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No wonder people hate Chinese tourists and think they're scum of the earth.
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There are shit tourists from every country, especially from countries that have recently come into wealth and don't have a few generations of travel experience. It's the same in developed countries with young travelers, people have to learn how to be a good mature traveler and often times do shitty things before they finally learn.

Having said that, Chinese bus tours have ruined at least 5 major world sites for me so far. The latest one was the Great Ocean Road. What was labeled as one of the most beautiful places in Australia turned out to be a tourist zoo where people shoved me to get their 1500th selfie stick photos.
>be me
>in Hong Kong
>it's surprisingly diverse
>see Thais, Filipinos, Malaysians, Indians, Arabs, Africans, Koreans, Japanese, British, French, etc.
>not one problem with them
>Mainland tourists
>only ever have problems with them
I guess it's my own fault for going to China.

But then again, how is it that even though they're part of the same country, Hong Kongers and Macanese are still way better than mainland Chinese?
While it is understandable that the economic boom led to rural peasants becoming rich and they haven't learned to adapt to the modern world quite well, it still is inexcusable to disregard other cultures and become a nuisance.

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Why doesn't he do an Asia series?
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Asians are too weird, it'd be scary.
>Hi, I'm Rick Steves, and today we're in one of the might fascinating and culturally enriching cities that I've ever visited. We're in Pattaya.
>ywn go on a sex holiday with rick

Hey trv anons,

Do you think that people who are not happy in their normal lives, will feel any better during or after travel?

I have traveld quite a bit, and i do meet real salty people sometimes, even though they are visiting a beautiful place.

Does travel make you happy? Or can you only enjoy it if you are happy anyway? Or is it escapism in the same sense that games are

I'd love to hear your views
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Personally, travelling is one of the few things in life that really makes me happy.

Even when I'm stressed, kind-of-depressed or whatever, thinking on my next trip makes me feel relieved. And when I'm actually travelling is when I feel true happiness.

I don't want to sound like one of those stupid wanderlust instagramer bitches/assholes out there, but to me nothing compares to the feeling of exploring somewhere new and different.

About other people, who knows man. I work as a receptionist in a hotel and sometimes I wonder why some people travel. Some of them arrive stressed, angry or in a bad mood in general, and it makes me think why the fuck did they leave their homes.
yeah i love it too, i hate it when people can only see it as an escape. all hobbies are a bit of an escape really, i just happen to have always loved the idea of traveling and i'll do it for the rest of my life. it's not an escape at all, i've always been like that.
I love traveling, I don't really know why, it's the only thing I ever think about. It makes me happy in the way I think drugs make others happy.

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is Madeira a good place for partying and doing drugs? looking for a place for an all incl weekend where I can do some partying and some coke. ibiza is too expensive.

any other good places one would recommend?
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>wants to do coke
>ibiza too expensive
coke on its own is not that expensive if u do it once for a while, paying 800 quid for an all incl weekend is, for me at least

madeira prices are around 350, just wondering if it is worth going there
just stay in you shitty usa, you rat motherfucker

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Calling the Swedes

I decided to cycle from south Sweden (probably Ystad or Karlskrona) to Nordkapp. And I know Nordkapp is in Norway, but I will choose to ride mostly through Sweden. I wanted to avoid big cities, and keep on mostly flat terrain, that's why I'll keep near Bothnia bay once I'll pass Stockholm on the left side. I'll get a map first thing I get to Ystad, but I'll have general route preplanned.

Any tips while I'll be doing research on my own? How about:
>ticks, tick with lyme?
>roads, bike routes (which Eurovelo are finished?)
>what would you say about http://www.opencyclemap.org/? is it accurate
>wild camping, forbidden or not?
>general tips & tricks
>cheap shops where I can get some musli and yogurt
>are immigrants a problem outside the cities (>implying at all)?
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>Bears are no problem at all.
>A lot of Ticks, get vaccinated.
>There are a lot of roads you can take, just google.
>Everyone is free to camp "wherever they want" in Sweden for 1 night, general rule is that you should be far enough away that you cant see anyone's house, and you have to clean up after yourself and be careful with the nature.
>Food is generally cheep.
>Immigrants are only a problem in the cities. They do not go camping.
Read more about "Allemansrätten" (Right to Roam) here:
the swedish bear was so heavily hunted during the 17th century that they almost went extinct. Even today wild animals in sweden instinctively avoid humans
>ticks, tick with lyme?
if you plan on moving through vegetation higher than 50 cm, I suggest you get yourself vaccinated
>roads, bike routes (which Eurovelo are finished?)
idk what that is but there's plenty of room on the sides of the highways
>what would you say about http://www.opencyclemap.org/? is it accurate
I'd say you can bike along any swedish road
>wild camping, forbidden or not?
you can make camp anywhere you want
>general tips & tricks
>cheap shops where I can get some musli and yogurt
musli and "fil", processed sour milk, is a very popular combination. Fil is very cheap to, only about 10 SEK per litre
>are immigrants a problem outside the cities (>implying at all)?
none whatsoever

I don't know if it's /trv/ specific but worth at try

What are some countries with some particularly looking good women, preferably those who are the curvier variant? I know the stereotype is Latin and African people etc but what kind of countries. I'm not going to pretend i'm a stud or anything, but i'm successful with girls every know and then.

I was thinking Brazil (obvious, I know), Spain, Italy, maybe? It's just out of interest for the future is all, gives another good reason to go to said country other than just culture and food and sights etc
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viva colombia.jpg
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The beaches of Colombia are calling to you.

Or the US.
>Spain and Italy
Colombia etc are great choices
Aren't some Eastern and Northern European women curvy? It seems that way in the amateur porn from the area. Russia, as well

Nothing there but doom, dread and despair in this city of the damned. Only anguish and misery await anyone who visits this shit-pit. A terrible place filled with awful people. Crime, thievery, even cannibalism has been documented there.

Miami: A doomed pile of shit built so high in Hell that the savages living there can see the sun from its depths.

Remember- only agony and heartbreak will you find in this god-forsaken cesspit of suffering. Such horror.
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Also fuck off, we're full
I don't mind a layover in Miami, head to south beach for a nice long haul flight intermission
You seem upset...

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I'm fucked in the head and looking to flood it with jungle juice.

So, who has done an Ayahuasca retreat in South America and was it worth it?
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Bump because I'm interested as well.
You could also just make the ayahuasca yourself without too much trouble.
I've read some people's experience with it and many come off as loony and how life changing it was I'd probably risk it if it was a reputable place and funds weren't an issue if just because the testimonies of people seem far out

So I want to do some work & travel. I am especially interested in New Zealand, as pic implies but I am happy to hear any general experiences or knowledge about that stuff
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Mostly familiar with the South Island here, but the two places you'd probably want to look there are Christchurch or Queenstown.

There's tons of work in construction in ChCh, and housing isn't very expensive (relative to New Zealand Standards, not necessarily to where you are from). Queenstown is a little more competitive, but there's always jobs popping up. Most are tourism related, like working in the restaurants or doing sales for an adventure company. It's the type of place though where if you aren't meeting expectations they'll fire you pretty quickly, because their pool is so big. Basically more stability and cheaper in ChCh, but it's not the same experience as living so close to everything in Queenstown.

I also had a friend who works on a farm in Invercargill during the NZ summers. He says the city is kind of shit, but other than that I don't know too much about it
Thanks kind anon,
I heard that Kiwi farms provide some kind of service to students, do you know where I could get more information on that?
The North Island is worth a visit but the South Island is better (cheaper accommodation, more jobs, more things to see).

This is accurate. It's hard to overstate how difficult it is to get accommodation in Queenstown at the moment. Christchurch is much easier and cheaper.
I work in the construction industry in Christchurch and the whole industry is short on staff at the moment. Even if you have no experience you can get a menial job like operating a stop/go paddle (expect to get drug tested for some of these jobs though).

You probably heard about wwoofing (keyword search: WWOOF) which is some hippy thing where you work on organic farms and get food and accommodation in return.

Sup /trv/. I'm going on vacation and I want to carry an Ottway telescope with me. It's a small, hand-held telescope (like what pirates and naval officers used to use). I want to keep it in my carry-on, but I'm not sure if this would cause any problems with flight security?

It's very obviously a telescope, but I've heard horror stories about airlines holding up flights because something a traveller was carrying looked like it could be a bomb / hold a bomb / whatever.
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I don't see why this would cause a problem. Just pack it in your stuff; if they ask, just tell them what it is. People have binoculars and telescopes all the time, not to mention camera lenses. I don't think it'd seem unusual. There's no wires or electronics, so nbd.
Carry ons go through xray.

>hollow tube
>complex mechanism

you'll be fine
please use it as often as possible during the flight. also don't forget to tip your fedora every time you see a stewardess.

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Hey friends.

I am going to Mongolia for a month in August with my older brother. We're going to ride through the country on bikes before settling down to stay at a nomad family for a week.
He's going home afterwards, whereas I continue to Beijing (exchange programme).

So I could do it the boring way and buy a ticket from Ulan Baataar. However, do any of you know how I would go about taking the train?
I hear there's a passage in Erlian (China) from which foreigners pass through if they take the trans-mongolian train.
So I somehow need to go from Ulan Baataar to Zamiin-Üüd (the Mongolian equavialent to Erlian) and then cross the border to finally get en route to Beijing.
Should I arrange these tickets from home or do you think I can do it kind of as you go?

Also - if you can recommend some good boots for the warmer months in Mongolia, that would be great! Other stuff too obviously.
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I hitchhiked through the country two years ago. it's very easy there and I recommend it instead. Expect to haveto repair the bikes from time to time, since steppe ground is pretty rough. Especially going through the rivers may be a bit problematic (and unavoidable)
I'd be really surprised if you could actually buy the tickets you want at home. I mean, Mongolia isn't a very organised place, unless in the western terms.

I did three weeks there in my trusty bovver boots and I was fine. Mongolian national boots look pretty similar to it. Being you I'd just buy a pair of their product. Otherwise - any boots with non-bullshit soles should do.
it's rare, but in the higher regions you should expect snow during the hottest parts of the summer.
>unless in the western terms.
I meant 'at least'
Stealing the thread to ask, how safe and / or possible is it to buy a horse and go around for a month or two?

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Going to Thailand this year. Got a ticket for less than $500. Any tips? Somebody told me Bangkok is separated into 4 districts, Black, Red, Blue, whatever. Didn't see anything about that online. What kinda shots do I need and shit? Should I drink the water? etc.
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What are you going for
you should do some basic research before coming here, we can't possibly tell you everything and you haven't given us much to work with.

maybe first decide which regions you want to see (south, bangkok area, north/chiang rai etc)

The simplest ittinery for partying is south region-bangkok-pattaya-chiang mai-pai

the tap water is NOT drinkable
don't follow the lead of the idiots who walk around half naked on drugs in the more conserative areas, save it for the party islands.
haggling is an artform in thailand and almost everyone will try to rip you off, it's just how they are. get used to saying no, walking away, arguing for a lower price

the busses are a good way to get around, public busses are the cheapest but you might save money with a private bus that picky you up from the hotel because many terminals are too far out of town (god knows why)

7-11 is the best friend of the farang
sticky rice, bananas, noodle soup are your friends

tollerance to drugs varies widely across the country, most people go to a "happy bar" where drug laced food and drugs are sold; these places pay bribes so it's much safer than buying on the street
alcohol is relatively expensive in thailand

try wikivoyage
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I don't have a lot of money so I'm gonna visit friends and enjoy the nature/culture. If I wanted to live luxuriously I'd go to Vegas or something. I wanna stay out of big cities and so the geography and history. I'm also a big gastrotourist so I wanna try all the traditional or unique food.

Let's try this -- this is a thread for news links, alerts and information that might be of interest /trv/lers. Stuff that doesn't really call for its own thread, but that is worth sharing for those interested.

Young Pioneers No Longer Accepting American Citizens for NK Tours.

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You can still go to Cuba --sort of...

What restrictions are in place for US Citizens going to Cuba, and what is allowed., under the newly revised policy.


I got caught not knowing it extended to cameras, which was a huge pain in the ass since I wasn't ready for it.

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Guys, thinking of going to Ciudad de México for my first international trip and even though I love mexican culture, I'm kind of afraid of the crime there (don't know if it's a meme or what).
Does anyone had experiences about that who can share? Is the subway safe?
>I kinda have a thing about subways
>I want to see some shit outside of the regular tourist routes, like sports
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I'm going to Mexico City next Monday.

Haven't been there before, but from everything I can gather, the city itself isn't particularly unsafe.

You should avoid certain areas after dark and stay out of the slums at the northern and southern ends of town, though. I've also heard the suburbs in the State of Mexico can be nasty and rather crime-ridden.

I think the "Mexico is violent" meme stems more from the kidnappings and gang wars which occur in states like Michoacan, rather than touristic parts of Mexico City.

Watch your wallet, don't stumble around drunk after dark, and don't leave your hostel with hundreds of dollars, and you should be okay.

Will give you some more info after I actually get there, kek.
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Sin título.png
620KB, 1110x1113px
This is incomplete, but it can give you an idea.

And >>1263401
>You should avoid certain areas after dark and stay out of the slums at the northern and southern ends of town, though. I've also heard the suburbs in the State of Mexico can be nasty and rather crime-ridden.
>Watch your wallet, don't stumble around drunk after dark, and don't leave your hostel with hundreds of dollars, and you should be okay
Pretty much this
File: map_mexico_city.jpg (160KB, 1110x1104px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Clean version

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Have five days free on a tour to eu, was thinking about going to Prague, how dangerous it is for a black man ?
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You can do everything interesting in Prague in 2 days. Unless you just want cheap beer, food and some qts to talk to
Nice dude, but what about the question ?
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Czech girls love black dudes

they're seen as exotic

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