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I will hitchhike around Europe next month.How can I take a shower somewhere? Do hostel staff it for a small price without renting a room?And what are my best/safest options to sleep in a big city without accomodation?
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gas stations are your friends, dude.
And public toilets in the cities (especially the ones for the disabled - almost never used, lockable, big and with a sink inside. You can take a shower)
even if the disabled toilet is not an option, regular sinks will do just as well. you can wash from waist up in the public space and fill a bottle with water to clean the rest in the stall.

Rivers and streams may be an option, but from my experience (9 years), I rarely used them. It obviously depends on where and how do you like to spend your time.

Hospitality sites are also great, but harder to use. Your host will definitely let you use the shower.

Paying in hostels may be possible, but I wouldn't do it. Instead, consider going to a pool. You pay, you recicve a shower and also an oppotrunity to swim a bit. Perfect deal.

Finally, I noticed that while traveling I'm not getting dirty as fast as I would in the city. Two days is easily doable without beginning to stink for me. But I guess it may be different for somebody else.

Accomodation is an art in intself. You can search for squats (serious possibility of getting robbed), sleep in parks (care a bit for guards and a little for hobos), find some abandoned buildings/ properties/building sites (in some cities there are tons. In some there are none). Asking the right people on the street may help you immensely. It's up to you to determine who has the info you are interested in, but it's obviously people with some alternative views.

Myself, I simply take a bus to the outskirts and sleep in the bushes outside of the city.

I've never been robbed, but always be careful. Hide your cash well, in many places, don't ever keep your documents together with valuables, sleep laying on your backpack (or tie it to your body), etc. There's some more to it, but it's a personal thing. just learn your style yourself.
I wrote some more regarding related subjects in a different thread
Thanks.I will do my research.

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volunteered to give up my seat on Spirit flight and now I have 2 free round trip vouchers for anywhere Spirit flys

where should I go lads?

>rip no Korea
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Costa rica
Such a chill place
that's def an option
Find out where the most expensive place to fly normally would be and then go there.

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Currently in Pune, India. Does anyone know where I might be able to find the Lotus Sutra scroll here? A friend is wanting me to bring it back.
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What do you mean by 'the scroll?' As in, the original? Kek.
Just scroll form, I'm not Indiana fucking Jones.
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>the Lotus Sutra scroll here? A friend is wanting me to bring it back.


the exploits can be used on this thing
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Given how common truly horrible graphic design is, I am surprised how few badly funny airport logos there are. This one is sort of gag-provokingly cute, I guess, but given the airport name it was also pretty much obligatory.
This one is pretty clever, though.
i like this one cause it looks like the plane bounced off the ground near a forest

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Studying abroad in Florence for a month, arrived here yesterday afternoon. I'm excited to see everything that the city has to offer but the living conditions provided are terrible, the worst offense is lack of air conditioning in the Italian summer, I can't sleep in the heat either, doesn't help that we were told that the beds were twin sized and they actually ended up being smaller. I don't speak any Italian either and know nobody here except a professor from back home. I know that the trip is more about seeing what you came to see but the conditions I'm in make it seem like I'm gonna have a rough time.

Pic is our back porch
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What school are you attending? I'm going to the lorenzo de medici school in a few months in florence. Sounds like you're miserable. Can't you make friends in class?
Get a Vape (vap-ay) for the mosquitos and a plug in fan, a few electronic stores near city center who mainly cater to students and tourists will rebuy the fan for some % of what you paid when you leave.

Do you want restaurant recs too? Just finished a semester there
I'm at SRISA. I'm sure I can make friends with the (4) people in my class when they actually start tomorrow but I just living here going to prove to be a challenge for multiple reasons

I'd love some, preferably a few where they understand English well enough

Hay I'm leaving Alaska for the first time i'm going to Seattle,Washington to see my mom for a week, any place i should check out? other than the Space needle my friends also said i should go see the fish market & the shopping district that sounds good but...eh what should i go see? I though about checking out the museums if there are any in the area.

pic/gif not related.
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The fish market is pointless and stupid, filled with dumb tourists watching a guy throw fish. Literally the most tourist thing you can do here. Instead go find the Fremont Troll and take a picture for your dumb social media.

What do you like to do? Seattle has some great museums -- the Henry is really cool, and SAM has some great Native American art that is worth seeing.

Go up to Capitol Hill for restaurants -- hit up Annapurna for delicious Nepalese food, and go up to Uncle Ike's to buy some legal weed (try the Tsunami prerolled joints, my favorite). Seattle is full of great live music venues -- check thestranger.com for event listings as well as general shit to do around town.
annapurna is the shit. also check out the international district OP. uwajimaya is a japanese grocery store which is pretty cool, and there are lots of good restaurants around there. i would recommend chu minh tofu deli (vietnamese), saigon deli (vietnamese), green leaf (vietnamese), thai curry simple (thai), and pho ba (pho).
>uwajimaya is a japanese grocery store
This place is kind of nice for being able to get fresh takoyaki and other street food in their lunch court. Otherwise not super interesting.

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Hey /trv/ what's the cheapest and easiest way to get another passport/dual citizenship for someone that lives in the US?
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I'm in the middle of a lawsuit that's gonna run me ten grand to get Italian citizenship through a parent's parent's parent.

What's your reason for wanting it, though?
Montenegro is pretty easy, too, at least comparatively, and I'm not sure you need to be a real resident. It costs several hundred thousand dollars, though.

If you're not a descendant of people from a country with ancestry citizenship programs (a surprising number, including Spain, Portugal, Ireland, a lot of Eastern European countries, and others), and able to prove it, or married to someone from another country, basically all of these programs require you to be a long term resident making positive contributions to the country, either by doing some sort of legal local work for which there is a demand, or by investing a lot of money locally.

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>deeply unhappy with life
>go traveling for 1 year
>think it will land me gf and friends
>make friends and have sex while traveling
>become very happy and motivated with life
>come home
>same as before
>one year has passed since i traveled
>feel even more hopeless than before
>no gf no friends
>now two years older

I wish I never heard of the traveling meme
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>wishing he never would have traveled after traveling

you're either doing it wrong, or you are a hopeless loser who will never be happy
>>think it will land me gf and friends
anyone traveling with the express purpose of having sex or finding a girlfriend is a fucking loser.

being a no-personality autistic loser isn't pussy magic in foreign countries, you dipshit.

if you can't just enjoy traveling for the amazing experiences it brings, the sights, the cultures, etc -- your priorities in life are seriously messed up.
Why don't you just try to travel even more now after you know that you had fun while traveling?
Like looking for a job where you have a lot of business trips, get a shitload of money to take long vacations and stuff like that.

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Greetings /trv/ - I'm hoping to hear from anyone who's been to the Faroe islands. In their own words, it's Europe's best kept secret. I love the outdoors, and going here at some stage is a real aspiration of mine.

So please, if you've been here or know someone who has, could you share it?
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Well I wouldn't name it "best kept secret" but I agree Faroer Islands are pretty cool.

I have been to Torshavn, Klaksvik and Nelsoy

Nelsoy island https://youtu.be/1mbxx5wlKLs

And here is the heliport https://youtu.be/2Y2ptOEsPkA

How did you get there?
it's not a secret I know about them and have wanted to go but I can't because it's too expensive

No direct flights for a flyover-American, we'd have to connect at least three times, for that price I could stick another cheap vacation in my schedule.

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Got $35k bonus and have 40 days of vacation time I need to burn through. Where would you go for 40 days and why?

I live in NYC, been everywhere in the US worth going.
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I hope I can be you one day. I live in NOLA but I want to live in NYC and travel the world. If I were you I'd spend all 40 days going around France and Italy.

I've never left the U.S. :(
Save the money go wherever you want you lucky cunt
I did something like that just from Switzerland last year.

Book a RTW business class ticket (about 7k).
I would suggest stuff like
NYC - London - Zurich/Vienna - Honkong - Auckland - Santiago de Chile - Havana (actually mexico city and book separate flights to cuba and back) - NYC
You got 56 days off total (not counting bank holidays) so why not? Even if you drop another 10k on 4/5* hotels you can go nuts.

The first 4 don't need a reason, all of them are great places to stay.
Santiago: great day trips no matter your interest and the city is pretty good imo
Havana: Well you want to see Cuba before it collapses outside of a guided tour. They actually have nice places to stay and nothing beats a mojito and a cohiba at a stunning beach.

Hello /trv/ friends

I'm making the trek through vietnam / thailand / australia soon. I will be traveling for at least a year or more.

I'm calling on the experience of all travel bros, please help and share your knowledge for the betterment of man everywhere.

I will be getting my vaccines in Thailand. Who here has experience? I have done the research of what I should be getting but in my home country (USA) I cannot be spending several thousands to get vaccines.

What vaccines have you gotten before? Did you get them abroad? What were some of the side effects? Did you get sick from the vaccines?

What do you wish you would have gotten or regret getting? I know the rabies vaccine is particularly expensive and grueling.

Any tips or experience would be appreciated. Thanks Bros
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I seriously don't understand you. I live in slovakia which is a shithole but it still has a vaccine centres designed for tourism where you tell them your destination and they will give you the recomeend vaccines.
Do you read my post?

>I know what vaccines to get,

I'm wondering if anyone has actually gotten them abroad for cheaper and what their experiences were and if they got sick or had any side effects.
Got a meningitis shot in a shack hardly worth that name at the Liberia - Ivory Coast border. Looked sketchy as fuck, but as their equipment was sterile and the vaccines had been properly stored (check both) I went with it instead of trying to bullshit or bribe my way past it. Cheaper anyway, cost me exactly €3.

Kicker was that I didn't get any sides, which was one hell of an improvement over my first meningitis shot as that one left me quite sick for two days.

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Lads, I'm considering going on a trip to Croatia for like 2 weeks in late august/early September and I'm wondering if its worth it.

Also this is my first time leaving Canada so I was wondering if any fellow Canadians here can help me find cheap flights.
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It's definitely worth it.
I'm going to meet a friend in Zagreb in june

if the thread is still alive by then I'll report, my first time in ex-yugo too but im a britbong. Got a cheap 20 euro flight back so I'm pumped
If going into Dalmatia or any other touristy place, watch out for price gouging. Look at the menu for prices before you order anything, they charge tourists a lot more than they charge locals.

They like to charge for everything, at least it was like that a few years ago.

So I'm going to Seoul, South Korea for 1 week this year. I know very basic Korean, and can't read too well, but language aside, I'm moreover looking advice in the city.

What are the most reasonable ways to travel? Subway? Taxi? Bus? I've lived in Japan for some time, and we have cards for quick access to the trains rather than buying tickets... is there something similar in Seoul?

How difficult is it to book a ticket to see the DMZ? (especially lately)

Any suggestions on cheap places to stay? Preferably with a host present and private/locked rooms.

And last question for now.. Is "solo" dining common in S. Korea like it is in Japan? I'm here for tourism and food mostly, and don't see myself making friends in the span of a week most likely.
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You can buy and load subway passes in most stations (probably all but a very few untraveled ones). They also work on busses but really no reason to take busses in Seoul there are almost 300 stations!

Taxis you'll want to take at night, they're reasonably priced but the subway all the way in the day. Depends on the day but the subway usually finishes up around 11 to 11:30.

All signs are in English.
Re: accom, you should Couchsurf. The supply of hosts vastly outstrips demand (since Seoul and Korea generally get very few backpackers).

I have no experience with hostels in Korea. Love motels and Korean saunaus (which are basically family resorts where everyone sleeps communally) fill that niche.

Solo dining is a huge headache in Korea and the complete opposite of Japan. While there is fast food and street food for solo diners, and lunch places that serve single meals, for dinner it's pretty much impossible to order for one or even two: Koreans ALWAYS dine in huge groups. Same applies to drinking: your only option will be expat bars as Koreans don't ever go out at night alone (or if they do it's to expat-geared bars).
Hey man (woman?)! You're going to love this trip. I just did literally this a few weeks ago.

Okay, so really important -- Pick a lively neighborhood. I'm college aged to I went to Sinchon. I stayed here -- Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse, I really liked it but the bathrooms were meh and the beds were kind of hard. Sinchon has a *ton* of universities right there so tons of young people / parties / fun food.

Solo dining is not as common but I did it once!

DMZ Tours are amazing. I used TourDMZ and I did the combined tour so got to see a lot. *Important* BOOK THESE IN ADVANCE, DMZ TOUR COMPANIES FILL UP! They also need your passport information to clear you with the UN to visit so it's hard to book day of for the tours.

As for making friends, I think you should use Tinder -- I met a few lovely girls. (Though one didn't look like her photo, I'm still not sure I picked up the right Korean girl from the metro station). I also spent time with people in the hostel.

CHECK OUT THE PC BANGS! They are amazing. I played CS GO for 10 hour just for the experience of the large screen and being able to order noodles and fast food right at my seat. They laughed at me on the way out because I spent 40k, but whatever it was amazing.

KK That's my freevice

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So I have a week (monday to sunday) to spend it the Netherlands and was looking for suggestions/recomendations for places to check out.
Interested mainly in
>decent live music and pubs
Not too pushed about art but sure if you think theres a place worth checking out no harm in mentioning it
Weed and hookers arent really a priority, other than maybe the last weekend.
Gonna be in Amsterdam obviously and Leeuwarden. What other cities are worth checking out?
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Definitely take a day in Utrecht (centrally located in Holland, similar to Amsterdam but without the tourists, nice architecture, atmosphere, student-city), also I would strongly suggest Maastricht (most far south city in Holland, bout 1,5-2 hours train from Utrecht) because this is just beautifull city and scenery around the city, more German/Belgium influences so a lot different than Amsterdam/Utecht

Also if you have some time left I would suggest seeing the coast, Egmond aan zee, Den Helder, it's calm places with sea and fish and stuff

Have fun!!
Seconding Maastricht, and you can also travel across the border to Aachen by suburban bus from there, which is a great city to visit if you're interested in history.
Cheers. Maastricht definitely looks worth checking out. Aachen too.
Would either of you recommend Rotterdam or the Hague for the last city

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Hey /trv/, I wanted to ask your advice on a move I plan to make in the near-ish future. I have been highly considering moving to Cambodia (Phnom Penh) for at least a year (save money teaching English with my wife), until I can afford someplace else + have Tefl experience. Besides Cambodia being poor and dirty is there any reason why this would be a bad idea? Wanting to go to China after. Will have just over 10k after tickets.
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>save money teaching English with my wife
>Besides Cambodia being poor and dirty is there any reason why this would be a bad idea?

How much do you think English teachers get paid in Cambodia lol? It's not SK or JPN salaries that's for damn sure, it's one of the poorest countries on the planet. The people already teaching English there are working for NGOs/PeaceCorp-type shit.

Even in Thailand or Vietnam, both significantly more developed, you will barely break even (maybe save a few hundred a month if you eat rice every meal and never go out/do anything fun).

>Wanting to go to China after.
Then wouldn't you just teach there in the first place?
You're not going to "save" money teaching English anywhere. I'm not sure how much research you've done into this, but you're paid a pittance. People do it for the experience.

If you want to go to China, just go to China.

I've seen several sources that site it at 1000-1200 a month. While we couldn't save a ton, we could easily easily get by on one salary (including drinks and adventuring), while banking the other. Am I wrong about this?

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