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With FanFest in two months, how about a Final Fantasy cosplay thread? Bonus if it's good, elaborate cospalys from XIV.
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official suit.jpg
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OP, OP, OP, when will you learn?
Every time I see a FF thread, OP neglects to start off the thread with a few images and it dies.
Commencing small dump of best class.
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Whatever happened to the Western lolita brands of yesterday?
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I miss In the Starlight something fierce. They weren't always on the nose, but when they were doing basically free for all customization, you could get tons of cheap staples for a modest price.
I watched a youtube video recently by that designer who had all the customization options. It had 'duchess' in it or something? She also talked about the lolita community and how it was at the time.
I used to pine over Sweet Rococo's site all the time. It was a site where you could design a dress or skirt based on predefined options. It was a really novel idea at the time but I guess the price wasn't right and prints started becoming more popular.

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What's your personal style?
I'm not talking about just saying that you are into sweet / gothic / classic, but more of your personal taste towards lolita.
There's so much themes and looks to pick from that your choices and what you like can be seen through your outfits.
How do you wear lolita?

>Do you wear lolita everyday, whenever you can, or only at meets?
>How many ott vs normal looking vs casual or toned down main pieces and accesories do you own?
>Do you own more prints or basic color pieces?
>What color schemes are the ones you like wearing the most? (please be specific, don't just say "red" or "pink" but specify what they look like or what hue they are)
>How do you like your hair/wigs? Any lenght, color or hairstyle?
>Is there any particular trend that you love?
>Do you consider yourself sweet, classic, gothic, a combination of some, or wear all styles?
>What substyles of lolita do you like? Sailor Lolita? Country Lolita? Punk Lolita?
>What other fashions do you wear?
>Is there anything you had always wanted to try in lolita?

Now for the most importan questions:
What themes influence you the most and build your wardrove arround? Here's some themes I can think of:
>Magic apprentice
>Mythical creatures
>Powerful Lady or Lord
>School Teacher
>etc. You get the idea
What outer sources influence you in lolita? (Examples: Betsy Clark, Holly Hobbie, Sanrio, a play, a movie, an anime, a book, etc)
And finally, what time period do you like mixing in your lolita wardrove the most? Some examples:
>The 50's
>The 20's
Points if you post a picture (doesn't have to be yours) or a collage.
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More themes:
>Waitress (not maid)
Can we turn this into a lifestyle thread?

>Do you wear lolita everyday, whenever you can, or only at meets?
As much as I can. Aspiring to that 24/7 lifestyle, yo.

>How many ott vs normal looking vs casual or toned down main pieces and accesories do you own?
I'd say a good mix of all - mostly the OTT stuff are accessories, and the main pieces range from OTT to regular to toned-down. I'm trying to build a more casual wardrobe now, though.

>Do you own more prints or basic color pieces?
Honestly it's even. I'm really picky with prints and prefer solid color pieces with details in general, I'd like to get more.

>What color schemes are the ones you like wearing the most? (please be specific, don't just say "red" or "pink" but specify what they look like or what hue they are)
Dark pinks, dusty rose, lavender, and mint are my favorite. I also really adore creams and browns... Yellow is my favorite color, but pale yellow doesn't look the best on me, so I don't have too many main pieces that are yellow (besides the fact it's a more rare color in lolita)

>How do you like your hair/wigs? Any length, color or hairstyle?
No preference, really, it just has to suit the outfit. I like using my own hair when I can...

>Is there any particular trend that you love?
I loved the peignoir trend a few years ago, although I never wore any, but they looked so cute on other people. I don't know of any current trends that I like, really...

>Do you consider yourself sweet, classic, gothic, a combination of some, or wear all styles?
Sweet or semi-sweet/classic

>What substyles of lolita do you like? Sailor Lolita? Country Lolita? Punk Lolita?
LOVE country lolita. I need to wear that more often.

>What other fashions do you wear?
My normie fashion is kind of otome-cutesy-girly

>Is there anything you had always wanted to try in lolita?
True twinning, where the outfits are 100% the same - with someone who looks similar to me!
File: 1414480249151.jpg (164KB, 321x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For lolita I actually try to have a bunny and/or strawberry theme as much as possible. Since these are two motifs that are prevalent it's easy to make a wardrobe from those two...

I also really love fairy tales and stories like Anne of Green Gables, Heidi, A Little Princess, Secret Garden, etc. And Jane Austen novels and other things like that... I really like the more simple semi-sweet lolita that looks similar to what characters in those stories might wear.

I also really like mori-girl (used to dress that way a lot when I lived in a colder climate) as well as natural-kei, and the more quirky otome (like pic related)

Anyone else aspiring to lifestyle lolita? What little things do you do to achieve that feeling of being a lifestyler? I like having tea everyday, writing in my journal, arts like embroidery, reading, and generally decorating my house in a sort of shabby-chic cute way.

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What do you guys do when you have a shit ton of spare fabric?

I just moved into a tiny studio apartment and my fabric pile is taking up a quarter of my living space. I found a few uses for some things but I'm decked with stuff I have no use for.

I always hear people saying scrap quilts and shit, but you can't really use tweed, suede, silk or other stiff, non-machine washable fabric for that kind of thing.

I hate to toss it in the trash since this shit was expensive as hell. I'd rather use it or something or donate it to someone who'll use it. I tried eBay, Craigslist, and offers to friends but to no avail.
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1) Make bias tape.
2) Make a patchwork top or even jacket.
3) Fabric-wrapped bracelets.
4) Very small stuffed animals.
5) Hairbows and neck-ties.
6) Cuffs, boot-toppers, spats.
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1MB, 3264x2448px
All good ideas, anon.

I suppose I'll do a run-down of what I have that isn't quilt cotton.

(Starting at top left, ending at bottom right)
1. 2 yards of light brown microsuede, medium-weight.
2. 2 yards of purple fleece. My friend gave this to me and asked me to make her something, and I haven't figured out what to yet.
3. Weird polyester-knit fabric with twill-like texture. 4 yards.
4. 3/4 yard of red-brown faux suede from walmart. Good quality (surprisingly), stiff, but the color doesn't work for anything I have planned.
5. Plush pleather upholstery fabric. 1 yard.
6. Black felt, 1 yard.
7. Olive green twill, 4 yards. Was going to use for Link cosplay but found better fabric.
8. Olive green faux suede, 3 yards, heavy weight. Planned Legolas but I look nothing like Orlando Bloom so I decided against it.
9. Ugly metallic bronze corduroy, 1 yard. Belonged to late grandmother so I'd feel horrible tossing it.
10. Fat quarter of lightweight, dark brown microsuede.
11. Half yard thick cotton (denim)? Also late grandmother's

Anyone who is in my position, feel free to post your useless fabric and I'll give suggestions if I can.
...aaaand the image flipped. Stupid phone.

Wig or real, curly or straight, let's celebrate the teased, the back-combed, the frizzy, the woolly, and the unruly.

Remember: the higher the hair, the closer to Mana-sama.
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Any other seagulls at akaicon?
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I just moved near Nashville from Miami and this is gonna be my first con in Tennessee. Should I keep my expectations low or is it actually a good con?
It's not huge but it's pretty fun. Ran into Eric Stuart getting out of the elevator earlier. This is my second year at akai. It's a lot more laid back then MTAC which is hosted by the same hotel but has about 10-15x the attendance.
/tg/ here reporting in, desu

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what are some little things that distract from an otherwise good cosplay?
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When people wear wigs straight out of the packaging and don't bother styling it or just brush the bangs to one side.
this though ugh I fucking hate dabbing. I dont understand why everyone thinks its so funny or cool.

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ITT we discuss new releases

I don't care how tacky it is, I need the new AatP Halloween print in my life.
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I LOVE this art, but it's not something I can see myself enjoying as clothing, unfortunately, since I'm more into simple patterns and solids. If this sold this as, like, a bag or something, I would be on it so quickly.

Surprisingly, I'm the opposite of you. Love the dress cuts, can't quite get over the artwork. It's not badly executed or anything, I just rather dislike it.
I can't wait for this dress, it's so great

I'm not up to date on upcoming releases lately. What do Baby and Meta have in the works?

How do you feel about cosplays of fan art?
No flutter designs are pretty popular , post pics of any good ones if you can find them. Sunsetdragon just posted this and it seems a bit snooty of her to try and choose who can and can't cosplay her designs.
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>you can't cosplay this
>posts photo of gijinka you can't cosplay

Is this chick new to the internet?
I like them if they make sense/incorporate enough of the source material's design so that the fan art still looks like what its supposed to, if that makes sense. It shouldn't be too vague of a design to where you /have/ to say what it is for people to get it. That's why I think a lot of original design versions of characters end up failing, because they just don't look like what they're supposed to. >>9156159
For instance, this design is really pretty but I'd never guess it's supposed to be Ninetails. Partially because it's the Alola version (and it might read better next to the original Nintails cosplay) but also because the only thing that's really telling me it's a Pokemon are the ears. The part in the back doesn't really look like the tails to me (maybe it'll translate better IRL) but it's just too vague of a design. Online it works because you can put the name of what it is so people will get it, but walking around a con I would never guess it's supposed to be Ninetails.

My thoughts are probably a little all over the place and rambley, I apologize for that haha
It is stupid that she posted a photo like that with a "do not steal" line. She easily could have posted a cropped version, like a head or bust shot if she wanted her followers to know what costumes she had coming. But dumb bitched will be dumb bitches, so.

Personally I like fanart cosplays. When they're well done, I think it's a great way for cosplayers to challenge themselves to do something new and different. Personally I love seeing all the dressed up versions of costume people do.

However, especially with pokemon or any kind of gijinka representation, I think the character should be recognizable almost immediately to anyone who knows the source material. Nothing more awkward than hearing someone state the source material of their cosplay when they look nothing like it.

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I know some of you gulls must be going to this.

Which guests are you most excited for?
What are you wearing?
Do you think there will be any drama?

I predict 80% of attendees will be wearing "wicked" themed stuff.
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I'm going on both days, pretty excited to meet haenuli because I've always enjoyed their designs and both designers seem like really nice people. From the poll posted it seems like most people will be on the whimsy side of things, I know I will.
I'm not turning down an excuse to wear witchy stuff! I must say the organisation for models is much better than it was at Regalia; I think that's partially because there's another organiser this year. I'm certainly very excited about what I'm modelling and the designers who'll be there. Maybe my memory fails me, but it seems like there'll be fewer Chinese vendors than last year? Honestly for shopping I think I'll mostly be in the bring and buy because none of the vendors are really "must-haves" for me.
Hopefully now that the work on the building is done and we can use the front door it will be easier to get everyone through tickets. I really didn't like climbing up those stairs and the little corridor using the side entrance.
Is there ever really much drama surrounding TPC events? I'd think most people are pretty low-key and not interested in making a fuss.
Well, some people like to complain about some of the organizers being bitchy now and then, but honestly I don't think there is anything major

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Old one died.

Any meet ups your looking forward to? Any drama you want to share? Let it all out, gulls, and try not to single any one out.
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Soccer mom lolita posted this, and I'm laughing so hard because it's the most soccer mom thing I've ever read coming from someone who isn't a real soccer mom. She was commenting on a video on different croissant sandwich suggestions.
Jesus fucking christ
She's right though and she's being helpful to fatty chans everywhere.
Also most lolitas I've met are pretty soccermom/stepfordwife.
I seriously can't relate to most people in this hobby.

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any stormtroopers? or general star wars cosplay?
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Scout trooper myself. Less armor so it was a little more comfortable
File: IMG_0775.jpg (2MB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2592x1936px
easily the shortest trooper in my garrison, working on a Scout now just so i can correct niggas on the short trooper joke
You are so tiny and cute

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Jfash meaning big recognizable names/styles like gyaru, lolita, decora, etc.

The dress here looks just like that really popular VM dress with tons of replicas.

What do you guys think of wearing lolita/jfash for a character cosplay?
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Apparently this is a Boz dress
If you want lolita's to hate you you should wear lolita for a cosplay
File: hqdefault.jpg (22KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's quite old, but there was a gyaru girl in a Teen Titans movie

Does anyone have more pics of this nature to share? Also let's make this a general thread to post anime inspired outfits
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>those cringey earings

Old one is auto-saging: >>9141530

>Resources (broken link)
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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You forgot to name the thread, Corky.
From the previous thread

Is there a reputable alibaba vendor for washi tape? I was going to pick whatever vendor with no minimum order qty but would like to know if there is a vendor that most people uses like vograce.
ugh, I did. I blame Monday mornings.

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