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im going to spent vacation in Budapest can you
give me some advise anon's
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don't forget to get vaccinated in time
All bridges
Fishermans monument
Margaret Island
Baths (make sure to go to the medical one on the old side of the city, much less touristy and is actually much better than the others)
Bars/Restaurents there is too many to choose and recommend, just go for it
do the ruin pubs, they're very wild and unique

next door to one of the largest ruin pubs is a little street food market that's good and cheap

San Diego to Washington in August...

Is it worth the drive if I only have 16 days?

I am aware big sur is closed, sucks but I will probably just stay in the santa cruz area an extra night or two to camp anyway.

Planning to go to Shasta and Crater Lake, up into Mt Hood and into Olympic NP in wash, possibly back down to the oregon coast and then taking the 1 back down to SF, staying a night there then home.. so about 2 days in total will be spent driving but I need. a road trip. I have some time to plan.

Is it worth the trip? Any recommendations on where to sleep? things to see? places to eat along the way?

I will basically be spending 1-2 nights in each major city (or outside of them at a camp site)

2 nights Santa barbara
2 nights santa cruz
1 night shasta
1 night crater
2 nights portland
2 nights olympic
1 night cannon beach?
back home.
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that's more than enough time, you'll probably spend 2 days total driving for sure, but it's not like that's all in one day. Id recommend at least 2 full days in one place so 3 nights as driving will get tiring
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16 days is a ton of time. Long stretches of the coast are boring. Big Sur is closed? I didn't know that, that really sucks.

You'll probably want to spend more time in Crater Lake, since it's kind of out of the way getting there. There'll be lots of tourists in the summer, but it's still worth driving or biking around the lake. Don't bother paying for the boat ride to Wizard Island. If you've got gear, you can actually scuba dive in the lake!

Check out the Painted Hills -- extremely beautiful and worth seeing up close; I believe Mitchell is the closest town. Stop in the town of Fossil and spend an afternoon cracking open rocks behind the high school.

Olympia is a nice city to kick back in. Get some pizza at Old School.

Cannon Beach is okay, but if you've seen one little PNW coastal town, you've seen them all.
Also, Portland -- look up the Angel's Rest hike. It's over by Multnomah Falls. It's a short trek with a significant elevation gain, you end up getting a really lovely view of the Gorge. Only takes an hour or so.

And if you like art, there's the Maryhill Museum just a big further down the Colombia. They have a large collection of Rodin ("The Thinker" sculptor) works, along with some nice paintings.

There's a ton of other wonderful hikes in the Gorge.

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I'm torn about a travel opportunity I have: my friend has family in Paris and he said I'm welcome to join him and stay with them, see the sights and basically have the inside tour, so to speak. Thing is I could only take a few days off work and combined with the weekend, I'd have for full days to experience Paris (and is have to make up the time I missed at work). And the ticket is now $1200 and I'm wondering if it's worth it. I've never been to Paris or even Europe in general btw.

Tldr: should I take three days of work in order to have four full days seeing Paris with my friend and his family?

Pros: -see Paris with the local perspective
-don't have to pay for hotel or dinners

Cons : -have to make up the time at work
-$1200 ticket

Unknowns: - whether four days is enough time to enjoy it when it would be two days of flying total and getting back to work the next day.
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Pro: when you consider this is quite an expensive city where hotels could start at $300/day during times of the year, then you can factor in the cost of your trip balances the higher airfare deal you're getting (where are you flying from?).

>four days enough
Of course its not enough, but it doesn't negate the very real value of being with locals for 4 days and "feeling" french and history as a local would, from etiquette, hospitality, and such. The only drawback would be being tied to laying around visiting with people if they aren't very actively giving you tour experiences. If your financial clock is ticking, you might feel cheated on seeing more of a city, though I wouldn't at all. Come with an agenda of top 5 things you want to do, and realize you might do 3 of them, but you'll do a bunch of things you didn't realize will make things very memorable anyway.

Who cares about making up time at work? It's Paris. Stop being lazy. Get as much stuff done before and after and live in the moment while there. I travel 4-5 day weekends all the time, and yes, it costs me more money overall, but if I was going to see allllll of France in some month of travel? I'd only do Paris 3-4 days, as would most people. You'll go back one day.
If you work that much and 1200 is such a big amount of money, quit your job and stay in Paris for a couple of weeks.
Thanks for the perspective. I would be traveling from California (Lax).

How many pairs of shoes should I bring for a six-month trip, /trv/?

I realize this might sound like a stupid question - I'm not even a newbie traveler. I've done about 35 countries since 2013 and am doing another six or seven before the year is done.

Problem for me is that I'm really going to be going through different climates. Starting in Mexico, flying to Africa, spending a couple months traveling there, and then wrapping up the year in India.

Planning to bring three pairs of shoes: waterproof Merrell Moabs for hiking, running/athletic shoes, and a dress pair for dates/fancy places. Also going to take some sandals.

I don't want to compromise my comfort, but I hate the thought of taking up so much room with fucking shoes. The Merrells are great for hiking - used them a lot in Ecuador - but I'm worried that, because they're leather and waterproof, they might be too warm for the places I'm going. However, I would like something for hiking.

Any advice?

I feel like a fucking teenage girl.
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>waterproof boots
I assume you didn't encounter much wet weather/terrain before, otherwise you'd know that waterproof shoes are a total meme

I'd say ditch those and your running shoes and get some trail runners (unless your running shoes are fit for hiking already). Dress pair is up to you. Sandals a must, but can be made much lighter depending on the sandals themselves.

It still sounds like too much for me but that's because I never wear dress shoes, but that's because I never go to places that require them. If you do, then you gotta bring them

At any rate, shoes (and socks) are your single contact with the rest of the world. I'm sure you can cut weight/space from other stuff you're bringing.
Trail shoes, sandals/crocs, and a dress pair if you insist, but black trail shoes can do double duty. Waterproof boots don't stay that way for very long, and are really only necessary in the snow imo.
OP, I always travel with 3 pairs. It's part of being a traveler that does a variety of things. I always do have the crocs for sanitary reasons, they instantly wipe dry, and can be used in the airport, plane, hotel room, shower, pool, a spa, and to just cush the sore feet in the evening after a long day of walking. Get a pair that doubles as normal shoes unless looking too hard at them and you can wear them out without schlumming it too much.

You climate determines the daily walking shoe, but maybe for such a long trip, you may want a bit of a boot or sneaker that you can add a second set of insole to, something durable. I would never wear a non-sandal if it meant sweating. Sandals are necessary. In Mexico City, your shoes get dirty as hell, something sprayed or protected, wipeable, but realize you can shop for any shoes you want there, as well, can even replace them.

Dressy shoe should also have some comfort brand element built in, like maybe some Clarks, Naturalizer, etc.

I've been researching and there seems to be many reasonably priced escorts, but what about the cost of a room, and where are the rooms? And is it the same for street prostitutes as well? Will they take me to a room? Give a dumb gringo virgin some advice, please. All the guides online just tell you where to go but they don't give many details to the process. I hear I can get girls for 20$ but that sounds too good to be true.

También, mi español es un poco mal pero creo que es suficiente para hacer cosas simples.
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there are no prostitutes on tijuana, only trannies.
hope you like STDs, because that's all you'll get.

jesus, who goes to Tijuana for sex?
I'm pretty poor and I live close to the border? Where else do I go?

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1000$ usd for one month in England

so i already booked my trip and now i have less funds than i thought due to reasons. how does live for a month in England with 1000$?

i do not yet have accommodations.

please help.
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couchsurf/airbnb, walk as much as possible for transportation, break down funds to weekly expenditures and count your cash as best as you can
okay ill look into that.
is couch surfing easy to obtain? should i be verified to expect to get anything?

what happens if i run out?
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This is the England flag

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Where is the most relaxing place in the world?
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Greece desu
Probably this or pretty close
Malta is pretty oko

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Please help me... I booked a greyhound ticket with my girlfriend from boston to montreal last night. (non refundable) I went there before and only needed a birth certificate and ID. Now i see that i need a passport to get on the greyhound bus,which i dont have.

What can I do to fix this? Get off at an earlier stop and rent a car? Can I get off the bus at customs and take the border shuttle bus?

My gf is going to leave me over this once i tell her fuuuuck
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>Now i see that i need a passport to get on the greyhound bus,which i dont have.

No you need a passport because you are leaving the US. Doesn't matter what method you are using.
it says i do not need one to enter canada, but to come back i do or i will face an investigation before being allowed to return. greyhound states that they require the passport before boarding so as not to hold-up the trip at customs.
You don't need a full passport book, you can use the cheaper and easier to get card which lets you into mexico and canada. You still need a passport to leave the US

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I've never even been outside of California before.

I'm interested in taking a trip to Tijuana because I live in Los Angeles, which isn't that far from there.

My question is: Is Tijuana safe? Any safety tips?
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>My question is: Is Tijuana safe? Any safety tips?
Of course gringo, I mean you have TWO kidneys.....we only need to sell one!

Seriously though let me ask you this: is LA safe?
Tijuana is safe. But it's boring and dirty. It exists as an accross-the-border point for gringos looking for what's illegal on the other side but legal here.
You should go if you are interested in either
>prescription meds
Youngsters (18-21) also go to party, because they can buy alcohol legally there.
That's about it.
Above all, don't make your impression of Mexico by Tijuana. The country has a lot to offer.
Is it possible to get international study drugs there?

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How hard is it to find the real Methuselah?

Is its actually really difficult or only to a point where if you did enough research to find out, you aren't going to be the type of person to vandalize it?

It's had the biggest Streisand effect on me and i really want to find it now
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Are the coordinates on wikipedia incorrect?
its pretty easy, ive been there
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regardless of your reasoning the idea is that you don't go there so fek off

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Hello guys,
me and my girlfriend are visiting Canada for two months (Juli - September).

We will land in Seattle and have planned to stay there for a few days.
Afterwards we will make our way to Vancouver, probably rent a car, and visit various National Parks.
We enjoy hiking and want to see as much landscape as we can, while we stay.

We got a 5000€ Budget to work with.

Following Questions:
Is it better to use trains and stuff, instead of a car?
Whats a cost efficient way for staying overnight? Camping, Hostels or AirBnB?
Shall we rather take a Camper, instead of a car?
Can you guys recommend spots or activities in western Canada?

Any advice is appreciated.
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Vancouver. Hit up whistler okanagan get high in downtown an munch on sushi.
Wander through stanly park n hit up north cove for kayakin
>Hit up whistler
Buy one of these Milepost books used on ebay or pay for it new...can even get it in Wal-Mart sometimes.

It covers British Colombia and then all the way through into Alaska, but it will greatly enhance an open ended kind of road trip.
It literally is like a local reading to you at each milemarker of the roads, from the history of that burnt out building with the curious sign to whatever hotel or food choices are ahead.

Their website wasn't so searchable 3 years ago when I did my Alaska roadtrip, but since cellular service is so spotty in the mountains for google maps, it was nice to reach down between the seats and get to the section that pertained to where you were driving, and read out to the driver what the next big idea turnoff was all about as well as look at maps. Garmin GPS was far more useful and timed better than cellphone navigation.

Don't forget to whale watch! It's consider the best right there in Vancouver. This is high season, you might need to actually book every hotel in advance :(

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basically, I like to explore so-called no-go zones, and I made quite a lot of reports about Paris' problematic suburbs

In August I am going to visit Chiraq, and from what I heard it has a lot of ghetto-like places.

So, here is my question, how bad these places are?In daylight, in the evening..

I mean, I like this kind of activity, but I still have one life, what are my chances to not to get in trouble there?
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Post an example of your reports and which /pol/ memes you used to piece them together from your basement.
the Chicago Tribune keeps an updated map & feed of murders, shootings, and general violent crimes. So Google around. I can tell you that during the summers violent crimes and shootings happen multiple times a day (with most happening at nighttime and the evenings). So if you want to look for trouble, you'll certainly find it.

Pic related is from the Chicago Tribune page. Note that this is for shootings, not homicide.

Most of these crimes are gang related, it's less common for regular people to get involved. What race are you OP? I ask because I've heard conflicting stories about how different races are treated by the locals. Anecdotal evidence, but I hear that if you're a white boi walking around the wrong neighborhood, people will go out of their way to ask if you're lost/warn you of how dangerous the neighborhood is. The thought being that a dead white person will attract a lot of unwanted attention from the cops & media as opposed to a dead brown person.

Good luck with your safari.
I've lived in Chicago my entire life and both my parents are CPD officers.

If you're white you wont be fucked with. They are too afraid that you'll turn out to be a cop, if you look even slightly clean-cut you will be greeted as officer everywhere you go. Police involved shootings have been on the rise the past few months, which seems to have awoken the CPD from its post-McDonald shooting malaise. Until a few months ago the hoods were utterly lawless, now its kind of returning to the old "normal".

Daytime will likely be fine almost anywhere you go, though I wouldn't recommend being on foot anywhere other than major roads (generally speaking every 400 addresses is a major road) even in day. Night I wouldn't venture off the major roads even in a car, the risk of being unlucky and catching an errant bullet is too great.

If you make it clear you are not a police officer your chances of being targeted increase exponentially. Not including last years massive spike the city usually hangs around 500 "homicides". I put that in quotes because detectives are encouraged to rule as many murders as possible as justifiable homicides (fatalities from a gang battle listed as self defense killings) or accidental deaths (straight up fraud/suppression of evidence) to help the numbers. Even before last year's huge increase most people in the know seem to agree that the actual number of murders is roughly 1000 a year. Point I'm trying to make is there is no real hope of getting a true investigation into your death and the consequences for killing you are likely non-existent because of how overworked detectives are. Being white helps, but it in no way insulates you from stray bullets or being targeted randomly. Chances are you'll be fine, but really there's not much to see in Austin, Roseland, WGP etc. so I dont understand why you'd take the risk.

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I am planning on leaving in August from California and want to do the entire Central America and depending on how my budget goes head to South America. Any advice?

I'm a somewhat experienced traveler, having gone to over 40 countries but first time doing Latin America, besides the time I hitchhiked California and walked over the border into Tijuana, I only stayed 2 nights before crossing the border again and took a bus back home to San Francisco

I will be crossing over the border from San Diego and starting my trip in Tijuana for nostalgic purposes. I've been there before and know only to stay a short time.

What should I see in Mexico? So far I want to go to Tijuana, Mexico City, Yucatan, and Jalisco.

Also I want to go to Havana Cuba and it seems like the cheapest round trip flights are from Mexico City.

Any advice is much appreciated

Thank you
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My mom says that Belize is dangerous, is this so?
Salvadoran here, You can move easily through public transportation but depending on the country it might me a little dangerous, If you have lets say 2,000 bucks extra, I would buy a car and explore the best parts of each country, guatemala has great night life, a personal favorite is Quetzaltenango and the surroundings, I know nothing about belize since we need a visa to enter the country, Honduras is dangeours if youre stupid enough and go there without an itinerary and good research.

Nicaragua is super chilled, they impale gang members if they try to settle in the country, mostly everything is dirt cheap.

El Salvador is only great if you like the heat and the beach, although things are getting more expensive lately.

Costa Rica is has a nice forest and beautiful beaches but tourism, burger specially, has gotten everything tourism related, fuckken expensive.

Havent been to Panama.

Get a car, visit the most mainstream of each country, and head to South America in a car.
>I want to go to Tijuana

>really dangerous
>full of drugs and prostitution
>hot as fuck
>ugly buildings
>no culture
>bad food

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How many people use them and are they actually worthwhile? Looking at a flight on there and it's £500 cheaper than the airline which obviously seems to good to be true...

I'm looking at emailflights.com and to be fair the bad reviews seem to be from fuckwits who fucked up, and they have an actual office in London so I'm not sure whether to go for it or not.
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Skyscanner is like the British Kayak ripoff eh?
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I've become a believer in Google flights, just wish it had the flexibility of ita matrix
I've booked with one before, they changed my flight less than a week out leaving me with massive layovers. I asked them cancel and refund the flights, which they eventually did after a few emails, the refund took about a month to come through. I then booked an alternative route using another third party service which i had no problems with.

Could you spend a week in the Rhine area of Germany, e.g Dussedorf, Koln, Bonn etc?

What is there to do there?
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For Bonn you can reserve 2 days.
It is summer now, so spend time at the quayside: https://youtu.be/sXH-GGGiec4

There is also a large park, where you can check out girls on a sunny day https://youtu.be/NGl9Q516n6s
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Have you thought about hiking a bit of the Rheinsteig?
>What is there to do there?
Not much desu

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