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if you start a thread you should probably start it off with a dump, so here ill do it for you

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Deformed doge edition
old thread >>9029330
taobao thread (strongly recommended for larger orders) >>9085300
Also because this comes up every single thread:
>Don't buy cosmetics or sex toys off of Aliexpress
>generally use your common sense when purchasing
good questions to ask yourself before buying anything:
>"is it ok that this product likely went through little to no quality control?"
>"do i want to put this unknown substance on my skin/in my body?"
>"is this seller reputable?"
>"are the review decent?"
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Anyone have any reviews on wigs or pettis?
Wasn't there a function to search by image? Or was that only for Taobao?
>that lack of formatting

Why even try to start a decent OP if you're not going to bother with formatting

Last thread: >>9029085

Post progress, cringe, etc.
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ugh, I love that shot. Was considering looking for a place like that to shoot my Asriel, but I don't think we've got anything as lush around.

related: where can I go to shoot Asriel (I'm Asriel-anon, so we're talking adult Asriel, not kid Asriel)? Either on location or a studio setup works; I have access to both.

Also, I guess general discussion about good locations for shooting Undertale characters?
Go for it anon, would like to see!
A bit late, but photo dump from the A-kon meet a few weeks ago.

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Batsuit referance.jpg
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Help with how to make a Batman 'cosplay' I was compelled to put this in the film part, but no help there.

Short version of the story is me and a local production group are making a BATMAN webseries, and have ZERO costumers in town who can make the suit correctly. Could someone PLEASE give me advice as to how to make the Cowl, chest pad and arms? I may also need help with the gorget(Neck piece, non attached to cowl)

If anyone can give me advice PLEASE do so.

>Pic related, it's roughly the look we're going for. It's not pretty, but it doesn't have to be. The director wants it grounded in something semi realistic.

We're also on about a 100 dollar budget for that, so please help.
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Main problem is I have no fancy equipment, and would LOVE help as to how to make the Cowl. So any help will be greatly appreciated.
Go to the help thread you fucking twat
What help thread?

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JJBA / ARAKI fashion?
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But /fa/ has horrible taste.
/fa/ is araki fashion. it is one and the same with jjba

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haven't seen one of these in a while and i think they're great for inspiration - show your first (ita) coord(s) versus your style today, or a side by side of your first attempt with a dress VS now that you can dress it better.

or just post really bad coords of famous LOLITAS you h8.
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this is sort of a weird thread idea

Not really, ive seen these threads before. Its like a time line of your progress basically. Like 2010, 2011, 2012, etc. To see how youve improved.
But nobody likes to self post so probably not going to get many replies.

>I would but I always forget to take pictures of my outfits
>I would but I always forget to take pictures of my outfits
Oh look. It's this shit again.

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Hiya, I'm a complete newbie to cosplay, and I wanted some advice for a Reaper cosplay I want to do. I don't want it to be 1:1 or amazingly great, but just ok and recognizable for my first cosplay. Does anybody have any tips or places on where to look for materials and how to create a recognizable cosplay.
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Oh look, another male creating an entire thread asking to be spoonfed help.
If you google armor making cosplay tutorials or anything like that you'll find your answer. Hell, even just checking the catalog or even posting this exact thing in an existing cosplay thread :/
There's even an overwatch general.
FYI OP, the mask's proportions seems to be killing most attempts I've seen so far.

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1MB, 760x956px
How hard would it be to cosplay this?
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You would have to build and attach the whole thing to a body stocking / make a suit using dance mesh for the nude parts. If you don't it will never lay like that.
why does this thread seem to happen almost every weekend, with his same character?
Cause it's probably the same idiot summer fag, not getting they will get better answer and will much less annoying posting it in the correct thread

I'm interested in getting into WWI and WWII reenacting and was wondering if anyone has any advice on where to start. I live in Michigan so if anyone has info on groups near me that'd be appreciated too,
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No groups, but shops to look into are At the Front, Kreigsende, and Hessen Antique. I do German, so my opinion is based on that.

Find a group before you buy anything, and go to an event or two too. Each one had their own specific requirements and often guys will have gear you can borrow or buy off of as you build your kit. Plus, you want to make sure you like the unit before commiting totally. This shit isn't cheap, either.
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Hope it's okay to ask this here. I'm a lolita and I bought a sam browne belt for a military lolita coord I'm putting together. I saw this one in black and figured I'd get it over the brown one just because I have more brown accessories in my wardrobe and lolita fashion is big on color coordination (would look odd for me to have a brown belt but black boots, etc). According to the listing I got it off of its a WWI British officers belt. I've been dying trying to find a matching pouch for the belt (thought it'd be cute to have it to stick my phone in) but it seemingly doesn't it exist in black, in my minuscule research it seems like it's because apparently black belts weren't too common?

So my question is where the fuck can I find a matching black pouch??? I've tried expanding my options beyond like "wwi british sam Browne belt accessories" but I feel like I'm finding stuff that's too modern looking. Honestly might just say fuck it and buy a brown belt so I can get the matching brown accessories but do you guys also think I would be able to buy a brown pouch and use leather dyes to get it black?

Also interested in thinner waist belts to wear with the shoulder strap. Where could I find/what search terms would I be using to try and find something like that? (Because whenever I try to search I just find regular thin waist belts or it brings up listings for shoulder straps)
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Seconding what this guy said. Unless you spend at minimum a year researching gear before you buy anything you will regret it. You simply don't know enough about the salesman or the gear itself.

If you're not afraid of playing with household chemicals you can always make vinegaroon.It dyes brown leather pure black and does not stain your clothes. I did it for my boots.

Couldn't see one in the catalog so here's a new one.

How much does Meta's Secret Laboratory go for? I can't find much in the way of finished auctions and I know nothing about Meta.
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It typically goes for a little bit above retail, but not by much.
Where can I look at price histories of dresses on lacemarket?
Can't help you with the price check, but man, this stock picture is really weird. Like the skirt part has some weird bumps everywhere.

Post obscure/rare cosplays of characters you would never have remembered until you saw them.

Pic related, Mangalore disguised as a human woman for a brief scene in The Fifth Element.
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Good thread! I'll be back to dump soon
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This one is gold
I almost forgot about Recess.

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Old thread: >>9101269
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I tried doing a Mei costest! But right now I'm waiting for my D.va suit to arrive, which I'll use as a base to do a better quality cosplay
Stop. A blue tank-top does not a Mei cosplay make.

Put a little fucking effort into your work, guys.

Haven't had one in a while. Post your best sewing /craft/cosplay tutorials
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Top Hat Tutorial.jpg
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File: wing_tut.png (4MB, 700x3600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1308289578681.jpg (778KB, 700x2244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lone Star State cons, cosplayers, etc.
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Anyone going to AnimeFest? What events/panels are you looking forward to?
Texas Comic Con was shit. Only thing good was Steven universe voice actors.
It has been shit since its inception. Why does anyone support them?

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Can we get a /cgl/ embroidery thread going on?

How long have you been doing embroidery?
What are you working on?
Favorite inspiration?
Favorite piece you've completed?
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Sort of related. I've been thinking of holding a cross stitch meet up. I love the idea of craft meetups but a lot of crafts I do are just way too messy to be done in lolita.

Ideas of best way to go about this? At first I was thinking of buying those little stitch pack things you can get at michaels (everything you need for a small preset stitch). But the stuff they have is kind of lame and outdated.

I know there are cross stitch pattern generators (I'm doing one I made currently with one). I was thinking maybe of making up a few that are lolita related, and then offering a choice of maybe 2 or 3 patterns to do at the meetup. Like one per person, choice of one the three if that makes sense?
If I was to do it this style, are there any good ways to judge how much thread I'd be needing?

>pic semi related
I'm taking course in highfashion embroideries.

It's a lot more interesting and challenging than crossstitches.
I'm extremely new at embroidery, only started recently, as you can tell from the pic.
Current wip, Peter Rabbit. Here's hoping it looks alright enough for my bedroom wall.

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