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Britfag here

I'm in my 30s now. No career, single, no savings etc. I have no prospects back home and have to accept this now. I went travelling to Asia last year and loved it. I am now thinking about moving to another country and teach for a year or 2.

I don't think I'd go back to Asia but I have looked at Brazil and Czech Republic as you don't need a degree to score a job there. Do you need to be very outgoing to teach? I am quite a shy person and not a fan of speaking to groups but I'm pretty sure I could do it if I committed to it. Also, I don't like kids lol but would be happy teaching adults or teenagers.

Whats it like teaching abroad? Is it possible to save money? Anyone with experience teaching in Brazil or Czech Rep? Two extremes of destination I know but I don't really mind where I go, I just need to get out of the UK and enjoy life again
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>Do you need to be very outgoing to teach?
In Japan, if you are hired by some elementary school or some "eikawa" (specialized english private school) teaching kids, from what I've heard you'll be expected to be more of an entertainment than an actual english teacher. Many jvlogger taught english and many had that experience, where the english class is kind of an easygoing kindergarten rather than a place to gain knowledge. Seems like the real english learning starts once they are 11-12, before that its more like just knowing basic words (apple, cat, sister, etc.) without ever speaking the language or creating sentences. You have to organize silly activities the rest of the time.

I guess that's understandable, I grew up in Quebec and my native langauge is french, so I had english class in elementary school, and it was pretty much that. It's in highschool (no middle school in Quebec) that it really becomes another academic field.

Japan wouldn't be part of my plans, you need a degree to teach there as far as I know. Other places I'd prefer to visit first too.

I'd like to give private tuition to hot Eastern European teenagers but I'd settle for adult learning classes
Eastern Europe and Brazil both have low pay and generally low standards.

I'll talk about Brazil a bit.

The pay is all over the place if you have no experience and no degree you will probably be paid 2000 reais a month which is pretty bad but you can totally live off of it if you know what you are doing.

You can do private lessons which pay more charge by the hour fron 50-200 reais an hour the more serious you are the better

If you want to teach business men then you will probably be paid around 5k to 10k in reais much better but hard to get those jobs.

Honestly if you come here is start up cash of 5000 usd you will be fine with just about anything unfortunately visas are retarded right now they are about to give amnesty to foreigners who no visa so idk what the situation will be like but most places will never sponsor work visas.

The city you pick matters. Roommates will save you money. Shopping at the poor people grocery store is key and
you got to learn basic Portuguese no one speaks english in service/grocery stores etc...

Only thing I know about Europe is they usually prefer to hire UK folks but with Brexit this may change
The pay is usually break even pay.

What's San Antonio, TX like?

Am I going to regret going there?
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I went there this year. Make sure you visit the river walk. Pretty chill. It's like restaurants and bars all the way along the river.
Yes. You will regret it.

San Antonio is the worst city I've ever visited. I was going to say that it's just the worst in the US but the foreign shit holes I've been to at least had the fun of feeling exotic. SA is all the worst bits of Murrica and all the worst bits of Mexico thrown together in a blender.

Get in
See the Alamo
Go to sea world
Get the fuck out
Check out brazos bend if you're going to Texas. I hated the cities but I spent all night here playing with sticky frogs, geckos, fireflies, alligators, and most importantly catching armadillos.

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If I have a net worth of 4 million dollars, is that enough to buy a good sailboat and sail around the world to explore and look for lost places? If I invest right I shouldn't have a time limit to how long I could do this right?
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If you can tell me more about the company you invested in; What they make/how they do business. If you give me this information, I will be more enabled to assist you with investing in such a way that you continue to get returns on your future investments. In the previous thread you said you are 'just getting lucky.' That simply is not true if we are living in a technologically advanced capitalist society. The reason why your investment paid off and how you should continue investing in the future lies within the information that you would provide me if you are not fill of shit.

Here is another site I made: http://www.gift-coin.com/ (there are probably more secure buy bitcoin, but paxful is probably the best service to use to buy bitcoin at a low price and then sell it off later when it does up in price.)
and you would probably be better off posting this in /biz/.
If you nneed to ask here then, probably it's not going to work

My mother sails around the globe with her boyfriend and this man has been sailing all his life. The sailing part is actually not so easy and you need to repair stuff every now and then so you need to be able to do that as well while improvising.

An oceanworthy sailboat is possible to find secondhand for a reasonable price, depending on size and if you know where to look you can get one for 100k, then you would still need to repair it significantly because you want uptodate gps and all that.
I don't have a figure how much you'd need to spend in maintenance but you can count on a renovation that will cost in the order of 10k's and yearly maintenance a bit less (assuming you stay on your boat year round and not put it in winter storage).

Once you have a boat it is easy to live cheap since you'd stock up your ship in low cost countries (i.e. Spain) and if you anchor at suitable bays you don't need to pay port fees. How much this will cost depends in you

I have no idea how expensive insurance is but you'll want that since boating accidents can become really expensive really quickly.

Overall you will have incredible freedom but I strongly recommend to first start with a smaller yacht to understand sailing and maintaining a sailboat before going full oceanworthy and set sail for destinations unknown.

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I don't know why, but I get so happy when the flight attendant starts handing these out.
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t. a fatass
I don't. I want PEANUTS but some fucker is always allergic.

But those Biscof cookies are always nice. Simple but fantastic.
I get happy as well because usually it comes with champagne.

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Where should I go on vacation I have 500 dollars at the most for a plane and I am flying out of Denver
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Go to Vegas.
skyscanner> denver to everywhere> time you want to go or cheapest month if you flexible> choose a destination from the list in your budget.

Are you sure you want to fly on that much?

You can find good deals if you are flexible and not in a hurry. A hostel would seem to be the only lodging on those funds, afaik.

I guess it depends on what you consider vacation and where. Sometimes just a change of scenery helps, even if it isnt dramatic.

For example, I find spending a day in some random town outside my city does wonders for my nerves sometimes.

Have any anons travelled to Pakistan? Share your experiences. Please also mention whether you are someone with Pakistani origin or just someone who felt like travelling there.
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Bit of a stale thread but...I got held up at gunpoint to forcefully buy two carpets.
Actually? How? Why wouldn't they just take your money?
Me and a friend got pulled to one side in a bazaar. Held up with what looked like an UZI and forced to by two carpets at 50,000 Rupee.
I have no clue why they didn't just take the money.

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in paris. what can i do with hardly any money (apart from suck dik)
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Get attacked by ISIS.
buy keychains from boat people

Why do you have no money in a major city? Did you get attacked by gypsies?

Check out Notre Dame
Go to Latin Quarter
Go to Montremarte --> See art stuff
Go to Champs Elysees --> See L'Arc de Triomphe
Go to Place de la Concorde --> Look at fountain

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Tell me about that trip where everything just went fantastically right. That holiday that was the most fun you've ever had. That tour that opened your mind.
The one you wished every trip thereafter was like.
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I'm in Melbourne now and it's by far the best thing I've ever done. I have these awesome roommates that we hang out and smoke weed with. Every weekend I go out and spend time with these awesome people from all over the world. The girls are hot and actually talk to me because they like my accent. It's fucking ridiculous, I was so sheltered my whole life looking back.

Seriously guys, go fucking travel, it's incredible!
t. 18 y/o with rich daddy
don't listen to this guy, have fun on your trip man it sounds like you're living the dream

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i'm going to be staying in daly city ca for a while, am i gonna fucking die? i booked an airbnb

thanks - also are there any nice places to eat at or visit in daly city, or is mostly everything in san francisco and south city?
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I'm assuming you'll be in Daly City for business and not pleasure. Daly City is a suburb. Nothing to do there. You’ll be next to San Francisco, so go there instead.

any suggestions for san francisco? is south san francisco worth checking out?

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Wife and I are going to Denver in March for the first time.

What should we do?
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smoke weed every day
It's Denver so there's not much else to do other than DUDE WEED and doing a different drug every night. Also there are homeless camps everywhere and the place is a fucking shithole.

Don't forget that for the price of a trip to Denver you could go to any European city for the same amount of time, Denver is fucking expensive.
Damn, that sucks.
I lived in Sicily for five years already and have been to Germany and Spain.
Any skiing or maybe the Rockies? It all sucks?

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My girlfriend and I will be driving up to San Francisco next week, we are looking to stay at an airbnb. Does anyone have suggestions on the best areas to stay around the bay?
Any other SF tips would be appreciated.
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Where you from? If you're just from SoCal, there isn't much specifically to do in San Francisco that would be very different unless you want to do some touristy things.

There is a town north of SF called Pescadero which is a nice coastal town that you won't really find in the south. It's a lot more harbor-ish with a lighthouse and some nice wide areas as opposed to beach city San Diego.

You'll find most of the good food on Mission, personally you should hit up Shakedown my favorite ice cream place on the planet.

As for general SF tips, light rail/muni is a very convenient way to get around most of the city because parking is horrible. It's a buck fifty for a one way ticket across any of the light rail lines. If you do decide to drive around, be very wary about turning your wheels in or out depending on the slope. They ticket pretty leniently on that.
Why not stay at a hostel or a hotel? If you want to save money, stay at the Super 8 Hotel on Lombard street.

What exactly do you plan on seeing and doing in SF, and for how long?

The area where the Castro and Mission meet is really nice, in my opinion. When it's sunny out, I like to buy some nice cheese from Bi-rite market and eat it in Dolores Park

>tfw just turned 28

I have always seen a lot of hostels say they dont offer accommodation to people over 27. Is this everywhere/strictly enforced? Am I the creepy old guy for wanting to socialize with my fellow /trv/lers at hostiles like I have become accustomed to doing over the years?

Who else /gettingold/ here?
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Also hostels* on that second one, not hostiles.
What country?

Sounds like something Franks or Americucks would do.
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I think it's a Britland/US thing and I assume it's enforced where explicitly stated.
I'm 27 and stayed at hostels this year in Rome, Egypt, Tunisia.


Not really. Most of the people I met were at my age or above. Saw a lot of people in their 40s, 50s and I'm sure 1 Englishman was pushing 80s in TN.

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I have around 12 around the beginning of June and I am trying to figure out where to go

I was thinking somewhere in Africa (where I am unlikely to get killed) or South America (where, again, I am unlikely to get killed) as I haven't been to those two continents yet.

What would be good countries for a first timer in Africa/South America?

Or perhaps any other suggestions for that period?

Flying out of Vienna and money isn't much of an issue though I'd prefer to not spend needlessly much

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Well if you're really concerned about your safety (as you seemt to be), Argentina is a pretty well developed and safe place as long as you stay out of sketchy neighbourhoods in the big cities. In general with South America, the big cities are more dangerous whereas smaller areas are much less so even if they are poorer. It's the same for much of the world really: small sheltered communities just don't generally want to beat you up and steal your shit.

In terms of Africa I can't speak from experience, but unless you're gay there is a lot of it where you'll be pretty safe. Ethiopia is surprisingly good, South Africa is the obvious choice if you only care about safety, really a lot of the heavily Christian nations are pretty uptight about theft and violence. You might be surrounded by throngs of beggars and get scammed to hell by everyone jacking their prices for you, but from what I hear they generally won't initiate violence.
I was thinking of Sao Paulo, but I was living with people from there and they told me it's a shithole. Are there any safer places in Brazil perhaps?

>but unless you're gay
I am not but why would this be an issue?

>South Africa is the obvious choice if you only care about safety
eh, I don't know about that, a friend of mine was robbed at gunpoint there in a non-sketchy part last month
>Are there any safer places in Brazil perhaps?
Unfortunately not really. As I said before, smaller towns are likely to be more safe, but even then Brazil is really well known for being a dangerous place compared to most of the world. Any major city especially is going to be pretty high in muggings and the like, so not really.

>I am not but why would this be an issue?
Africa in general is pretty damn hostile to gay people: vigilante justice style beatings, imprisonment, etc... I've heard stories of idiots trying to hook up or meet other gay people and getting lured somewhere and beaten and robbed. If you're at all smart you just pretend you aren't gay and nothing happens, but if you make it public people will hate you and possibly report you to the police (it's illegal most places, some death penalty for it).

>eh, I don't know about that, a friend of mine was robbed at gunpoint there in a non-sketchy part last month
Well that sucks, but the crime rate is pretty low. You can get robbed at gunpoint anywhere, he's likely just really unlucky. You'll never get somewhere like Canada or Switzerland in Africa or most of South America.

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What are your favorite travel movies?

Pic related is one of my all time comfiest.
Recently watched The Beach and found it to be a bit strange, the acting wasn't that good and it just didn't make much sense.

also post shows if you'd rather talk about them
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Up in the Air

Does Catch Me If You Can count?
It's amazing. The thing that bothered me about that it is that I wanted to know where the places were that were being presented.

Heading to the Philippines in February for A couple of weeks going to start in Manila then I have no idea what to do. I was thinking of doing so island hopping and chill on some beaches, do some snorkeling/diving but not sure if I'll have enough time/ if inter island infrastructure allows for easy travel. Also keen to checkout some boxing and basketball while I'm there but can't find a schedule for the playoffs of the Philippine cup or any boxing promotion/gym so if anyone has any more info on that it would be appreciated.
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Sorry no help, but also planning a trip there. I am interested in fishing while there, in particular for Giant Trevalle.

Get the fuck out of Manila for a long as possible. Boracay and Palawan are essential.
The cities are hellish, unless you live in The Fort, which is the only pedestrian-friendly place in the Philippines.

They have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, though I guess Chinatown in Manila is worth a stroll. A stroll, singular. It's more picturesque a shambles than the rest, since it's occupied by Chinese and not flips, who have never been city people the way the Chinese are.

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