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Cringe cosplay thread

Gotta catch em all, m'lady
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Maybe a different fabric would have been better for the jacket but it's pretty accurate and I don't see anything wrong other than some wrinkles in it.
What's cringy about it?
The ponytail. The pose
Don't see how this is cringe.

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brand new larp thread because previous one hit the image limit, just for the sake of variety

If needed I still have a shitton of pics from Drachenfest.
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I'm enjoying the pictures. Keep them coming
Yeah these pics are pretty noice keep emĀ“ coming, i think we just dont react as much since its summer.

In winter we have way less new pics so we tend to react more to the pic than the post itself i've noticed
Agreed, picts are nice, but I have nothing to say about them, else than I'm jelly as fuck.

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Registration opens later on today, who's going and who has plans to cosplay for the Castlevania theme?
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>rooms sold out in 30 minutes
I really wanted to go.

It looks so cool. It's a video game con.

But for fuck sake the fact the hotels sold out AND THE OVERFLOW AS WELL within minutes burns my ass into wanting to never touch the convention now.
Magfest is usually really well planned, the hotel fuckup was due to a miscommunication with the hotel IIRC. If you've been wanting to go, give it a chance, it's a blast.

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It's been a while since we had one.

I just bought a hoop skirt from IKEA, and I have no idea how to store it. Can someone please give me some tips?
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i'm interested in this thread, also on how to make a petti

question: how many pettis do you usually wear with a dress?
Just keep it flat like it was packed and either store it in the original bag or a similar size bag. It can stick out of the bag; that's fine, it just has to be wide enough to not deform the hoops. The main goal you are seeking is to make sure the bag keeps it from touching the floor directly. Try to store it against a wall or wedged into a narrow space between a piece of furniture and a wall.
When I used off-brand, homemade petticoats I use to layer two to get the proper shape.

Now I own a classical puppets in both Lolita shapes and I only have to use the one. It's worth investing in the money to get the right share the first time; I spent $60 making a petticoat with fabric on sale and it deflated constantly. I bought a classical puppets for $35 and have been using them for two years without any form of failure.

The Ikea Hoop skirt mentioned by OP is worth it if you are willing to modify it; if you already do a lot of crafting you will already have the supplies so all you are spending is $20 for the hoop skirt. It will never last as long or be as sturdy as a steel skirt, but it will work well enough as long as you do not wear heavy materials over it (thick velvet, cordory, pleather, denim, thick cotton, tons of layers).

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Most jfashion styles obviously cater to Asian body types. A lot of them have sizing that's limited or garment cuts that aren't flattering on people who don't have the small build most Japanese people have. A lot of people get criticised on here for being too tall/chubby/big-breasted for certain outfits. What jfashion is most suitable to people with more western body types? I'm not talking about being fat, I'm talking about people in healthy weight ranges who don't have stereotypical Asian figure. What cuts or items are more flattering to them? What style has the most of these? Pic unrelated.
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Probably something like cult party or dolly kei, or fairy kei, as items can be thrifted or bought from local or vintage stores or something rather than from Japanese brands. I dont know if you've looked through the larme threads but there's been kind of an ongoing discussion on non-asian body types in the style. Personally i think larme can look good on someone with a non Asian body, especially taller people, but you may have to pay closer attention to the balance and style of the fashion so you're not showing too much leg for example
In Lolita fashion something you can do if you have an hourglass figure is to get dresses that have a more corset shape to their bodice. Most Lolita big brands don't so dresses like this but Alice and the Pirates & Victorian Maiden do make dresses in that kind of cut.
With Lolita fashion the two major points is to make sure the skirt is the right shape and there is enough skin coverage; beyond that you can mess around with the shape of the bodice and other details.

I'm not sure if you've thought your quest through...

>very definition of jfashion means it's fashion for/by japanese people
>looking for clothes meant for japanese people that don't fit japanese people it's meant for.

idk, you can try looking for oversized clothes (t-shirts, sweaters) or fat people clothes like Plumprimo. Fair warning though, oversized clothes tend to fit odd on actually larger sized people, and the fat people clothes tend to be cut for short people anyway.

Alternatively, lolita fashion is at the point where half the time they're either marketing for small chinese girls or larger American girls, so the dresses run the gamut between being teeny-tiny Asian sized or generous shirring that fit larger sizes. No lolita brand seems capable of wrapping their head around the idea of boobs bigger than B-cup, though, and the dresses still tend to be cut for shorter torsos, even if they're tea-length.

You last option is to stick to your own Western brands that actually fit you, and simply opt for copying the look without buying the original brand, plus buying only accessories and bags to help achieve the look. Good if you can DIY and have a good eye for fashion, otherwise you might just be happier doing your own brand of Western fashion instead of trying to squeeze yourself into jfashion.

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Old thread a kill: >>9105730

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:

Friendly reminder to check the blacklist in the doc before making a purchase!
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WTS Vanilla chan lavender OP
Ideally looking for ~$190
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AP Floral JSK + Head Piece: $75 + ship
Bought from Usagi. Tried on a couple times but never worn out. In good condition. Fits 36 inch bust and 26-27 inch waist. I'd say 36 inches for the bust is max to look nice. Waist can fit likely up to 29-30 well.

AP Biscuit bag: On Hold

Drained Cherry socks: $15+shipping
bought second hand with skirt too tight for my big knees.

AP Strawberry Skirt: $40+shipping

Bought at rufflecon never worn by me. Cute tiered chiffon skirt. Waist maxes out at 26 inches. In very good condition.

Pink Meta Skirt $30 + shipping

maxes out at 26 inches. In great shape for its age and has its waist ties.

AP Cardigan: $30 + shipping

Light weight good for summer. Very thin.
Id say 35 inch bust and under will fit best.

AP Sweet Cream House : $100 + shipping
*missing buttons*
Comes with waist ties but is missing a waist tie button and two of the clear buttons to attach the apron part. Third owner, came to me missing buttons. Never worn by me.

Lief Gingham jsk L/XL + hair clips: $45+ shipping OBO

I got the measurements wrong when ordering and its just way too big for me. Please note it has pin marks on the side as I was considering altering it but it would be way too much work. I will accept any offer on this as I can not ever wear it. Other than the pin marks it is NWOT.

I am happy to look at offers as I want this all gone asap. Please comment here before you email me, otherwise I might miss the email.
Happy to trade for casual brand/AP items
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WTB: any Precious Clove Singing in the Rain accessories in lavender
mostly: badge (in any color), bonnet, tail

& SEARCHING desperately for the blouse ;v;
and if the parasol exists i'd be so happy aaaa
thanks for any help!

In honor of the Meta tea party coming up at AWA lets have a good Meta coord dump!
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This is why we can't have nice things on cgl

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So holiday matsuri just announced an international guest who will be judging for their Cosplay Super Show. Does this mean he's also judging to send a US team to CICAF and CC? Could they not get a respectable American judge to help with that?

Also AFO this weekend. Who's attending?
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Bro, bro... did you see his muscles... America has celebrities like yaya, give me some man meat cosplay celebs.
Not going to AFO but I'll be at holmats. This new guest featured kinda reminds me of that stripper muscle man guest. Think we'll see a super muscley show down?
What was the purpose of starting a different thread for this instead of just posting in the Florida gen one. We dont know a bunch of threads for this shit state.

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Old Thread : >>9082929

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Incoming dump, sorry for any doubleposting.
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File: Cn-u6GfWYAAIFMD.jpg (221KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"Fuck the rules, it's hot as balls" edition.
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Post your favourite jfashion/cosplay instagrams, share tips to grow your audience, selfpost etc.
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lol everyone is too scared to post to these now
Why not.

I don't necessarily post about Jfash related things, but I post pictures of living in Tokyo.

In college I was super into Jfash but now I work for a major Japanese corporation which has limited my ability to dress up fun (Cute OL style for life)

Still, I like exploring fashion neighborhoods and while I don't have those pictures up yet, I hope to post them soon. If you're interested in Japan beyond just fashion, please do follow!
My Instagram for cosplay progress is @rip.tire
I'm doing a really bad Junkrat.

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Dark souls cosplay.jpg
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Old one died long ago...From Software thread!
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It's getting there. I'll climb in the fucking oven if I don't get this done in time.
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just got the hat for gascoigne cosplay today.
still need some help with the rest of the costume though.
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Looks good so far.

It's quite the undertaking but it's looking great!

Hello i'm doing guts golden age armor but in future i want to craft the wolf armor, someone have tips or templates? thank you guys .
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Use the help thread.
Oh look, another male creating an entire thread dedicated to having us spoonfeed him help on his cosplay.
Guys aren't usually seagulls
Its like girls on /fit/

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how do you keep cool during a con?
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Take off all my clothes and let my boyfriend cool me down with his wet sticky cummies all over me.
Mentally or physically?

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What you see is what I have so far. I'm trying to get this cosplay going and it's my first one. The only thing I'm missing at this point is armor for the arms and I may make some
Simple faulds for the sides of my legs. Any kind of help would be cool and criticism is welcome. I'm painting the foam parts today but I'm keeping that chest piece white. Thanks!
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drink bleach
What con is this for? I have a Charizard gijinka cosplay so I can beat you in battle and watch all the Ash fans go berserk.

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