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I am in need of inspo for making some new pieces, what is in good taste and what is overdone? I want something fresh and new in my wardrobe
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just looking for something different so im pulling from different sources
Vivien Leigh's wardrobe in GWtW is a huge inspiration for me. I wish big southern belle hats were a thing in lolita.

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Cosplay plans.jpg
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So what are everyone's plans for the rest of the year? The upcoming year? Post your plans!
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saving money because i've been to too many cons already this year
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Cosplay plans.jpg
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Have a ton of plans, but I already have a ton of fabrics needed for most of this. Buying a few of them too.
Wow, our taste is crazy similar anon. Eiyuu Senki, Kancolle, Young Avengers, Fire Emblem, Magi, and Love Live.

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What's it like having actual lolita friends? I don't mean just a friend you got a little bit into it or girls you solely associate with during meet ups. I mean like really good lolita friends that you spend a lot of time with.

>how did you meet?
>what kinds of things do you do together?
>do you borrow each others clothes?
>do you twin?
>is there ever wardrobe oriented jealousy or anything like that?
>is one of you way cuter or better at lolita than the other? Does it ever make it awkward?
>anything else you wanna add?
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>how did you meet?
We meet at a meetup, but had been basically ships passing in the night for years. We both went on the same Lolita related forum years before and had even got to event not ever running into each other.
>what kinds of things do you do together?
We see each other at meets, go to movies, try out new dessert places together, plan events for our comm. We even couple cosplay together and always share rooms at cons.
>do you borrow each others clothes?
We don't have much overlap between our styles but I would lend her literally anything in my closet if she asked. And she's lent me stuff before.
>do you twin?
As often as we can.
>is there ever wardrobe oriented jealousy or anything like that?
No. Shes classic and I'm more sweet. And we both have pretty solid wardrobes. I get excited when she gets a grail piece or something shes wanted for a while.
>is one of you way cuter or better at lolita than the other? Does it ever make it awkward?
Nah. Shes way more elegant and pretty than me, but she always says I'm cute. I wouldnt matter if I was the ugly one. I just love being around her.
>anything else you wanna add?
What I've learned about making a solid Lolita friend is actually having a lot of differences. My Lolita best friend is actually very different from me. But I always feel like I'm learning a lot about her and life because of it. Our relationship isn't just Lolita. It's learning about her different hobbies and being excited about them because they're not anything I know about. I think it's stronger because it's not just about Lolita.
>how did you meet?
One bff lives in my very small home state and we friended each other on FB first and immediately clicked when we met in person at a meet. Our state's comm is practically dead so it was relieving to find another well-dressed lolita. Another BFF I met at my first meetup where I didn't know anybody else (previously it was always meets where I knew someone attending, or my bf came with me) it was her first meet and I'm pretty sure I talked her ear off but we're still hangin.
>what kinds of things do you do together?
Besides chat privately online about both lolita and nonlolita things, we attend/host meetups together, have done each others hair and makeup, sleep overs, attended birthday parties, and drink together. I'm weird and I also like grocery shopping with friends too.
>do you borrow each others clothes?
Nope, but we've borrowed accessories from one another before.
>do you twin?
I've twinned with one of my friends, and we all own Fleur Antoinette, so I'd love to triplet in that!
>is there ever wardrobe oriented jealousy or anything like that?
Not really. Our styles are between classic and sweet lolita, but we have different taste in colorways and motifs. I'm the sweetest of the three so they always jokingly rag on me as the ageplayer.
>is one of you way cuter or better at lolita than the other? Does it ever make it awkward?
Not really, I like to think all 3 of us dress well and in our own different styles, so it's comparing apples and oranges.
>anything else you wanna add?
They make my kokoro go doki-doki
>how did you meet?
I have two good lolita friends, we're like a little trio. We met at a meet, it was their most local comm, but a good 2 1/2 hours from me. My most local comm is kind of small and dead, so I'll regularly drive the distance to attend nicer and better attended gatherings.
>what kinds of things do you do together?
Aside from meets, we actually planned a few trips together, one of them even included going to Tokyo for two months together! We spent a lot of time shopping, not just for lolita stuff, but weeb shit for our ita bags. Obviously we keep in touch online on a daily basis talking about all sorts of shit.
>do you borrow each others clothes?
yeah! not too often though, because we all have slightly different styles, but on a few occassions we've shared pieces of our wardrobe.
>do you twin?
Rarely, we don't have a whole lot of overlap on main pieces, but we have before.
>is there ever wardrobe oriented jealousy or anything like that?
Not really, we all have sightly different styles and wardrobe building philosophies.
>is one of you way cuter or better at lolita than the other? Does it ever make it awkward?
I would say definitely, but I don't feel awkward about it, I could probably be fancier myself if I spent more time on my makeup and bothered with lashes.
>anything else you wanna add?
Getting into lolita is the best thing I've ever done. I've done and experienced more with my lolita friends than any other friends I've had my entire life.

This is a really nice thread OP, thanks.

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Thoughts, cgl? Actual political stances aside, I'm a little skeptical of someone mixing their political aspirations and cosplay lifestyle.
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That woman is mentally unstable as fuck.
She's going to face a hard battle against the old people in her region. They are the most likely to be against her and cosplay.
>Those lips

Oh dear she looks a bit touched

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Post more coords.
The good. the bad. the ugly.
Old thread>>>>
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the ugly
the good
At this point, it's more of a historical costume...

Ask for help, advice, etc.
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Unanswered questions from the previous thread:
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Asked in the hair thread, didn't get a response.

Can someone help me understand what's going on with this hairstyle? It's presumably not too wild, since it's the actor's real hair. If anyone's got a tutorial for a rolled hairstyle that I could adapt into this, even if it's not exactly right, I'd appreciate it.
looks like a weird version of victory rolls

Beta schedule's out gulls.

Hows your cosplays going? Any panels you're looking forward to?
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All I care about is the Rookiez concert.
Does anyone else think it's weird that Mint Neko and galaxxxy are sharing a fashion show? Like I get there's a bit of an overlap in style but I feel they aren't cohesive
Agreed. It would make more sense if it was a general j-fashion show where all three guest brands were featured.

IITT: Lesbianism
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>grandma thinks lolita is Victorian slut clothes?
>best friend buys Milanoo like burando?
>parents want to buy storebought Halloween and go to your next convention?
>your only fellow weebs at uni are Hetalia yaoi fangirls?

Share it!
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I'll get the ball rolling

>Started college in 2014
>Majoring in media studies, so a lot of nerds/gamers/lowkey weebs in my class
>First day, our seniors make us play those "get to know your fellow new classmates" -games
>Each one of us has to show the others an item from our bag and tell something about ourselves
>One of the girls in my class has a fedora, black hair with green highlights, scene/emo clothes and a bag full of anime pins
>Oh boy
>Pulls a Makai Ouji manga out of her bag and says something. Can't even figure out what she said because she is so quiet and stutters all the time
>She is 26 years old
>Fast forward to present day, she is still wears the same kind of clothes, watches anime and practices writing Japanese during lectures
>At least she is quiet and seems to work hard on her studies even though her grades aren't top notch

Another weeb-encounter in my class
>Let's return to the first day of college
>Talking to friend from high school who happened to pick the same major and is in the same class as me
>We're discussing anime, she mentions SnK, I tell her I don't particularly like it
>Suddely there is a yell and a girl with "look at these big-ass trees Eren" -shirt appears
>Comes to us because we were talking shit about SnK which happens to be her favorite anime
>Has a shit taste in anime (Haikyuu, Free, SnK, other generic popular fujoshit-series), dresses like a normie apart from the shirt, turns out to be a bit of tumblrina, is loud, keeps talking about her superiority because she is a Slytherin, sings Disney-songs in the corridors, buys bootleg anime figures from eBay
>Try to rec her some of the good current anime and offer to help her buy legit figures and merch, she declines
>We become friends anyway, she keeps being cringy but is actually really well read and can discuss interesting/important topics besides all the weeby shit
>friend wants to cosplay
>never seems to do it
>bought seal kigurumi instead
>she's overweight and even skinny people barely look good in kigurumi
>we have a falling out before con, barely speak
>takes too-tight kigurumi to con to wear it
>never does wear it despite spending $50+ on it
>seems grumpy every time I go put on a costume
>keeps claiming a certain character to cosplay year after year
>also is character I've wanted to cosplay
>haven't told her I'm in the process of saving up for the costume to wear
>convention passes, hope this'll be the end of it
>rarely talk to her
>get into PokemonGo like the rest of the world
>tweet another friend about it
>cringey friend sees it
>gets the game
>tweets me complaining that it's my fault and she's blaming me for getting her into PokeGo
>never once messaged her about it
>asks me what team I joined
>make up a team that isn't mine
>"I joined that team too, anon!!"
>dodged a bullet
>now have to put up with her 'bragging' about her low level Pokemon catches
>buys incense to get Pokemon so she doesn't have to leave the house
>complains meanwhile how she - a nearly 30 year old woman - can't walk down the road to look for Pokemon because her stepfather said no
>complains about how she never leaves the house and can't go to town for Pokemon
>whines about how she needs a ride into town for Pokemon event
>keeps asking people on her FB for a ride
>no one's offered
Does she live with her parents? Why would a 30 year old listen to her stepfather regarding something like that?

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Old thread a kill: >>9073308

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:

Friendly reminder to check the blacklist in the doc before making a purchase!
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1. Angelic Pretty whipped ghingham ruffle OP (2015) New without tags, 230$

2. Never worn cute medical-themed dress + apron + tiny nurse-like badge with heart. L size, might fit XL too. Will be oversized on S-M. 67$

3.Wego corset lacing ribbon backpack, VERY thick and sturdy construction/material, I have another wego bag and it's 2.5x times thicker. Ribbon will not come undone, however you can cut it off and change to another one. I've never used it, since no mars and perfec condition, but I've checked how much you can fit into and it's about 5 medium-sized books + pencilcase + smaller stuff. There are also two pockets on the inside. 76$

4. Funeral Procession Of Rose~ Aria Blooming In The Twilight OP in dark blue. Tried on once.
Very beatiful OP, has lots of details and collar is removable so you can wear it with other things. 250$

5. Cute ballerina style shoes with ribbons. Size 8 USA, 39EU, never worn, even have plastic wraps on the soles still attached. Ribbons can be changed. 30$

6. Boots with ribbon ties, new and unworn, bought a long time ago. US 9, EU 40. 35$
7. Melissa jelly shoes, new and unworn, US 8, EU 39. 40$

8. Mon Lily shoes in size 23.0-23.5, have been worn once for about and hour or two, have wery small marks near the soles which do not affect the look in any way (pictures on imgur). Very good quality, heaven to earth in comprasion to Bodyline. 64$

9. Ghingham Fint dress with embroidered seashell border, new and unworn. Quite long, will fit S-L 63$

10. Sailor OP, material feels like suede, very soft and nice, note that it's very short so if you are over 162 cm I would not recommend. Will fit XS-S. 25$

Prices are quite negotiable, shipping will be about 15$ anywhere.
- pictured Meta Airline hat in pink
- Meta Airline JSK (not mini!) in anything but pink, preferably w matching hat
- AAtP Rozalia Princess Gauze in white
- petticoats!!! need an A-line petti, preferably sold/shipped from Europe. waiting after MLT is killing me
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Untitled-1 copy.jpg
3MB, 1850x2812px
Cleaning closet, pls have a peek, need this shit gone ASAP, I'm moving in less than a month

Lacemarket : http://www.lacemarket.us/author/broberheim/

Cosplays :
Hatsune Miku Camelia dress, necklaces, two fabric flowers, and headpiece - asking $50 shipped in the US, fits a medium, unworn

Tsubasa Sakura white dress - asking $40 shipped in the US, fits a medium, worn twice but washed

Also :
Listen Flavor pants, NWT, asking $45 shipped in the US

GLW Curly Bob wig, asking $25 shipped in the US, worn once for a short time, washed.

Discounts for multi-item purchases

Feel free to message me on lacemarket about the cosplays if you wish, or my email is in the name field

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Mechacon is only two weeks away! Who else is excited for the lolita fashion show, and is anyone else still working on their coords for the tea party? The theme is perfect for an AatP event!
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File: image.jpg (209KB, 600x882px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's my first Mechacon so I'm super excited! I've only ever been to huge, shitty cons and I've heard nothing but good things. Plus, the fact that it's in NOLA is a plus

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None in the catalog. Post some bad makeup!

This is supposed to be Gwen Stacy.
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Wow.. How did she think that was okay?
It's Gwen Stacy after she gets tossed off the bridge, right?
And lands in a pile of dog shit

So this convention is in a few months and it boasts being the first convention to take place across the border of Canada and the USA, with events and dealers rooms on both sides. There's a 12 minute walk across a bridge and a customs/border control section you have to go through to get to the other end of the convention. It's supposedly connected to a Canadian water park, has hotels on both sides, and a "Promstuck" dance.

How ridiculous is this idea? Anyone going?
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beethy is a guest. I might check it out. we don't have a lot of cons in upstate ny
Maybe, I live 20 mind from there and it'd be a fun area to run around in cosplay, but the border crossing isn't just nbd. If you go out on that bridge in cosplay you have to cross the border to get off at either end. And it takes an hour in the car if it's busy. Also, there's a toll. Not a great idea, in my onion

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Everyone ready for Desucon? I hope you have all at least started your cosplays by now.
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It seems Desucon hasn't sold out yet. Is it the k18 or is the program just worser than usual?
Might be both. I get a feeling that interest in cons has gone down in general. But it's just a feel.
Its going to be my first Desucon. Not sure how it will go, so I'm pretty nervous.

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(Femanon so apparently I can get away with this kind of shit)

I've seen this kind of stuff floating around Storenvy and was curious about it's quality. A lot of the stuff is from China so I was a bit suspicious, but thought I'd ask anyway.
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Yeah it's not great quality but you can buy it cheaper if you buy from taobao or aliexpress rather than storenvy, because those are resellers
oh man you know what would be great

if you posted to a dumb questions thread instead of making your own so you can attention whore about being a teehee
>replying to b8/10
a lot of this stuff is from taobao and aliexpress (and can also be purchased on ebay)
>>9121642 taobao thread

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