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Zero Escape thread, self posts welcome. cgl doesn't have spoiler tags so proceed with caution if you haven't played the whole series.
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The disaster is almost upon us!

Let's recap:
>con takes place in both US and Canada simultaneously
>website has egregious misinformation on whether you need passports or not
>a horde of weeaboos will no doubt be stranded in Canada
>con chair is allegedly a pedophile

They released their schedule, and 10 out of the 13 event areas are on the US side. Why did they bother????
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I'm full of anticipation.
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First day ended. Did anyone hear any funny stories? Is anyone there, period?
I'm here ama

I am here.. there's like 200 people on the U.S. at most...

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Tracon is next week. Are you all ready?
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Did anyone send modeling application for j-fashion fair? They were supposed to inform the models already and I would like to know if they only sent the emails to those who were selected. I'm just too embarassed to ask if I wasn't selected. I don't want to seem stupid or confident.
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Finally a Finland thread! I'm not sure where to ask this since Aniki is pretty dead and Kazoku foruumi doesn't work on my phone (is it dead?). Assuming this place is much more active considering Finnish cosplay and cons than any others.

What is the conseus of bought cosplays? I can't sew or anything and I was thinking of buying my forst cosplays. Do people look down on you if you tell them (if they ask whether you made it or if you bought it) that you bought it. I was thinking of first buying the cosplay that resembles the character the best, then buy items and textiles to enchance it.

From the looks of it most ready to be bought cosplays lack wigs, shoes or props, so I could start to look for those or try to make them myself.
Basicly my thought is this, starting with bought cosplays and add missing parts and make it the best I can. Then progress little by little by doing props by myself, fixing the character wigs, putting more and more effort on doing most of the cosplay by myself and relying on bought coslays less.

>TL:DR What is the conseus of bought cosplays?
Hui wrote an interesting blogpost on the topic. http://www.karikari.fi/?p=4925

inb4 >hui

How was CAMI for you guys?
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Are you seriously trying to do this again? Get over trying to create drama. No one cares about our lame cons you cringefest.
OT but at first I thought this was a /pol/ invasion thread.
That website is bizarre, why mention that the convention center your con is in is up to any "standards" or hosts "tens of conventions" is that all supposed to be impressive?

I've never seen other cons bring up their convention space in that manner

Bodyline thread, never4get edition

i was wondering to anyone who has bought a body line tote, do they smell really..... fishy? my cousin bought me an antique clock tote which i plan use for normie wear since i dress gothic and it's pretty cute, but it smells like mr yan himself rubbed his sweaty ballsack all over it. anyone else got this problem?
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September 1 coming up soon, anyone looking for cute things?

I'm keeping an eye out for the marine love live cosplay.
Speaking of bodyline bags, they used to have really cute bags shaped like different things (strawberries, teddy bears, design replicas). The older bodyline bags I have are pretty good quality too. I wish they'd do more of them! Totes aren't really my style
Yeah their bags always smell like ass

i'm looking for some cute maid outfits.
do you have favorites?
do you have anything you hate?
post them all.
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This one is super tacky, but I still kind of want to wear it anyway.
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I'm thinking about buying this one because it reminds me of the ones from this video.

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We're just over a week out, who's going and does anyone need a room? I have some space available in the Hyatt.
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I'm just going to drink with seagulls
Gonna be working it, actually.

I owed someone a favor.
What department?

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Try not to shit it up this time edition
Old thread >>9138925
So happy to finally have these syringe thigh highs, I've had my eyes on them for a while
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Otakumode just got lots of Menhera stuff but...damn, why are japanese indie rbands so expensive, like, almost 400 bucks for a simple satin clutch bag?
ngl i paid about $40 for a simple sailor collar
Any menhera stuff on aliexpress?

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Because the other thread is saging >>9132153

My friends and I are building a harem of cat boys for Anime California, does anyone have suggestions on where we can find tails that will attach well to boxers and preferably don't use pins?
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Anybody know anything about voice modulators? I want one for the Reaper cosplay im trying to start, but ive never dealt with electronics
I would use a ribbon waist tie. Just make the ribbon cute so that it looks like it 's part of the outfit.
Does anyone have advice/tutorials for sewing off the shoulder puff sleeves like this? I'm wondering how I should place them against the bodice for maximum comfort/mobility since it's for a project I'll likely be wearing all day at a renfest.

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Program guide for Sac Anime is up. Who's going and what are your plans?


At the very least there's waaaaay less Character QA panels than last year.
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This is gonna be my very first SacAnime.
What should I expect in terms of lines, crowds, dealers hall, are the people there usually pretty lively?
I've only ever been to Fanime before and the energy at Fanime is usually pretty good, even if the last two cons weren't as interesting in terms of guests and panels and all that.

>what are your plans?
Cosplay and let my ego skyrocket.
Going to be in the artist alley again this year. Hoping for a good time and good sales.
The crowd is young I think its high school and early 20s. The energy is pretty lively but more in that hyperactive teenager lively as opposed to con lively. There much less interesting "inbetween" goings on then say Fanime so its harder to pass the time simply wandering around. I do recommend having a game plan and to prepare for the heat. Sacramento is notoriously hot and even the two block distance most hotels have is pretty brutal.

Also you're going to need to work a lot harder to find food.

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Long story short, I'm a fat2fit lady with a lot of muscle. Buff. And I love it.

I've always wanted to get into cosplay, and now that I've got the body I want I'm starting on it. Because of my figure, I'm doing a lot of female versions of male characters. I'm starting with a fem Chu from YuYu Hakusho, and then a fem version of Enoch from the video game El Shaddai. Possibly doing female Heavy from TF2, as well. The designs are somewhat conservative, as they've been made (slightly) feminine but not slutty. I'm not into slutty.

My question is: Are there any anime/game female characters that are buff as fuck? I like doing fem versions of males, but it'd be nice to cosplay as an actually intended female without it being satire (I'm tempted to do a muscle version of one of the Sailor Scouts. Maybe Mercury). I'm 5'9" and I'm built with a big frame. I never really see anything like this.

>inb4 Zarla from Overwatch

That's freaking obvious, and I can't stand that hair. Not doing Zarla. What else is out there?
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There's Jasper from Steven Universe but if you're not into Overwatch you're probably not gonna like her either.

Maybe look through the list here and maybe there'll be a character that you like.

Sage for this post being relatively unhelpful.

There is a "bad pokemon" thread but none for good ones or discussions about wips and your own projects.

Are you working on one?
Excited for trainer or team leader cosplays?
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It's kind of lame, but I'm going to be doing umbreon for myself, eevee for my child. I have some pieces from my first attempt at umbreon, which was pretty lackluster but had decent furry bits, which I'm going to cannibalize and improve. I was going to use some old pajamas to make the ears/tail for eevee, but the faux fur was damaged in the wash, so I'm looking for other fabric. The light bits are a sherpa-type, so I'm trying to find the perfect fabric with a similar texture for the brown bits.

Hopefully it's okay. I don't want to wind up in the bad cosplay thread, but I also don't want to put a ton of time and money into these costumes.
Did anyone else go to the PokeGo event at Little Tokyo on Sunday?

Also am planning on doing a Pokemon professor group for Anime California maybe.
Haven't played the Pokemon Go game yet (no phone), but I do like the trainer designs and my roommate's been playing it non-stop. I might make costumes from the game for us.

Post pics and talk about projects.

Started mostly because I'm going ot have to make four senshi uniforms for some beardy, muscly dudes and need a place to bounce questions.
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AX 2014.jpg
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I like the official AX groups but their skirts are way too long. Was that a thing the company decided?
All of them have fugly faces. What the fuck? They're supposed to be pretty soldiers, not homely soldiers.
can't think of any other examples offhand but in the manga usagi is described as very average. that's part of her appeal as a character, she isn't particularly beautiful or intelligent or graceful but her friends love her anyway.

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Interested in seeing photos from AX!
>what youre working on
>Wig colour/styling
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I was Silas for day 1 and morning of day 2.shit didn't work out too well for some of it and needs to be repaired but everything still stayed fine.

Doing Siegbert on Monday,day 4,so if anyone sees me then feel free to hit me up
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gascoigne coplay wip. how can i make it so that i can fucking see from the bandages?
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Small slit or thinner material
line your brain with eyes

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