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Interested cosplay outsider with a question.
I agree with the logic of always wearing wigs.
And sure, not all wigs are terrible. However, I sort of feel like 99% of even "good" anime wigs just look like shit in person. Like, the character looks boss 2d with the style, but a person irl, even with a great cosplay, doesn't look cool in the same way. Accuracy to screen is fun, but is it just me who vastly prefers a "this is what the character would look like irl so the outfit is probably almost identical but the hair is just the irl equivalent of the stylized 2d hair" approach?
Is this an issue people talk about at all, is there terminology for this?

pic not all that related since I feel negatively even about good wigs.
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I really don't understand what you're getting at. Unless the character has a super short/shaved cut in a natural color even a shitty wig will look better than no wig 99% of the time. Can you post a reference of a "good" wig you think looks like shit, because I honestly can't even imagine or comprehend your apparent perspective here.
Cosplayers will definitely think that a wig and accuracy to the actual character design would be the best way to go. Sure some may think like you and do "realistic" designs, but most prefer character accuracy
I'm not arguing for no wig, I'm more arguing that total character accuracy usually looks cringe.

Example would be like jjba Polnareff cosplayers who wear really tall wigs for accuracy. I think a more realistic high flat top would just look better, especially since in a case like that it's not like they're nailing the rest of the silhouette.

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Post some feels. Keep 'em /cgl/ related. Let's not fuck this one up.

Previous thread >>9129284
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>my son says he needs to cosplay Garfield for school on Monday
>make him nice costume
>drop him off
>it's career day
>mfw my daughter is going to be in hospital during con weekend

I just wanted to cosplay with her
I think you should stay with your daughter, unless you have someone taking care of her. It really sucks for her
Bring her something from the con to make her feel better? And don't forget to visit her.

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>ITT: lolita shit that makes you feel old af

Kamikaze Girls is 12 years old (I first saw it when it was only 3)

Sugary Carnival's resale value has been dead for 5 years now

AP clones are now wearing that weird pastel religious style, instead of shit like Sugary Carnival and Milky Planet.

The Meta Nazi scandal was 6 years ago

getoffegl has been dead for years and is never coming back

LJ in general has been dead for years and is never coming back
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>(I first saw it when it was only 3)
Are you old enough to be here?
that means OP saw it 9 years ago

did you guys somehow think "it" referred to OP and not the movie?

What happened to Maridah? All she seems into these days are western and smartphoneshit.
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She's a two faced bitch that panders to whatever the biggest fad is?
>two faced bitch
Explain, you can't say such mean things without facts.
Because the Phoenix is the big thing atm?

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I didn't see a thread about this. Semifinals are streaming right now on niconico, finals are tomorrow
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It seems they have divided the 30 countries on 2 "semi-finals" and 8 of both will qualify in the finals
So when is finals?

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Discuss Maid and butler cafés in here!

Do you gulls have any preferred store to buy your uniforms from?
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These think will never take off in the west. Too many ugly weebs who do it for themselves. In Japan, it's all about the customer.
In an attempt to revive this dead thread.

What is everyone's opinions on the cafes that are local in their area? Where I'm from most cafes can barely start up, and the ones that are just cringe and terrible.
Where I'm from there's two popular cafes. The head maids hate each other even though they're actually quite similar personality wise.

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Calling all gothic lolitas and oujis, aristocrats, vk-ers, and anyone else into the darker side of jfash!

In various room, taobao, AliExpress, etc. type threads, anons often report having trouble finding items for a gothic aesthetic. Please share your inspo, purchases, and sources to help each other out of this endless sea of cutesy kitsch. Also feel free to share OC/selfpost for concrit or whatever.
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Skeleton kigu:

Trinket box (pricey but gorgeous, pic related):

Skeleton bone pens: http://s.aliexpress.com/VNNNrquY

Skull washi tape:

Spider web napkin rings (custom color):

Beautiful rose tablecloth/runner (depending on size you order) with excellent reviews:
(not overtly gothic)
I don't have anything to contribute, but I like this thread idea! (bump)
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Not really lolitaesque but the wallpaper and chandelier are awesome.

I feel everyone should cosplay what they want, but feel some of this shit looks fucking goofy.
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but this isn't done properly OP. The fabric is incorrect and throws off the rest of the outfit.

I'll throw in something unpopular: anthropomorphized costumes, in simpler words, taking a fully animal subject and turning it into a human/animal furry hybrid.

If it comes out poorly, you'll look cringey and a furry, and if it comes out well, you'll still look like a furry.
This is the original seremyu group and those are the prettiest sailor outfits of them all tho?
Seriously? They make everyone look like a dumpy square no matter how nice your body is.

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Post mashups you like, mashups you hate, or ones that genuinely leave you confused.

Pic related is Jessica Nigri's newest creation... "Necromancer Totoro." Thoughts?
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She looks amazing
actually really like this ( and this is from someone who normally cant stand her shit). Yeah its sexy but the pieces are pretty well done. Love the Totoro axe face.
Even if the idea is stupid, as long as the mash up is well executed and interesting I dont have a problem with it.

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Old thread maxed out, time for a new one!

Some topics from the last one
>cute wallpaper
>fairy kei room inspo
>small attic rooms
>work/craft space
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Anyone know where to get a display case like pic related? I currently have IKEA's Deltof, but I'm looking for something with more space and similar visibility.

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don't think that's larp buddy

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I'm making a Fallout jacket for my brother for his birthday and this is the first time doing numbers on my own. They are made of fabric It looks horrible. (He loves it but I am not so much of a fan) I'm going to make two Fallout jumpsuits for the HUbby's and I first anniversary photoshoot and wondering how I would go about doing a better job on the numbers next time around.
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stop using cheap shitty material and it'll look better
Modify already existing jumpsuits with high quality materials or vinyl.

>also this
The base is suiting material (Thicker and more pliable, but was recommended by a veteran seamstress) Since this was my first time making numbers like this I Used thick Cotton and Interfacing. I know they look shitty so I'm trying round two on the next jacket look a lot better thus asking help on what to do about the numbers next time. (I'm looking to make sure this fits him since he has a really long torso/arms before I make the next one.)

I have a jump suit pattern for the Fall out jumpsuits I'm making later on. I'm just having problems figuring out a better way for the numbers.

Gulls, I was wondering, is there anything you are obsessed about? Cosplay or lolita related? Or even outside?
I'm personally weirdly obsessed with lolitas i find cool. Nothing creepy in real life, or when i see them or whatever, i act totally normal and i'm shy anyway. But i just stalk them online sometimes a bit too much.
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I'm worried I can't like somebody out of cosplay and think I may be too obsessed with fictional characters

I've had generally good looking/nice guys come up to me and tried dating them for a while but didn't feel even the slightest for them for what they felt for me

I've only ever had slight crushes on cosplayers (when in their cosplay) which worries me that I won't be able to have feelings for somebody out of cosplay...

I'm not sure how to describe this character obession other than Schediophilia and thought I was Asexual(?) up until i realized I only really liked cosplayers

Im so confused
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I'm obsessed with drama in communities I have no part in.

I'm not into lolita or bjd but I read all the drama and secrets blogs and thrive on all the bullshit
I'm obsessed with catching people I know talking shit about other people on here. The best is when I can tell who they're talking about, and when they leak information that only they would know/bring up.
It's literally the only reason why I came here in the first place lol. I cap all of it, and I write little notes to help me remember later. It's meticulous, it's spiteful, but it's my guilty pleasure. I like having something to remind me not to be too naive and trusting with other lolitas.

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What would go down in a sleazy reality TV show about lolitas with a similar format to Real Housewives?
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Cutting up/staining dresses and fighting over the only male ouji in the comm
stop coming to cgl for content for your shitty youtube channel, holy shit
A bunch of socially awkward girls would sit around and bitch about girls they were jealous of. That's pretty much it.

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>Lives in the South
> attends "local" anime conventions for 3years
>Panels suck and they're poorly ran
>Guests are people nobody knows or cares about
>Raves are shit
>Dealers room is the same vendors with same shit every year
>Every Cosplayer is a obese lesbian

I want to try Momocon, AWA, or Dragoncon (not all 3).
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Ahahaha I live in a similar town with a similar situation. Even worse it's run by a college organization with shitty management and they are 100% convinced their ""convention"" is the shit. Trust me you'll have more fun at a real con. I usually drive up for all three mentioned every year.
It's a little bland but I have fun anyway. It's more entertaining to watch the college graduations/parties/weddings/whatever that also book out the building and the way they freak out whenever they catch so much as a glimpse of con weirdos
I have fun every year but desu it's weeby as shit. Some fun panels and good times abound. Management isn't tip top but I have more fun than momo at least. Last year was communication issues abound, lots of confusion and miscommunication between staff
24/7 party every time. Be warned, there are always massive crowds and everything is packed. However dcon is loads of good times. Most memorable convention to me, if only for the sheer volume of partying
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And now just imagine you live in a country where every con is like that or even worse
I'm sorry for your misfortune, anon

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