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linds idea 4.png
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in response to that "what kills cons?" thread, which cons get it right? what do they do differently?
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>be /cgl/
>hate cosfamous with big Patreon accounts
>meet Jessica Nigri
>she's awesome

>be me
>like cosfamous
Definitely gencon. I feel like the common complaints each anime con has fall on deaf ears but I keep seeing gencon grow and improve every year
Amecon had an awesome new feature this year- a schedule app that shows you all the events on every day, lets you favourite events to build your own schedule, sends you reminders when an event is starting and messages about things being cancelled or moved, and even has a map so you can see where everything is. Fantastic idea for cons with a more spread out venue, but I'd really like to see it at more panel-centric cons in general.

I've started up a new tumblr, who are your favourite lolitas/oujis/EGAs to follow? I'm looking for inspiration.

Also do you think there's any point in starting a non-tumblr lolita blog? I've seen so many start up and get no recognition, mostly because everything has been said already. So unless you have the closet of Milkyfawn, is there any point?
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I'd really only start a real blog if I already had a large following on some other social media, so a harder to find "old school" blog would already have some kind of base following from your tumblr or insta
You're right. It's a pity, I've always loved writing but unless you have a large following your words are most likely going to go unnoticed.
Okay, million dollar question: how do you become efamous in the lolita community if you're not part of a huge/well known comm? Or, if you want to become efamous but not look like an attention whore.

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Do you have any stories about the parents of underage comm members getting involved and messing things up? Like, the kid is not the problem at all but it's their parent that is making everyone resentful?
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The mother of one of our younger members once stepped in to help her organize a meet. It was nice of her and we were supportive but frankly I imagine that said member would have done a better job organizing it without her help.
The event page her mother set up on facebook was public so every random normie on her friend list could access it and invite themselves; thankfully none of them showed up but it did lend itself to some awkward situations; imagine trying to explain the fashion to strange middle aged wine moms and even stranger men who are interested in the "meeting of lolitas" on facebook.
The meetup turned out alright in the end but I don't think that the cringefest that lead up to it was worth the effort.
I had this one insident that didn't involve a comm but it was between me (an adult) a 14-year old that wanted me as her Lolita mentor and the girl's mother.

>Girl loves punk, gothic, hot topic and wants to be a Lolita. She is very overweight.
>Teaches her how to research properly,where to find plus size Lolita dresses and assures her this is do-able.
>Mother is convinced that the brand dresses not being plus size will turn her daughter anorexic.
>Assures Mother there is no subiminal body shaming going on here; we just need to work around it.
>Mother freaks out that a Bodyline dress could cost up to $60; accuses fashion of being "pricey" and "too rich" for her blood
>Meanwhile Girl has a healthy body image, is already saving her allowance and is on track to get into Lolita soon.
>Take mother and daughter to Babyssb SF and out to tea just to try and better show the mom what it is her teenager is intrested in.
>Mother flips out at the entire experience; believes the shop girls promote an "unhealthy body image" by being normal weight, is triggered that a full afternoon tea would cost more then Burger King and believes this is some conspiracy to turn her daughter into a spoiled elitist.

... Eventually I backed off. I am still in open communications with the girl but I am not encouraging her becoming a Lolita anymore. Sometimes she visits me and wants to see my classic lolita closet; she's really into it still but even she's tired of her mother. She's still fat, still content but is now dating "bad boys" which her mother thinks are super cool and hip and not "weird" like that skinny-rich fashion.
I want to just add that after this experience I'm starting to wonder if a lot of fat kids become fat adults because their parents end up projecting on them instead of helping them. The reason why I brought up the girl's weight is that she was really comfortable with herself; meaning she was very mentally and emotionally stable. Just fat. But her mother kept creating and planting all these insecurities that could drive any child to start questioning themselves.

Bonus points if you can find a coord with the Jesus dress.
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Based Jesus coord.

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how do you like the cosplay?
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no wig
no makeup
Pure kino
Guy needs to start lifting

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New Lolita General.

Resentful Poorfags edition.
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Why would anyone actually want to buy this tho?
It just keeps getting better. Milanoo x AP collab when?
AP tryin'a break into the BTSSB Classic series genre of ruffles.

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MKX? idk...
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JP Style
Please post more of the American style for research porpoises.
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Ataack on Titan

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Previous Thread: >>9136410

Previously, on Dutch Thread:
>Abunai schedule guy gave us some insights in his work
>Corsets 101
>"Do lewd things happen at Abunai?"
>25 year olds having their ID checked
>Tomo+Anime.Amsterdam is a thing?!
>The famous McDonalds in Almelo has closed!
>The Imagicon judges have been announced
>OC cosplay opinions
>Define "cosplay"
>Can I bring/do X at Abunai?
>Slooty cosplays and nipple slips

Convention news:
>"SPONSERED": TomoParty is this weekend.
>Abunai is near and the Saturday tickets have sold out. Also, the schedule has been released!
>ACC is also near. Keep in mind autograph/photo sessions and certain panels cost money to attend.

Next five /cgl/ related events:
>TomoParty (August 20th, Ewijk GLD) is a cosplay themes pool/beach party. Keep in mind you are not allowed to bring any alcohol but it will be served there.
>Abunai! (August 26th - 28th, Veldhoven NB) is the other big anime convention. Hotel rooms are all long gone and there's still no schedule available.
>Amsterdam Comic Con (August 27th & 28th, Amsterdam NH) is a comic fair very similar to DCC, except this one is hosted by Showmasters. Tickets start at €15 a day.
>Elfia (September 24rd & 25th, Arcen LB) is an outdoor medieval/fantasy convention. The programming is still in the making so there's not a lot I can really say about it yet.
>Tomofair (October 1st & 2nd, Nijmegen GLD) is a cheap small fair with anime, manga and other J-culture relevant items. Just keep your expectations low and you might find yourself having a fun day.
Full Dutch convention agenda: http://pastebin.com/QaZ23aUA If there are any cons missing form the list, make sure to post it in the thread so I can add them.

This threads relevant Strawpolls:
>Abunai vs Amsterdam Comic Con; which will you attend? http://www.strawpoll.me/10952440
>Abunai Meet? http://www.strawpoll.me/11016284
>ACC meet? http://www.strawpoll.me/11016293
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In case you skipped the OP, I added two Strawpolls in the OP to see if people are interested in a /cgl/ meet at Abunai and/or ACC.
>Abunai Meet? http://www.strawpoll.me/11016284
>ACC meet? http://www.strawpoll.me/11016293

Feel free to discus possible times, locations and such in the thread. Keep in mind I won't be there myself to wave my ridiculously tiny Tully flag, so someone else will have to be "that bloke awkwardly looking around for a bunch of seagulls".
Hey, guy who wanted to sell his ticket on Marktplaats. Thanks for causing Abunai to get FUCKING ALL OF THEIR PANTIES IN A BUNCH and start a ID check at the enrty. Really good job.
well shit... and it's not like lines were all that fast before

Old thread: >>9144361
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Let's get this started. The self proclaimed "Last Fan Run Las Vegas Anime Convention". What are your thoughts, is any one excited, got any juicy info? I'm just glad Kim isn't back this year.
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I'm ready for the walking shitshow that is momokunt
I don't personally care about the drama around her.
I heard it was cancelled and then they decided to uncancel it? And in the process of uncancelling they forgot to tell some important people. I don't expect this to be more than a clusterfuck of a con, I wasn't even gonna bother going til my homies from Cali hit me up on coming to Vegas for this con.

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Didn't see one in the catalog and thought it might be handy

>post a dress or other lolita fashion item that you're interested in
>don't forget details like colorway and specific cuts/lengths if applicable
>be patient and don't be a twat
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I've fallen in love with Wiz Me Over The Rainbow but I can't decide if I want it in pink or blue. I am looking for photos of the JSK II cut. I'm not a fan of the apron style jsk.

I literally can't find any decent photos of it that aren't in the red colorway. Save me, seagulls.

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Anyone have any retail stories they want to share? The good and the bad. Whether you’re shopping for crafting supplies or working the counter. All types of stories welcomed. Just keep it /cgl/ related.
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There's nothing quite like going to a Joann's and seeing obvious weebs.
As a cashier at Joann's I've checked out quite a few. They've been buying a lot of the cosplay patterns lately, natch.

But then I cosplay too so maybe I shouldn't really be judging.
Also, some general annoying things about working there that aren't really cgl related but eh:

-Parents letting their children knock over all the fabric bolts/items/etc.
-Customers coming in having no clue at all about what they're making/measurements.
-No one reads the fine print on coupons and then get annoyed when they won't work.
-Also when the fabric tickets won't scan and I have to type in the numbers/yardage for a dozen different fabrics. Same with phone coupons; half the time they won't scan so I have to punch them in manually.

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Can we talk about what the fuck is up with New England? First, AB cancelled their dances and instituted 4 hour waits to get patted down for contraband, then Connecticon started stalking people at elevator doors, harassing even non-congoers for badges to get out of the elevators.

Now, AAC announces no more rave, no more lobbycon, and no more extras in your rooms.

fb.com /anotheranimecon/posts/1202306069812004

Why is this region so shit for having a good time? Autists happy with watching four ask-a-character panels as their whole con? Leftover puritan morals? wtf.
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You do realize the AB raves were canceled because people fucked up one time to many and the pat downs are because of the fucking bombing and threat at that shitty ass pokemon event right? Shit sucks but it's not for no goddamn reason.
>AB instituted 4 hour waits to get patted down for contraband

sounds like someone was an idiot and didn't go to the other entrances, I never waited more then thirty minutes and that was only on the first day
PortCon in Maine is really lax and still has a dance and doesn't do security check points. Not all of them are going to shit.

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New ita thread.
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>lets just wear a leopard print top with a neapolitan theme
lol wasn't this posted in the last ita thread and the coord thread?

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Anyone have stories about rooming with randoms at conventions? I'm curious. I mean I don't do that and nobody I know does but someone must have done it.
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I've only done it twice, one good and one bad. I'll start with good one first.

>Friend really wants me to go to con, a mutual friend has a room and she's offering me a spot for super cheap
>decide "why not", go ahead and go
>mutual friend is rooming with the con staff
>I'm instantly connected with the con staff, one of the "insiders" so to speak
>we sit around playing cards against humanity and drinking into the wee hours of the night
>all in all, pretty fun night.

Now for the bad one.

>Friend wants me to room with her and some others at ACEN
>dunno who's holding the room but I meet them
>its some 27 yr old with anxiety issues, mental issues out the ass, and walks around in her underwear the entire time she's in the room
>smells exactly like sardines. No exaggeration.
>tried to use little friend as a body pillow
>noped my way out of there
>Room with friends for Anime Expo. They have a few stragglers to makeup for last minute drop outs in the room.
>They don’t know one of the girls to well but they need the money.
>Girl IS probably where the term Hambeast originated as well as a few other words. (See: Weeaboo, japanophile, fucking retard)
>We’ll call her Tarry. We get to the con Friday night and Tarry is 3 hours late. (This wouldn’t have mattered but we had to pay at check in and she hadn’t paid yet).
>Get settled in. She throws her stuff all over the room and proceeds to start yaking about her new favorite thing. Homestuck. (A forward, I don’t mind homestuck itself, but I hate the fandom.)
>Saturday rolls around. Tarry is cosplaying a troll from homestuck. (The one with the red eyes and the Libra symbol.)
>She locks herself in the bathroom. “I need to get into my troll makeup! Don’t come in!”
>2 Hours later she still isn’t done.
>There are 2 people in the room with Trinity Blood costumes, and my self and my friend have makeup that takes at least an hour to apply. Plus we all still need to shower. (Not that our costumes automatically take priority but 2 hours, really?)
>We notice a funny smell coming from the bathroom.
>Door is locked, and she wont let us in.
15 minutes later we start to get really suspicious. Friend decides to shimmy open the door.
>Her purse and valuables are in there and she needs to go.
>Get door open.
>Tarry is sitting in the bathtub, naked. The bathtub is filled almost half way with what we later found out was 70% alchohol and sharpie dye. Bottles and sharpies everywhere.
>It’s all over the walls. On the tile. On almost all the towels. On several articles of clothing and bags in the bathroom.
>What she says?

“I was going to clean it up!”

>We kick her out of the room. She pays the $700 dollars in damage fees. She gets skin poisoning/damage from her stupid stunt.
>Fucking Homestuck fans.
My first out of state con, I flew halfway across the country to Acen and roomed with randos from the forums.
Nothing bad happened except one night I had gone to sleep early and one of their friends comes in with a motherfucking TRUMPET at midnight.

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