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>Irish thread

Because why not.

Qcon coming up next week in Belfast. Eirtakon less than 150 days away. Irish rori and cosplay.

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>it's raining out

Ah lads.
if someone doesn't pair up and do a Gerry Adams/Ian Paisley cosplay I swear to god..
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I'm sure this is going to end well

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With Labor Day tomorrow in the US, how about we share good sales going on?
Malco Modes is having 20% petticoats, so grab that petticoat you've been eyeing before the 5th.

Anything that can be used for jfash or cosplay is welcome.
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Asos has a lot of larme-able things.

They have 15% off everything with code "LASTHURRAH"
It may or may not stack with the 10% off discount codes from MyUnidays.
Go through a cashback site to earn cashback as well.
Shameless plug if you don't already have an account: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=GCMAjPS1o68ysWet3eOjvg%3D%3D&eeid=28187 and click "Join Now"
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H&M is offering free shipping (with code 7804) and 60% off select items. They have some larme-able stuff and basics.
I know people shit on them all the time but http://www.dollskill.com/ is having a 20% off site wide.

People always say they're over priced but you just have to shop smart. I'm in Canada so shipping can be so brutal from most places. The free shipping over 75 can make it worth it for me sometimes, plus the 20% makes things pretty decent right now.

ITT Famous people cosplaying

Here's Austin Creed cosplaying Powerline at Dragoncon
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>Austin Creed
Fucking smarks.
This is 50 Cent

That is all
I know it's a shitty store mask, but was pretty cool she went undercover. I know quite a few celebs do it.

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Old one at image limit
Post those spooky coords
Have a Halloween coord planned? Show us!
Other related/helpful threads
Shironuri thread >>9168220
Coord help thread: >>9151252
Gothic thread: >>9162918
Makeup general: >>9167803
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I really want to do a sort of "lolita" version of this costume for MNSSHP but im having a hard time picking out a dress that could work, any one have any ideas?
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>>9 170158
The most obvious and only choice.

Dumping a photo to compensate for my fat finger.

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Previous one got deleted
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>no money for lolita right now
>every fuckin dress I want shows up
I'll start I guess. One of my (now former) cosplay buds recently pretty much outed herself as an attention whore who doesn't like cosplay anymore but wants the attention that she'll get for being a cosplayer.
We used to have a lot of fun making costumes together, talking about our plans, giving each other advice and all that good stuff, but about 6 months ago she suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.
2 months later, she returned with a new profile and followed all of the people in our cosplay friend group on Instagram. She unfollowed us again after about two weeks.
In the meantime, she had stopped making costumes and started buying costumes only. Buying costumes isn't a big deal and I thought she was buying just because she was too busy to craft anything. Later she admitted that she didn't even like sewing (which is ok. Different people like different things.)
About 1 1/2 months before I stopped talking to her, she was going full cosplay ho mode. She went from creating elaborate costumes to gluing shit on bras á la Jnig. She made a Patreon around the same time as well and began to push people to donate money to her combined with the insufferable "but you don't have to if you don't waaant too~ teehee~" act. She created a tier for people to be able to obtain pictures of her in lingerie and another where they could pay to Skype video chat her.
About a week before our falling out, she started following a (admittedly very attractive) male cosplayer friend of mine whom I met only after she already left our cosplay friend circle. However, she soon realized that he and I know each other because we took selfies together at cons. She DMed him with all sorts of crap like I was a slut and that she was a much nicer gal and general shit talk. My friend is ofc thrown off by all of this and tells me everything she says and then blocks her.
Our friend group ended up all blocking her after that.

Idk it's just super depressing to see people go down that route.
wow that's really cancerous

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Old thread: >>9164290
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Angelic Pretty's 2016 collection and their 2015 stuff was met with some mixed impressions. A lot of people don't like were AP has been headed lately, but I have to ponder this;

Is Larme Magazine's influence on Angelic Pretty creating the new form of Ero Lolita?
Ero Lolita has exist in concept forever, but it's almost never properly pulled off; but AP's latest JSKs have been designed to be wearable blouse-less (a Ero Lolita feature) and they have been mixing in some very subtle yet mature elements. Looking at AP's design direction in this way, is the shift more or less acceptable?
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I don't know if this is b8 or what but if it isn't you must not be very aware of current fashion trends in Japan.
Larme is just a cheap trick to make otome clothes cuter
I haven't seen any worn blouseless except in fashion spreads

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Anybody do anything unique to their consoles/pcs/handhelds? I love seeing how people customize theirs, whether they made it themselves or bought it.
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This is too busy for me but someone might like it
never would've thought of doing something with the stylus

How broad/narrow is your definition of cosplay and what outfits are considered cosplay?

Do you define any costume based off of a fictional character cosplay?

What about dressing up as real celebrities or historical icons, is that cosplay?

Does complexity matter? IE Some people say dressing up as Poison isn't really cosplay as its just a hat, jeans and a tanktop.

What if you dress up as a character in plain clothes such as jeans and a t-shirt for Hank Hill.

What if you go out of your way to dress up as a fictional character who's not the focus of the series such as dressing up as a background pedestrian in a Godzilla movie. Does it still count as cosplay?
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Are you dressing up in a costume? It's cosplay. Doesn't need to be a good one.

Cosplay = costume play.

And if the costume is normal clothes that you would wear anyway, do we still consider it cosplay?
how dumb are you?

I find standard lolita posing and photoshoots so depressing. The style doesn't really feel alive and more of a prop for egos than anything.

Could we have a candid lolita photo / lolitas doing normal things thread? I feel like candid photos make the fashion feel more normal and lively.
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No ita monstrosities allowed.
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File: 137394-g.jpg (120KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Maryland Renaissance Festival opened up last weekend. Who went/plans to go? What will you wear?

Apart from Maryland anons, general discussion about Renaissance Festivals, costuming, and autistic elitism goes here.

Questions to get started:

>Do you think non-Renaissance costumes (i.e. Cosplay, faeries, lolita/Jfash) belong?

>Cider vs Ale?

>Should you include an accent with your costume?

>Cringiest thing you've seen at a RenFest?

Self post some of your costumes too if you want.
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Is the MD one worth going to? It's only like 4h away so that's not so bad I guess

>Do you think non-Renaissance costumes (i.e. Cosplay, faeries, lolita/Jfash) belong?
Cosplay no, faeries/lolita sure. Other jfash probably not? I could see something like mori fitting in pretty well

>Cider vs Ale?
Ale not close

>Should you include an accent with your costume?
As cringy as it is I do generally do this

>Cringiest thing you've seen at a RenFest?
There are fratbros chasing each other around with wooden swords and people cosplaying star trek/other scifi at every renfaire, but it's still cringy every time I see it.

I need to start retooling my costume a bit, I bit the bullet on those nice custom-fitted boots last year so the rest of my gear needs to catch up.
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Took my kids to GA's RenFaire last year and IMO is not worth going anymore, all the kiddie rides are crazy expensive, $2 for sliding down the spiral slide or $5 to ride the jousting zip line thing. If they had a bracelet for all access for kids then I would take them.
Last year I completely overhauled my Ren Faire garb to make it more accurate. I decided to make a late 16th century Italian kirtle. I need to make a matching camicia and partlet but I got compliments from the workers last year even with my lame chemise. Unfortunately I got no pictures of it.

Most of the friends I go with are fine with bodices and corsets with pirate blouses but I can't do it anymore. I need historical accuracy dammit!

I'm not a fan of non-Renaissance costumes, but I know everyone just wants a chance to dress up, so I'd never say anything to anyone else. Not sure why'd you wear j-fash to Faires, its very dirty at all the ones I go to.

New lolita general. I had nothing witty to say for the title.
Old gen: >>9157914
CoF: >>9164290
B/S/T: >>9157345
Dream Dress: >>9152815
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Why aren't there any resources for secondhand shopping in China? When we first started buying secondhand from Japan, there were lists of search terms to use, lists of website's to check, lists of different shopping services... For China we only have taobao agents who don't even care about lolita.
...is there even such a thing in China? Their whole way of producing/selling things seems to be "make it cheaply, make it quickly, then forget about it"
Of course there is such a thing. Isn't the lolita community in China pretty big compared to the West and Japan? Everywhere where there are lolita's there is a secondhand lolita market, even my country with a comm of 300 members has a secondhand lolita market.

Old thread >>9155275
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This huge incident has been blowing up all over my FB-feed.
>Some big event called "The Royal Fest Internacional Perú" supposed to have the competing cosplayers from many different countries participate in a major cosplay competition. Promises to fly in and accomodate around 30 different cosplayers.
>International copslay guests like Calssara, Elffi, Kaname, Enji etc invited, promised flights accomodation etc.
>Con week comes up, still no news about some people's flights, the int- guests are booked though (non-refundable) but they receive no information about hotel or interpreters, schedule etc.
>International guests finally and desperately try to reach out to organizers who are not answering publicly on fb since flights leave soon. Elffi would for example have to do 4 layovers with 37 hours waiting in one spot without hotel.
>More and more people come out of the woodwork saying that they haven't received tickets, hotel etc.
>One person calls the convention center and it turns out the place isn't even BOOKED for the event.
>Two organizers are apparently huge scammers who have pulled similar shit before.

and much much more. Watching this shitfest with popcorn has been very interesting, but I do feel superbad for the people who already bought expensive plane tickets, hotel, and con-tickets to meet their favourite cosplayers. Or the people who spent months and a lot of money making cosplays to compete in.
How the hell could this go on for so long? Why was it revealed only like a week before?

It's like some bad malicious dashcon all over again with scammy organizers. Imagine if the cosplayers had actually taken the flights and been stranded in Peru...
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Simply outrageous. Things like these give a horrible image of events outside Latin America.
Funny story. I had someone reach out and invite me to this months ago. I had to turn them down since it was the same weekend as a wedding I am attending. Dodged that bullet looks like.
>Imagine if the cosplayers had actually taken the flights and been stranded in Peru...

Were the flights even real? I'm guessing the convention wasn't THAT huge, and international plane tickets cost a lot of money - seems like they would've spent too much money on plane tickets that isn't going into their pockets. Have any of the cosplayers checked in with the real airlines to see if the tickets even exist? It would probably be just as bad if they showed up at the airport all ready to go only to find out the tickets are fake or were never purchased. Would be super sucky if someone didn't get the memo that it was all a scam and paid for a flight to Peru out of their pocket because they were afraid of missing the con.

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