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Red pill me on Rome. Thinking about going there for a week.
Love me some antiquities and the architecture.

Tips and things to avoid? Best time of the year to go?
Suggestions off the beaten track?
Is an entire week excessive?
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Get a timed ticket to the Vatican in advance so you won't have to wait hours in line.
As I posted in another thread, I came back from there a few days ago..
It's a big, beautiful, pedestrian-accessible city filled with tourists.

>Love me some antiquities and the architecture.
You're literally in the right place. It's concentrated there.

>Tips and things to avoid?
Usual scams. Africans that approach you (yeah, it happened to me).
Look up Roma pass, could be very useful to you. Food in the central region can be expensive. Better to cook at hostel if you're on a tight to medium budget.

>Is an entire week excessive?

7 days? Yeah. I think it can be excessive for any city unless you're there for a hobby like urban exploration, visiting extravagant galleries or something similar. There isn't a real limit of how long until you see "the true side of a city" or whatever you want from there, but you can do the meme sights and exploration with breaks and relaxed pace for 3 days.

>Best time of the year to go?
I think only now the weather is going to shit, it was fine last week. I'd recommend anything March through October.
I always loved the ancient history, also the history of the roman empire.
When I went to Rome I couldn't even sleep.

Then it happened.

Honestly it wa a very big disappointment.

you won't find anything in Rome in a great shape which connects to the roman empire, only the pantheon.

There are nice churches, that is all. Everything else looks like rotten and they don't care. They don't care about their heritage.

Every single statue, every single old building is falling apart. The greek-roman section of the vatican city museum feels like a storage, things throwing around, lying there.

As >>1183913 said, watch out for the africans. you can't sit and enjoy your sandwich because they won't let you alone all the day.

Also the best comes for the last. We wanted to make a selfie in the subway station with my gf, police fined us for 100 euros because "it is forbidden to make pictures in the subway station"


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Will be going to Montreal this January. I've never once been to Canada

Is there actually anything to do in Montreal or what a different city be better?

Going with a group of about 5 friends. Why they chose Montreal of all places is beyond me.

Help me out /trv/
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>Is there actually anything to do in Montreal
tons Montreal is the only city in Canada that has a real fucking nightlife/culture only downfall is the hipster infestation and the Quebecois
Hope you love tons of snow.
don't pronounce Quebec wrong.

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found a sort of cheap flight to Guatemala.

Kinda want to go but a bit scared of being mugged or worse.

Did some research, and it seems violent crimes against tourists are not uncommon. Yet there appears to be quite a lot of tourism - without armed guards.

should i go ?

I'm quite well-travelled and speak spanish, but this seems like it'd be the most risky destination for me so far.
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bumping for interest. Also looking to go to Guatemala
Maya stuff looks pretty cool, but I don't want to end up on that table in the OP pic
Go to anitgua. Dont go to guatemala city

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Alright /trv/, I'm thinking Hong Kong. Thinking of going next month, and staying for two weeks.

I have a few questions that I would like to ask.

>recommendations for accommodations?
I'm traveling on a budget, but I really want to try and avoid the Chungking Mansions if at all possible. Money is an issue, but I'm not outright destitute (if I were, I wouldn't be traveling). Small rooms are okay, as I'll probably be outside most of the time anyway. Not picky with the location, though I'm sure it'll be Tsim Sha Tsui anyway.

>how much money to bring?
For food, transportation, admission to parks/museums/events/etc. Maybe a little light shopping (pretty sure family & friends will want souvenirs).

>is English-only okay?
English is my primary tongue, and I don't speak a single word of Cantonese or any other form of Chinese. I do know Hong Kong is one of few Asian countries that speaks the best English, but will English-only carry me through the whole trip?

>pack lightly?
My tentative plan is to bring nothing but a backpack full of essentials (clothes, toiletries, etc.). Haven't even considered a suitcase. If I can't fit enough clothes in my bag, then I could just wash & reuse the few clothes that I do bring. Thoughts?

If you need more information before you can give me an answer, let me know.
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I'm planning to go there on March for about one week, I should make the decision next week or the week after that.

I have yet very little idea to what to do there, other than eat and just feel the atmosphere
didnt you make this exact same thread a week ago? anyways, as someone who lvied there for 5 years ill try and help out a bit

check airbnb first and foremost, doesnt matter where you stay since you'll be able to take the worlds best train anywhere very quickly. airbnbs run around 45 USD a night, if you want hostels or cheaper you'll have to do the research yourself. everything is fine besides from CKM

transpo is pretty cheap, food is relatively okay assuming you dont eat at nice places a lot. you could go to restaurants in the main cities like in the malls and on random streets and not pay that much, it really does fluctuate a lot. still, nothing like euro prices. parks are pretty expensive, although if you do Ocean Park you can buy a seasons pass which is the cost of basically 2 times and you can go unlimited for a year, depends how much you wanna go. avoid disney land, rest of the stuff is medium price. shopping generally cheap if youre going to tourist places since you can haggle and whatnot.

>english okay
yes, everyone there spepaks near fluent english believe it or not since it used to be owned by brits. 95% of signs have english, you'll be fine

you could head down to ladies market (mong kok, touristy but fun) and buy cheap tshirts for dirt cheap to use for a few days then throw out if you wanted to. hong kong is such an easy place to travel to and stay for a few weeks you'll be fine, it's not like going to china or anything. it's chinky shit at the end of the day but it's very western influenced in a lot of parts.

lemme know if you have any other minor questions or whatever, i'll try and remember to check this once a day or so
To be honest, I actually kind of wanted more insight on hotels, but your explanation makes sense. I've read some reviews for many different hotels, and they all have an almost even mix of good and bad reviews. Hell, even the Chungking Mansion hotels managed to get good reviews that contrasted starkly with the highly concerning reviews. I'll try to do more research myself.

Some more questions:
Any reason to avoid Disneyland? That was actually one of my destinations, and though I'm nervous to ask why you feel this way, I figure it would be better to know now than later.

Is Sky100 worth checking out?

Is Octopus card a good idea?

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south korean flag.png
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So ive been wanting to go to South Korea for about 6 months and i have the money now. I found a hotel and i found an airline and everything. Im just scared to pull the trigger and actually book everything and still go when the time comes. So im a 19 year old male and i would be going alone to Seoul. I think i would have fun but im worried that if i bought the ticket now i might not really want to go when the time comes. I think i would still want to go but im getting cold feet about the whole thing. I think it would be a great life experience to travel alone in such a far away land. Im from California so it would be quite the adventure for me. Do you guys have any input? Should i just book everything and go? I should mention that my moms friend is from there and said she might be able to get some family that is my age to show me around so i wont be alone the entire time. But that would probably only be for a day. Im good at being alone though. Im just not sure if i will get around easy without speaking korean. Any input is greatly appreciated
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You won't know until you try. I say go for it and spend your free time before the trip studying basic travel phrases and social etiquette..
youre right. i think no matter what i would have a good time. even if i cant get around great just going around the core of the city could be fun. im told a lot of people speak english in seoul, at least enough to help tourists
I bought the Lonely Planet phrasebook for Persian when I went to Iran. It helped me out a lot. Surely they have a Korean one as well.

Think of it this way: would you rather spend your free time at home browsing 4chan?

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Ask a guy that traveled to Hungary , Austria , Czhech Republic and Slovacia on bus in 5 days anything.
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Can you get around well knowing just English?
How were your 3 hours in each city spent? Do they have good refreshments at the bus station? I don't think you
What's your favorite movie?

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I hate these threads, so it is with great sorrow that I'm making this.

I'm heading to Berlin in a couple of weeks, looking to score whilst there. I hear Görlitzer park is the place to go. Does anyAnon have an experience of this? Besides the usual street deal do's and don't with reguard a to scoring here?
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What kind of scoring? Drugs, women, football?
Your best bet is to find clubs and stuff and ask around. Don't just start buying shit there, ask someone if they know where you can buy mdma or whatever the fuck it is that you are looking for.

Don't buy from Turks.
How are girls in Berlin?

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review any national parks you have been to, or simply pick your favorite and explain why.

This may help:

>Bonus: tell OP whether or not Glacier NP in Montana is worth the drive from Oregon (approx. 10 hour drive).

I'll start with my favorite in the next post.
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After some thought, I decided I was split between Haleakala NP on Maui or Yellowstone. Haleakala wins, not sure why though. The view during sunset is unlike anything other place I had been. Pic related
Glacier is my favorite, definitely worth it. Do the Going to the Sun Road in the summer.
glacier was one of the best of the bunch imo

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What's the best way to travel Central Asia? Must see places? Already interested in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for the history and wilderness.
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Kyrgyzstan is best stan. If you can only pick one I would suggest there.
Overland is pretty easy Tashkent is easy driving distance to Osh. Internal trains in Uzbekistan and buses/ mini buses in Kyrgyzstan, taxis to and from borders. I can personally recommend Samarkand in Uzbekistan and Ala-Kul in Kyrgyzstan as places that are worth checking out plenty of other places to see as well of course. Assuming you are a Westerner Kyrgyzstan visa is free but the Uzbek one is a pain in the butt and you need a letter of invitation from a travel agent which can be arranged online from a place like caravanistan and then you need to send that and an actual visa application to the embassy.
Kazakhstan is the only one worth visiting at all. You'll get all your adventure needs filled there without being molested and harassed by the locals and police in the other Stans.

Although Uzbek was pretty unique... from personal experience I would just stick to Kaz.

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Hey /b/ I desperately need a flight from the Sacramento Area to Nepal, but I don't have very much money to spend. Does anyone know a cheap way to fly there? I don't care if it's one way, or comfortable, or even if it's legal or not. Also since I'm desperate for suggestions, Kik me werewolfe7oh7 if you have any ideas you won't post here. Please help me out /b/
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Cheapest flight is 1400 (round trip)

>I have a feeling your name is ben
I can find you a freight plane to take you (for 350), but it wont be legal or comfy.
Depends, do you have a warm jacket?

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Hello, /trv/, I've recently decided to go visit (for the first time) Southern provinces of China.

I already decided that I want to spend a week in Lijiang (pic related) but I am left with 2 more free weeks.

Any ideas or suggestion on where should I go from there?
Mind you, I don't speak Chinese and I've never been to China before. It's just something that I want to do.

Is it a good or bad idea?

And I do hope not to rely on airplanes a lot because I'm trying to go there on a minimum budget. Thank you!
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Also, I'm planning to travel in January.

How fucked am I?
if you can,
fly to suzhou/hangzhou/shanghai
coz imo guangzhou/shenzhen are not worth it
check the train prices or overnight bus prices to guilin to see if that fits your budget.

mainlanders actually highly recommended yunnan to me, so i expect there are going to be a lot of chinese tourists.

sichuan can be also fun if you don't mind the winter.

also the only thing to do if you don't speak chinese: always have your next destination written down in chinese on your phone. just pointing at that, you will always be sent to the right location.

even if you're on a budget, you might want to hit the first china unicom (the one with the red logo) shop. or a random small shop that sells china unicom sims. again google translate "i want to buy a prepaid simcard" beforehand, and show it to the shop assistant. they will put the options in front if you. it's all megabytes/gigabytes and yuan, so you will understand. (that china unicom prepaid sim can be used all over china, the subscriptions others might want to sell you only work in a given city.)

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Does anyone here have experience hitchhiking? id like to hitchhike from my hometown in Western Canada to Nova Scotia this spring, but im concerned about safety. Im a 5'2'' female, and my hometown is in the centre of the highway of tears. a stretch of highway where theres been dozens of missing women reported over the past few years. Should I be concerned about this? or should I say fuck it and do it anyways?
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you could hitchhike most of the way, but ride greyhound down to Kamloops so you can get on the transcanada in civilization to head east

take advantage of the internet instead of just standing on the side of the road. all of the classified sites like craigslist, used_.ca and kijiji have rideshare boards, there's some sites like poparide.com that have people doing the major intercity routes

in some places there's public transit that runs between cities, I can ride a bctransit bus 100km for 2.50 between two cities, takes a lot of research to peace together many of those

I'm a guy who wouldn't feel comfortable hitchhiking in rural bc
Thanks for the answer. Very informative.
What makes you say you wouldn't hitchhike in rural bc?

Headed to Vegas tomorrow with some friends for a birthday.

What I'm most interested is the strip clubs. I plan to bring around ~$600. Whats the most fun I could have? Where should I go?

Is touching allowed in strip clubs? How about sucking nipples? I went to a strip club in Toronto sububrbs last year where they allowed all that shit, but it was a far cry from Vegas and may have been way more lax.
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I live a few hours away and have been to Vegas many times.

In my opinion strip clubs are the ultimate waste of money a man could ever invest in, no matter where you are. They’re made for men who have no game and who are easily suckered. The thought of slipping a $10 bill, let alone $600, into the g-string of a second-level whore is beyond me.

But you’re an adult with your own money, so onward..

Pretty much all strip clubs will offer the same thing. Some in Vegas are 18 years and over, while other are 21 and over. The difference is some serve alcohol and some don’t, but they pretty much all offer the same thing. Touching, rubbing, and nipple sucking are all up to her, not you, and is all negotiated before you begin your private lap dance. Some strippers let you finger them, others don’t. Just ask them, it’s their job, they’re used to it.

Last time I went to Vegas I stayed for five days. My entire trip including airfare was around $600. I ended up having sex with two attractive women. One of them I met on the street while walking around, I just sparked up a conversation with her. The second one I met at a bar. Neither of them were prostitutes. They were tourists. Use your $600 wisely.
To be honest, I'm little less concerned about getting laid because I'm staying in a suite with 4 other guys.

I'm more looking to do the Las Vegas "dream", cocaine, gambling and strippers. So I don't want to go to a bad strip club and spend a bunch of money doing non-Vegasy shit.
>So I don't want to go to a bad strip club and spend a bunch of money doing non-Vegasy shit.
600 bucks won't get you very far dude

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Thinking of going to Bruges or similar Europen destination around 19th of December.
Looking for Christmas markets, festive vibes and cheer.

Any input would be appacited.
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I can imagine the crowds. Bruges is bad enough already when there's no Christmas around.
I hadn't considered that, it will be heaving... But it's not unmanageable.
Go to Ghent instead. Bruges is lame.

What do you like about traveling? How does it benefit you?
Asking because I don't see the point about traveling but my friend asked me if I wanna go on an interrail with him
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The main point of travelling is to forget about your shitty life at home and to have sex with strangers
To me the privilege of getting to see other places enriches my life. It makes me feel educated about the world and it almost feels like an accomplishment that I've managed to see so much of it. Seeing how people live in places different from where I do has changed my perspective on what's important in my own life. I'm more appreciative of how I have it better than a lot of folks in the world. I also know who out there has it better than I do in some ways, which changed a lot of my political views, because I know what I'd like to see improved in my country.

But the biggest thing for me would be a sense of awe at how beautiful and amazing the world and humanity's works within it can be. It's easy to go numb to the amazing stuff you see everyday. You take shit like your local natural beauty, hot running water, good roads and good food for granted. When you visit places where things are different everything stands out in high relief. Even little things like ancient tiles at a lesser known site a short train ride out of Rome or in Fez just blow your mind. Someone made that shit a long time ago, and it's fucking beautiful. And there's a chance they're an ancestor of the person who is going to be serving you lunch in an hour or two. That's awe inspiring.
HAha nice
when you put it that way it's quite amazin

Is it worth it? traveling can be quite pricey

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