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Have any of you cunts made your way through Nepal? Any advice or tips? I'm thinking of doing some volunteer work out there.
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sup trv. going to vist family in Durango Colorado leaving from Bakersfield CA for 5 days in july.

If I wanted to cheap out is packing 5 days of clothes in a carry on backpack realistic?
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I used my 35L school backpack for a four-month trip in 2013.

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I want to travel worldwide through the wilderness with nothing but a sword and bow. I want to test the limits of my strength by using a powerful greatsword to slash through trees and other obstacles in the deep woods.
How can I do this in Europe? Particularly Germany and Austria, I want to travel through the mountains and banish evil spirits of the dead wood with my ultra greatsword and unlock the Berserker rage within by using my strength inherited by my ancestors and visiting
my ancestral homelands on a swordsman's journey
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aw, sweet, a thread that belongs on /tg/ !!!
>I'll play along.

I actually did a lot of this shit in my youth, but the Defense Department was paying me.

If you plan to only carry a single blade, then remember: two is one and one is none. TWO IS ONE AND ONE IS NONE. Next, terrible choice of edge

You're not testing your strength hacking through shit, just proving you don't know how to plan routes.
a) skim the roads (cheating in SFQC, but in real operations it gets shit done unless you're fearing booby traps)
b) if you can't skim the roads then avoid the draw monster. just do it motherfucker

The bow: Good luck supplying your arrows, and dealing with conservation police who run into your weird ass hunting out of season without a plan he has developed with the community.

Reminds me of a thought experiment where a guy said he would bring GPS back to the 1600s

As always, don't poke an eye out.
Alright, I've had plenty experience here following the highways so Europe won't be too bad. Less distance to walk as well.

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I'm taking a cross country road trip from Atlanta to Coronado or maybe San Fran. Any hot places I should visit in particular on my way?
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I'm going over to crete with a couple friends, we are all in our late 20s. We have already booked 2 nights in heraklion, 1 in malia and 3 in chania. We will have a hire car

Have any anons been there before or have any suggestions of what to do and where to go? We are definitely going to see the samaria gorge and knossos but other than that I am open to suggestions.
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I presume you are driving to samaria from Chania? If so, there's a cool little donation-run ww2 museum that a cool old guy runs on the way through the mountains, he gives you free alcohol too.

There's a nice sandy beach at Kalami which isn't too far from Chania either.

Also, don't go to Elafonissi, it's a trek and is overrated as fuck.

Enjoy lad, I go to Crete every year with my mate, Fucken love the place

Wait, never mind lad. I was thinking of Imbros gorge.

I'm also going to Crete for a week in summer. Staying at Sisi.

Is car rental easy when you're there?

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I could use some help buds, I'm staying in Hawaii for a week and would like to know where to go for the time I am here, I've been here for two days so far and seem to be enjoying it, but I want more to do, I was thinking of trying to learn how to surf but I know that won't work out well. Plus I'll also line to know where to get some good succ from a cutie asian gril. Also I would like to inform that I am 20, so bars isn't an option.
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So lads, going to be staying in Singapore for a while. What's the best way for me to get my internet porn? Pic unrelated
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access 4chan, rent a vpn, remote into your home PC, bring it on a flash drive, etc
save some on your phone/laptop
torrents or vpn

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I'm leaving to Europe on Friday and I read somewhere that only 2 lithium-powered devices are allowed on carry-on. Is this true?
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call or email and ask

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I've been thinking of just dropping everything and moving away. I've lived in the same town in Connecticut my whole life and I'm sick of it, my job pays decent but it's unfulfilling and boring, I have friends and family here but haven't had a relationship in a few years because I have no motivation to go out and do anything, I can't stand the weather where I live cause I hate the snow in the winter and the punishing humidity in the summer, I just want to get the fuck out of here.

So has anyone here ever just dropped everything and moved away one day? I've got $20,000 saved up and I'm thinking of moving to Utah for the scenery.
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My goal is to convert a cargo van, move to a more expensive city, and net the normal rent,power,electric bills. Maybe go digital nomad if I'm lucky.
I lived in salt lake City for the last 5 years. I can answer some questions if you want. Where are you wanting to move to?
I was thinking Washington County in the south. I've been to St. George before and I really liked it.

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I have a plan for quite a large trip next year, starting from the Netherlands, my homecountry, to Berlin for 2 nights, followed by Zagreb for 3 nights, Ljubljana for 3 nights, with a day out to Triƫst, Maribor for 3 nights, Budapest for 4 nights, Bratislava for 3 nights incl. a daytrip to Vienna, Brno for 2 nights, Olomouc for 2 nights and finally Prague for 4 nights before returning.
Does anyone have experience with this, I am wondering if it is enough per place and I hope it's not too much.
>Pic related, route planning
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It is not too much. For me a city gets boring within a few days so i guess changing them on an almost daily basis is a good idea. I just don't get how you chose to stay in smaller towns that long. Do you just want to stay in cities or do you want to go out to visit the countryside too?
>Berlin for 2 nights
>Zagreb for 3 nights
Only if you are going from Berlin to Zagreb by plane it is forgivable to go there. Otherwise, skip Zagreb and you won't lose so much.
>Bratislava for 3 nights incl. a daytrip to Vienna
Unless this is a budget trip, it is better to do the other way round.
For most of the places I'll be staying in the cities, only in Maribor I will go and see the mountains and in Prague I will take half a day for the Sedlec ossary. If possible I'll try to get off the beaten track, going to the outskirts of the city, trying to find local hotspots or some nice nature.
It is a budget trip, so yeah, it will be 3 nights Bratislava, and for the travelling, I am taking a Flixbus (15h journey, I know). Maybe in a few years I can go to Vienna on a better budget.

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What kind of career options can I approach to give myself the opportunity to traveled. I have been trapped up in Alaska most of my life and I desperately yearn to go around the world, I am confident that there is nothing else I would rather do, and unfortunately I can't get a career in flight because of my /minor/ eye condition. They won't even let me be considered for as a flight attendant because of it.

I know this is just a pipe dream, and I know this is definitely not even the appropriate place to post this. I am just really hoping someone here would have some insight and suggestion, because there are definitely more people with ideas here than /adv/
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Just go work in hostels and other shit jobs all over the place until you get tired of it. It's a good life for a while and you'll see the world.

People that get jobs that require you to travel all the time end up hating it pretty quickly.

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I have about ten days around New Year's with which to travel. Which do you recommend: Cambodia or Vietnam?
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Neither honestly.

Cambodia was a bizzare experience for me. I didn't feel like I was in hell, but purgatory perhaps.
Don't listen to this guy

Probably Vietnam if you can only do one. It's beautiful, the food is incredible, and the beer is cheap.

Can I add to this, only do the North or South, 10 days isn't really enough to do both.

I'd say that the North is better if you enjoy cultural things and sightseeing.
The south is better if your looking for a relaxing time or want to be partying or doing other tourist related stuff.

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Has anyone trained at a Muay Thai camp? What were the pros/cons? What suggestions do you have for someone looking into them?
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Big hyped tourist gyms are in fact a save choice and provide high standards of training.
Care to talk about your experience?

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Not sure what other board to post my /tr/avelers, but I am at a predicament.

I speak fluent English, Greek, and Turkish. I also went to hebrew school for 6 years between age 6-12, but I havent spoken in 10 years, so I don't remember the vocabulary but I am 9/10 accent and know the alphabet.

My university REQUIRES me to take 3 Semesters of a language through the school (can't even test out???!!!), and they offer the following: Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Wolof, and Ancient Greek.

Based on what I know, which language would be the easiest for me to pick up and get A's in for 3 Semesters (and maybe be beneficial in the future but whatever)?

I am a Chemical Engineer major with a minor in Programming which is hard enough, so I would like to lessen the load as much as possible.

Thank you my /tr/avesties
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Well the difficulty of a language is determined mostly by the proximity to the languages you already know but and also dependant on your motivation to study it.

If you try to learn a language that you hate then there is a very high chance that won't end up learning it at all.

Language learning requires a lot of motivation and commitment(in fact motivation itself is very fleeting, so good habit formation skills and discipline are better) If you pick a language based on utility over another instead of interest you might end up learning neither language in the end.

Pick the language that you have the biggest interest in because it's more probable that you'll actually end up learning it. Exterior motivations like economical considerations are very weak in motivating you than those that come from within, like an intellectual interest, cultural affinity or linguistic curiousity, if your goal is to actually master it, that is.

As a language learner myself, I have to admit that languages themselves have a very low ROI for the time spent that you could use for any other skill(except for the English language). So a language only becomes useful to you if you make the conscious decision to make to useful to you.

For example you are going to learn Spanish because you have decided to go to a Spanish-speaking country for a semester abroad or you are studying the language and then goto work for the branch of a Chinese/German/French/Japanese/Russia (petro)chem company. Though, I doubt that ancient Greek would be particulaly useful to you if you don't like spending your time reading ancient texts, it might deepen your knowledge of modern Greek, though.

Though we don't really know whether your Chinese teacher would be more lax with the course requirements than your French teacher would be.
Now considering your particular situtation but disregarding your personal interest for a moment, ancient Greek, French, Spanish seem to be the easier languages out of the bunch considering the languages that you already have extensive knowledge in (German and English share the same language family but it is still considered to be a bit harder than French and Spanish by the Foreign Servic Institute).
Thank you for writing this out! This actually helped a lot.

>language only becomes useful to you if you make the conscious decision to make to useful to you

I like that.

Like you said, I will try to make it come from within.

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>decide to drive into payson with no AC cause my AC broke
>get to payson.
>115 F
>steering wheel virtualy a frying pan.
>scent of backsweat and burnt flesh fill the otherwise stale air.
>asshole nearly hits me in home depo parking lot.
>ground beef in trunk cooked by the time i arrive home
>welcome to arizona.png
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you're supposed to leave that shitty state, desu. go west, retard-kun.

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