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I ended up in new zealand. Any tips?
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Shameless self bump
South Island is best island. Try L&P (Lemon & Peroa) soda, you can find it next to Coke. The only decent fast food is Nando's chicken. The restaurants there suck and are overpriced.
Ignore this guy, the Fish & Chips is consistently amazing and it's not hard to find a decent pie. There is an abundance of fried food though.

Go and visit one of the bird park islands, there's a few and all are worth visiting.

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>get to jfk 2 hours before connecting flight
>miss the flight because they left 8 minutes early and everything was ridiculously slow

Why is jfk such utter cancer
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That sucks, dude. The last time I was at JFK I had a super easy time.

For some reason they told us to keep everything in our bags and our shoes on (does this happen often?) and I went through the line and security in around 5 - 10 minutes.

The border patrol officers were generally rude as fuck coming, but I think that's always the case.
I cant forsee a situation where you have 2 hours to connect and didnt make your flight through the fault of the airport, that wouldnt cause them to replace your ticket.

Unless of course you didnt purchase your flights all on the same itinerary.

This. Like how does this shit happen? 2 hours for a connecting flight usually its like 20 minutes tops.. im assuming he dicked around and tried to skirt in at the last second and got bopped.

OP explain yoself

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>Staying at a hostel for the first time
How do I win friends and influence at a hostel?
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Be social. If youre autistic have a beer or two, just dont get drunk and act a fool. Most people who go to hostels like to be social so it will be easier than you think to hit it off.
Watch"The Beach". It has all the tips you need.


>Kill a shark
being social at a hostel is so ridiculously easy.
buy snacks & food and share it with people...or just have a beer or two. don't sweat it.

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I'm heading over to Cuba in a few weeks, what's worth seeing there?

also lmoa castro is dead
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I'd be interested in seeing Castro's grave while people are still mourning. That, and I've heard of one crazy traveler who snuck into the old nuke silos the Russians were building that almost started a nuclear war.
where in cuba ?
how long are you gonna stay ?
beach resort or ''freestyle'' ?
whats worth seeing is really depending on where your are.. there is lots of cool fun shit in Cuba..
stay in casa particulars, drink rum and dance, make cuban friends (fixers) they will get you what ever you need, at cheaper prices. Eat at the casa's stay away from resorts or state run restaurants. Havana is more expensive, but everywhere else is cheaper. Cuban will hustle the shit outta you, but just enjoy yourself, its super safe.
You will end up at the fucking bus station in Santa Clara no matter what you do..
Varadero is hell. if this is where you are going, then just kill yourself now

Anyone successfully relocated to a SE Asian country for atleast a number of years? I'm bored with the West and done with the cold. Particularly want to know how hard it's going to be to get working visas and permanent residence. Particulary interested in Malaysia and Singapore.
Don't want to be poverty-tier but I'd still be fine with work and standard of living the equivalent of working in retail/services in the West. Have a Biology degree.
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I dont know much about the field of biology so Ill just say the obvious answer. Many countries will hire you as an English teacher no matter what field of study your degree was in, as long as it's a 4 year degree.
outside of singapore there is practically zero industry. that's not an exaggeration. thailand is starting to build chinese car factories, but you won't want to work for a chinese wage, nor do you speak chinese.

fun-fact: SEA is still richer than 70 of the rest of the world. kek. now you realize how fucked up the world outside of europe/america/east asia

there's no alternative, practically, to being an english teacher. if you are their co-ethnic and have money to bribe city officials, AND happen to be incredibly smart, you can possibly start a business. forget biology. people outside of east asia and europe have difficulty mastering arithmetic. think about raw commodities or something to that effect.

be aware malaysia raids non-muslim businesses. it's a hellhole that will never develop.
You'd likely need to teach English, and in Singapore that'll be nearly impossible since it's already an official language and they don't need to import foreigners to teach. It's also widely spoken in Malaysia, so you're unlikely to get a job in that field there either. Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, maybe Laos (never looked into it) you can get a job very easily teaching English, especially with a 4 year degree.

Outside of teaching your options are limited. If you're lucky maybe you could work in tourist bars or clubs, I've heard that some people have success with that. Besides that you could try and start your own business, but it's a risky venture and will require a lot of capital and luck to get all the necessary paperwork.

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Sup /trv/. What do people here suggest for babbies first trip?

I'm an American that lives in Alabama. I've only ever been to Canada but I don't even count that as a real country.

I'm sure this gets asked a lot here but for babbies first adventure there are some specifications.

>non shite accommodations

So what's it gonna be /trv/?
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Resort towns in Mexico sound like your speed. Overseas? Spain.

What's your budget anyway?
Time you're spending?

I feel like suggesting SEA all the time.
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>I've only ever been to Canada but I don't even count that as a real country.
Like 2k give or take
1-2 weeks
I can have interests in anything really. I enjoy the outdoors and history.

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I've booked me on a long-haul Saudia flight with a connection in Riyadh.

Saudia is apparently the only Gulf-state airline besides Iranians that does not serve any alcoholic beverages in flight.

So I plan to bring my own. The question is - will I be able to get the drinks to the second flight, from Riyadh? Is there a security check in Riyadh if you only have a connection there?

The plan is to buy two small bottles in duty free upon departure (from Europe), one in a sealed bag for the second flight and the other separate for the first flight.

>inb4 beheadings and shit

interested in info from those who had a connecting flight in Riyadh
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As long as they're less than 100ml you should be okay
or you could like, not drink for x amount of hours
Is it truly necessary for you to drink alcohol?

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>tfw your 23 and have never traveled outside your own state, seen a ocean, beach, mountain, or city
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isn't it like that for the majority of the population?

idk 3 out of my 4 grandparents never left their country. (and the 4th only left to visit family abroad.) all of them lived at least 85 years, so that's a long time in just one place.
they all liked getting postcards, though.
... or learned grammar
typical plebs
I didn't travel properly until I was 27, when I had enough spare money for it. Don't sweat it man, save a little every month and do a solo trip somewhere great.

I've done lots of places since and it's so worth it. While you're saving the cash, do some local trips to cool places in your state.

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Hey /trv/, what do you do with your photos when you're on the move? I don't want to take a laptop along with me to dump photos off a camera, but running out of storage space is a problem.
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There's something called the Cloud -- I don't understand it, but maybe you can research it.

Not being totally snarky, I really don't know anything about uploading to cloud storage, I carry my laptop when I travel.
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>shoot only using phone
>32GB internal
>4mb per picture, could go lower honestly
>don't take as much as you'd think as of late
>settings have it whenever it's charging and on wifi to upload pictures to Google Photos

If you're storing on camera, why not just buy a huge-ass 128 MicroSD/HC/whatever memory card?
There's no need to lug a laptop just for photos. There's probably easy ways to directly transfer them to a portable HDD/SSD.
There is some advantage to having them stored remotely, in case robbers and shit.

Hotels are a total scam.

300+ dollars a night almost everywhere you go.

They just make their own prices based on nothing because they know people will pay.

Only makes sense for people who are literally unphased financially from dropping that kind of dough just for a simple room.
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You can get a hotel for a lot cheaper than 300 dollars a night.

you are an idiot
>The hotels offer a nice price/performance/service deal

They offer privacy, clean and service. It's very competitive and they pretty much have to offer something for their price.

>There are also cheaper hotels

Timed specials, group discounts, or just plain ol' modest accommodations.

>There are alternative to hotels
Hostels (duh), couch surfing, or straight up renting places like a local.

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I was thinking the other day, about how cool it would have been to see a Saturn V launch, or to go out to Nevada during the era of nuclear testing and actually see a distant atomic bomb go off. But those days are gone, missed that chance.

I am now wondering, what awe-inspiring sights should we go take a gander at today, while we still have the chance, things that will be gone before you know it?

I'm guessing the obvious answers would be environmental-related things, which is fine to mention, but I'd be particularly interested in your ideas on other things that are less obvious.
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/x/ - /pol/ here

Don't worry, 2017 will be rather interesting to say the least...

Any mass games really.
Maybe bullfighting?

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So I'm applying for an 8 week summer internship with my university in one of three cities: Dublin, Hong Kong, or Singapore. I'm wavering on which one to pick, so I'd like to ask /trv/ which one provides the best opportunities for in-region travel, food, sightseeing, and etc.

>Hong Kong
I'm a huge sinoboo with a massive boner for Chinese history, food, and culture, but: (1) I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese (2) My ex-gf is from Macau and if I went to Hong Kong she'd want to see me, which is no bueno. On the other hand, being in country would be a great opportunity to learn Cantonese, and the food is dank. How easy is it to get around with English?

I've heard it provides easy access to places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries in SEA fairly easily, and that the food is fantastic. On the other hand, I've heard that there's not that much to see, it's extremely hot, and crazy laws. Any veracity to those claims? And how easy is it to get around with English?

I'm of Irish descent and have always wanted to go to Ireland. I speak the language, there's good food and good beer, and interesting stuff to see, with easy access to the continent. On the other hand, I studied abroad in Europe earlier this year, and I'd kind of like a change of pace.

Right now I'm leaning towards either Singapore or Dublin.
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Dublin is expensive as fuck to rent and its hard to find places too. Nice city though. I'll probably be heading to there next year for college still though
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kfc china.jpg
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You can't go wrong with any of those -- pick the one you'd guess you'd have the hardest time getting back to later, maybe. Or the one that is less likely to fill up before they get to you?

Sounds like maybe Ireland is pretty similar to something you just did... but I did enjoy Ireland, can't recommend against it.
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>I've heard it provides easy access to places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries in SEA fairly easily, and that the food is fantastic.


>On the other hand, I've heard that there's not that much to see,

I guess. It's a city-state, you can't really compare it, in terms of things to see and do, with a whole full0-sized country. But, as you say, it is a good jumping-off spot for SEA, or Australia/NZ if you are from the US and those places are normally a fuck-ton of a plane ride to reach. Or India, if that interests you.

>it's extremely hot,

And humid, don't forget humid.

>and crazy laws.

Yes, and penalties for breaking them seem draconian to westerners. But, you get a stable, clean society that way -- just learn the laws.

Pic related -- Singapore is a fine city.

>And how easy is it to get around with English?


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What's the point of yachts
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t. Yachtless peasant.
What are you, a farmer?
the point of it is its pointless
you can spend money on pointless stuff

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Will 4000 USD be enough for a trip in japan?

My tickets are 1100 dollars for the flight, I have a 10 hour layover in Turkey so I'd like to eat in the city while I'm there. Then I'll be in Japan for 6 days.
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>4000 USD for a 6 day trip
Holy shit, I hope that's enough

I spent $1,200 during one month in Eastern Europe.
Eh, it's not that much, last trip I took was to mt. kilimanjaro, and also a safari, that was two weeks and it was 20K
Did you hire someone to carry you to the top?

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why doesn't /trv/ have flags?
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because of the "poo in loo" meme that makes Indians unable to post on /pol/ or /int/
too bad, I always though our little board was a bit isolated from that, i'm so naive
Because /trv/ is mature board where people actually travel and the location from where you post doesn't add anything of value to the conversation.

I'm actually from x, so do x,y,z...
>lol poo in loo le ebin maymayd ami rigd lads??? kekeke real dravela lulz, proofs?
lol i answered your Q's specifically what more proofs do you need?
>lelelelele no u le poo in le le loo lol xD ebin troled, lulz iz so funneh trolololo dodally regt - t. le 9gog armeh.

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