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Can someone explain nightclubs? I'm not 21 yet so I've never been to one, I'm in Bologna for a few days and was thinking of going to Kinki, pretty close to my hostel.

What do I order? Am I supposed to talk to people or dance or what? Is it different in each country?
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What do I order?
>whatever beverage you.enjoy

Am I supposed to talk to people or dance or what?
>not necessary. You can also just stand there like an autist while drinking, only to come back home alone and jerk off
Is it different in each country?
>not really. The main "purpose" of clubs is to meet new people and potentially fuck them. Alcohol helps as it makes people less shy and women horny
The music will be so loud that you won't be able to talk unless you shout right in the ear. But you can hook up with a girl in the dance hall and have sex in the toilet.
> But you can hook up with a girl in the dance hall
Can you explain this

What are the pros/cons of booking a hotel with a 3rd party like Hotels.com vs. booking on the hotel's website? Anything to watch out for?

Looking at Japan if it matters internationally.
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>lots of options
>usually reviews are on point
>can offer good discounts if you travel enough
>their reviews are managed by a third shit party
>they can sometimes overbook a hotel and fuck you out of a room
>prices sometimes are weird so shop around

If you are going to japan just airbnb it, you can always select a private room
>What are the pros/cons of booking a hotel with a 3rd party like Hotels.com vs. booking on the hotel's website? Anything to watch out for?
Cons: inflexibility of hotel managers to modify upgrade/downgrade a room, or cancel a reservation. They already lost a portion of your sale to the commission at the website at their rock bottomist price, and they know exactly how many days you were willing to stay, and you paid the website already. Done. They could even refer you to your phone to go and handle your customer service issues with your "travel agent" ie the website. At worst you lose your first night's hotel fee, but can cancel subsequent days that you also prepaid. It matters where you walk into your room and it's a moldy smelly smoking room and there are no other rooms available to switch you to. Has that happened to me? A dozen times. I'm a frequent flyer. Often you find a hotel is just "okay" but not ideal for some reason, like there's a new boutique hotel that has free parking across the street or some other realization once you are your hotel's neighborhood. It's quite easy to early checkout vs hassle of the website to deal with, or long wait times on a phone call.

Pros: Good prices. Sights can great last minute deals, esp bidding sites where if you know a city well and go for 3-4 star, you already know it's going to be Property A, B or C and can't be anything else, and so you gamble with surety on a great room. Consolidated booking where you can package up your rental cars, multiple nights, some other things like trains and such all on a single transaction fee (great for credit card exchange rates). I have used europeanvacations.com 3x in order to hit my Capital One only once with most of my needs.
Just compare prices. Sometimes the third party is cheaper sometimes they aren't. What I have done in the past, if cared enough about the price, was if it was cheaper on a third party site then call the hotel to see if they could match or beat it. If they could I'd go first party, if not third party.

My finances are such these days, if I know a specific hotel I want, I just go to their site. And if I am flying by the seat of my pants for lodging I go third party.

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So I'm flying home tomorrow from London Heathrow. How likely is it to get your flight delayed on NY's eve?
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At least prepare to lose your mind because of queues.
why? I've already checked in online and I'm going to the airport 2-3 hours before my flight
>why? I've already checked in online and I'm going to the airport 2-3 hours before my flight
Ugh, I think Heathrow is one of the most overcrowded ridiculous airports to fly through or out of...too many trams, exterior stairs, long hallways connecting buildings together. A "2-3 hours" is almost not early enough, I'd allow 3 minimum, and with that, you will have not even a minute to buy a liter of water in a gift shop past security. Fact. Go earlier.
New York will be business as usual.

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whats up guys! i really really appreciate if someone can tell me if there is something interesting to do in san francisco (26 - 29 january) or in LA (2-6 december). we are not in the tipic tourist bulshit so... also, can u get some weed being a tourist?
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Ask google, faggot.
already did ma man, fuck u 2 btw
Try harder.

So I stupidly started traveling around Asia with less then three months left on my Canadian passport. Got into KL no problem and worked my way south, but once I got to Singapore they made a stink about it and now I can't get back into Malaysia or anywhere else.

Went to the Embassy on Dec. 23rd and applied for a new passport (can't get temp passport) so stuck here for at least another week.

Anyone got any tips/hidden gems/etc on Singapore? Been here before and quite like it but damn is it small!

Thanks in advance /trv/
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Don't do any drugs desu sempai

Lol, I live in the UAE so didn't even cross my mind
Orchard Towers, a seemingly dull mall by day, the four floors of whores by night

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Outside of europe obviously

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I'm going to Krakow today, tell me what club should i go to or what pub has good beer. Tell me anything you know that is good in Krakow!
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Was there last summer for a couple of days. It's a nice place.

There are these little dive bars that are Soviet themed. White signs with blue writing on. Cheap and a friendly atmosphere. Can't remember what they're called.

A lot of the old town was a sausage fest when I was there, though. Lots of stag parties. Was there catching up with a buddy so it was OK but if you want to meet single girls it seems like you need to figure out where they go ahead of time because randomly bar hopping like we did the only pretty girls I saw were either busy serving drinks or with boyfriends.
good thing i go for new years and every girl wants to makeount
Good luck with it then.

Make sure you put some effort in to finding out where they'll be though.

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Take the bus without paying ?
In usa it is possible if there us no controlers at the bus stop ?
And in england ? And in canada ?
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Anon, if you're worried about paying bus fares when most places do day/week passes. You really, I mean really need to rethink your travel plans.

Why do you ask? I'm very curious.

I know that for all the public transportation I've taken in the states...

-you always have to pay to get onto a bus, as the driver is right there when you get on

-trains work on an honor system, as you're supposed to buy a pass before you get on...they randomly have cops/pass inspectors come through the train and ask everyone for their ticket, and will write you a citation if you don't have one...unless you're in a subway, you have to pay unless you want to jump the turnstile
>wanting to travel to other countries
>skipping out on probably one of the most cheapest things

Not to mention of all things public transportation, the cheapest of cheap. Just don't fucking go if you have any respect and want shit handed to you because you are trying to save a buck on traveling.

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Traveling back to my Chinese hometown while passing thru 3 days including the new years eye in Chicago, anything fancy to do except shopping, eating and looking at pretty buildings?

I could stroll inside of some museums and art schools but its new years eye and weekend by the time i get there.
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i'de definitely reccomend you check out some of the museums. Art Institute, Museum of Science and Industry, and Field Museum are my favorites. If you want some shit to do at night maybe check out Old Town, which is also where Second City (really good comedy place) is. There are also some nice bars in Wrigleyville if you're into that. Our Chinatown is p cool as well.
>Traveling back to my Chinese hometown
Which town?
I guess this is a Spring Festival migration. Like everyone else here.
>chinese hometown
you have to go back

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Going to Kiev and Odessa for a total of 6 days, 3 at each. What places should I book a trip to? I want to see Chernobyl very much. Any tips on that?
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>google chernobly tour.
>book tour for your dates.
No, I mean, that's easy enough. But are there any advice someone can give on or about the tour that I should brace for?

Also, I want to go to a ballet or opera in Kiev
Can someone also spoonfeed me on that
i went about 2 years ago now i may not have the best advice for you but all i did was call them ask for english then they set a time and place for me to meet.
>about the tour that I should brace for?
nothing mate the route you will take will be a tourist one which has been walked on by thousands of people now.

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I need a little advice I'm 19 I've saved up a good amount of money but I need to get out of my house I'm planning on traveling but I have NO idea where to go does anyone know any good locations relatively cheap and preferably close to beach any help would be greatly appreciated
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Why dont you provide some info you fucking faggot

>near to where, where are you living?
>how much money are you willing to spend
For all we know you're a Syrian posting from a bunker with 10$ to his name
Can't we all basically assume at this point that every other poster on 4chan is in a basement somewhere in Ohio?

So I suggest OP takes advantage of the cheap flights from Cincinnati to San Diego and then heads down to Baja California for a little while to kick back and think about what he'd like to do in the coming year or two, set some goals.

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Im a highschooler and me and 2-3 friends want to live in an apartment close to town too how much would it cost for us to do that in knoxville Tennessee
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research you dumb nigger. Use craigslist and tour the buildings you are interested in.

t.senior who signed lease with 3 other people for next year
damn i am nigger i just need some advice that i might not have thought of
>ask stupid, lazy question about one place
>post pic of completely different place
why the fuck do retards always do shit like that?

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How do you calm yourself before a flight when planes are literally falling out of the skies
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By not being a pussy and thinking logically your way more likely to die in the car ride to the airport than on the plane itself
Commercial-Pilot Fag here, so shoot away with any questions you might have

Personally I was never afraid of flying so its pretty hard for me to put myself in your shoes but I'll give it a try.
The important thing to realize is that your worries or nervousness do not at all affect the situation that you are in. If the plane should be going down it does not matter if you were nervous or not.
Try to put your trust in the captain and in his or her crew. They went through a lot of training to deliver you safely (with plenty of pilots having military experience) also all of the crew on the ground ensuring that the planes stay in shape.

Probably pretty awful advice, but I've tried my best
Now is not the time for fear

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Hey Travel, I'm visiting a friend in Minneapolis for Christmas and will be here till New Years. What's sone good stuff to do here besides the predictable normie attractions? Goid local venues, food, etc. Any suggestions appreciated
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Can't help you, OP, but merry Christmas.
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Mr. Minneapolis here. Too bad you're here in the winter. Our parks, lakes and overall /out/ are God tier.

What are you into? Where a you from? What are you doing for NYE? Too bad you missed Zombie Pub Crawl in October. Then again, maybe you wouldn't like that. Need more info.
I'm from Cleveland but I'm pretty much down for anything. I will try just about anything once. I'm just looking for goid resturaunts, bars, or anything besides normie shit like the mall of America. Vegan resteraunts are a plus though.

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Lets leave and go to Malta
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Going there at the beginning of January

How shit will the weather be, will I need a jacket?
probably. i'd say its between 10 and 15c
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I went there last year in May. Weather was good and not too hot, around 25c. Gozo is really comfy.

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