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New Menhera thread! Old one in autosage --

Do you guys think menhera is starting to suffer from the same problem as larme with the infestation of western ruling?
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What does /cgl/ think about Liz Katz?
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I like her.
Doesn't tifa wear a skirt?
It's a skort of sorts I think

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Meltia released their first MV the other day, has anyone else seen it yet?

I found the dancing to be a little awkward and thought it was odd that their coords didn't match more, but overall I'm really glad that they're still trying to appeal directly to Lolitas, and that they're doing SOMETHING. There's a short scene of them tying each others waist ties and just messing around and stuff which was very cute.

Is this the start of much more activity, do you think?
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God, I hope so. I was really wanting them to make it. Why are they only at 3 members now?
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I thought the were done for. I'm glad that's not the case. Hopefully they can come back from all the hardships in the past year with so many of the girls leaving.

I miss Caty.
It was cool at parts but I find it weird that they don't even try to smile. The close ups of their faces just look so disinterested, like someone took three 16 year olds and forced them to dance around in clothes they didn't want to wear.

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Can we get a mail horror stories thread going? Didn't see one in the catalog.

As for me..
>order unused wig and skirt off seller
>tell them i'd be going on vacation for a week when i bought it, so they should wait to ship it (probably a fuckup on my part.)
>they tell me okay, no problem
>come back from vacation
>let them know
>they tell me 'oh, well, i shipped it out already, but told them to leave it in the post office for you to pick it up in case it arrived early.'
>well ok. inconvenient but its fine
>ask for tracking number
>they say they left it in their pants and they were cleaned, meaning it was lost
>oh ok well thats fine i guess
>they call their post office asking about it
>say i'll get it within 2-3 days
>oh sweet
>a week passes
>no package, no note telling me to pick it up
>ask seller, they say they dont know and tell me to call my post office
>call my post office, they say they haven't gotten anything
>continue waiting a few days
>landscaper working outside house while i was at the grocery store
>post office didn't listen to seller so it was delivered instead of left at the post office
>left it on front porch
>see a package in his truck that wasn't there before i left to the store, a 5 minute trip
>landscaper stole it

I hope he likes frilly clothes and curly wigs.
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Why not confront him if you're so sure he stole it? Did you open a paypal claim as you didn't receive the goods and the seller didn't provide tracking info?
I once had the mailman kick my box in front of me as I was coming out. Then deny it to my face, thankfully it was just wig heads. But I do lean for Fed Ex when I can now.
I figured that'd just cause a problem with him included. I knew it was mine since I got a good look at it considering I parked right behind him, and it had my name on it.
I opened a claim but nothing has happened yet.

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acc vs abu_lighter.jpg
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Previous Thread: >>9123273
Previously, on Dutch Thread:
>Two Anons having an argument over who can throw the most shit
>ACC and Abunai Q&A
>Atsusacon, a Belgian con that completely flew under our radars
>Some cosplay plans and WIP shots
>Discussion about the new Harry Potter book
>The Suicide Squad premiere: A Wave of New Harley Quinn Cosplays
>Not washing your outfits
>DIY Mannequin advice; don't do this if you breathe through your skin
>A little bit of Castlefest
>Utrecht YOLO Maid Cafe
>Assaulting lolita's with tomatoes

Convention news:
>TropiCon is this weekend, and TomoParty next weekend
>Abunai is in 16 days from now, and ticket prices are going up this Friday and you only pay for them at the door after this.
>ACC is in 17 days from now. If you want to attend any photo shoots or autographing sessions, make sure to buy tickets for these beforehand.

Next five /cgl/ related events:
>Tropicon (August 13th, Duisburg, Germany) is a pool/beach cosplay party located at a 30 minute drive from Venlo (LB). Tickets are €5 and can be purchased at the door.
>TomoParty (August 20th, Ewijk GLD) is a cosplay themes pool/beach party. Keep in mind you are not allowed to bring any alcohol but it will be served there.
>Abunai! (August 26th - 28th, Veldhoven NB) is the other big anime convention. Hotel rooms are all long gone and there's still no schedule available.
>Amsterdam Comic Con (August 27th & 28th, Amsterdam NH) is a comic fair very similar to DCC, except this one is hosted by Showmasters. Tickets start at €15 a day.
>Elfia (September 24rd & 25th, Arcen LB) is an outdoor medieval/fantasy convention. The programming is still in the making so there's not a lot I can really say about it yet.
Full convention agenda: http://pastebin.com/QaZ23aUA and as always, if I missed anything feel free to post it so I can add it to the pastebin.

This threads relevant Strawpoll:
Abunai vs Amsterdam Comic Con; which will you attend? http://www.strawpoll.me/10952440
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To those going to ACC or Abunai, what are you looking forward to the most at said con?
going to ACC, keeping my expectations low. I always look for the costume contests because there is a much larger audience than just anime fans. Would go to abunai if my work wasn't a bitch
It is normally around this time that the Saturday/Weekend tickets getting sold out at Abunai!?

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Because there is not that much new stuff to fill a thread. Lets try to post new coords.
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i found pic related today on Yahoo Auctions and had no idea it existed.
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So I work at Joann now and automatically get a 20% discount on this so what is it REALLY good for? What do y'all use it for?

I've heard lining for costumes, but then you can't see it so I don't see a point in that as it's rarely discounted. Recently I made a reusable pad out of Zelda fabrics (I bleed all over Link's face and I'm damn proud).

Do you have any projects you've done with this marvelous character cotton? Or have any examples?? I'd like to see it.
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I've seen people do the simple skirt thing with it.

I think if I find a print I really like I'll make some PJs or maybe some overalls or something like that.
My grandma bought some Marvel fabric and made me a circle skirt as a present.
Other than that, PJs like the other person said, the fleece ones can be used for throw blankets and pillow covers. I've seen itas try to make fandom lolita dresses before but imo it looks awful when people try to make jsks out of it.

btw, how are the employee discounts at jo-ann? is it just 20% off everything? curious about how much you get off certain departments.
I've used them for lolita bloomers. Less cringly than a dress but I guess technically would fall back into the "you won't see it" category.

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I can't for the life of me find a purple cowl neck that looks enough like what zone tan wears and I'm too shitty at knitting. Any suggestions?
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use the fucking help thread
Isn't' the point of Zone-Tan that she's often naked?
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Sew it then, you don't have to knit it

Don't think cons allow that anon

A thread for posting coord inspiration for non print dresses, and their details.
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Or VK thread. Or simply Manasama thread.

I never thought I'd live to see Malice Mizer live, but now that I did I don't know what impossible thought to cling on to next.
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What was it like? I must know
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praise be unto him
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>tfw he will never be yours

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Last thread >>9119227

Ask for help, get advice, etc.
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Depends on the fabric type. Test it on a swatch.
I'm very new to lolita and bought my first dress. I don't plan on wearing it anytime soon because I still want to plan and build the wardrobe, but I was wondering what type of hangers I should use so I don't damage the straps or stretch the dress out. Would wood be optimal?
i don't see why plastic wouldn't work (good ones, not store hangers)

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Old thread >>9088663

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide: http://blog.petitedollies.com/2016/04/about-larme-magazine.html

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):
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summary of last thread:
>finding offbrand tips and offbrand coords examples
>Swankiss's fall collection: is it Larme or still cheap shit?
>unconventional Larme coordinates from past issues
>discussion of new Larme issue: Am I reading Popteen?
>"silly white girls, Larme is for kawaii Asians!"
>Katie's new grungy normie collection
>Ehyphen bonbon fall exhibition
>"I wanna be your lolita" Are Larme brands romanticizing lolita?
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BBQ is Larme
found on tumblr -- what do you guys think?

Let's see those ghibli cosplays and lolita/j-fash inspired outfits!
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is her ankle broken?

New thread since the old one's autosaging and almost off the page.

Starting with a cool Zenyatta. Proportions are a little odd but man, this effort. And it looks great otherwise.
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zenny's too skinny to accurately cosplay unless you're a literal skeleton, but id say this dude did a fantastic job
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Old one is dead and I didn't see a new one.
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sauce on hair pin please!
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Did this a pretty long time ago, it's my first and only. Not so sure what I should improve on/change/switch out or if I should try to make another coord. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions/help/anything?
I didn't want to spend a shit ton on my first coord in case I fucked up so it's probably cheap looking as hell because (for lolita) it was. Go easy on me if it's terrible lol I'm a beginner.
burn everything but the bag and try again.

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