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Barbie dress anon, there is a listing on mercari
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>mfw I fucking missed it for $280

Kill me now.
So you didn't fet it? Jeez I was rooting for you, we posted it several times.

Let's post some chocolate and sweet-related coords!

I think it almost deserves it's own substyle. I mean, sailor lolita is a thing as well isn't it?
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Are there any notable transgendered cosplayers? And at that have there been any incidents involving a trans cosplayer? I'm actually surprised I haven't heard of anything bad ever happening to a trans cosplayer at a con
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there's this one chick who is going ftm and takes a lot of butt selfies. does being ftm still allow you to take butt selfies after you've transitioned to a guy? if you were male to begin with I don't think butt selfies would go down very well
Sue Lightning, but she's only notable cause she used to (still does I think) do a lot of porn
Anzu is pretty well known, at least on 4chan.

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ITT: Things you hate in Lolita.

Pic very much related, triggers my autism every time.
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Star accessories where star accessories do not cohesively belong. Usually clips or bags.
Besides not usually matching themes, they're just so generic now.
I fucking loathe these. I've seen a lot of lolitas ruin otherwise good coords with these hideous Walmart shoes.
Can we please, please just put peignoirs to bed already.

Title says it all, put together the most inexpensive coords you can.

>Hard Mode: use a brand main piece
>Mirror Mode: put together the most expensive coord you can using ONLY items from your closet, there's no fun in a million PC and IG coords

inb4 "yeah, that LOOKS inexpensive" passive aggressive comments
inb4 OP can't inb4
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This is a great idea anon, I will try to do one when I get home from work! I'm interested in what everyone else comes up with!
I absolutely love this idea as well.
Normally I only lurk though, as I'm not that good yet at assembling coords ;w;
I have dresses from Meta and IW in perfect condition that I only paid $20 for! I usually wear more expensive shoes but I'll give this a go later.

Lolita, ouji, aristo. Pale, not just pastel but an overall light and muted tone.
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Brolitas talk about yourself. Talk your wardrobes. Talk about kawaii things that normie men won't do. Talk about recently dress purchases. Talk about we pretend having boobies when wearing lolita.
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Is it true that bralitas are sissies?
Wait a second, that 55 year old dude who dresses up as a little girl and has sex with his "parents" is now calling himself a "lolita"?

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>"hi i love your cosplay! could i get your photo?
>"oh sure"
>cosplayer's friend who isn't cosplaying poses with the cosplayer you wanted a photo of
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>me and my friend cosplaying from two different series
>"Hey can I get a picture of you?"
>"Which one?"
>"Both..? You're from the same thing, right?"
>see nice cosplay of a character that I rarely see
>"can I get a photo?"
>guy's girlfriend thinks I mean her, is super flattered
>awkwardly take photo so I don't insult her
>didn't get the picture I wanted and still have no idea what her cosplay even was
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>wandering the con in a group of 4-5 girls
>2 cosplaying, the others in slightly nicer than average street clothes
>"Can I get a picture?"
>plain-clothes friends move out of the shot
>"No, all of you!"

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Hey guys I'm in a bit of a pinch atm. My GF wants to do video-game inspired makeup and everything I send her (Edea FF8, Poison Ivies,Raziel,etc) she says they're too plain and she wants more complicated things. I've played a lot of vidya in my time but I've never really looked for crazy faces. I'm really not into makeup but it's her life. We're both mid-20's.
Can anyone give any suggestions?
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More complicated, you say?
Thanks but I forgot to mention that she is easily scared and that will freak her out.
There is literally nothing I can think of to suggest at this point I think
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I wouldn't say this counts as makeup per se (more like face painting) but Dragon Age vallaslin comes to mind.

Just pulled a random example from Google

1st: Havenaims
2nd: Toki MMMC
3rd: U.P. Cosplay (+ fan fave)
Overall Cleanliness: 9.67
Overall Presentation: 10
Fine Arts Dye Challenge: 10
Freestyle: 9
Jumbo Braid Tutorial: 9.33
Total: 48
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Overall Cleanliness: 9
Overall Presentation: 10
Fine Arts Dye Challenge: 9
Freestyle: 8.67
Jumbo Braid Tutorial: 8.33
Total: 45
File: upcosplay_final.jpg (1022KB, 1485x831px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1022KB, 1485x831px
U.P. Cosplay
Overall Cleanliness: 8.33
Overall Presentation: 10
Fine Arts Dye Challenge: 9
Freestyle: 8
Jumbo Braid Tutorial: 9
Total: 44.33
Not surprised. Still disappointed.

It's been a long time since we had a kimono thread, so why not have another one?
Post pics, talk about kimono and kitsuke.

What have you bought recently gulls?
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Any good sales going on? I'm new to this and I'm looking to buy my first haori to start with. I love pic related but it's not available anymore.
from the thumbnail i thought this was that blonde girl from ghostbusters
probably still a little drunk
I always like seeing people styling traditional clothing in modern ways
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I got a semi decent haul on YJA for not much money. The biggest bargain for me was a childs shichigosan obi set for 200 yen. Also managed to snag a haori, obi and kimono set for 600yen. I am thinking of moving away from western sales, not fully as there are some lovely pieces available on eBay etc. but I'm tired of being ripped off for things like obijime, obiage and zori from places like ebay and etsy.

Most of the sales atm are focused on yukata(since it's yukata season). However a few places that might have nice haori may be Yahoo auctions, Rakuten (check both Rakuten global and the Rakuten japanese site, some sellers I can think of on the top of my head are kimonomachi, kyoetsu oroisiya and cocoroad(japanese site only)) and sellers like sou. Sometimes you might pick up some lovely pieces on eBay.

>I always like seeing people styling traditional clothing in modern ways
I love it as well. It's nice to see kimono being revived and evolving.

Has anyone tried out Simplicity's new cosplay patterns for Fall 2016 yet?
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they're about 8 years too late with that fucking kuroshitsuji dress
I saw like six ciels in dresses at my last con so I doubt it
you're never too late for penis envy

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Anyone else from here going to KinyoobiCon this weekend?

Heard mixed things about it last year from people that attended and just wondering what /cgl/s thoughts were on it
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They've even expanded to 2 buildings this year so I'm getting a little hype at the possibilities, especially since this is the first con this summer I'll be able to afford to go to.
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more tacos again this time~

Didn't see one in the catalog
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not sure how you missed it

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Salty still? She just asked for help

File: 1469276794112.jpg (3MB, 2500x1665px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old one is on autosage.

Post cosplays you think are 10/10 perfect. If possible, credit the cosplayer and name the character.

Starting with my fav from last thread. Don't know his name (or the name of this Gundam unfortunately), but I see him around Florida cons all the time and get blown away by how amazing this is every time.
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Looks like Temjin's latest build? He namefags here, so lurk the progress and selfpost threads from time to time.

How long before this thread devolves into a shitfest of "are you retarded this isn't a 10/10"?
Well in the case of Temjin's cosplay there need not be any arguing. It's God tier.
Oh definitely, I always look forward to see more of his stuff since it's always top tier.

I meant more in general, of course.

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