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How to get phone service while traveling for a few weeks internationally(america to greece)?

My phone service doesn't have coverage at all in europe (virgin mobile) so how can I get service or wifi? It seems like a pretty serious topic that I couldn't find anything about from google. thank you.
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I always just buy a local sim, as it's cheaper than roaming. You can use skype, google talk, facetime etc to stay in contact by VOIP. There are "International Sims" but they are never as cheap as the local carriers.

However I believe T-Mobile offers a really good international data service on their plan. It's not that fast overseas, but it's an alternative to changing your number.
where do I buy a local sim? once I'm there?

and that means my number will be different? How much do they cost?

sorry lots of questions lol
>However I believe T-Mobile offers a really good international data service on their plan
Yep. Voice is .20 cents a minute, but text and data is no charge. It's a great deal.

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How do you guys get the money and time to travel so much?

I can barely get 2 weeks free this summer from my job and couldn't save enough money to cover the airplane/transport costs.
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Full time job with a kind of decent pay (at least for my shitty country in terms of work: Spain) + not being a materialistic person

One month a year paid holiday + days off. I work in hospitality so I don't do the usual Monday to Friday thing, that means I often have 4-5 days off in a row, enough for a quick European trip.
Good paying job, keep expenses low so I can save.

Save up vacation to use it when I need to take a vacation.
When I get sick I go to work anyway and make everyone else sick, when they take a day off I fill in for them....then they owe me.

It's the circle of virus, comes back to me again.

Because of work, I'll be staying in Nuremberg from September to December and I have a couple of questions about the city/area:
- How feasible is it to travel to the Alps by public transportation as a day-trip?
- What's the German spoken there like? I know some basic German but I'd like to prepare a bit against any peculiarities more before going there
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A day trip for the Alps would be pushing it, I think. Check the websites of Deutsche Bahn and Flixbus to see if there are decent connections to cities in the Alps that interest you.
Germans in that part of the country speak with an A that sounds like a mixture of A and O. They also like to roll there R's.
Another day trip idea would be Regensburg and the Walhalla. However, people in that city speak a very strange and incomprehensible German. I speak decent German and have travelled quite a bit through the German speaking countries, but Regensburg was the only place where I encountered locals I could not for the life of me understand. Just pretend you don't speak German if you go to Regensburg.
>A day trip for the Alps would be pushing it
Yep, seems like it. Saturday+Sunday seems like a better idea.
>They also like to roll there R's
Interesting, I assume they do that with all R's except those at the end of syllables, right? (not the one in "mir", for example).
> the Walhalla
I hadn't heard about that spot, I'll be sure to check it out.
>- How feasible is it to travel to the Alps by public transportation as a day-trip?
Not really feasible unless you rush everything. Take a weekend trip. Flixbus is a good option, so is the Bayern/Bavaria ticket.
>- What's the German spoken there like?
Franconian. In the bigger cities its more understandable for outsiders.
General rules:
No t or p ever. They become d and b.
(Tiger, Paypal http://vocaroo.com/i/s0R58szJT7v2)
r are rolled.
(Pirat http://vocaroo.com/i/s0YeUZGpCqiA)
Everything else is shortened to the extreme. ein -> a, auch -> a
Some a and o sounds are different and mixed, so can be the e and u.
Baum -> Baam, for example.
Rgensburg is worth a visit. So are Munich, Bamberg, Würzburg, Rothenburg among others.
Would be miä
For me as a Franconian its ok but Germans have problems at the beginning, yes.

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So /trv/ I'm considering taking a loooong trip on a Greyhound bus. Is it going to be awful? What is the likelihood of arriving at the destination on time?

The trip is 47 hours and 35 minutes according to the greyhound site...
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Also how does the bus compare to a plane, like space wise, comfort of the seats, that sort of thing?
Greyhound bus is the quintessential travel experience. It's so bad you'll wish you walked all the way. Real travellers™ only.
Would you consider it worth an additional $80 and the hassle of finding a ride to the airport to fly instead? It would be 4-6 hours instead of 48 that way....

As a bong who lives on a small island, i really want to experience train hopping, have any of you ever done it and if you have how did it go? I really want to get some friends and just go and do it and not give any fucks.
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>>>/n/ has a couple resident train hoppers
There is a lot of things you need to know. What carts are save to ride. Where to catch trains. Listen to Railworkers Radio. Avoid long tunnels etc..

watch Brave Daves Freighthopping Series on Youtube.
Great way to get killed or injured.

t. former railroad worker

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I've always seen South East Asia as a place for insufferable young people to "find themselves" in the most cliche way possible, or fuck prostitutes or go to vegan festivals

Can I have a profound experience there that isn't completely dull and cliche and involving obnoxious teenagers there to party and work out their existential crises?
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How about you go kill yourself you insufferable faggot.
Just rent a motorbike, leave the guidebook at home and do your own thing.
Kayak down the Mekong. Get your diving license. Learn a local language (Indonesian is piss-easy).
Can we turn this into a full moon thread?

Anyone stayed at any of the party hostels on Koh Phangnan?

Not sure if I want to stay in Haad Rin or Ban Tai beach, I like being somewhere near lots of shops and places to eat, I've had a look at those places on Bantai beach and they just seem to be on the shitty main road and far away from any big group of shops or a good beach.

Still want those good party vibes and drinking games though.

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AM 24, living in shithole town in Tennessee with no jobs or opportunities for shit, poor, no car and am miserable. I'm thinking Portland will a safe city to run off to, via bus, and be able to find jobs and opportunities to actually live a life worth living. Am wondering if anyone here lives there and can tell me whether or not this is a good idea and what to do when I get there right off the bus. If not, give me legitimate reasons why I shouldn't do this. I feel like my youth and my mind are wasting away being trapped in the middle of nowhere here in the South.
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fuck off we're full.
Lol, ah come on. If I'm wiling to work...
Portland is a city that keeps getting whiter.
I've only ever been once but from what I hear it is maximum comfy.
It will be a different world than the black heavy south.

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Nah, I'm not talking about Greece, I'm talking about travelling while in a Greek Lettered Org.

Might be a stretch on 4chan, and even bigger on a board like this - but joining my fraternity allowed me to travel even more than I already did. Let's hear some stories.

I'm not a part of the "typical" Greek Life you guys are thinking about. I'm a part of one of the nation's largest Asian Greek Fraternities (yeah we exist) and I've been able to visit a lot of places.

I've been to Philly, Maryland, and all across the West Coast. My experiences have been pretty good - been able to meet other bros, and talk about what we went through when we were pledging, funny stories of other bros, and just shooting the shit in general.

Meeting girls is a huge thing too, and that is REALLY fun as well.
I'm at work so I can't really type out too much right now, but I'm curious to see if any other /trv/llers went Greek and loved it as much as me.
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>paying for friends
>"but muh networking"

Lol not gonna be here to debate the merits of Greek life but that's the shittiest argument against Greek life.
I can't defend IFC (white) frats, but you don't know what you're talking about.
I pay about $200 a semester in dues, and that's poorfag wage. The dues go to buying food and drinks for events as well as paying for parties.
Don't know how I "pay for friends".
Do you "pay for friends" when you join a club or student association?
Low tier bait.
Nice, shots at Senor Frog's in Cancun.

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Oy, I'm in China soon (Shanghai, Peking, Huangshan). Couldn't get a vaccine done in time, so I will go there without being protected against.
Given where I go, do I even need it in the first place? I'm sure it's always recommended, but I was wondering how bad it is needed.
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No rabies vaccination and you're going to Peking?

You're so fucked
lmao fuck off it's not necessary

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What is their to do in Nice? I'll be going with my gf in Aug.
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>avoid trucks
in the evening go to a restaurant or a coffee or something and strike up conversations with random strangers.
try to visit this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calanque
also I believe there are some nice boat tours - I know there are in Toulon and Marseille, so why not Nice ? -, you should definitely check those. I heard you could even see dolphins and shit
Rent a truck, explore the busier parts of town.

Do you try to blend in with the locals when you travel? Or do you resign yourself to toursitdom?
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I dress the same as at home.
>sporty casual or business casual
So it's natural to "blend in" as it's about the same everywhere in the world.
Pretty much this unless you are going somewhere REALLY specific, just dress like normal people. I will do some basic T shirt designs and jeans, but nothing like AMERICA FUCK YEAH
I dress how I like. Who gives a fuck about what people think of your dresscode?

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What's a good career for people who want to both live and travel abroad as much as possible? What major would lead into it?
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Online/live poker
Diplomacy, journalism, engineering, teaching

I think the most important thing is that you always make sure you earn US dollars, British pounds or Euro's. Otherwise your salary might not be worth it and in that case a lot of countries are kinda shitty. But if you live in let's say Colombia with a British-tier wage you're obviously going to live like a king

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On Wednesday I'm traveling alone to France for a personal vacation. I'm a bit concerned though. This isn't my first time traveling alone. I've traveled internationally twice before. But on both of those trips, the first 2-3 days I was wrecked with anxiety. It wasn't until day 4+ when I could actually start enjoying the trip and feel normal. Now, I've come a LONG way since those last 2 trips. Overall in life I'm much much better off now. But even still, I'm a bit worried I'm going to be sick with anxiety the first few days.

Any advice?
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Do some low stress stuff at your own pace the first few days, like museums. If you get anxious you can just sit down, or hang out in the cafeteria. Or don't be embarrassed to be a tourist for the first day or two and do one of the bus tours, you're just sitting there, not doing much, and you know that you will end up exactly where you began, but it gives you a sense of the layout of the city and gets you excited about the places you'll see up close later.

The first 2 days I scheduled to not be busy. The first day I have no plans other than checking in to my hostel. On day 2 I just have a few museums I want to see.

I guess I'm just a bit concerned, because on my last trip I did, the first 2 days with the combination of jet-lag and anxiety. I was so fucked. I barely ate the first 2 days because my entire GI tract felt fucked and I couldn't sleep. I just don't want to go through that again
Social anxiety?

Is it normal to sometimes get slightly depressed over how temporary friendships you build while solo traveling are?
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I always get depressed during travel, it just depends on what level of depression.

last time I was in China I felt utterly alone (didn't speak the language, only a few plastic friendships with other expats), had to come home early just to stop myself from an heroing.
you have 4chan, how can you ever feel depressed?
I got that a little during a trip when I was visiting pen pals in Portugal on days when they were unable to meet with me. I still had a good time, but it was a lot less exciting on days I was alone.

This trip I'm having the opposite problem. I'm in Toulouse and I met this girl, American (which I am as well) and we became fast friends. We spent a lot of time chatting last night and we had a great time.

Today she wasn't able to meet up because she was beat after a day trip elsewhere (looking back I should have hinted I wanted to tag along but whatever). I was a little bummed because another day of hanging out would have been fun, but I also realized she and I probably won't keep in touch in the long term.

I'm not really upset about her in particular, but now I'm feeling sad about the fact that most friendships I make in solo travel will probably just be that I become close with someone really fast and then never talk to them much again.

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Saigon Cafe in Dodge.
There's a nice old hotel in Garden City.

Go East young man, go East.

Lawrence and KC have good eats and music scene, but before you get there you're pretty much SOL, Junk Town has some strip clubs and Topeka has a great history museum and capitol mural.
go to Kansas city or kansas' capital, whatever its called
Kansas is by far the most drive thru state ever

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