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Just moved to Minnesota last month. I'm used to the east coast and eastern midwest where there's an abundance of decent to spectacular cons, but now I'm finding that most cons out here are mediocre or Kopf-cons. Is there anything out here that's worthwhile? (sticking to the US)

Daishocon is the only one I've been considering.
Not sure if I want to take the trip all the way to Chicago for Acen.
How is AnimeIowa?
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I live in MN and go to Anime Detour every year. It's nothing special as far as cons go but I always have a good time. Registration caps at 5000 and it always sells out a few months in advance and the hotel sells out in under an hour after reservations open up so if you want to go you have to commit pretty early. There's also Animinneapolis. I've only gone once and liked Detour a lot more, but Animinneapolis sounds like it's improved the past couple years. I've also heard good things about Convergence as far as sci-fi party cons go, but I've never been. Chicago is just far enough away where I'd rather just go all out and go to a better con even farther away.
Animinneapolis is one of the Kopf cons.

I heard about the cap for Detour. I'm just not a fan of cons that small unless they have an amazing location.
Detour was my first con ever, went every year until I moved away. It's a total blast, they always have great panels. Anime Iowa was always fun as well if you're willing to travel for it, it's in the middle of fucking nowhere but worth it.

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Have you modelled? Designed? Directed? Favorite brands to work with? Least favorite?

Ever been stuck in an ugly coord? Have to deal with bitchy models? Rehearsed for hours with a constantly changing script and no way to eat, drink, or pee because you couldn't leave the room and let plebs see your designer's precious brand before the show?

Share your stories, gulls.
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I'm doing my first fashion show this year at Dragoncon! I'm very excited but thus far I've had trouble finding models and it's a very last minute thing so I'm quite worried. I also fear the models I do have won't get their coords together in time.

I'm planning the coordinates but I'm not the designer. The designer is a surprise!
Doesn't the designer plan the coords?

Also good luck!

>pic unrelated, I just love wtf JetJ fashion shows
Typically, yes. But there are extenuating circumstances. The designer won't be at the show unfortunately. We're also getting a discount on our orders as opposed to borrowing the coords so I'm collabing with the girls to make sure they each have an outfit they'll wear again.

Old thread auto saging >>9102717

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Well, Alphonse Mucha's work is in the public domain, so legally it's fair game. There is a very clear difference between a commercial company currently making profit on their merchandise, and a long dead artist whose work has all been released to the public domain.

Personally I'm not bothered/offended by style copies if there ISN'T an official release of that fandom from that retailer, but as an artist I wouldn't mess with that can of worms. The retailer is going to be legally obligated to shut you down to protect their trade mark if they ever see it, and convention staff may also enforce it. We're all playing in the legal grey zone to begin with, so it's not worth hunting extra trouble.
In your experience, does tabling with a person of much higher skill level than you boost or take away from your sales? I expected a boost, but when I tabled with a very skillful friend, it felt like nobody paid attention to my stuff.
How much higher? And how different are your styles and fandoms?

Personally, I table with a friend whose art is worse than mine, and I pretty sure it's hurting my sales. People either gush over her side and ignore mine, or vice-versa. But alot of time, the dividing factor was just who had what fandom.

Hey, we had this thread on /fit/ but I didn't get my questions fully answered.

I'm just saying everything that I can think of about this topic and if something isn't written down than please be certain that I'm not doing it, so don't just assume stuff.

My skin is rather oily, especially on the nose and forehead. I shower daily in the mornings and never try to wash my face with shampoo or whatever. I only wash it with water under the shower. Once I'm done showering, I dry myself and use "Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser" on my dry face, massage it in for a few seconds, wait about 10-15 seconds and wash it off, dry my face again. Then I use "Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser", massage it in, wait for like 15 seconds, wash it off, dry my face. After all of that I use "Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera" and smear it all over my face, bit just a little bit. I wait a few seconds again and used to apply "Aloe Vera Gel pure 100% Aloe" on my entire face including nose and forehead. I stopped with that gel because it felt like it only makes it even more oily.

Now I only do 2x Cetaphil, 1x Hazel and go to work. That all happens around 0600. At work I feel like my face gets oily at around 1030, so I wash it with water again, dry it and be done with everything until I'm home and use 2x Cetaphil again but I don't wash the 2nd Cetaphil off my face.

Now, I guess I do shittons of stuff wrong but what can I do to get normal, non-oily skin? I only drink water, like 3l per day, eat no sweats or whatever and obviously do lots of sports.
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First of all, you should probably be using a cleanser that's specifically for oily skin. Preferably something natural that isn't going to strip your face. Same thing with the moisturizer. You need something that's going to balance and take care of excess oil. I'd add in a toner. A lot of people don't think it's necessary but I feel like my face isn't thoroughly clean if I don't use it after I cleanse.

Secondly, I'd invest in a face scrub or a mask. I exfoliate once a week (twice if I feel extra oily) and that definitely helps reduce the oiliness of my skin. The mask I do maybe once every two weeks only because I have combination skin and I don't think I need to do it any more than that but you could do it once a week.

Even with my regiment, I still find that my skin will get a bit more oily than usual just because it's the summer but it's definitely nowhere near as bad as it would be if I didn't do my regiment every day.
Thanks, can you suggest some products? I always read that x and y is good but a lot feels just like some shitty shilling that isn't even doing anything.
Didn't even realize we didn't have a Skincare General in the catalog.

Ok anon, for what you're doing wrong. Cetaphil is a skin cleanser, and you don't put it on dry skin. It is the same as when you are taking a shower and clean yourself with soap. Turn on your sink, wet your face, then take a pump of the cleanser and rub it in to wash. Then you rinse it off. That is how you wash your face.
There are skincare turorials on youtube if you have trouble understanding something, though washing your face if very straight forward...

For the toner, you apply with a cotton round pad, not your fingers. You buy these pads at any drugstore, hell, any grocery store. Squirt a little on the pad, and wipe down your face with this after cleansing. You let the toner sit for about a minute or two in order to absorb into your skin.

After that, you apply your moisturizer. Aloe vera gel is the most basic of all basic moisturizers, and is commonly reccomended in our threads for people with oily and sensitive skin. The reason why your skin feels so oily, is because it is dry. It is over producing oil throughout the day to compensate for how dry your skin is. This is usually caused by genetics and an improper routine. Keep a little travel thing of aloe vera gel on you all day, and when you feel your skin start to tighten (dry out), apply a dollop to moisturize. This can also be done with any other moisturizer.

If you have a sister or girlfriend, ask her to show you how she does her skincare routine. Or just watch her in the morning or evening. It's much simpler than you think, and I'm just going to assume your a guy, because I think it's a shame that skincare is such neglected knowledge with men. There's no shame with taking care of your skin, and it's especially needed when you regularly put a razor to your face to shave.

I'll continue with a basic skincare rundown in another post. Feel free to ask questions.

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Share the feels that you're feeling. Keep 'em /cgl/ related, alright?

Previous thread >>9124762
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>go to lame-ass local con at the state fairgrounds
>arrive in my finest Spider-Gwen cosplay
>redneck gun convention next door
>one of the gun guys overflows their toilet
>toilet water and poo seep into the gun show, then the comic area
>mfw I hear "yee-haws" and "git 'er dones" next door
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>Michaels already put out their Halloween stock
>My JoAnn's finally did too.
>mfw walking into the store

I'm going to be crafting so damn hard this year.
This reminds me of some good news! I got diarrhea in a public restroom today. I've never had the courage to use a public toilet, but I was in such distress that I worked up the nerve. I'm really proud of myself!

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Was it ever decided if there was going to be a /cgl/ meet up and if so where/when?
>tfw can't get Friday off

There isn't much going on but it always feels like I'm missing out
I'm not sure if they will follow up, but someone mentioned Saturday at 5pm after the Love Live! Shoot

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sakura tullip fest.jpg
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Previous Thread: >>9105975

Previously, on Dutch Thread
>TomoBashing, and how the TomoParty rules will mostly follow the Dutch tradition to "gedoog" things
>Gyaru fashion discussion, and Gyaru community drama
>"Racist photographer" drama
>Deleted posts made in Dutch
>What do guys look at in a cosplay? Answer: Boobs.
>What do girls look at in a cosplay? Answer: Actual quality.
>People taking a casual Bolin joke way too serious.
>Abunai, everything that went wrong at the cosplay contest last year, and why we joke about their "sweaty hallways" all the time
>Some TG Drama to top it all off
>And probably a lot of small talk I can't be arsed to add right now.

Convention news
>In case you haven't noticed, Castlefest is near.
>The Abunai dealer list and Cosplay meet-up schedule are now online.
>ACC added more information to their site as well.

Next five /cgl/ related events:
>Castlefest (August 5th - 7th, Lisse ZH) is an outdoor medieval/fantasy convention. Tickets start at €22,95.
>Tropicon (August 13th, Duisburg, Germany) is a pool/beach cosplay party located at a 30 minute drive from Venlo (LB). Tickets are €5 and can be purchased at the door.
>TomoPart (August 13th, Ewijk GLD) is a cosplay themes pool/beach party. Keep in mind you are not allowed to bring any alcohol but it will be served there.
>Abunai! (August 26th - 28th, Veldhoven NB) is the other big anime convention. Hotel rooms are all long gone and day tickets are running low so buy yours while you still can.
>Amsterdam Comic Con (August 27th & 28th, Amsterdam NH) is a comic fair very similar to DCC, except this one is hosted by Showmasters. Tickets start at €15 a day.
The full and more detailed convention agenda can be found in the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/QaZ23aUA and as always, if I missed anything feel free to post it so I can add it to the pastebin.

This threads relevant Strawpoll:
Are you going to Castlefest this weekend? http://www.strawpoll.me/10882896
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May it be known that all who post about her will agree they are obsessed autistic trash. Then from here on we will have no mistake what every single last one of you are.
Last thread was a perfect example of what it looks like when mentally ill people get cut off from their main attention source. My advice would be a psychologist, not anonymous posts on the internet

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anyone going? anyone been?
is it fun?
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I'll be going for the first time. I'm not sure if I should wear lolita, other jfash or just normal clothes.

Do they usually post a schedule before pre-registration ends? I'll feel bad having paid for 3 days if all the stuff I want to go to ends up being on the same day, and vice versa.
I've never been before, but I might go this yr. The general consensus on this board is that it's a fun con and way better managed than AN. One of their guests that I'm kinda excited about seeing is Takeshi Obata who did the art for Hikaru no Go and Deathnote:

I also wanna check out Fanexpo this yr, only because Stan Lee is coming and this will be his last Canadian appearance due to his age/travel restrictions.
I'll be going for the 5th time now I think? I like Otakuthon the most out of the cons I've been, which to be fair isn't very many.

Last year schedule only came out like a week before the con iirc don't count on it

At what point do you start to judge someone for how much lolita and kawaii/weeaboo shit they have? Why?
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I guess I start to judge someone when I see their personality is overcome by "their weeaboo level". I've been surrounded by retards most of my life, anyway.
I don't care if someone has their entire house covered in anime cringe and wears kitty ears around the neighborhood. If they are not hurting anyone, and they are able to maintain full conversations that do not scream 'autism' and are outside of their kawaii world, It's their business.
WHY would you judge someone for it? Judging someone for indulging in their hobbies/interests a lot sounds shit
When they can't afford it?

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Lolita general.
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have the measurements for this been released anywhere? reckon it'll sell out?
I wish I could get myself to like sweet. This print is actually kind of cute and I really like the cut on that OP...

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Old thread is long dead.

JS summer collection dropped today. Anyone spend their shekels on this? I bought one for a cosplay.
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I picked one up (virginity for those who care)! Tbh his lipsticks are not that comfortable to wear (Aromi's liquid lip feels much nicer), but they have great coverage look great on especially in pictures!
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Drama or no drama I don't wanna spend 18 bux.

Dupes for nude beach?
I'm 22 and I still have trouble with makeup
What's the best look for a young/natural face that will look good in photos?

Didn't see one in the catalog.

MechaCon was sorta local for me this past weekend, so I couldn't wait to see all the gross things people tried to pull off.

>long curly wig
>shit-tier boots
>even more shit-tier sword
>goddamn that editing in her 'photoshoot'
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dropped second image

What music do you listen to while getting ready? /cgl/ music thread?

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fuck yeah.
adding to this, mob psycho 100 OP and ED
Ma nig
also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLAZyxpiAOY

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New larp thread, Drachenfest SOON edition.
previous thread

Thread may contain high level of autism, enter at your own risk.
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Hey Hungarian, you got any Dagger in your pile of swords that you could lend me for the DF? I'm increasingly disappointed in my Katzbalger, since it's too long to be practical and the Swiss Dagger I want will likely not arrive in time.
Forgot to namefag my post.

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can we get a plaid lolita thread going? post some of the best coords you got!
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You have to contribute at least 3-5 images yourself OP.
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