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>hard mode: no slave leias
>expert mode: no crossovers
>master mode: no 'sexy' costumes
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sakizo gril.jpg
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Character designs or cosplays of intricate shit

From patterns and gradients to specialty fabrics, furs and feathers.
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Starting a dump
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New Otakon thread, old one is saging!

Old thread here >>9125891

Meetups will be happening on Friday and Saturday nights. We'll first meet up in the Charles St. Lobby (RIP the fountains) around 9 pm and once we gather enough people, move to the Water Street Tavern.

>What're you cosplaying as?
>Panels you're most looking forward to?
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Discord Link
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Are we gonna be ok to meet on Friday if there's a photo shoot going on at the same time at the same area?

Maybe change the location?

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Hey /cgl/, going as one of these dudes to Otakon this year, and it's a bit down to the wire. For the spikes on the wheel, would bamboo chopsticks be acceptable in terms of safety? They aren't sharp by any means, but I'd figure I'd ask some more experienced people. Thanks.
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This is awesome- I'll be there wearing this too! One of my favorite cosplays to wear. I think as long as they are secured, the chopsticks should be okay with the weapons check guys. The only concern I can guess they would have is poking people in crowded areas. But they aren't sharp, so I would assume it's okay. What's the diameter of the wheel and what material is it? That might factor into their decision. Do you have any progress pics?

My wheel is wood and the spikes are EVA foam, I'm a little worried myself. It's not dangerous by any means, but I worry they'd find it too unwieldy and heavy for me to be carrying around.

Are you coming to the From Soft meetup? I am hosting it! I'd love to see you there.
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Dang, yours is really good! Did you get your wheel from Wayfair? I think we have the same one. I didn't originally plan on going to the Fromsoft meetup but now I suppose I am.

I still have to add the spikes and trim a spoke or two, but I'm adding some lining to the inner side of the rim so it doesn't annihilate my shoulder.
That's amazing that we have the same wheel! I found mine locally somewhere but yeah it looks like exactly the same model. Mine has a small pillow attached where it rests on my shoulder, I definitely recommend it- I wore this to MAGfest for a couple of years and had no problems carrying it for pretty much a full day each time.

This will be hilarious, if we come across each other I'd relish the opportunity to tag team chase people around. The meetup is Saturday at 1PM, outside of Charles St. Lobby east exit. My sister will be wearing it then since I'll be sporting Vicar Amelia for the meetup.

FB group: FromSoftwareAtOtakon

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A thread to post inspiration for lolita style wedding dresses and decor.

Do you want to marry in lolita? Have you discussed it with your partner? Have you already gotten married? What's your dream wedding dress? How would you feel if someone wore lolita to your wedding as a guest?
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Small photo dump
I would've loved to get married in lolita, but the dresses are in high demand and really rare where I am. Wouldn't want to buy one and no one would rent one halfway across the world.

I wore a classical looking long dress with some lace around the shoulder/neck area. It wasn't AS pretty, but I'm happy with it.

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Hi /cgl/, I come here for some advice. I am going to be cosplaying a drow in Baltimore next weekend and have come seeking advice for makeup. I have face paint, eyeliner and shadow, and have an idea of how to apply it. But what I'm worried about is it running/smearing/coming off in some way due to the heat and my sweating while at the convention.

So what I want to know is what's the best way to keep my makeup from coming off?
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First of all, what KIND of face paint? Dollar store carnival face paint or Ben Nye? Oil-based or water-based? This is kind of important, because honestly it's better to go big or go home with bodypaints.

Secondly -- the answer you're looking for is "sealing." There's a million cosplay tutorials about sealing body paint (mostly for Homestucks) and it all involves sealing the paint you put down. Here's a tutorial from Hanyaan:

I got a container of Diamond FX black face paint. Wax based I believe.
Is it a good idea to use the sealer on my hands as well?

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I've decided to go whole new direction with my shop and want to liquidate my current stock for both the money and room to do so. I'd like to make dirt cheap grab bags, but is there such a price as "too cheap?"

Buyers and sellers, what are your views/advice on pricing?
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if something is too cheap a lot of buyers will be suspicious of the quality and not purchase. there have been times that i was trying to sell clothing and when i took it down and relisted it at a slightly higher price the item sold right away.
Just provide detailed proof photos and let the quality speak for itself. Explaining the situation will help too, such as "closet cleaning, liquidating wardrobe for emergency ______, low prices to make it move fast" etc

Can this be the price check thread?
I'll be selling the bags in person so people can totally see that the products are good

Any good Suicide Squad cosplay?
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What the fuck is that
No but with that photo OP I'm not going to hold my breath

haven't seen one in a while
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Characters that you won't ever see again cosplayed by anyone. Pic related
>tfw no one did this cosplay to perfection
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Cosplays of girls from flavor of the month harem anime
Don't have photos but there was a Gravitation group at this year's MomoCon
Almost everything that was popular in the 90s-early 2000s besides Sailor Moon, Evangelion, and Cardcaptor Sakura.

Previous Thread Reached Image Limit
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Oh goodness, I feel the exact same way. It doesn't help that I'm polyamorous but I also don't want to be that bisexual stereotype.
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Traveling to Japan thread.

Its been awhile since I've seen one of these. They have been very informative but I hadn't really been planning to travel to Japan for awhile. I may be coming into a lump sum of money soon, so traveling seems to be a very good possibility for me in the near future.

Discuss anything below or anything in relation to traveling. I'd also be curious about peoples personal experiences in Japan, good or bad.

>closetchild stores and your experience
>good finds you've had at stores for lolita
>burando stores irl
>things to do in harajuku, shibuya, etc
>japanese phrases to know for shopping
>hidden gems
>how impossible it is to find a specific address in japan
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Oh yeah, and how important is it to know Japanese. I've heard Tokyo is super gaijin town and is pretty easy to navigate.
I still want to learn some Japanese to not be a rude tourist, but would like to hear opinions on how much you should know to navigate the city would be helpful.
Any good craft stores to check out? Besides the Daiso craft section. Stationary stores could be good as well
I recently went to Japan with almost zero language skills and you absolutely don't need any japanese. Everything is in english (trains, street names, maps) and at train stations and big shopping malls you find english speaking staff if you need to ask for directions. Also the staff in restaurants and shops can speak the necessary sentences in english. A few words like Arigatou gozaimasu, sumimasen, ikura desu ka are helpful and polite, otherwise you don't have to worry (thought I really regretted not speaking japanese a little better, I suggest you if you are motivated, definitely learn as much as possible before your trip). The same also counts for Kyoto, Osaka and Nara

all Nordics (Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Iceland/Estonia?) welcome, except Finns because they're apparently too cool and want their own thread

spiritual successor to Närcon thread >>8985350

discuss upcoming cons, drama, whatever

Närcon Sommar July 28-31, Linköping
Torucon August 13-14, Trondheim
[please add more con info, I don't know how to use google]
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> except Finns because they're apparently too cool and want their own thread
Are you fucking 12 or something being this butthurt?
Are you finns? Since you keep going into other threads just to shit on everyone ;)
Finns wanting to keep their own thread with Estonians makes sense tho. Finns are not connected like Norway, Sweden and Denmark for example. The language is so different there is no real sense trying to discuss Finnish things in these threads.

New thread! Old one hit autosage

Menhera (メンヘラ) is a japanese slang term derived from “Mental Healther*”. It became the spark of a sickly cute (病みかわいい) aesthetics which takes the abiguous usage of the word “sick”, like as an insult for something nonconformist, literary as reflection of the social stigma which still hides behind the surface of “kawaii culture”.


Anybody else craft their own menhera accessories or clothing?
I remember seeing an anon do some stamping on tights, if you're here anon I'm interested to see a finished product!
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Would it be possible to make liquid (baby oil?) filled syringes with out using resin? like using a strong e6000 style glue to seal the end/plunger up?
I don't think baby oil is a good idea as well as oil in general, the wrong temperature and it becomes clumpy and disgusting.
That's what I've heard people have been using when not using UV resin? I've never heard of baby oil going lumpy....ever

And other anons try to prove us wrong
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It's not the best, but I've always been somewhat fond of this picture.
Still the best I've seen and bonus points for actually being a guy
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images (2).jpg
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I may be a salty oldfag

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