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Hey /trv/, my family is going on a trip to NYC, and my gf purchased a ticket for the same day but a different flight. Is there any way to try and see if someone from my flight wants to switch with my gf's ticket?
Different carrier, only an hour apart. Is there some sort of ticket swapping community that I can hit up?
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Neat idea, but hard to accomplish. Almost all airline tickets are non-transferable, which means explicitly that you can't give them to someone else. Really expensive fares, the fully refundable kind, might be more flexible on that front (never tried to transfer one, but know from experience that they're easy and cheap to rebook), but I feel confident in guessing you didn't buy fully refundable tickets.

And for security and other purposes, the airlines expect the people sitting in their planes to match the names on their boarding passes and the passenger manifests, so they officially wouldn't let you execute a gateside swap.

That said, you might sneakily pull it off by going to the boarding area of the earlier flight a bit in advance and discreetly asking around. But it's not legal and you'll probably get kicked out of the airport (at least) if you get caught.
Pre 9/11 yes. Today, no.

So I'm visiting Helsinki in december.

First time travelling solo and I'm kinda hyped.

Any must-see things? (besides the things every tourism site tells you).

Particular places to steer clear from?
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Well you chose the worst time to visit helsinki. The days are really short, the sun sets at 3 pm already and there's no snow to bring light atm.
How long are you staying for?

>How long are you staying for
Just 5 days.

>The days are really short, the sun sets at 3 pm
That's kinda why I wanted to go, some real winter vibes.

> There's no snow to bring light atm.
No snow guaranteed?
>No snow guaranteed?
Right now there isn't any snow. We got a lot of snow in november but it has all melted already. There's probably gonna be snow by christmas but it's hard to tell. We haven't really had proper winters in the last few years.

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Some questions about travelling:

1) Is it safe to travel alone?

2) Any tips on how to travel when you have IBS?

I'm Canadian and have only been in 2 Canadian provinces, 2 states in the US, and Cuba. I haven't travelled much. I'm thinking of travelling to Japan, and then if I travel again I imagine checking out Europe.
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Traveling alone is the best way to go.

As far as safety, there are too many variables based on where you want to go. Also are you male or female?
Male, 6'1'', white.
And for my visit in Japan I want to mostly visit game arcades, walk the streets, eat sushi, visit Osamu Dazai and Yukio Mishima's graves, just check shit out and have fun.

so I've decided to save up some money then quit my job and live in my car until I'm down to my last $1000. I'm tired of living like I have been. waking up day after day to go to work and coming home tired and unmotivated. I want to find something that makes life worth living, get out of my comfort zone, meet people, and I don't know what else. what would you guys do if you had time off from work? travel, I'm assuming. where to? what else?
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Have you considered looking for a job that you don't hate?
How much money do you have saved up? This isnt a terribly smart idea but its your decision to make, not ours. There are plenty of places you could live very comfortably for a fraction of what youre used to. You could stretch out that money just as far in much of southeast asia with a comfortable place to stay as you could living in your car stateside, assuming youre American.
Donate Plasma and volunteer for clinical drug studies at Quintiles.

Make bank and chill for the rest of your life playing vidya and traveling. The experiments are not as scary as they sound, just make sure you ask questions first. They are required to tell you everything by law, but that doesn't mean they volunteer the information if it isn't requested. This is how I paid for my private pilot's license.

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Any of you is actually saving money due fuel dumping?
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If by "is it still a thing" you mean does it still exist, yes. The communities are very secretive and speak in code. I found one as a proof of concept as recent as about 2 months ago but it was on a route I didnt have any desire to fly. I have never flown on a fuel dump actually, but they are still out there.
What are you talking about?

Hi /trv/,
Not sure if this the right board for this query, please help otherwise.

Was wondering: how's seeking a job in Dubai? Any experience?

Also, what are the best websites to look for jobs in Dubai? I can't find a consensus using Google.

Thanks a lot.
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Bachelors degree minimum.
Usually 2-5 years experience at home working in industry.
No criminal record obv
The tax free loophole that made Dubai so profitable to work as a foreigner has now been closed.
teaching is a great job there
teaching what, english?

yeah i qualify for all that stuff.
what sites are best for the job ads?

I've never booked a trip on a whim before, but less than two hours ago I'd never even considered going to Senegal; now I have my tickets booked for April. Only for 12 days.
What do? Apparently I'll be there for the dry season. That's good for hiking and wildlife spotting, right?
My interests:
-Local music (any good venues in Dakar?)
-Nature (where are some good hikes?)
-Food (tell me everything you know about food)

I think I'll rent a car for a few days just to see the Saloum delta. I'm eyeing that national park in the southwest but I can't afford to take a rental car all the way there and back.

Should I be concerned about malaria if I'll be camping? I really can't afford meds.
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If you can't afford meds you better get a mosquito net.
>Should I be concerned about malaria if I'll be camping? I really can't afford meds.
Get doxycycline. Buy there if you have to, it's dirt cheap - €5-10 tops or so for 2 - 3 weeks. One a day, start a few days before the trip, take until a week after the trip. Lightest sides of any antimalarial, but may lead to light sensitivity and sunburns. I didn't have any sides at all.

Hit up Casamance, wonderfully lush scenery. I'd recommend going there by ferry from Dakar rather than doing it overland - roads around Kaolack are shit. Puts you closer to the Niokolo-Koba park as well. Djoudj in the north for birdwatchnig. Music you'll find most easily in Dakar. Foodwise, tiboudiènne is the national dish as far as I recall. Try jollof rice as well.

Dakar is a bit of a smelly shithole though. Annoying touts are commonplace, don't get ripped off. Also, any taxi ride in the city is 2500CFA max - which takes you all the way from one end of the city to the other one. Short taxi hops are 500 minimum.
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I've got a military issue permethrin-treated pop-up tent, and I'll bring my own DEET.
But are the odds really that high? Are the locals immune to it or something?
>Buy there if you have to
Do I need a prescription? Sounds too good to be true.
I'd love to go to Casamance; the political trouble there doesn't bother me, but landmines are a harsh reality. I'll be hiking and wild camping after all. What's your opinion?

Thanks for all the other great info; I'll write it down. Especially thanks for the taxi tips, that's where I usually lose all my pocket money.
This isn't my first time to west Africa so I feel like I can handle myself in Dakar. Biggest challenge will be understanding people's Afro-French accents.

hey /trv/
planning to visit Amsterdam next year for my Second time. although I really enjoyed the city on my previous trip. I still felt like I didnt experienced it fully.

any tips?
maybe, what's the best time of the year to go there? any special events/holyidays, and why.

and is the red light distric really the best option for prostituion ? any other interesting activity ?

Suggestions for any personal experiense that's not so popular?
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the best time imo is like late spring/early summer, from april to july basically, not dutch but been there a lot and it seems like de wallen is the only option for postitution.
also your interests? i used to love the other dutch cities around (each of them actually) but i guess they would seem boring to you if comparing to amsterdam
>legal weed & prostitutes
google privehuizen

google translate

you're welcome
Heading to Amsterdam in January too and looking for some neat stuff to do. Going with my gf though so red light district is off the table

My multi-pass China travel visa was just approved.

Now what?
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>Now what?
Maybe you should go there.
book a round trip flight to North Korea from Shenyang.
Time to smash some gash

Tokyo or New York?
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i think NY is better haha LOL
What's that blue line supposed to represent?

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I decided to make an Ecuador thread since I haven't seen one yet and would like to discuss it.

I went there in 2014 for about a week and loved it. I stayed in Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Montanita, and I saw the countryside as well.

Some observations:

The cities look pretty developed in my opinion, especially Cuenca. Cuenca doesn't even seem like a "third world" city to me.

Everywhere I want was pretty clean.

The countryside looks pretty impoverished, by Guayaquil at least. Lots of tin roof shacks, many of them poorly built. But in the mountains, the houses were small but looked sturdily constructed at least. Lots of indigenous culture remains in the mountains, it's very cool to see.

Ecuador is a beautiful country, and the mountains were breathtaking.

The food was very tasty, and they use the USD so it's convenient if you're American. If I get to go back, I'll check out more of the nightlife.

Basic knowledge of Spanish would definitely help, most people don't speak English to my understanding. But I still think it's definitely doable even if you speak no Spanish.

Overall, it's pretty affordable but not dirt cheap.
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That's pretty cool op. Did you like the mountains more than the coast? I would love to go there and Colombia. How doable is it to tour around by bus/rented car? What are the costs like for food/lodging/entertainment?
You forgot to talk abour the most important /trv/ topic;
Can you get laid easily in Ecuador :^)

Can't speak for renting a car but getting through both countries via bus is incredibly easy and pretty cheap. Every once in a while it's nice to splurge on a comfy sleeper though.

Both countries are also fairly inexpensive with Medellin and Cartagena being some exceptions but still not outrageous by any means. I can't recall every spending more than $10 per night for a bed in a hostel, eating like a local can be as cheap as $3 a meal, and domestic beers are usually $2 - 4 a bottle.

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How do I get a somewhat short term job in pic related that isn't teaching?

Don't mention the UN. That's a rabbithole that goes nowhere. I'm trying to find non-profit jobs or jobs with security firms but so many need an advanced degree. No way I can get into a good graduate school because I fell for the "college grades aren't important" meme and have 2.7 GPA.
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Read sticky re: bmping. We are not as slow as we were when it as written, but are still pretty slow.

Africa has a lack of jobs as it is and thus basically all of the lower kind of unskilled work is taken up by locals.

If you were in the military or had special skills you could maybe get a job in the security industry, but you would need to be pretty damn skilled as local workers are much cheaper to pay than some westerner, also a lot less to pay to the family if your wounded/killed.

You best chance is to maybe go with one of those volunteer companies that are everywhere online, although its mainly symbolic work and the choice of countries are very limited to the 'nicer' african countries.

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Few questions, feel free to answer the ones you know. Thanks in advance.

Anyone flown Icelandair before? Any hidden things I should know about that is not immediately obvious? (e.g. charging for carryon)

Any estimates on how much per day the following cities would cost? (Hostels, non-fancy restaurants):

While in Italy, staying north of Rome, is there any city/area (excluding Venice) that is worth adding a stop at?
I'm considering Portofino/Cinque Terre or Pisa, but I'm open to others. Already been to Cinque Terre, but I liked it enough to re-visit, especially since I mostly stuck to Monterosso and Riomaggiore last time.
My main objectives are Rome and Florence, but I'll have one (or 2 if my pass doesn't get checked every time) more "travel day(s)" on my Eurail pass to hit another city and I rather not waste it.

Any specific things to do/see or places to stay at in the aforementioned cities that isn't obvious, like a cool bar you've been to or a good hostel, would also be nice.
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Pisa and Lucca made a good day trip by rail from Florence when I visited ten years ago or so. I hear good things about Sienna, but I haven't been there.
Icelandair has delicious water and the leather seats feel a little plus for coach...ki dnof the early jet blue quality of comfort on the business commuter flights. No complaints whatsoever ans in fact the plane's have been retrofitted beyond manufacturer specs to safer in cold. The crews are schooled engineering types not just Pilots.
Any low faresbis govt tourism support in hopes you use them and layover
So Pisa can be done in a day without missing much you think? I may just make my stop in Cinque Terre then and do Pisa on my way to Florence.

yea if my Iceland segment had been able to fit into 7 nights, it would have been $480 round trip from the US to Europe using the IcelandAir Stopover thing. I have to be there for 11 days though, so I can't take advantage of it.
Thanks for the info.

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Post pictures and stories of depressed rural towns. I believe this one is in Ohio
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Don't have a pic, but I have a story.

Stopped for breakfast in WV small town. Walk into diner past open bible on a podium at the door. About ten locals sitting there go quiet and stare with that "stranger coming" look. One asks, "Where are you from?"
"Brooklyn," I respond.
"What are you doing in the heart of West Virginia?"
"Driving to New Orleans" The seem impressed.
Another local pipes up, "I know a lot of people from Brooklyn."
"Around here? Are they behaving themselves?," I respond.
"You bet they are."
Everybody has a laugh, then the first guy I was talking to says, "He works in corrections." Basically if you're from Brooklyn and find yourself living in WV it's because you're in federal prison there.

They notice my wife's Bernie Sanders pin and call the cook out of the kitchen. "Carol some of your people are here!" They explain she's the only Democrat in town. We chat with her for a bit, then she ducks back into the kitchen to make us a couple of the most obscenely huge egg sandwiches I've ever had. Of course the coffee was weak.
That sounds comfy as fuck, 2bh.
The folks were nice, but there was really nothing going on there, and the food wasn't good. When the locals went back to talking among themselves the conversation seemed to be mostly about who had cancer and who had just died of cancer. Not really all that comfy.

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i'm from the north east and i'd like to escape the winter weather in january and also throw away some cash (rent a mercedes/bmw and get 4/5 star hotels for a week)

i was thinking about flying to dallas, TX because i've been there before but maybe i should go somewhere i haven't been yet like florida or georgia

any advice on where to go in the states? i'll be flying then renting a car for a week and staying at expensive hotels
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Dallas is still cold, 972 area code reporting in
try somewhere else, I recommend Miami
>I recommend Miami
I was going to reccomend that as well
I am in Houston, and it would be a little warmer than Dallas for sure, but similar on culture.

Besides Miami, I would check out San Diego, and Phoenix as well. New Orleans is a fun visit as well and while not warm shouldn't be freezing and Marti Gras season will be starting to gear up.

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