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I have a week off in September and I'm thinking of heading to Vancouver. My question pertains to the hiking around the city.

I'd call myself an intermediate level hiker for some background. Basically I don't want to spend my whole trip hiking, but I'd love to do a two or three day hike in the vicinity of Vancouver. Any suggestions?

My little bit of research makes me think that the Howe Sound Crest Trail would be a good one, but I just wanted to check if anyone living near there was familiar with the quality of that trail compared to other's around it. Also feel free to jump in with other helpful tips about spending a week near Vancouver
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At least do the grouse grind. It won't take you a whole day, but its a fun climb.
I'd looked into that, but many people said it was super crowded. I'd rather be off on my own somewhere. I'm hiking for the sights/nature, not the workout or social aspect

We usually try to do a trip a month, but we're running lower on ideas, not really interested in places like Downton Abbey as they're too static and not very interactive

So far we've been to (some aren't uploaded yet)
Gibraltar (being uploaded in July)
London (well, Westminster to tower bridge)
IWM London
Cotswold Wildlife Park
Blemheim Palace
Toddington railway
Warwick Castle
Bourton on the Water
Natural History Museum London
Bovington Tank Museum
West Midlands Safari Park

We have Dover castle, Blackpool, Snowdon, Woburn Safari park, Malta, Duxford (airshow), & Iceland floating around in our heads but beyond that we're pretty stuck

Ideas lads?
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Hey /trv/,

I am planning an two-man excursion to Israel in July. We'd like to reach Mount Tabor, preferably from Nazareth or Haifa. It's not incredibly far away, but I'd rather drop a two-hour walk (double that with the return) from Nazareth to the bottom of the mountain and replace it with a faster commute.

I would rather not rent a car.
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Catch a bus to Afula, and from Afula to the Tabor bus terminal at Shibli. From that point on the trails are marked and you should be able to go up the mountain with relatively little full.
It's even street view'd:
Israel has lots of interesting ancient and modern stuff to see, why do you want to go to this mountain?
This pretty much. I suggest hiking from the refreshment station. 30 mins hike if you ain't a bum, 90 mins if you are.

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How would you spend a weekend in your favorite city?
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I'd research the top restaurants and food spots and try to eat as much as possible.

I ended up in a situation when in 2 weeks I will be stuck in Copenhagen with my brother for 4 nights with no place to sleep and very little money. We will have camping gear, so I was thinking if we set up a tent in Christiania, what problems might I ran into? Police? Local drug addicts robbing us? I hope that couch surfing will work. Also all other suggestions welcome.
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get hammered and passout in the woods, preferably in a tent
Bump just in case
really you don't have 10$ a night for a hostel

I'm going to Kavos (Corfu) this summer. Any suggestions about clubs, girls, where to find weed etc.
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Is it possible to go to Jan Mayen? There is an airport but that's for military
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There's a cruise ship leaving from Oslo or Bergen, Norway. One of the stops is on Jan Mayen.

I went to JM in the military, took a Hercules from the Oslo military airport, open to civilians but unomfortable as hell.
What's it like there?
Bump for interest

Also, is it easy to go to Svalbard islands? Any experiences?

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What's the difference between a hostel and a sharehouse?
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Hostel generally has more people in a dormitory fashion + a larger common area I believe
A sharehouse is permanent, it's not for tourists. It's just a regular house where people live who aren't related to each other.Student sharehouses are the most common. You have your own bedroom but share the common areas and the chores.
Alright, thanks. Are sharehouses full of noisy party-people though? Because that's an aspect I hate about hostels

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I'm going to be moving from Sarasota to north of Atlanta(not sure of exact location just yet) later this year.

Gonna be driving up I-75 I guess, any stops I should make along the way? Cool sights I can see for cheap/free/in a short time?

Should I go through Atlanta or take the extra 1-2 hours to go around?
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Georgia sucks
t. Grew up there
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Ichetucknee state park near gainesville is lovely. You can swim in the springs, or tube down them to be picked up by an outfitter and driven back to your car. Refreshing pick me up.

Of course then you have Silver Springs in Ocala and see some manatees on a glass bottom boat.

That's all I know. I usually fly to Atlanta :P

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I'm planning a trip to Japan next year for 2 weeks. Outside of Tokyo I don't really know where to go.

Can /trv/ provide suggestions? I like large cities, national parks, and historical/cultural sites.

PS I have literally 0 interest in weebshit
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Check the japan general

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I want to see those 3 during 1 trip. What should I see and what should I avoid? Any tips are welcome.
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What are you interested in? Art history? Deep sea diving? LSD? Look at wikitravel and then ask something that isn;t so vague.

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Hey trv
Me and my buddy are driving from the Netherlands through Czech and Slovakia to Kiev in the Summer. Of course we're not going to the dangerous parts of the country What should we see? We like hiking, nature sights, cities (but not too much), swimming, urban exploring and we're looking for the special stuff, not the ordinary touristy things. I am also into communism so if you could recommend me some interesting remains would be nice.

And any information on driving in Ukraine is welcome. How bad are the roads. How bad is corruption?

Till now we came up with this which might be the touristy stuff though
Kutná Hora. Kostnice Ossuary
Moravian Karst

Dobsinska ice cave
>Spis castle
aquapark Tatralandia.


Any specific nature parks/trails that are great would also be nice to hear.
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> What should we see?

the dangerous parts of the country
>I am also into communism so if you could recommend me some interesting remains would be nice.
Most of the people are really nice, but if you notice the shitty parts of their behaviour, shazam, there you have it.

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What is there for me to do? Me and gf, btw. Living near the Dohány utcai Zsinagóga.
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>Dohany utcai Zsinagóga

wtf? Tobacco Street Synagogue?
in medieval times the present-day Dohány utca was outside of the city wall of Pest and since it was forbidden for Jews to live inside the walls, they settled down outside of them, but close enough so that they could sell their products to the city dwellers - Dohány utca was named so because the Jews living there produced and sold mainly tobacco
since you're in the Jewish District, you'll have an easy time discovering the area's many ruin bars and street food establishments

for party venues look up Szimpla, Fogas Ház, Doboz, Grandio, Ellátó Kert and Beat on the Brat

as for food, Bors Gasztrobár, Revolucion Budapest, Attaboy, Soul Food, BP BARbq, Macesz Huszár, Kis Parázs, and the Karaván food court are pretty popular places serving great dishes

places worth checking are the Castle Hill (you can easily spend a day wandering around there, make sure to check out the view from the tower of Matthias Church), the Citadel (amazing vantage point), City Park (featuring the Budapest Zoo, the Széchenyi Baths and a 19th century castle that's the amalgam of every historic style from Hungarian architecture), Margaret Island (medieval ruins galore and a free petting zoo), the Danube Promenade (stretching from Liberty bridge to the Széchenyi Chain bridge), Kossuth square (that's where the Parliament building is situated), Erzsébet square (this is where tourists and local young people gather each night for some drinking), Aquincum (huge Roman ruin garden, plus there are two ancient amphitheatres and the remains of a huge Roman thermal bath nearby), the Great Market Hall (for souvenirs and stuff), the Downtown Market (colorful gastro hotspot), St. Stephen's Basilica (you can climb the stairs to the top for cheap), and one of the city's many baths (besides Széchenyi there's Gellért Baths, Király, Rudas, Lukács and Veli Bej)

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Get cozy and read some of /trv/'s (mis)adventures

new friends, partying, bad hostels, romance abroad, scary moments.. anything goes.
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I am going to do an internship in Japan for 3 months and need to choose between Tokyo or Kyoto.
I did my research, I know that one city is more traditional and quite, while the other is more active and bigger etc.
But most reports were from people who stayed there for some days.
So the question is: When you need to stay for some months in one of thesecities, which one would it be and why?
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i lived in tokyo for a year and visited kyoto a few times and i have to say i loved living in tokyo. there is probably a lot more to do in terms of events, entertainment and contemporary/pop culture there than in kyoto - you definitely won't get bored in tokyo in those three months. there are lots of different areas/subcities in tokyo that all have their own distinctive feel and you can spend weeks just exploring in different places. if you're worried about it being too full and too hectic, i'd say that really depends on where you live. there are extremely quiet and idyllic neighborhoods just a short distance from skyscapers and blinking neon signs, so you can really have any experience you want to have. in any case for a city of that size tokyo is extremely well-organized and even in crowded areas it is as pleasant as a city can get at that level of population density.

if you're into temples and traditional architecture though kyoto is more for you. you won't find any of that in tokyo because the whole city was destroyed by firebombing in WW2. Almost all shrines and temples in Tokyo are reconstructions from after the war.

if i were you i would choose tokyo and take an extended trip to kyoto which is quickly and easily reachable by shinkansen. i might be biased because of my personal experiences though.

AMA if you have any questions
Thank you, you already helped me!
If you really want to spend time in Kyoto, you should see if you have the option of interning in Osaka. I was only in the area a few days, but I can say I wouldn't want to live in Kyoto itself - it was pretty packed with tourists and didn't have much to offer aside from the sights, whereas Osaka is literally 10 minutes away by Shinkansen and has more interesting food, nightlife, living, and anything else you could want in a city.

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