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Previous thread: >>8989395

Post what you're working on!
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photo (7).jpg
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Vi anon from last two threads but I finally got my stuff painted! I'm at a loss though because I want my pauldrons to be attatched to my jacket, but I'm not sure how to do it yet.
Looks Great! I love your paint job on the shinguards.
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Working on Jolyne, started panting the web detail but I ran out of tape
To continue lol

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Shana cosplay.jpg
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I'm a tall guy in my late 20's. What's the chance I could cosplay as her convincingly?
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shana cosplay 2.jpg
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What do you look like?
File: shana cosplay 3.jpg (64KB, 564x846px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shana cosplay 3.jpg
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Mixed asian/white, black hair, and glasses.

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hey seaguls! please help me to make a awesome collection of geathered chiffon - coordination pictures!
This dress from alice and the pirates got so many colorways lately and i'm very courious how lolitas all over the world would wear this dress.
In the past it was a typical pirate lolita dress...but now i also saw very beautifull classic lolita and or breathtaking OTT-Gothic outfits with that dress!
I'm also very courious how many colorways exist until now? and wich colorway is still missing
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_IMG_7157 copie.png
2MB, 992x1474px
Year: 2009
Colors: Black, Pink x Offwhite, Black x Green, Black x Plum

Year: 2012
Colors: Black, Navy, Offwhite, Purple, Wine/Bordeaux

Year: 2014
Colors: Black, Black x Plum, Green, Navy, White, Wine/Bordeaux

Year: 2015
Colors: Black x Purple, Green, Rose, Sax x Offwhite, Wine/Bordeaux
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Please no
Holy shit, that manic laughter in the bath is utterly terrifying.
So is the guy filming her her dad? Her boyfriend? What's going on there because honestly it's kind of creepy.

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Post any tips and tricks for enhancing your curves in cosplay.
I'm skinny but not very curvy so shape ware does nothing for me. I have some corsets but hiding the boning so my cosplays don't look tacky is nearly impossible.
Has anyone tried "drag queen" hip padding? If I could make my hips look bigger without looking deformed I wouldn't need to rely on corsets.
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any tips on hiding the bottom ridge of a corset?
Spanx and a couple layers of pantyhose.
thanks for the tip.
anyone know anything about hip pads?

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wardrobe progree.png
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I know we sometimes have coord progress threads, but since people have been reluctant to self post recently, I thought this might be a fun alternative.

Post the first main piece(s) you ever bought for lolita or any other J-fashion (Even if it was a normalfag item, if you bought it specifically for J-fashion thinking it would work, post it! Bonus points if you want to include any of the shitty accessories that you bought to go with it). And next to it post the most recent main piece(s) you've bought.

That DoL replica haunts me to this day...
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first and last.jpg
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My first and last purchases don't differ much.
I don't keep as close a record on the timeline of my accessories.
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Haven't been in it for very long but one thing that hasn't changed is my love for indie brands!
Also: My Albino Accord is black but I can't find a stock photo of it.

A lot of us here embrace some older aspects of fashion; who here wears a corset or waist trainer?
Do you have a favorite brand or style that you recommend?
Do you have any horror stories about poorly constructed garments?
Discussion of all waist shaping related things welcome.
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I know pretty much nothing about corsets but I did buy one from orchard corset for waist training. From the little that I have read, I understand probably the best corset is one that you buy handmade from someone who can make it to your own personal body measurements. From my own miniscule experience however, orchard corset seems to have the best pre-made corsets for your $$$ if you're looking for something a little more low cost (I think the model I bought was like $80-90) that have actual steel boning. I would probably just do research on whatever model it is that you're interested in before buying since I've heard that while OC is nice some of their models may be a bit cheaper in quality.

That said, I've bought a cheap corset from Frederick's once when I was a total noob and for a costume, and the difference between that one and the one from orchard corset is like heaven and hell. Frederick's one is definitely meant to be worn for like 10 minutes and then taken off before a trist in the bedroom. I'm glad I only bought it for costume, I worry what it would be like if I tried to buy it for something like waist training. It was all plastic boning that warped after like 1 day of wear at a con but like I said since I was a total noob it may have just been idiocy on my part as well.
I'll echo what's always said in these threads:
-Timeless Trends is usually the best place for inexpensive pre-made corsets. Also what the other Anon said, Orchid is good too.
-Everyone has a different shape, however, so if you really want to get into corsetry and waist training, go custom.
-Don't buy from Corset Story or any other major brands that sell those mass-produced Asian corsets. If you wear them too long or try to waist train, you could get hurt.
Been waist-training since the about beginning of the year. My first purchase was an Orchard Corsets mesh corset, but the mesh was weak and it quickly stretched out from heavy use. So I couldn't cinch as tightly as I wanted anymore. It also wasn't curvy enough for me- the underbust and hips were slightly too small.

My 2nd purchase was a corset from Mystic City, which I like a lot better. It was about $65, I think. It is much studier and fits me better. It's very curvy, so it fits my underbust and hips perfectly while allowing me to cinch down 5~6in. It also has adjustable hip ties, so it fits my hips better. Very comfortable, but it does get hot in the summer.

I have noticed a real difference in my waist size from waist-training. Although I've actually gained about a few pounds, my natural waist circumference has gone down by 1-2in. (It fluctuates.) I'd recommend waist-training for anyone wanting more of an hourglass shape.

Currently I am waiting for a custom heavy duty mesh corset. The seller has a long wait list, so it's a slow process. But hopefully it will turn out well and keep me cool in hotter weather. It's too late for this summer, but that's fine. It will be hot for a while.

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Welp, now that both sides of the DR3 anime have officially aired, how's the cosplay side of things going?
>any new anime plans? any plans from the whole series?
>what cons will you be attending in dangan cosplay?
>do you think the fandom will made a comeback?
I'm gonna start a small dump to kickstart this thing
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Finally got around to playing the games on Vita after avoiding them because of the tumblr fandom, now I really want to cosplay Nanami. Anyone got any good cosplay links? Don't have enough sewing skill or time to make my own sadly.

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How do I stop boobsweat in tight cosplay costumes on a hot day?
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A couple of things,
>Use spray deodorant
>If you are making the suit yourself include a small zipper under your arm, ventilation when needed will help.
>Use a good support bra. It helps pick up the breast and keep them off the chest.

I've only worn a skin tight suit once so I'm not a expert, but this is what I did to help.
Stick a piece of interdry cloth in there
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Let me lick it off

What is arguably the best con to take a road trip to in the United States?
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I live in Minnesota, the only ok con here is Anime Detour I have yet to travel to any others in different states.
What is worth the money? I want to start planning.

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ITT we discuss people who are obnoxiously self-righteous over how much lolitas spend. Whether it's normies or bitter Bodyline-chans.

I guess this thread can also apply to the other side of the board since cosplay can be just as expensive, so I'm sure you guys probably get shit too.
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>friend whines about Brand prices and how it's 'ridiculously expensive'
>buys $300 coach bag every six months
>"but it's Coach so it's okay"
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>Dad be like "£80 on a dress, such a waste, why do you spend so much money on frivolous things"
>Dad also be like "Off to Malta/France/The Canaries for a golf week, bye"
>One of us can get our money back if we change hobbies
>One of us can reuse without paying more
>hint - it's not you mate
>girl in my lolita friend group
>always borrows one of our dresses when we to stuff in full frill together
>complains about being left out during brand release discussions because she can't afford to buy anything
>because anything that costs more than bodyline is too expensive
>turns around a buys a whole brand coordinate's worth of anime merch
>you can probably buy CTP at its current going price with the amount of nendoroids she owns
>also constantly eats out
>"wow anon how do you have money for lolita it's so expensive!"

Honestly I'm just glad her attitude is the outlier in the group. She's a good friend otherwise, it's just hard to talk brand stuff when she's around sometimes.

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hey gulls,

I'm going to be pic related Shiro from the Voltron: Legendary Defender reboot in about a week and a half! I'm unsure where to start (ADHD makes research a bitch) and I am going to make this arm. Any tips, favorite videos/tutorials, or help on where to start?

I'd also love to see any completed VLD cosplay, ESPECIALLY the paladin armor, because that is my goal to attempt if the arm goes well at all.
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dumping some cosplays I've seen so far
File: image.jpg (143KB, 675x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (115KB, 750x954px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does anyone here read Japanese fashion magazines? What are your favorite magazines and why? Which ones do you purchase? Discuss!
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Yes. My fave is Larme, because it has the best coords and aesthetics.
File: 1457878634458.jpg (200KB, 753x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Going to dump some old magazine scans
File: 1457878821622.jpg (205KB, 758x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205KB, 758x1100px
Personally I really like kera, muse, and popteen. I can appreciate larme but it really doesn't interest me enough to purchase it.

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What are my fellow seagulls' opinion on this movie?

It's been one of my favorites since I first saw it, but I really really hate Momoko. She's the ultimate special snowflake.
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I got into lolita not so long ago, around 2 years ago was when I started actually wearing it. I absolutely love old school lolita but I found Kamikaze Girls to be a pretty average to below average movie. I don't get why everyone loves it. Is it just because the main character is a lolita? Or is it something I don't understand because I'm not an oldfag?
>She's the ultimate special snowflake.

So, a typical lolita?
Most lolitas who are part of a comm actually aren't special snowflakes at all. Only newbs and ~lone lolitas~ summer from SSS, usually.

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Hello /cgl/ i am starting a project to create a full set of male barroth blademaster armor
>image related
But I can't find any good plans of the armor for scale and general sizing, so I thought I could get a helping hand from any experienced anons.
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ask in the help thread
File: 1283830730167.jpg (316KB, 720x560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They don't exist. People who make their MonHun armors aren't working from plans. They figure it out on their own.

>scaling and sizing
This is the right question to ask.

What you're going to need to do first is get some consistent, high quality reference. Screenshots are a good place to start, but concept art works also. Just as long as the figure is all the same size and you have multiple angles to view from. Also collect any other reference you can get, just to pick out any other specific details or bits you might need to make.

You've got your reference, now measure the figure with a ruler in centimeters from head to heel. Now, determine your height in inches or centimeters.

Just going to pull some numbers out of my ass here:
Let's say the figure you need to measure and scale is 20cm tall and you are 6 feet / 72in tall (or about 183cm)

So your scale right now is 20 = 183
Do the math and reduce that down. 183 divided 20 gives you 9.15

This means that 1cm on your reference is 9.15 cm in real life. So anytime you measure anything on your reference, you can calculate how big it should be when you build it.

Measure out all the important pieces, roughly mimic those measurements in real life, adjusting when necessary, and you're on your way to having some armor.
Thanks anon for the tips I will try my best
This will be my first build

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