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Just got to Germany. Need some advice for local etiquette. Especially with german girls. I've never been to Germany before and know absolutely no German. Was a spontaneous trip so I did very little research. Currently in Wiesbaden. Please guys. Help me out here.
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clap a lot

We're one of the most Americanized nations in the World. The youth also speaks English.

Just be easy-going and say you are American. (Just in case, everyone probably guessed it by your accent and weight.)
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Hey anons, I'm going on a trip to Florence and then Rome and frankly speaking I'd like to eat there on budget. Mid-day lunches only.

You'd help me a ton, if you'd recommend some local restaurants and bistros, preferably not tourist-oriented, where two people can eat local food at reasonable price.
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What's your reasonable price?
20 euros per head? 30?
yeah, 20'd be nice
if you are willing to spend 20€ you should be able to find a lot of good restaurants easily. italy isn't that expensive from my experience.

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So i'm actually living a deep depression and the only thing it makes me smiling is thinking about travelling. But this year the luck wasn't good with me, so i lost all the friends who wanted to come with me.. So now i'm alone. And my crazyness bring me to make a stupid walk: from Danzica (Poland) to Tallin (Estonia). The biggest problem is MOTHER RUSSIA, precisely the Kaliningrad's Oblast. I have to cross it but apperantly I "need" a paper to do it, it cost 70€ and least 3 days. Fuck it. I want to cross it near the see, but i'm afraid of Russian police... What /trv/ suggest me to do?

Oh did i mind the time? I want take the plane sunday and come back at 18th July, budget is 2300€ circa and I own a nice pair of foot which i will use during the walk.
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Disregard Kaliningrad and walk across the Polish-Lithuanian border.
I did it in 2005, had the same issue than you and I just took a bus and crossed from Poland to Lithuania
avoid Russia

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I want to travel in Europe this summer but I'm scared of terror attacks

How do I gather up the courage to go travelling in this current climate?
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not being a pussy
How do you stop being a pussy?
learn to sage, children

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So /trv/ I've recently moved abroad from Spain to Belgium, I need to go to Spain during some days for taking some stuff. I thought maybe the trains would be a better option than planes, specially than low cost carriers since It's not only the plane ticket but the displacement to the airport (let's say 10€ in each trip) and the bags.
but for my surprise, Trains (and buses also) are very expensive for what I've been able to find - 300€ r/t for trains 120€ r/t for buses -
I know know there are cheap trains out there, people gets nice seats for the same price or less than a low cost carrier ticket.. anyone knows how to do it?
I'd consider getting one of those 25% cards for frequents travellers, but at those prices it doesn't seem really worth
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Car rental and air travel being impossibly cheap makes up for this.
I was looking at using blablacar for this reason, its basically the "trips/rideshare" section of craigslist, but european
it's not super cheap but you can get a 5/15 days interrail pass for 206€ if you are 27 or younger

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Going to be spending around 10 days in the Banff and Calgary area. Anyone been there that can share their experience, tips, and recs? Recommend me some fun and cool things to do in the area. Also restaurant recs would be great.
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I live in Calgary, can give a few tips and places to go.

For food, the Grizzly House along Banff Ave is one of the better places in town, though a bit pricey.
Also take a look at the Banff Springs Hotel, it's pretty amazing.
For Calgary, there's not a whole lot that's exciting, but I may just be saying that because I live here. The better places to check out are along the Bow River in Prince's Island Park, and there's always Heritage Park and Calaway Park.
The best bars and places to eat are along 17th ave or in Kensington. Stephen Ave is also a pretty fun street in the summer.
Australian living in Banff. AMA
What are the essential things to do in Banff? I'm only going to be there for about 4 days. Also, where's the best beer?

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Who here has had traveler's diarrhea and how did you adjust? Im in Mexico right now and had it on and off for the past week. I'm not even eating street food - what gives?
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You're drinking the water or getting it somehow -- even ice cubes in drinks will give you the shits.
I had an awful case of Pharaoh´s Revenge years ago in Egypt. Worse than just the shits, for two days I'd puke after eating anything. Had to live on sweet drinks.
I've never had any serious trouble since then, barring short one day issues. Then I just change my plans to stay in an urban area and make note of every possible toilet on the way.
>even ice cubes in drinks will give you the shits.
This is not true.
Ice in mexico is filtered and taken very seriously.
40% of travelers get the shits.
Not much can be done.

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What phone carriers do you use internationally,
I'm planning on a huge roadtrip through europe,asia and africa and wondering what to use
I use AT&T and its shit
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AT&T is one of the best abroad actually. I don't remember the cost, but if you call and ask they will sell you 'international' packs for a month or two that will let you piggy back off local networks in areas where they don't cover.
I like AT&T just fine in terms of coverage, but I find it a bit overpriced. (I'm the ideal customer in the sense that I just stick with it because I'm lazy--I've used AT&T in dozens of countries across Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe).

If your phone is unlocked, buying prepaid local SIMs is easy and cheap enough almost everywhere, but you will of course have to get used to having a bunch of new local phone numbers as you travel.
no extra charge for roaming -- no charge for data or text -- voice is .20 cents a minute

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Making a trip to Russia for 2 weeks starting the 30th of June. Trying to fill my suitcase with profitable goods to sell back in the United States. Any suggestions?
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OP here, thought of buying russian Magic cards with the new set prerelease coming out. Any thoughts?
Stack a couple of russian women like those dolls they have. Good model for export honestly.
Cigarettes. Light-weighted commie-branded merch (go look at bring-and-buy's). USSR military uniform (costs nothing, if you buy it not as a souvenir at tourist trap). Coins: USSR + 3 Russian series, aim for generics in best condition.

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are there little pre modern traditional towns, streets, villages, etc in Korea like this picture of japan?
I see scenes like this ALL over china and japan in travelogues, but never really korea.

asking because I'm going to be teaching english in korea later this year and am a big fan of traditional art, crafts, historical architecture, etc etc.
want some stuff to see on vacations.
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Use the catalog.
there are no threads about this, cunt

and try searching for hanok villages, and see if the pics are to your liking or not.

the nicest old building i ever ran into in korea was actually while hiking above the jeonju hanok village. there's like a viewing point... all the koreans went on the well marked path, i obviously had to wander off on a path that hasn't been cleaned since forever. and i ended up at this old style house on the side of the hill, it was totally abandoned, beautiful, kind of falling apart... but really nice.

idk i was more impressed with the mixture of old and new. like seeing the tile patterns i saw on hanok buildings in the elevators of skyscrapers etc.

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Hey I am traveling to the Florida Keys for the first time with my girlfriend in July. We are looking for some fun stuff to do. Can anyone recommend any companies for snorkeling, diving, fishing, etc. We will be staying on Big Pine Key. Also any inexpensive fun stuff to do we can do in addition.
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Enjoy some key lime pie which is imo the best non-meat pie in existence.

Other than that it's just a place for gay baby boomers to ride around on Harleys.
I would second the recommendation for the key lime pie and add that going out to look for the key deer is both cheap and a fun way to pass some time.
>the keys
>although, yeah, pic related

Anyone ever dump out cheap bottles of travel sized mouthwash and fill em with liquor to bring on a plane?

12 hour red eye to a time zone 12 hours ahead, I'm only getting through that with a stiff drink and a mid flight masturbatory session.
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Does masturbating in an airplane make you an associate member of the mile high club?
Because of people like you, I always have to ask the guy next to me if he needs to masturbate. fuck you
I have not done this. I drink in airports, and on flights (and I'd be amazed if a 12hr international flight didn't offer free booze), but I've never felt compelled to try to hide it in a bottle of Listerine. I don't like my hooch to taste like toothpaste.

If you truly feel compelled to BYO, the subterfuge is overkill--you can bring a giant plastic bag full of airplane/single-serving-sized bottles of liquor through airport security without incident.

Many airlines officially forbid this, because they want to sell you your drinks, but they won't know, and airport security doesn't give a shit.

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What do you take with you when you're traveling?

I'm taking my first international trip in a few weeks and I'm unsure what to pack.

I just ordered a travel plug adapter and an external battery pack for my phone. What do you guys bring with you when you're traveling?
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Bring the necessities. An iPod is a good investment if you don't want to bring your phone all over the place. Those things are extremely cheap now. Bring headphones too; a hostel can be loud as fuck. PACK CLOTHES THAT YOU KNOW YOU'RE GONNA WEAR. I can't stress that enough. Pack that t-shirt that you wear over and over again so you won't overpack. I bring a raincoat cause it rains everywhere.
>2 usb chargers switch between them leave 1 to charge or charge both
>burner phone, usually something I just have as an older phone to take out and that supports the countries bands
>small satchel backpack for daily runs
>USD in hand of some amount for "oh shit moments" since everywhere recognizes USD and can change it out
>vaccum bags for packing clothes
>anything that I couldn't easily buy
>headseat that covers my ears
>Tablet or cheap old laptop I use for travels

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Map time! Post yours!
>Inb4 that's an ambitious next 5 years
I'm going to be studying four years in Europe and a year in east Asia and I'm spending 5 months a year for 5 years traveling.
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Coloring guidelines are a little wishy-washy.

Equitorial Guinea looks fucking beautiful. So what if it's Africa's most corrupt country? Visa-free for Americans, fuck yeah
I don't mind the corruption I just really hate Equatoguineans. I try not to hate people but every Equatoguinean I've come in contact with has been fucking scum.

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What has this board come to?

>90% of threads are /adv/ material made by people who visit here just once for us to give them free 'places to go' or 'tips'

Other 'general' threads are full of shitposters and idiots asking the same 5 questions over and over again.
I used to love coming here but can't you guys see what for a fucking shithole this board has become?

let's brainstorm and share some ideas on how we can improve /trv/
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No more sex tourism threads
No more Japan-shilling in Korea threads
No personal blogging
No more threads about non-pleasure travel (work, study, residence/immigration, teaching English, etc.)

I hate to say it, but I largely agree.

While I don't have any problem with threads about 'non-pleasure travel,' I wish people would stop responding to those who clearly won't go anywhere farther away than their own backyard.

For instance, there are always a handful of threads along the lies of, "I hate my life and want to run away / teach English in / start a new life in Country X. What can I do?" or "Is it possible for a 19-year old NEET with no social skills to take a 10-year long trip to Madagascar?"

Clearly those folks have no intention of going anywhere and just want to fantasize. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with that, but I've noticed more and more "fantasy-travel-wank" threads over the past couple years.

A lot of people just ask a question or two and disappear. Usually it's pretty clear they just have a tangential interest in some place and aren't actually going there.

Definitely more /pol/ and /int/ here than before, too. I frequently contribute to India threads, and it's more and more "rape lol!" and "POO IN THE LOO!!!!" than in years past.
In other words, Make Trv Great Again

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