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General price check thread.
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Forgot to mention this is Victorian Maiden's Rose Lace Rococo Dress. What does the peach colourway typically sell for?
What would be a reasonable asking price for JetJ's La bibliothèque OP with minor damage? I have the op in size 1 in the antique black colourway. However there's a tiny pull in the chiffon fabric, on the chiffon skirt flap. The damage is small, but I don't want to price it too high.
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My friend got a gift from a Japanese student. Can anyone help ID this skirt? She thinks it's Btssb.

Anyone going?
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I always see this thread for lolita, but I'd like to know what cosplayers think.

What are your favourite cosplay channels and vlogs? I'd like more things to follow!
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Not too much longer until it's here. Anyone planning to go?
This is my first year. I found it a bit odd that it starts on a Thursday and ends on a Saturday. Which is the busiest day?
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You can thank the mormons for the Thursday to Saturday nonsense. I went a few times but I never found it as enjoyable as anime conventions.

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I'm making a headless horseman mask and I am trying to figure out a way to get some lights hooked up inside the mask connected to a voice controller so they light up as I talk. Any suggestions to help out with this?
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Ask in the help thread instead of making an entire thread for your one issue.

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I'm doing Solaire of Astora as my first cosplay. Everything is going well except the helmet so far.

I've patterned it out and it seems like it's looking good. However I have no fucking idea how to translate it into thermal plastics, specifically worbla.

My sister has a shit load of it, as well as ~2mm craft foam. However she says to use EVA foam instead of craft for a majority of the piece.

The pattern is too big for one piece of eva, and I reckon the added thickness will result in too tight of a fit on the inside.

I thought perhaps just adding worbla "pillars" on the inside for extra support.

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What I would do is use the patterns on the foam, I'd pick the eva as it works a tad better with worbla as it doesnt warp as bad when in contact with heat. Layer a sheet of worbla over each of the pieces and heat it over them (leave a little bit extra worbla to wrap around the foam a bit to secure it), You should be able to glue and tweak the pieces to make the helmet fit you.
That's what I'd do anyway but I'm a noob when it comes to worbla.
I made a solaire helmet out of craft foam and just layering pva glue to harden it... worked out pretty well.

How much patience do you have waiting in line at a con (whether it's for a panel, a certain dealer at the dealer's hall or a special event) before just flat out giving up?
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Probably about as much patience as it took to watch that gif play out.

Hello /cgl/,

I'm a newfag but I'm starting cosplaying for the first time as Deku from My Hero Academia and I was in the need of help.

The costume looked pretty simple for the first cosplay that I'd do, I saw like a body suit, white gloves, red fanny pack and arm guards but I don't know where to start and how to make them look identical. The cowl (mask and hood) and the boots are my problem as well.

Any suggestions and links would be really great! I fit into small t-shirts and pants size is 29x30 (thought my body would fit the character and I love the show).
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there are at least 2 threads for you to ask this in, but you had to be a fucking faggot and bump something off the catalog for your own personal thread

Thanks dad ;)
You should probably just sew the bodysuit yourself rather than purchase and modify one (not sure if that's what you wanted since you told us your size). Looks like the crotch is a litter lower and the shoulders a little wider than the body, make sure you leave some extra room in the right areas for the baggy look he has rather than going skintight all around. For the cowl I'd make the "ears" like a plushie, or sculpt them out of foam and put fabric over them if they're supposed to be firm (though If they're squishy you'll still need reinforcement so they aren't flopping over). Not sure about the boots but if you buy & modify you might want to buy a size or two larger than yours and stuff them since his boots are huge. As for making things look identical, measure carefully.

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froppy tsuyu asui wig tutorial? no idea how to make her bow/ribbon w her hair
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Literally two threads to post your question to but you went right for making one for yourself.
Next time look at the goddamn catalog before asking for help.
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awts my bad

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How old is too old to be going to anime cons with younger people in their 20s?

Image unrelated
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14-34 is fine for anime conventions
>younger people in their 20s
l m a o
Worse. Most con-goers are in their teens.

But yeah, at my last con I met two people in their 30s, one 33 and one 39.
Above that is a bit weird at anime cons, but very normal at comic cons. Not sure about game cons, I imagine they have the same age groups as anime cons.
When I go to cons I see mostly people in their 30s+. Many of the friends I have made through the years are in their 40's and 50's, my mom goes to cons still and she is almost 70.

It really just depends on your group of friends and what you personally want to do. Having younger friends is fine, I have had older friends since I was much younger, after a certain point age is not really a factor in friendships, but maturity is.

For instance my idiot "friend" is way too fucking old to be hanging out with young adults, he is nearing 50 and insists on acting like a 15 year old repressed nerd boy, and insists that "older people just don't get him". When the reality is that older people get him just fine, he is just an idiot and kind of an asshole. He has no ability to tell the difference between a mature young person and an insufferable weeb, because he himself is an insufferable weeb, and has no interest in learning anything about the friends he makes beyond surface level shit. Like he knows a cute girl who once cosplayed from some show, so now in his mind that is all she likes and does, even YEARS later when she has almost forgotten the costume. Also, he still thinks that nerd girls are rare gems, and one of these days he is seriously going to get in trouble when he buys the wrong 19 year old a bottle of booze.

My other friend however is just turning 21, but she fits in well with an older crowd because she is mature and knows how to not act like a socially inept asshole. If she goes drinking with us she knows we are just out to get a little buzzed and not to get drunk, she can handle being a goofy person but is not an insufferable weeb. She likes conversations and the same stuff we like to do at cons, it works out because we have the same interests.

FYI, I mostly attend sci fi and comic book conventions where the crowd is likely to be older. Anime cons often have younger attendees, but I still find most of what I said to be true.

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princess sarah.jpg
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>fiance doesn't want her to go to con with 35M BFF and sleep in same room
>maxed out credit cards
>thinks her youth means it's the best time to take on debt because she can get a good job whenever she wants with her degree
>degree is in fine arts
>cant afford uber
>"I want to actually open an online cosplay store and make crazy money."
>gunna eat cup noodles in hotel room but doesn't know how to fit costume in an uber

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Anyone who calls themselves "Princess" is a red flag. That relationship isn't going to last.
She thinks she can become a multi millionaire from her cosplay online store in 5 years. Which doesn't exist yet.
This whole thing feels like $100% real material that was designed to cause 2 reactions
1 - "dump him how dare he. YAAAS SLAY GIRL"
2 - "WTF are you thinking you dumb bitch?"
and start an internet fight

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54 days until Halloween gulls! Planning any coordinates or meets? Just looking for inspo for Halloween themed outfits? Post here!
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Previous thread: >>9618600
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Reposting from last thread.
Tinfoil hat time: what if AP USA just lied about Lynda being gone in order to protect their sales and reputation?
I worried about this, too. Seeing as how she has been reported multiple times over the years for her behavior and all of a sudden this was the straw that broke the camels back? I don't believe it. I don't believe she got fired. It's too much of a liability for AP USA.

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Hey this is my first cosplay and I'm wandering if y'all got any tips or ideas on how I can make it better for a con that I plan on goin to
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Get some gloves to match your top.
You're better off posting in the help thread.

There really is no "good enough" for cosplaying at cons. So long as there's nothing downright embarrassingly awful about it (which there doesn't seem to be) you'll be fine. There's probably things you can improve upon but yeah- just ask in the help thread.

Hey everyone! This is my first post, so please tell me if my question doesn't belong here.

I'm planning to cosplay Hau from Pokemon Moon/Sun soon with my girlfriend as the main character.
So, my questions are:
Would the short pattern look better painted on or printed?

Also, this would be my first time shaving my legs for it. Should I cop and go bare? Also, how long does it takes to grow back to "normal"? (I'm male, btw)

I need to shave and I
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Never make a thread for yourself. Use the catalog and ctrl+f help, as you might with questions on any board.
: ^ )

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