hair thread already but I specifically want to talk about hair coloring/bleaching.
If you color/bleach your hair, do you get it done at a salon? Or do you use box dyes? Do you have any recommendations? Also, has anyone tried Etude House's boxes?
Thinking about bleaching my hair, but every time I try to get it done by a hair stylist, they try to argue me out of getting it all one color (they will leave in dark strips to make it look more natural), when I really want it all the same color.
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doesn't hair coloring/bleaching damage your hair over time?

why not invest in a wig?
Don't get grocery store box dyes. Those are the worst for your hair. I did use Etude House's bubble dyes once. It was okay. Application was easy enough, but the color didn't come out quite like I was hoping. It didn't seem very damaging, so that was good.

If I dye my hair at home, I always end up buying salon quality dyes. I'd say if you are looking o dye it at home, do some research like on YouTube. I really, though, would recommend not bleaching at home. Unless you really know what you are doing. I've been through it with my sister and while I am quite experienced with dying and I researched bleaching a lot, it's not something I'd recommend for someone inexperienced. Some people's hair just doesn't lift as well as others. Depending on how light you want to go, you may have to have several bleachings with weeks inbetween (so you might have some awkward haircolors for a bit).

As far as salons go, read reviews if you can and go for a consultation. Make sure to tell the stylist what you want and be firm in what you want. If that person wants you as a repeat customer, they will do what you want. Most dye customers repeat every 4 to 6 weeks. Also make sure to let them know your existing dye history, if you have one. A lot of people don't tell their stylist that they used a box dye or whatever and it can really affect how your new color comes out. I used to manage a store with a salon and one of the issues we'd have a lot is people not being honest about what's on their hair. Stylists can tell.

For aftercare, make sure to use good, quality shampoos and conditioners. I personally like Kendra and Joico the most. Treat yourself to some nice conditioning treatments and you are good to go. I dye my hair pretty often because I hate my natural color and it always looks good and healthy because I take care of it. I only wash twice a week, because your hair does need it's own natural oils. Good, quality products will keep the color from fading and also keep it looking vibrant.

What do you think of people who buy their cosplay instead of making it? Assuming they don't take the credit for themselves and actually say it's bought.
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its okay if they are hot. I can fap better
Look it the archives, this is asked all the time and the answer is still no on gives a shit unless you're trying enter contest or lie and shit

>or if you just look really really bad and bought something from China for $.99
I don't really think there's anything wrong with buying a costume to wear to a con, but I firmly believe people who don't make their own costumes shouldn't be taken seriously as cosplayers.

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How long before you consider someone an oldfag in lolita?

I guess for me, I consider people who were around during the LJ days and remember when Sugary Carnival was $800 to be oldfags. So, I guess a minimum of 5 years.

Do you consider yourself an oldfag?
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I honestly don't know. I've been lurking the online lolita communities for a decade now and bought my first dress in 2007 or 2008 but only actually started wearing the fashion two years ago and only joined my local comm this year. It's really weird to have everyone at a meet treat me like a naive newbie, when most of them don't even remember a time before Taobao lolita was a thing. Yet on the other hand I do suppose they have been 'properly' active for longer than I have.
I wonder if they'll think it's weird that I was a poorfag lurker for such a long time. Would people look down on me for that? So far I've just not brought up any older stuff but in reality I know all about everything, including old drama.

To answer your question though I think 5 years counts as oldfag and 8-10 years counts as ancientfag providing someone has actually been active for all that time.
I wouldn't consider 5 years to be oldfag. More like 8 minimum. I have been into and wearing lolita for 10 years and have still missed stuff that happened earlier.
You don't need to have witnessed the dawn of lolita to be an oldfag, anon.

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New Lolita General.
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That overlay better be removable.
Knowing AP I bet you it isn't.

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come on.png
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>just 2 banners and both are shit
Really, /cgl/?
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Missed the sumission date...
Is it really that surprising? They barely announced the whole thing.

>only people with 4chan Pass can vote
So literally no one on cgl, nice.
One of the jani's is ita as fuck, what do you expect.

Is it worth to buy a PDF version of this book or is it just s***?
I'm unsure because the cover looks so cheap and other books of this author are not really my taste.

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Oh yes, please buy it and report back with results!
Nice self promo
Looks awful. You can probably find better info by googling event planning.

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5 days away no threads anyone heading to Matsuricon?
Going to be a lot of one piece events considering almost the entire cast will be there.
Will be first time at Matsuri probably skipping all the one piece but looking forward to attending the other panels.
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Have never gone to Matsuricon before. Are there good parties?
If you feel like you're missing out on a Matsuricon thread, let me fill you in on every post you'll see:

-"Here are all the cosplays I won't have ready on time"

-"*photographer* is a total creep"

-"What's Matsuricon like?"
--*expect a few dozen posts like this*

-"I'm bringing my three week-old nephew to the con. Will there be things for him to do there?"

-Some anecdote about a dumbass drunk person

And of course, as is the case with every single fucking after-con post...
-Every issue you experience is a disaster
-Every staff member who tells you what to do is being rude
-Every other congoer is stupid and gets in your way
-This was the worst con yet.
You just described 9o% of all con threads. Didn't get laid? Worst con ever.

Old one is auto-saging: >>9117433

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Do many people here support themselves solely through AA? I was thinking of switching to that rather than just selling online. Is it difficult to deal with taxes and such when going to so many different states? That's my husband's primary concern as he does the bookkeeping for our business now.

How many cons do you guys usually go to as artists/vendors per year?
Someone pointed it out in the last thread, but the Resources and Taobao/Alibaba links aren't working
Requesting pictures of unique table ideas since we usually only see tables with a wall of prints or a clusterfuck of crafts. I have a few to get started. Doesn't have to be the whole table either, just an interesting shelf or something would be nice.

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