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My graphic design class is complete nonsense, our teacher refuses to give us honest feedback on our work. He calls everyones work 'interesting', and people in there span from complete morons who think Word Art is neat, to people who should have their word in galleries.

The teacher had suggested I take the same class next year, but I don't know whether it's worth it or not, the job market for graphic design seems incredibly saturated, and only the best of the best will be able to succeed.

Please, could I have some honest feedback towards my work? I would consider this to be the best thing I've produced so far.

Also is anyone on this board a past New Zealand high school student? I am 18, but due to a series of fuckups on my parents behalf, I'm stuck in Year 12. Has anyone done Graphic Design at Level 3? Has it helped you at all in the future?
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it's certainly interesting

I think it's a really neat poster but ultimately not very original, and the idea's done to death.

You're clearly fluent with composition and color theory, why do you waste your talent on memes?
I stupidly picked vaporwave as my theme at the beginning of the year.
The system here is that once you've selected what you're theme is for your board, which is basically two A1 panels filled with work, you have to stick with it for the entire year.
I've reached a burnout point now, I've been constructing these types of posters for about nine months now, and honestly I just can't do it anymore.
Have any web portfolio?

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Im about to go to an interview in Thursday next week. The guy said they are looking for "graphical montagist" I have no idea whats the job even about.

Its an advertisement agency that makes all the advertisement accessories you need.

THe thing is i know 0 about /gd/ I finished college that had /gd/ stuff in it but i remember shit from it. However I do know how to draw and have some art knowledge.

How do i make myself look semi competent ?
I think he mention someone will train me or show me stuff but im not certain about it desu.I supposes I would have to make logos etc for them ? I dont even know how to use illustartor only a bit of photoshop. The way its used is infuriating to me. Vector graphic is retarded to me.

Is it possible to just draw the logo thing like i draw every other thing and then apply those vector curves on it and work that way ?

Should I try to make couple of logos for imaginary companies to have some thing to show him ? How do i even present it I have no laptop,no tablet and no smartphone. I can only bring my CV.
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A scanned drawing on a lower layer can be traced quite easily in illustrator.
I feel, really knowing yourself, and self confidence are very important for interviews.
If you have the programs at home, get off this board, practice. Learn the programs. Play with all the tools. Understand all the drop down menus.
>I dont even know how to use illustartor only a bit of photoshop. The way its used is infuriating to me. Vector graphic is retarded to me.

wtf, fuck you nigger. Do not show up. Let them hire someone worthy. Fuck you.
no fuck you I will get this job.

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Anybody have any ideas as to what color scheme would look nice on my website. I'm looking for something engaging but not too jarring. Right now it's just grays/whites.

Here's a link: anontorrents.co.nf
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Don't know about colours, but I just saw a magnet and 'non', didn't realise it was anon until reading your post
What's purpose anon ? Upload torrents ?
I thought Magneton.

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Assuming you only do this for a hobby, although it can also apply business wise.

Which website do you upload your art to?

Aside from having your personal website, and using normie media such as Facebook and Instagram.

I gave up on DA, it's filled with 13 year old furries.
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Anyone professional worth the money will have their own website
behance, cargo collective and dribbble for gd, artstation & patreon for artwork, vimeo/yt for logo reel's and motion graphics.
>behance, cargo collective and dribbble for gd

Anything that involves a social media is not considered professional. Those are fake sites that claim they can get you jobs, just like linkedin.

All you have to do is set up your own site with portfolio theme and your business card linking to your portfolio.

Deviantart is garbage.

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So is the general consensus here that Draplin is overrated? Liking his stuff and listening to his talks feel like the /gd/ equivalent of fast food.
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Nah. Yeah he's popular but a good, simple, logo is fucking hard to do and he does it all the time.
Draplin is great, his designs are always clean clear and with a retro better days feel to them.
He admitted that he's no genius designer, just a regular guy trying to make a living from his passion. Left logo is good, though. The right one is generic, but there are others worse than that.

I need some ideas for a poster I need to make that somehow revolves around music.

Does anyone have any idea ?
I thought about to do the typography to look like a piano keyboard, but the client said its to boring.
What else could I work with ? Any ideas ?
No matter what, anything could help.

Please help !

( pic unrelated )
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whats it for
what genre
more contextneeded, genre of music? festival? band event? target audience? how many posters have you done in the past?
It is for a small local band, but they don't play a real specific genre.

That's the problem I have, it's nothing specific.
It's just a poster I need to do to advertise them.

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hi there, I love decorating my steam profile with anything that moves. but i just dont know what. I want my PF logo in it. any ideas?


please send me any inspirational things
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im strong in photoshop, but weak in After effects. but learning
pick one also design a better logo before attempting to animate it

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What the heck is going on with this UI? Where am I? Why the negative time? Why is progress not filled in? Fonts are small and the bar is intentionally the same color as the background!
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The negative time fills the "T-" role, notifying you of how much time is left in the media.
Really? You don't like the UI? Everything seems clear to me and doesn't impose itself too badly on the image.
> doesn't impose itself too badly on the image
The entire image is dimmed

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>high school dropout class of 03
>got GED 2013
>no college at all
>no graphic design training at all
>self taught all
>got a job doing photoshop layouts and editing for instagram
>year and half later
>im head graphic designer
>adds, labels, packaging, everything
>60k salary
>i play a large roll in product development and branding now

how am i doin boys?
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>class of 03

What in the flying fuck mate.
your point?
out of highschool i would as an tattoo artist for 11 years
i get it im old

I'm 33, no degree and currently putting together a proper portfolio after over a decade of dicking around with various design based projects and occasional freelance jobs. I don't hold out much hope of getting a junior position with a trendy agency but I'm hoping I can get lucky in a similar way you did.

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Sup /gd/, this is my current logo right now. I have been trying to design a new (more professional logo) for months, but keep creating things that I feel don't fit for me.

I'm a streamer, I play a variety of games but one game in particular I have been with for years. Many people have suggested I make a logo based off that, but I want to eventually move on to other games and having a logo that isn't reusable bothers me.

- - to the point...

I've made several logos. All of them I'm not happy with. I have done a lot of research and frankly want to settle on a flat design and not anything flashy that you see those e-sports teams and streams have. I am not sure just what to design, and I keep just chucking out ideas. I want something that can be unique and flat like... TotalBiscuit or Lirik. They're very simple yet iconic as you know who they belong to. I don't feel I have those niches though that can describe my stream well though.

Any suggestions on where to start with making a more permanent logo for myself?
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Option 1: Continue to try and design your own logo. Struggle and be unhappy with most attempts (likely all)

Option 2: Pay a very good graphic designer to make your logo. Pay a lot of money, but have a timeless, simple, iconic logo that you can easily monetize with merch.

Option 3: Hire less good eSports graphic designers to make your simple logo. Pay not very much, get a decent logo with some flaws that you'll be just about satisfied with.
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>Option 1:
Probably yeah...

>Option 2:
I ain't got the money for that.

>Option 3:
I ain't got low enough pride for that.

Here is another design attempt.

The B and the X are just thrown in for now and I plan to do more with them later perhaps. The logo would just be the 3, but the B and the X put the word together for other stuff where I can fit my name.
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the typeface choice is terrible try one of these (theyre all free)
-pic is 2 mins

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I'm about to embark on creating my first portfolio as a self-taught designer.

I've been using PS and AI for the best part of a decade, ran an online company selling typographic prints and have worked on a couple of freelance projects which fell into my lap.

I have foundational skills in ID, HTML/CSS and a solid understanding of print production, design theory and history. I do need to work on my skills in these areas but I've decided to basically learn by doing challenging projects as opposed to just spending weeks glued to Lynda tutorials (which I will still use however)

I currently have 3 real world projects I can include. I plan to try and get another couple of logo designs through spec or maybe approach local businesses. I then want to create an ambitious, litho printed magazine/brochure as a personal project and include some personal creative work.

Am I on the right track with my thinking here? My gut instinct is telling me quality over quantity. I understand that explaining and demonstrating how creative decisions were made is essential. But how much emphasis should be put on explaining the working relationship with clients? Should this kind of thing be included in the portfolio or should that wait till you get an interview?

This sounds like a terrible way of phrasing the question but what should be the 'bare minimum' I should be able to demonstrate? I have tons of ideas but I don't want to get bogged down in lots of overly ambitious projects and slow myself down. I'm looking to start applying for jobs within 6 months hopefully.

If anyone has some solid portfolio advice it would be much appreciated.
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Only use your best shit. Quality over quantity for sure. Tell a story with you samples. They LOVE that. Dont over think it. Mine sucks imo but people think its great. So even if you think,its shit, theres a good chanc3 its fine. At least just judging from your experience

Have you landed a job in GD yet?
How do you tell a story with unrelated samples?

Do you keep your portfolio clean and simple?

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MJIB normal 2015.png
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Hey guys! M. JIB here, aspiring graphic designer. I recently gave domain to my website powered by Wix:


Lemme know what you guys think! Thanks.
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Not bad OP, Wix is a little shit tier but the overall design isn't bad. I do like the onClick colour change with the buttons, but the colours a bit too strong for the background in my opinion.
Good amateur project but your Resume page is total AIDS
Why did you put your steam handle there? You want to play video games with clients?

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About a month ago I applied for a lead graphic design position thinking I had no chance in hell of getting it. I know After Effects and Illustrator, but practically no design knowledge. Even my portfolio I showed the interviewers was shit. I figured it would be good practice for interviews, but I had a better chance of getting struck by lightening, then actually being chosen. Then I received an unexpected phone call yesterday...I got the job. I'm suppose to be working above 2 other graphic designers. How fucked am I /gd/? Can I bs most of my day? Is there anything I can read to quickly pick up some design principles?
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Maybe you could tell us how it goes.

I'm really interested in what will happen.

hop on lynda and power through their gd courses.

What kinda place is it? Are you an inhouse department for a company or something?
I start Monday, so i'll try to update.

Was thinking of doing that, but wasn't sure how good their courses were. It's inhouse for a large commercial company.

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Took up Graphics
Got a degree
worked for a year as an employee and resigned
tried freelance in upwork
sent many proposals
no one wants to hire me/ always rejected and seenzoned

any tips from masters?
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I have a feeling upwork is too competitive (read: too many cheap indians) Freelancing would work better if you search locally.
I'll ask my Graphic Design teacher tomorrow and get back to you
All my freelance work has come from relationships. Are there professional events in your area that you can use to meet potential clients? Hackathons are awesome for stuff like that or even happy hours or meetups.

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Can someone make this kid really fat or put him on a really fat body
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