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I'm ready to move on.
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Take this to the Taobao thread.
Can I ask what your issue with Taobaotrends is? I've used them for my last 5 or so orders and they're always super quick and communicative.

Who here considers someone less of a lolita for being replica-chan? What about a Bodyline-chan?

In my eyes being a Bodyline-chan only makes you less of a lolita if your ability to wear the fashion isn't completely reliant on buying super cheap shit. If you have enough money to buy higher quality, but don't want to spend it, clearly you're not very dedicated.

As for replica-chans, there is no excuse and I don't consider them lolitas at all.

Also, to clarify- I'm not talking about people who have a little bit of Bodyline for main pieces or a replica still in their closet from their early days, that they still wear sometimes. I'm talking about people where Bodyline is the majority of what they wear, or they own multiple print replicas proudly.
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Yes to both. Bodyline is mostly replicas anyway. Their non-replica shoes are not as bad but it's still a tacky knock-off sex shop. If you wear illegal print replicas like Oo Jia then you clearly have no respect for the fashion and no idea about quality clothing.
Eh, I'm quite a fan of bodyline. Sturdy shit that's cheap and can be worn for casual. I have brand in my closet for meets and fancy stuff.

I tend to wonder at replica-chans who can afford better, though. If it's a young lolita, I'm more than willing to turn the other cheek for n00b errors like that.
Replica-chans and Bodyline-chans are not lolitas. They are hypocrites. It's hypocritical for them to adore our fashion so much, and then wear cheap crap instead of supporting brands.
Brand makes lolita fashion what it is. Bodyline is a joke in Japan, and replicas are totally unnaceptable for obvious reasons.
I don't care what whiny excuses those people may have, they are NOT lolitas and are NOT welcome here.

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For everyone who are too lazy to put on make-up. Both full and partial masked characters are welcome
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What's your favorite brand?

AatP master race
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I love you OP. AatP will always be my favorite.
literally anything but meta

apparently this is some youtuber,but i reverse search the image and i cannot find who this is. he looks intersting.
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Since I had some time I reverse searched for you, found the tumblr page with the photo, and read a comment on the post. supposedly they go by the name of bfgMovies.
Try harder next time.
Here's his channel.


He does videos on putting together old military rifles and I think that one is the only one where he's in huhu garb.

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Last one is in autosage and almost gone.
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I just realized the file is titled "gross". I have no idea why, I just randomly picked this.
OP might be German, it's probably just German for "big", as in the non resized version of the image.
I'm starting to get really tired of the genderspecial trend.
There are now multiple people in my local comm who insist on they/them pronouns which I refuse to use because that is dumb. I'm sure I will be ostracized for it. idc.

Name the best photographers going to OTAKON.

Keep your hate and salt to yourself pls ty.

>inb4 hate anyway
>inb4 terrible photography examples
>inb4 all cosplay photographers are creeps
>inb4 OP can't inb4

Let's have a great thread.
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I hope this isn't supposed to be an example
sumiko.foto photography
OP here

nah I jsut googled Otakon photographers and this came up. lol. Dont even know who shot this.

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What do I need to do to get Clouds clothes done? I don't know jack shit about names and material of clothes and would like to know
1. What turtleneck does he wear? I know those turtle necks exist irl and all I need to do it cut the sleeves but what turtleneck specifically?
2. What material is used for the belt and straps? I want to design my my own considering there isn't anything like his anywhere but I'm clueless as to how to even make them or have the design on his belt.

I have the hair down and I know what to do for the buster sword and metal armband excluding the shoulder plate ugh...
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great topic OP, this definitely needed a whole thread to hash out
Oh look, another male posting an entire thread dedicated to being spoonfed help on his cosplay.
For fuck sake, do you think Amano/Nomura specifically picked a turtleneck out of the men's catalogue to base his outfit off ot? Use google images until you find one that looks like it. How do you usually find out information for yourself? Also, make the belts and straps out of things belts and straps are actually made of. All you have to do is look at these things and how they go together should be self-explanatory. Go to fabric stores and get their cut offs for cheap leather or pleather if you only need strips/scraps and not a big ass sheet. Go to craft fairs or look online for metal fixtures. Etsy. eBay. Just google this shit and go to various websites for concept art/ref sheets with costume details.

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Are there any actually good j-fashion stores in the US?

The only brand I know that has a store out here is AP

What other brands have stores in the US? What stores import actually good j-fash?
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Baby has two store?
BTTSB has stores in New York and San Francisco. There's also Tokyo Rebel and Harajuku Hearts.
There are actually quite a lot of japanese brand stores in San Francisco's Japantown, MARUQ for example carries a shitton of Larme and Gyaru brands.

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How big a part of your life is Lolita? Like, is it your favorite thing in the world or just a fashion you're casually fond of? How big of a part of your identity is it?

I would say it's the most important thing in my life besides the absolute closest people to me. It's also one of the biggest elements of my identity.
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It's a big part of my life in that I spend money on it whenever I can, and I almost always get a main piece for Christmas. A lot of my close friends are people I've me through the fashion, and I've ended friendships with people who were super vocal about how much they disliked it.
I don't wear it as much as I used to lately however, and although I wouldn't consider it a big part of my identity, I'm always surprised when I'm recognized when I'm wearing normie clothes. I guess I feel a bit like Chicken Boo.
It's what I spent most of my money on other than all the normal financial responsibilities. Other people around me spent their money on beer every weekend and I don't so I can spent that money on lolita. I wouldn't say it's part of my identify per se, I mean I would be the exact same person without lolita. But I think I'm quite materialistic. I also spent a lot of time and money on making my house look cute etc. When I have extra spending money I like to go to Paris to shop (I live in Germany). I have to wear a suit to work but I use lolita blouses. It makes me happy so I don't think it's bad to be so materialistic.
I'm a daily Lolita, so it's a massive influence on my daily life. The only times when I'm not wearing Lolita are when I am sleeping, working out, or getting fucked.

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can we get a hair thread, well, j-related.
casual, j-styles, lolita, whatever
i really enjoy these kind of threads and wanted to try some new styles.
also sharing best hair products is appreciated.
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Totally went overboard with the rouge.

Let's have a thread for sharing lolita artwork.
>Post cute drawings of lolitas
>Discuss and share artists you like
>No selfposting, go to the draw thread for that >>9132136
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old thread: >>9128349
ita thread: >>9132178
CoF thread: >>9133847

So anyway gulls, 2012 was the year I got into Lolita because of Cinema Doll. Still don't own it, probably never will.

If a dress got you into the fashion, what was it?
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Am I the only one who thinks Cinema Doll is shit?
Yes. Cinema Doll is life
Maybe if you have shit tastes.

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What does /cgl/ think about this trend of heavy lineart "comic book" style of makeup/costume design? I personally like it if it's done head-to-toe and the details are percise, but I feel like it's become a requirement for every Telltale games/Archer cosplay and as so is done very half-assidly most of the time. Also, anyone that's achieved this style, what's your secrets?
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Looks terrible 100% of the time.
No one where I'm from has dared to go this route for cosplay. But I'd love to see what it looks like in action. Is it a hot mess or does it look just as good irl as it does in pictures?
Does this only work when you look at it from a specific angle?

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Yet another larp thread on the account of the previous one is in autosage.

This one is now with a drachenfest image dump
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